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The challenge is to write the first epsiode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

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CD-TDA's Story

"Season three of Total Drama, folks! The world is going to be mine!" Chris McLean proudly proclaims.
A click is heard and it is shown that the footage is coming from a television.
On cue, the television fast-forwards to the last episode of season three, titled "Hawaiian Punch."
Lava is seen flowing down a volcano, covering a bruised Alejandro.
Static fills the television for a moment before the camera pans out.
After the static passes, slime is seen on the television. Slowly, the words "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island" appear on the television. The familiar I Wanna Be Famous! tune breaks out, but is once again interrupted by static. The camera zooms in on the television, and the image is finally clear.

"O-oh. Huh? We're... on? What!?" Chris shouts. "No, no, no. Switch the camera off."
The cameraman switches the camera off and then back on. Chris McLean puts on his best smile as the special effects crew adds a "ding!" in the background.
"Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris exclaims. "Once a paradise on Earth, now a toxic dump."
"While we may have had a good time in season one here, it doesn't seem like the island had such a good time. After being sold to bazillionaires, their idea of transforming the island into a theme park didn't work out so well. Camp Wawanakwa then got turned into a toxic nuclear waste dump... the perfect setting for a brand new season of Total Drama!" Chris grins.
"With 13 new soon-to-be-tortured-souls, er, campers, this season is going to be off-the-hooks dramatic, off-the-hooks romantic and off-the-hooks radioactive!"
"So sit back and relax, because this is..."
"Revenge of the Island!" Chris yells, throwing his arms up in the air.

The Boat of Losers is seen from a distance, in the middle of Lake Wawanakwa.
The camera zooms in to reveal that Chef Hatchet is the one steering the boat.
Suddenly, the boat comes to a halt and begins to sink.
"Uh-oh, everyone. Guess you guys are gonna have to swim to the island. I'll take the lifeboat. See ya!" Chef Hatchet smirks before jumping on the lifeboat.

Jaxswim's Story

“Welcome back to Total Drama! I’m Chris McLean, as you all know, and here I am, BACK at Camp Wawanakwa! After Season Three’s train wreck of a finale, we’ve decided to start fresh. We’ve got thirteen new campers waiting to compete here for Season Four! Tune in for all sorts of dramatic action, here on Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island!” said Chris. The camera zooms out as he says the season’s title, revealing that the island is now radioactive. The episode then cut to the theme song:

The introduction plays as the camera zooms past the dock and towards the cliff.

Dear Mom and Dad, I’m doing fine,

Mike is seen with Zoey and they look at each other before diving off the cliff.

You guys are on my mind,

The camera zooms down to the lake where Brick is swimming.

You asked me what I wanted to be, now I think the answer is plain to see

Cameron is seen watching by the beach in his swimwear, looking warily at the water, the camera then goes up a small hill to Ann Maria and Jo yelling at each other.

I wanna be famous

Dawn is seen meditating and opening one eye and looking into the camera before it goes over her head.

I wanna live close to the sun

Brick is punching a punching bag in the kitchen while Chef is evidently trying to tell him to take the punching bag down by yelling.

So pack your bags ‘cuz I’ve already won

B is seen sitting next to Dakota and he smiles at her while she is doing her makeup.

Everything to prove, nothing in my way

Staci is seen telling a rather dramatic story to a bored Sam, who is eyeing a DS.

I’ll get there one day

Lightning is playing basketball with a tree for a hoop, but when he shoots, the tree splits in half.

Na na na na na na, na na na na, na na na na

The camera zooms through the forest, showing some rather odd and mutated creatures.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous.

The camera arrives at the firepit, showing all the contestants and Chris to be there.

*whistling tune*

The contestants all smile and point up, and the camera points to the stars spelling “Total Drama: Revenge of the Island”. One of the stars falls on Brick, revealing that they aren’t real.

Chris is shown to be standing on the Dock of Shame again. “Welcome back! Our thirteen contestants are about to arrive. I’ll introduce each of them and afterwards show them around the island. Here comes the first contestant, Ann Maria!” Ann Maria’s boat then arrived at the dock.

“Hey Chris! I’m Ann Maria, as you should already know, fresh from my Jersey Shore audition. Well, that was two years ago, but I’m still not over it!” Ann Maria said. She spoke with a thick “Joysey” accent. “How long until the rest of them get here? It’s pretty rude of them to keep us waiting,” she said.

