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Zoey Crystals
Killer Grips

Team LeafGreen

Zoey Crystals, Girl Genius
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Sky Blue
Episode Eliminated "Top Snivy"
Place TDA: 3rd
TDWT: 1st (tied with Cody)
Relationship Cody
Family Mom, Dad
Friends Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Izzy (best female friend), Katie, Kira (sister-like friend), Leshawna, Noah (former rival)
Enemies Chris, Duncan, Heather
Fear Heights
Talent Reciting pi to the hundredth decimal
Counterpart Jimmy Neutron

Zoey Proton Crystals, labeled the Girl Genius, is in Stinkfly3's Total Drama Alternate Universe Fanfic Series. She joins The Killer Grips as of the TDA: My Version chapter Ocean's Eight - Or Nine. She also competes in TDWT: My Version on Team LeafGreen.


  • Name: Zoey Proton Crystals
  • Likes: Challenging Sudoku puzzles.
  • Dislikes: Anyone she believes is a jerk.
  • Known For: Winning her elementary school's science fair by creating nanobots.
  • Why Total Drama?: So she could get her fifteen minutes of fame.

When Zoey was born, her parents were shocked to discover they gave birth to the world's first ever super genius. Since then, Zoey often uses her spare time to construct complex devices perfectly. Her biggest accomplishment has been an underground lab below Bryant Park...on her tenth birthday. From a portable wardrobe to hovering roller skates, Zoey has invented everything she needs on a daily basis. She also wishes to promote her inventions to the world, so when her mom mentioned the Total Drama Fanatics Contest, Zoey grabbed the family video camera and created a video documentary about her life for an audition tape. This was apparently enough for her to win the contest, allowing her to compete on the show.

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