Xavier, labeled The Skater Dude is a camper in Total Drama Infinity

Gender Male
Hair color Platinum Blond
Episode Eliminated "Darla was right about us"
Place 15th
Relationship None
Family dad
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Losing his skateboard


Xavier always loved to live on the wild side of life. He lives for the thrill of roller coasters, his skateboard, and riding with his dad on his motorcycle. Xavier rides his skateboard to school and back every single day, and did since he got his beloved skateboard for his tenth birthday. However, you can say that Xavier's brain is in his skateboard. He thinks clearly only when he rides it. One day st school, he took a Social Studies test and failed it. He got to retake it, and did so while riding his skateboard around school while his teacher asks him the questions. Xavier got a perfect score on the retake. Xavier's dad is worried that his son's love of the thrill will get him hurt, or cost him his precious skateboard. Xavier joined infinity because it sounded exciting and because he wants to use the prize money to create an amusement park where ALL of the rides are super-fast, super-fun, roller coasters and the like.

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