“Welcome, Ann Maria! You can put your bags over at that end of the dock. As for your question, well, here comes Cameron!” said Chris. Ann Maria did as she was told. She then fixed her makeup and did a little hair flip at the camera. Cameron started to step off the boat, looking very nervous.

“Hi Chris. I usually am in a protective bubble. It protects me from the germs. I don’t know what to do without my bubble. There’s so much bacteria around, in fact, I think I’ll just turn around and go home with the boat,” said Cameron. He was close to tears. Chris pulled him off the boat. He screamed. “Don’t touch me!! Do you know how many germs are on your hands? Stop! Stop!!”

“Alright, alright. Sheesh. Put your bags down by Ann Maria over there,” said Chris. Cameron did as he was told. He looked up at Ann Maria.

“Do you know how many germs are in makeup? I would never date a girl that wears makeup,” he said.

“Shut it, scrub,” said Ann Maria, annoyed. The next boat came up and Sam stepped out, playing a gamegirl.

“Hey, S—“ said Chris, before he was interrupted.

“Shh! I’m right in the middle of this PokeMonsters match! I’ve almost caught Airdon, just give me two seconds. Meeeeh. Meeeeh. C’mon, Bushco! Pew pew pew! Yeah! Okay, what were you saying?” said Sam. Chris just stared for a few seconds.

“Just…just put your stuff down over there, Sam,” said Chris. Sam obeyed the order. Next, Staci, Lightning, and Dakota arrived.

Lightning took a look around. “I did NOT sign up for this, I swear. I’m calling my coach to get me out of here,” he said.

“I have a coach!” said Staci immediately.

“Really? What do you play?” said Lightning.

“I play soccer!” said Staci.

“Some soccer people are famous. I want to be famous,” said Dakota. Next, Brick and Mike arrived.

“Boot camp toughens you up! You should all go to boot camp!” yelled Brick in a sergeant voice. After that, Jo arrived.

“Boot camp? That’s nothing compared to what I do every day,” she said.

“Drop and give me 20!” said Mike in a strange voice. Jo stared at him.

“I’m…I’m so..s..sorry!” said Mike, on the verge of tears.

“He’s our crazy this season,” whispered Chris to the camera. Soon after, Zoey arrived. She danced off the boat and walked very gracefully. At one look at Mike, her eyes turned to hearts.

“Hey, sweetheart,” said Mike in a deep voice.

“Oh, who are you?” said Zoey. Mike’s face got scrunched up like he wanted to cry again. Dakota grabbed Chris and started growling softly into his ear,

“Listen, buster. I’m gonna be famous. I don’t care what you do, but I’m going to win. Got it?” Chris gulped and said,

“Got it. I think,” said Chris in a scared voice. Soon after, Dawn stepped off her boat. She looked around at everyone.

“Hi,” she said. Then she put down her luggage at the designated spot. Ann Maria whispered to Mike, who was right next to her,

“That Jo girl is so annoying! She is going home first.”

“Oh, I know, right? I’m with you, girlfriend,” said Mike. His voice had suddenly gotten higher and he sounded like a valley girl. Scott came, next. He put down his luggage and walked to Sam, who was playing a Gameman.

“Whatcha got there?” said Scott.

“A Game—“ Sam said. Scott smacked Sam’s hand upwards, sending the gameman flying into Lake Wawanakwa.

“Hey! What was that for?” said Sam.

“Yeah, what was that all about?” said Dawn.

“I don’t like Gamemen,” said Scott as if this were a perfectly good explanation.

“Last but not least, here’s B!” said Chris. B then stepped off his boat. He gave a little smile at everyone and set his luggage down.

“Follow me, I’ll show you around the island,” said Chris. He led them to the campfire pit. “This is where one of you will get eliminated every night. Whoever is eliminated will be forced to walk the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers. And they can never come back. EVER. Speaking of eliminations, you will cast your votes in the confessional cam, which is right over there,” said Chris, pointing.

(NOTE: when a contestant’s name is bolded, they are using the confessional. EX: Dawn: I love it here!)

Scott: If you haven’t noticed already, I plan to be the “bad guy” on this show. Don’t blame me. The bad guys were the final two last season!

