Zachariah (TDItW)
The Crunching Crocs
Zachariah - The Drama Goldmine
Gender Male
Hair color Brunette
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Sharks
Talent Surfing, Holding his breath, Being attractive
Zachariah, labeled The Drama Goldmine, is a contestant in Total Drama Into the Wild.


Name: Zachariah

Age: 16

Team: The Crunching Crocs

Label: The Drama Goldmine

Job/Hobby: Surfing

City: Surfer's Paradise, Canada

Three Words to Summarise You: Strong, Funny, Friendly

Why do you want to be on Total Drama:

If I win the million dollars I can use it to help all of those surfer dudes and dudettes that have been attacked by sharks.

Greatest Fear?:

Sharks, 100%! When I was surfing with my main man Broseph we were almost eaten by those sea monsters!

Why're you gonna win?:

Because I have the drive to help my fellow surfers!


  • The "Broseph" referred to in his Biography is the same one from Stoked.
  • Surfer's Paradise, Zachariah's home, is the location where Stoked is set. It was last mentioned on Total Drama during the Total Drama Action finale by Chris as he and Chef prepared to head to Surfer's Paradise Resort.
  • Zachariah is an edit of Bruno's Brady

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