Xavier (SS)
Soaring Seagulls


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Relationship The Box
Family Mother, Box
Fear Losing his box
Talent Communicating with his box, Swimming, Ballet, Speaking German

Xavier, labeled as The Box Worshipper, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Xavier grew up in a very unstable family, he is the son of a very young mother, and his father is unknown due to the many relationships his mother pursued back then (some believe she still pursues). Due to her young age and careless nature, Xavier's mother always left her son alone at home so she has time do things that interest her. As Xavier grew up, his mother engaged him in all extracurricular activities possible, swimming classes, German course, camping, and even a ballet class. During one of Xavier's camping trips, he went missing and was just found in the last day inside a cave with only a black and golden box. Today, Xavier believes his only hope in life is that box, he talks to it, asks questions to it, and worships it in every way possible. Some believe Xavier loves that box more than he loves his mother, but no one knows exactly what are the contents of this mysterious box.

Xavier joined Total Drama because his box told him to.


  • Although I told Sprinklemist I wouldn't use any of his characters as bases, I had to use that one as there was no way I was getting his arms and body right.

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