B: *smiles at the camera*

Staci: I think I may have a...lying problem…*cough*

Dawn: This is a great place to practice my witchcraft! Look! Dawn then made the water rise out of the toilet and dropped it back in again. This is so cool!

Dakota: Considering there’s almost only half of the regular amount of contestants, I guess I have a good shot at this. I have to be famous. I have to!

Chris then led the contestants to the forest. “This is the forest,” he said. “It’s full of strange, deranged, disgusting, mutated creatures. So don’t go in there. Really, if you do, you probably won’t come out.”

“I could take them any day,” said Brick, pounding his fist into his other open hand. Lightning raised an eyebrow at Brick.

“I could take you any day,” said Jo.

“Do you wanna go?” yelled Brick.

“Not today, lovebirds. Just wait until episode five,” said Chris. “We better get to the challenge.”

“What is it?” said Dawn.

“I’m sure you all remember our dandy cliff diving challenge from season one!” said Chris.

“Yes! I’ve always wanted to do that,” said Mike, sounding like an excitable maniac now.

“Oh naw. I am not doing a cliff diving challenge,” said Ann Maria, strutting up to Chris.

“Relax, it’s not that challenge,” said Chris. The whole cast relaxed with a “phew” sound. “You have to climb UP the cliff! Nice twist, huh?” he said. Everybody gasped. “Haha, I love this show. The first two to make it to the top will be team captains. And will be allowed to choose the teams.”

Lightning: Considering who I am, I think I have this challenge in the bag.

Chris walked everybody out to the cliff. “You guys can start on three. One…” Lightning got into a position to spring up the hill. “…two…” Ann Maria grabbed onto a rock jutting out from the cliff. “Three! Gooo!” said Chris. Everybody started climbing. At first, Lightning and Brick shot ahead of everyone. Cameron was in last place. Cameron stopped for breath at one point. Knowing he wasn’t going to win, he started talking to B a bit. They quickly developed a friendship. Then, at their leisure, they continued climbing.

Ann Maria had started out in second last place, but about halfway up the cliff she started speeding up. She was doing whatever she could to get ahead. At one point, she even punched Jo and made Jo fall down the cliff.

Ann Maria: I only do what I have to in order to win. …It did feel pretty good to give Jo a piece of my fist, though.

Chris was at the top of the cliff and was dropping various objects down the mountain. At one point, Zoey fell down on a ledge and Mike helped her up, only for them both to fall to a plummeting rock that Chris had dropped. Also, near the top, Chris dropped a giant ice cube. Lightning was hit by it and fell onto Scott, knocking them both down. However, Lightning managed to grab back onto the cliff. He was neck and neck with Ann Maria. Brick was about to become the first team captain, but Chris dropped a dictionary on him, causing him to fall a far ways down. Ann Maria and Lightning finished simultaneously.

The rest of the contestants finished in this order: Jo, Brick, Scott, Dawn, Zoey, Mike, Staci, Dakota, Sam, B, and Cameron.

“Alright! Ann Maria, Lightning, follow me to the dock of shame. You’ll get to pick your teams there,” said Chris. Everyone followed to the Dock of Shame and lined up. “You’ll be picking schoolyard style, starting with Lightning. Lightning, go!” said Chris. Ann Maria and Lightning both picked, with Jo ending up on Ann Maria’s team because she was the last choice.

Ann Maria: What other choice did I have? Pshaw.

Chris then said, “Alright, now I’ll give you your team names. Ann Maria’s team, that being Ann Maria, Brick, Cameron, Jo, Mike, and Zoey, you guys are the Mutant Maggots!”

“Gross!” said Ann Maria.

“I know, fun, right?” said Chris. “Next, Lightning’s team, that being Lightning, B, Sam, Scott, Dakota, Dawn, and Staci, you guys are the Radioactive Rats!”

“Cool!” said Sam.

“You are all safe from elimination tonight,” said Chris. Everybody cheered after hearing that. “Who will be eliminated after the next challenge? Tune in for all sorts of dramatic drama this season on Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island! Cut, I need a latte over here!”

