TDAOA: 11th
Eliminated in
TDAOA: The secret is Love
Dawn, Lindsay, Ella.

Zoey was a character in Total Drama All Over Again. She was the girlfriend from Mike. But she don't want it anymore. Mike is turn into Mal, and Zoey is scared. But Mike was Mal really and used Zoey. Zoey was so sad about it, but trust Mal anyways. At her last night on the elimination ceremony, she finally get it. Mal used Zoey all the time, and is voted out by her team. Thanks to Mal.

Total Drama All Over Again


Courtney is angry on Scott and Duncan.

Zoey's first appearance was in the first episode of this season. She was happy to see her friends. Her boyfriend Mal looked not happy to see her. Later they talked. But Zoey wanna break up with Mal. Cause he's acting weird.

In All Over Again she arrived as one of the first. When she arrived, she was happy to see everyone. In the confessional she said: So, this season will be mine. Finally. All the time, i'm in the finals. But i never won. So i will win this season. Zoey is a friendly girl but she wanna win one time. When Chris called Heather a Queen Bee, she pushed Zoey away. Zoey is hurt. When Mike arrives, Zoey screams to Mike. He falls to the boat and is unconsious. She asks him how he feels. Later when Dawn arrives, she talks to her. But when all contestants are arrived, she is placed in Team Mad Lions. Then In the cabin of the mad lions there is actually nothing wrong. On the boys side, it is quiet. In girls, the gossip started. Ella and Zoey getting know each other. Zoey thinks about an alliance. She needs someone in this game, to talk.She talks to Lindsay and Ella. They are started an alliance. At the challenge she helps the team. She won with her team and was very happy.

In Gonna Get 'Em All she talks with Ella and Lindsay about Mal. "So, girls .. i need to tell you something. Lindsay, yesterday Mike screamed to you. He was angry. Mike is a friendly boy, hé is my boyfriend. But he's not longer Mike. You can call him Mal. The evil version of Mike. A personality. Please look out for him. He will get us all." Zoey told to Ella and Lindsay. When Ella asks if Mal is evil, Ella said: "Yes. So maybe it's hard but we need to vote for him. We are an alliance, right?" -- "Ofcourse!" Ella answered. "Who's Alliance? A newbie? More people yay!" Lindsay said. "No sweetie, the

Zoey in de Confessional

alliance remember? For we gonna vote etc." Ella said to Lindsay. "Oh! Thanks Snowwhite." Lindsay answered Ella. Everyone go to the forest please. And hurry. Chris said in the speaker. "Well it's challenge time. C'mon girls!" Zoey said. At the challenge Mal and Zoey walked together. Behind them, Beardo and Ella walked. And behind them Lindsay, Duncan and Scott. "You look tired, are you okay Mike?" Zoey asks to Mal. "Don't call me Mike, again stupid redgirl." Mal said angry to her. - "I mean, i'm okay Zoey." Mal improved. "Not again... Mike.." Zoey said, while she cries. "Zoey? What's gonna happen?" Ella said, while she runs to Zoey. - "You were right, you are that evil Mal!" Ella said, when she looks to Mal. When Lindsay is caught Zoey did nice to everyone. Scott asks is they need to look for Lindsay. Zoey said: "No. We need to go on. For us, for Lindsay and for the immunity! Go Mad Lions!". Her team won. At the mansion, Zoey eats nothing and looks to Mal. "Mal can i talk to you, please?" Zoey asked. "Sure Zoey." Mal answered.

The girls talks about Mal

The two walks to the bedroom of Ella and Lindsay. Lindsay is there and put some lipstick on her lips. "Hi there! Do you wanna some lipstick?" Lindsay asked friendly. "No thanks, Lindsay.. can i talk to Mal in your room? You have a table you know.." Zoey asked to Lindsay. "Ofcourse you can!" Lindsay said and walked away. "Good, Mike. I mean, Mal. You turned into Mal, are we still a couple or what are you plan?" Zoey asked to Mal. "Let's see, i don't like you. I hate you, Zoey and you need to go. You are the first girl on my list that has to go. You are so annoying, nobody likes you! And no we are not longer a couple. UNDERSTOOD?" Mal said really angry to Zoey. Zoey cries about this. "I want Mike back!" Zoey said while she cries and runs to the bathroom. Mike is angry on Mal, cause he hurts Zoey. Mal wakes up and sees Zoey and Ella talking. Ella looks to Mal and nodds her head. The girls walks away.

