Zoey (TDIOT)
Team B
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Franklin
Friends Chloe, Franklin
Enemies Chelsea, Trey, Valen
Fear Be alone
Talent Be the favorite

Zoey labeled The Mean Best Friend is a contestant on Total Drama Isle of Terror.


Zoey is born as a social leader. She knows what she has to do to be populair. And her bestfriend Chloe is always on her side and acts like her shadow. Zoey was always the fave of the teachers and students. But she never did her best to be that. If Zoey wants something she probably gets it always.

Audition Tape

The screen shows a room with a blonde girl on her bed with her laptop. "Well, hi there. I am Zoey but you have to be kiddin' me if you didnt heard of me. I signed up for Total Drama Island but you didnt picked me. I do audition for a spot on the new season of your Total Drama series. I have to be in it, like I am Zoey. So pick me." Zoey wants to turn the camera out but a girl shouts. "Wait! I want to do audition tooo". The girl runs to Zoey and looks to the camera. "My name is Chloe and I want to be too in Total Drama. Pleasee." She beeps. Zoey pushes her off her bed. "Bye." Zoey stated and swings.

Total Drama Isle of Terror





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