Yucko, labeled as the Disfigured Freak is a contestant on Total Drama: Fantasy Clash.

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Long Lost Parents
Friends TBA
Enemies Anyone who calls him a freak
Fear Being alone
Talent Helping mad scientists


Yucko never had a real name. He was born to two normal parents, but due to his disfigured appearance they gave him to a mad scientist. The mad scientist named him Yucko because he threw up on the sight of seeing him. The doctors found out he was disfigured because his biological mother accidently drank liquid goblin remains which she thought was a smoothie. Years later, Yucko helped the mad scientist with his experiments but after one goes horribly wrong that turns the scientist into a giant chicken, he got kicked out with Yucko vowing to pay. Since then, Yucko has been nothing but an angry freak until Dark Cloak found him and made him one of his henchmen. When Chris signed Dark Cloak to join his new show, Dark Cloak made Yucko join as well, thinking that the show will help him out.


  • Yucko's appearance is based off the Penguin from Batman Returns and Ygor.

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