Flabby Jowls


Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Parents, Younger Brother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails
Talent Babysitting, Being Hot
Yasmin is labeled as The Hot Babysitter in CR & Lulu's upcoming collab.


Yasmin has liked to be around younger children from an early age, much like her friend Mattie. She has a younger brother who is excessively lazy, and is used to having to take care of him when their parents go out because he can barely get off the couch, let alone make dinner or put himself to bed. She liked babysitting him, despite his whiny behavior, and started babysitting neighborhood kids. Yasmin's neighborhood is full of creepy four year olds who stalk her and think she's hot. She often sits on the front porch and texts, while the little kids repeatedly run laps around her house. She usually swears her head off at them, because when she's not babysitting, she's somewhat vulgar. When she's babysitting, she doesn't actually babysit. She mostly eats the family's food, texts her friends, goes on Chatrotate to find hot boys, and sometimes more, and whines at the kids. She's usually fired after one visit with the kids, except for excited teenage boys who love to hang out with her.

Yasmin joined Total Drama because allegedly, she got tired of babysitting, but she really only wants to join because she wants to see what was on Chatrotate last season.


  • Yasmin's original names were Camila, Shelby, and Mikaela.
  • The Chatrotate incident from Total Drama Revolution is mentioned in her bio.
  • I have had many hot babysitters, and it seems everyone has at one point of their life. Some of the ones I had were like Yasmin, where I got her personality from.
  • She was created & drawn by Toad. But since she was scrapped from TDT, Toad gave her to me. thanks Toad! :D

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