Breakingmikey's Story

  • (Chris McLean, with an excited expression, who appears on the dock of shame, shows up)
    Chris: Camp Wawanakwa! Once a paradise on Earth, now a radioactive dump! The perfect setting to drop a gang of teen-freaks and let 'em run wild! We're going back to the island, baby! A whole new set of campers. Each one more abnormal than the next. A whole new set of radioactive challenges! Insane, deranged, disgusting. These are just a few words that describe this season's high level of drama and another million dollar prize! Stay tuned for a brand new vengeful season of Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island!
  • Chris: Alright, lets met our 13 brand new contestants...
    (one boat shows up and drops off Jo)
    Chris: Hey Mary, how are you?
    Jo: My name is "Jo." You better call me that or I'll kill you. (runs up to Chris with a fist) Got that?!
    Chris: (scared) Got it!
  • Chris: Next up, we have Lightning...
    (Lightning is shown to be water skiing)
    Lightning: (happy) What's up everyone! My name is Lightning and I'm here to kick your butts. (the boat stops at the dock and Lightning flies off and lands in front of Jo)
    Jo: Listen boy, I'll kick your butt.
    Lightning: No way, I'm the head football player at my school.
    Jo: Well, I'm a world class professional wrestler at my school.
    Staci: Well, I'm the hottest girl at my school.
    (Lightning turns around and sees a fat girl)
    Lightning and Jo: xDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Staci: Stop laughing at me! (she starts crying)
  • (another boat shows up, dropping off two contestants)
    Chris: Hey guys, this is the first time ever where we have brothers compete on the show. Say "hi" to Benjamin and Cameron.
    Lightning: Brothers?
    Cameron: Hey guys, I have server allergies and my brother, who likes to be called "B," has a vocal problem.
    Jo: Oh, how sad.
    (B tries to talk, but he couldn't)
    Cameron: It's ok, little brother.
    Lightning: Little brother? xDDDDDD
  • Chris: Hey guys, this is Dakota.
    (Lightning, Cameron and B stare at Dakota)
    Dakota: Hey guys, I'm Dakota, I'm a supermodel, and I'll do anything for fame. So, watch out Total Drama weirdos, because the new girl is coming in.
    Staci: Hey, I like your bracelet.
    Dakota: (with an evil smile on her face) Thank you... hey, who's that girl?
    (a boat arrives, dropping off Zoey)
    Zoey: Hey guys, what's up.
    Chris: Finally! Our indie chick, Zoey is here.
    Zoey: Hey I'm here. Just for the heads up, I love rock bands and having fun in nature, hence the flower in my hair.
    Lightning: (CONF) I think I'm in love.
    Cameron: (CONF) She's so pretty.
    Jo: (CONF) Skank.
  • Chris: Alright, lets see who we have here. Jo, Lightning, Staci, B, Cameron, Dakota, Zoey. Mmmm, I know there's more. Hey, he's out cadet... coming in threw a helicopter.
    (an helicopter lands on the dock and drops off Brick)
    Brick: I don't play game. I'm here to win, and that's what I'm here to do.
    Jo: Weirdo.
    Brick:...and further... (stares at Jo in a romantic way) (CONF) I'm in love with her. She's so pretty. (Brick slaps himself) Get it together man!
  • Chris: Alright, let's get this done. We still need to get five more here.
    Sam: Hey guys, I'm Sam. (accidentally drops his bag and wires, gameboys and an x-box falls out)
    (everyone stares at him)
    Sam: What? I have a gaming issue, gosh!
    Ann Maria: Move yourself, foo. I need to get my tan on.
    Chris: Guy, all the way from New Jersey, it's Ann Maria.
    Ann Maria: That's right guys, I'm Ann Maria, and I came here to get some friends.
    Jo: Like that's ever gonna work.
    Ann Maria: Girlfriend, calm your m00bs! Get ever talk smack to my face or I'll give you a beaten' of a lifetime, got it?!
    Jo: Try it, Snookie-poser.
    Ann Maria: Snookie is my cousin!
    (Ann Maria runs up to Jo to punch her, but Jo dodges and Ann Maria punches Brick instead)
    Ann Maria: Oops, sorry home-boy. (to Jo) I'll punch you sooner or later!
  • Chris: Hey guys, this is Scott.
