Zak Koroen
Gender Male
Hair color Dirty Blonde
Relationship Cassandra (status unknown)
Family Unnamed mother, unnamed father (deceased)
Friends Nalyd Renrut
Fear Tapeworms
Talent Singing, swimming, carpentry, writing
Origin Total Wikia Elementary

Zak Koroen is a character that will appear in several upcoming fan fictions.


Early Life

Zak was raised in a aristocratic neighborhood, his parents being some of the richest people in the state. They were friends with the Nova family (Sue Par Nova and Megalith "Mega" Nova), who produced a small girl named Cassandra Nova. Cassandra and Zak immediately hit it off and were soon the best of friends. this happiness, however, did not last.

A Downward spiral

Zak's troubles began with his father's tragic death, killed by a madman who wanted Zak's mother for himself. Though the killer was put behind bars, the deed had been done. Zak's mother soon had a falling out with the Novas, who moved away, taking Cassandra with her. This devastated Zak, as he and Cassandra, who he had playfully began calling "Cassie," had recently admitted their love for each other. The Koroens were soon evicted from their home, taking their belongings and their fortune to a quiet pocket of land near the suburbs, a quaint 11-acre homestead. Their mansion had everything a rich child could ask for, but Zak pined for Cassandra.


Soon, Zak was signed up for a public school by his mother. After a few weeks there, he tried out for the role of Luke Skywalker in a Star Wars play, but got the part of the Emperor instead. He didn't actually appear in the play, though this meant that the reviewer of the play called his "performance" amazing.

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