Zoren, labeled The Unlucky Guy is a contestant on Total Drama Forest.

Battling Bears

Fighting Frogs

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TDF: Paintballin

TDF: Cliffhanger"

Place TDF: 23rd

TDF: 14th

Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Toto
Enemies Clarissa.
Fear Friday the 13th
Talent Math


Zoren has always been a clumsy person. He is actually a pretty normal guy, but after an out of context comment in the 6th grade that sounded quite sexist, girls hate him. He has a lot of friends, but is still hated by the female gender

Zoren joined Total Drama to get away from his school life.

Total Drama Forest

Zoren's bad luck and clumsiness immediatly showed in the first chapter, when he was hit in the head with a football abd fell off his boat.

He didn't do much in the second or third episodes, but in the fourth, he accidentally fell out of a tree when trying to shoot G.oddess and got hurt, unsuprisingly. He also accidentally shot his own teammate, which may be what caused his elimination.

In Eat Your Heart Out, Zoren returned to the competition. He missed the boat back to the island and was forced to swim there, however. He was switched to the Fighting Frogs, and immediately sought after by both Rosa and G.oddess's alliance. At elimination, Rosa made a final plea to him to vote with her, and he did, only for Tia to flip and Rosa to go home.


  • Zoren was the third and eleventh contestant voted out and received three marshmallows.

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