Winston, known as the Bully Hater, was a contestant of Total Drama Surprise. he was the fifth person to be eliminated, and the third lowers ranking contestant (Due to Dustin and Tiffany May returning) He was on the Tricky Mimes Team

Winston (TDS)
Tricky Mimes
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Locked"
Place TDS: 17th
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother, 2 sisters
Friends Tiffany May, Dustin, Erin and Yvette
Enemies Mandy
Fear Bullies
Talent Taunting
Origin Canadian


Winston always hated bullies, but he also taunted a lot of people. He always resents taunting people, but can't help himself. When he saw the audition flyer for TDS, he signed up to see if he could win.

Total Drama Surprise

Winston was the fifth person eliminated in the contest, and the third lowest ranking contestant. He was on the Tricky Mimes team.

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