In The Secret is Love she walks to the confessional. Alejandro and Mal are talking. On that moment Zoey walks to the confessional and looks to Alejandro and Mal. "Hi .. ehh .. privacy please?" Zoey asks to Mal and Alejandro. "Sure sweetheart." Mal said friendly and walks away. Then the confessional.' *CONF* "I'm confused. He called me sweetheart. Is he in love with me, or not? I wanna know it now." Zoey said angry. *END CONF* Zoey walks back to the McLean Hotel and sees Mal sitting there with Duncan. When she want to walk to him, Scott stands behind her. "Yo Zoey" Scott said to Zoey. "Hi Scott, i have no time to talk right now." Zoey said quickly to him. "You have. There's no challenge or whatever. You need to do something for me." Scott said when he laughs to her. "And what do i need to do then?" Zoey asked to Scott. "Say something goods about me to Ella. I like her a lot." Scott said to Zoey. Zoey nodds her head and walks to Mal and Duncan. They laugh. "Ehh.. Mike? I mean Mal. Can we talk please. And i dont want a fight, so please?" Zoey asked friendly to Mal. "I got to go, goodluck lovebirds." Duncan said and walks away. "So, are we still a couple or not? Only yes or no." Zoey asked. "Yes. Ofcourse Zoey! Why not?" Mal said and gives the look he's Mike. "Wait, you are Mike! MIKE!" Zoey said happy and kisses him. Her Confessional: ' *CONF* "I knew he was Mike. Only Mike loves me and i love Mike. Yes!" Zoey said. *END CONF* "Why so happy, Zoey?" Said Ella while she walk to Mal and Zoey, with Lindsay. "Mal is Mike and we are still a couple! I was wrong." Zoey said really happy. "Happy ever after! That's the same line they said in Snowwhite the movie in 1971." Ella said. "Are we gonna eat something? I'm really hungry." Lindsay asked. "Yeah. Butler?" Zoey asked and the butler walks to them. They talk about the food etc. That was her first scene in the episode. At the night of the challenge, when Mal said "Easy"  he walks to Zoey. Zoey sits by the campfire that she made. Ella sits there to. "Mike!" Zoey said and kisses him. She turns to Scott, Beardo, Duncan and Lindsay. "Guys come here!" Zoey said friendly. - "Let's sing a song!" she said again. "I need to pie. Where can i do it.. i cant go to the confessional thing?" Zoey said. "Do it, girl" Scott said to her.
Zoey walks slowly away. When she's away, everyone talks about her. Mal and Scott wants her out. They talk with Ella about it and then with Duncan, Beardo and Lindsay. They all agree. Or are they lie? Zoey walked to the confessional. But there are lights and shines to Zoey. A man with a smoking walks to her. It's Chris with a speaker. "If i was a producer i was DEATH! But it was a lie." Chris began and everyone walks to Chris and Zoey. -- "Yeah. There was no producer thing. The first that didnt do what i asked, loses for him/her team. So Team Mad Lions. Tonight there will be a elimination ceremony." Chris said and walks away. Zoey is dissapointed. Then Team Mad Lions walks to the McLean Hotel to pack there stuff again. Then they make place for the Strange Owls. "Zoey we need to tell you something.." Ella said, while she walks with Zoey and Lindsay. "What do you need to tell me, Ella?" Zoey asks. "Mal wants to vote for you.. I mean, Mike." Ella said to her. "What? This is a lie. Why do you this to me Ella? I thought we are friends. But you want Mike for yourself! I know it." Zoey said angry and walks away. "Fine!" Ella said angry. Team Mad Lions walks to the elimination ceremony. Zoey walks alone, behind the team. Duncan looks to Zoey and looks then to Scott and smiled. When everyone sits, Chris walks to them. He looks to the group.Zoey votes Ella. Then Zoey is voted out. "Why? Why me .. i'm not ready to go." Zoey said and looks to Mal. "I walk with you, Zoey.." Mal said. And the two walks to the dock of shame. -- "Well, i'm always Mal. I used you to get all the votes for you. You are nothing and i'm breaking up with you. I hope you will get a new boyfriend cause Mike arent return.. Bye Zoey." Mal said and pushes Zoey in the boat. "You ... You! You! " Zoey said, and said more but nobody knows what she said. When Zoey is away, Mal walks back to the team.

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