William, The Homeschooled, was competing in Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Baritones and The Cute Little Bunny Rabbits.

William (TDPS)
Team Baritones

Cute Little Bunny Rabbits

Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Fear Fabrication"
Place 10th
Relationship Ulrich
Family Mother, Father, Older Brothers and Sisters
Friends Chris, Tia, Marissa (possibly) and Ulrich
Enemies Victoria, Nina and Jessica
Fear Being In Small Dark Places
Talent Spelling


William is and has always been homeschooled since both of his parents are teachers his father teaches science and his mother teaches English. William knows why he's homeschooled since his other siblings have been homeschooled before him, William is the youngest of nine. William is the youngest so his older brothers and sisters also teach him how to be a normal teenager. William is grateful to be homeschooled so he can practice his singing when his parents aren't around. One of William's sisters got William an application to compete on Total Drama Pop Stars with other teens his age. William wasn't just excited he was overjoyed to be around other kids his age that aren't related to him.


Meet The Singers: When William arrived he came with Marissa he thanked Chris for welcoming them. When Chris makes a sarcastic comment about Marissa William laughs when he joins the others. William along with Nick and Sam smiles when Tia arrives to the show. William glares at Victoria when she talked about being a fan favorite since eceryone else was ugly than he laughs when Ulrich wasn't attracted to Victoria. William also looks annoyed when Chris lied about the challenge but only did it since everyone else was too. At the elimination ceremony William votes for Jessica due to her being the first person to lose the challenge.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: William was shocked when Sam revealed his OCD and when Sam was leaving the game. William faced off against Eriq and won by hitting Eriq on the top of the head giving William the win.

Wild It Up: When Xavier quit William was placed on a team with Nina, Avalon, Tia, Ulrich and Eriq as assigned by Chris. William, along with Eriq, glared at Nina when she picked The Cute Little Bunny Rabbits whenthey had to decide a team name. William admitted to Eriq and Ulirch that he's homeschooled and that he's never been to a circus before when they had to tame their team's bear. William gets an unwilling hug from Ulirch as a result but let Ulirch hug him. It is possible he voted for Nina due to her naming the team with such a girly team name.

Hide 'N Shrink: At the beginning of the episode William didn't do much but after Ulrich was kidnapped William questioned where he saw the challenge idea before. William disappeared after his team disbanded to do the challenge. Although not seen until later William's hiding spot was the hardest to discover at first implying William was hiding in another building or was in plain sight. William was the last person to be unshrunk and was the reason his team won the challenge which caused Ulrich to hug him.

Fear Fabrication: William is first seen running out of his cabin to see why Victoria was screaming and saw that there was blood on the ground. William was than seen staring at Ulrich's butt that made him and Nick umcomfortable. William was forced to admit that he's gay in front of everyone when he was asked what his biggest fear was. At elimination William left the show and gave his marshmallow to Tia and left the game with his head held high and a kiss from Ulrich.


  • William's home life mirrors Ezekiel's except William has older siblings to teach him how to be normal teenager
  • William's parents might be either retired or they decided to just teach their own children

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