Yanika is The Loudmouth in Total Drama Failures. She is on The Peculiar Pencils Team.

The Peculiar Pencils
Gender female
Hair color black with blond highlights
Episode Eliminated "Three People, Three Meals"
Place 3rd
Relationship Erik
Friends Skycirca, Tarynn, Mackenzie, Saphire, Frida
Enemies Kamie


Yanika likes to dance. She gets in trouble at school for talking. She likes to dance. Dancing is her hobby. And she is good at it. At school she talks in class. Her parents tell her to not talk in class but pay attention. She was sent to Total Drama Failures by her parents. But she is very fun person once you get to know her. She likes to party. And dance to music. She likes to make her friends laugh. Yanika's nickname is Nikki.

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