Zach (TD:W)
Team Cool
Gender Male
Hair color Green
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Why Are You Here?"
Place 9th
Relationship None
Family Mother
Friends Brandon, Nathan, Warren, Jordan
Enemies Caleb, Cody, Kris
Zach is labeled the Loner and competed in Total Drama: Westside.


Zach doesn't have many friends and he is constantly made fun of by many people. He signed up for Total Drama to try and meet some real friends.


Episode 1: He arrived on the island and was placed on Team Cool with Brandon and Nathan, who he quickly made an alliance with along with Warren. In the challenge, he was eliminated when Jordan threw him off the ledge. His team ended up being safe that night.

Episode 2: In the challenge, he was taken out early when Cody knocked him off the pole. His team was safe that night but his ally Warren was in trouble. His alliance tried to recruit Jordan but ultimately failed and Warren was eliminated.

Episode 3: In the challenge, he was the first one eliminated when he fell asleep almost immediately. His team was then put for elimination because they were seen as threats. Zach figured he was safe when Brandon yelled at Cody but was surprise when Nathan ended up being the one eliminated.

Episode 4: In the challenge, Zach was eliminated when Spikes appeared from nowhere and shot him. His team ended up winning the prize buffet, and was also safe that night from elimination.

Episode 5: In the challenge he made it to the final three but ended up losing when he had an unlucky streak and fell in the water. His team was once again put for elimination. He remained safe another night but his last ally, Brandon, was eliminated.

Episode 6: There was no challenge and Zach figured he would be the one going home. Luckily for him, Jordan approached him and made a temporary alliacne and they blindsided and eliminated Kris.

Episode 7: In the challenge, he almost reached the finish but failed when Cody threw him down so he could get there first. Afterwards, jordan approached him and asked him why he was here. Zach was quiet but eventually said all he wanted was a friend. He ended up being eliminated that night in a 5-1 vote but as he was leaving Jordan told him they were friends now.

Reunion: When Spikes asked someone to go get the ball that had rolled off stage for him, Zach volunteered and went looking for it. Due to this, he is unable to compete in the next season along with Kris.

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