Molting Eagles

Xidorn for Rhonda

Gender Male
Hair color Sky Blue (dyed)
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Seraphina
Family Mother, Father, Sister, Grandfather (deceased),
Friends Bethany, Lita, Seraphina, Weston, Melissa, Vance,
Enemies Tessa, Aiden, Pascal,
Fear Cereal Mascots
Talent French Horn, Filming
Xidorn, labeled The Straight Shooter, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. He is a member of the Molting Eagles.


Ever since his grandfather punished Xidorn for lying about a broken window, Xidorn has sworn to always tell the truth. Xidorn holds honesty very highly, and isn’t afraid to share the truth if he feels it needs to be shared. Xidorn is a strong believer in justice and karma as well. Despite this, Xidorn is a nice guy who does a lot of volunteer work at school.

Besides volunteering, Xidorn is a member of the school band and first chair French horn player. Xidorn knows this is ‘nerdy’; he admits to being a geek. Xidorn doesn’t believe in hiding who he is or what he believes. Xidorn shows this through his weird sense of style and dying his hair non-natural colors frequently. He’s also an open supporter or advocate of many causes he sees as important; environmental projects, LGBTQ rights and awareness and petitioning to have Adam Sandler stop making movies.

Besides that, Xidorn is a informed film buff whose made some relatively popular Claymation shorts online and enjoys video games. Xidorn hopes to become a director and make his own films someday. Xidorn signed up for the show to use the prize money to help pay for film school and believes his honesty and kindness will help him.


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