    Scott: Hey guys. Just for the info, I'm related to Duncan, the winner of season two! Pretty cool, huh?
    Staci: Well, I'm... I'm... dating Alejandro!
    Zoey: You are? (runs up to Staci) Tell me more about his pecks and how he sleeps.
    Dakota: (CONF) They know that Alejandro is in a robot costume, right? No? Ok, I'm the only sane one here then. Sadly.
  • Chris: (on his cell phone) (to the 11 contestants) Uh guys, we have two more coming, but one of them has multiple personality disorder... he's crazy... so I'm look out for him.
    Jo: No way!
    Lightning: What the-?
    Staci: *gaps*
    Cameron: No!
    B: (screams like a woman)
    (everyone looks at B, then they look at the dock, seeing Mike)
    Mike: Hey guys, it's good to be here.
    Zoey: What did say say he had? I think he said that he's a rock star. ROCK STAR?! (runs up to Mike) So, you're a rock star? I love rock stars.
    (Mike starts walking, but Zoey follows him)
  • Chris: And now, our final contestant... Dawn... WHO TOOK OVER THE BOAT AND COMING STRAIGHT AT THIS DOCK!!! RUN!!!!
    (everyone, but Ann Maria jumps into the lake, but Ann Maria walks to the beach)
    (Dawn jumps off the boat and lands on the dock, but the boat crashes into Boney Island, everyone swims up to the beach)
    Dawn: What's is up, everyone! I like racing in boats and picking my nose. Wanna see? (Dawn picks her nose and show everyone her booger on her finger)
    (the other 12 contestants run away from her in terror)
    Dawn: (sad) No one likes me.
    Chris: It's alright. Hand shake? (the two shakes hands)
  • Chris: Oh look, we're out of time. Anyways, tune in next time where Dawn has to look for the other 12 contestants in the first challenge of the season!
    Dawn: What?! PS, there's a booger on your hand.
    Chris: Tune in next time here on... TOTAL... DRAMA... REVENGE OF THE ISLAN... WHAT??!?!?! Ew!!!
  • Chris: According to our lawyers, we still have 5 minutes left in the show. But, anyways, we still have a challenge to do. Dawn, are you ready?
    Dawn: I guess, what do I have to do?
    Chris: Simple, you have to find the other contestants.
    Dawn: That sounds boring. Why don't you give me a paintball gun and the first six I find are on a team with me, and the other six will be on their own team! Does that sound cool?
    Chris: Yeah!
    (Chef comes in and gives Dawn a paintball gun)
    Chris: Are you ready?!
    Dawn: Sure, I guess.
    (Chris shoots a gun, but it hits a mutated goose)
    Chris: Go! GO! GO!!!
  • Dawn: (in the forest) Ugh, I hate this challenge and this show. (sits on a rock) This show is boring, how can this show get more interesting? (Dawn sees Scott being chased by a mutated wolly beaver, then, she shoots both Scott and the beaver) Got them!
  • Dakota: (in the boathouse with Staci) Alright, I need you to help me.
    Staci: With what?
    Dakota: You want to make it to the final 2 with me.
    Staci: Girl, I'm already making it to the finals. Know why? Because I'm one of the most fittest girls in my school. Trust me, I got this.
    Dakota: (awkwardly speaking
    ) Ok then. Here's the plan...
    (Dawn comes in and shoots both Dakota and Staci)
    Dawn: Yes! I need three more and I'm good.
    Dakota: I'll tell you the plan later, ok?
    Staci: Got it!
  • (the nine other contestants appear in the main lodge, as they don't want to compete; Chris walks in)
    Chris: Oh come on! You guys are the laziest contestants, EVAH!
    Lightning: Because, we just got here, we don't want to do anything. We want a tour!
    Chris: Fine!
    (Dawn comes in the main lodge and fires three paintballs, hitting Lightning, B and Sam)
    Dawn:... and I got my team!
    Chris: Well, first thing first, we have our teams all set up. Dawn, Scott, Dakota, Staci, B, Lightning and Sam are now the Radioactive Rats. Everyone else, aka Ann Maria, Mike, Zoey, Jo, Brick and Cameron, are now the Mutant Maggots, happy?
    Everyone: YES!
    Chris: Alright then, this is the main lodge, where you'll be served food by the best chef in the world, Chef Hatchet! (Chef walks up behind the counter)
    Zoey: He's the best chef ever? Eeeeeeeeeee!
    Ann Maria: No way, girlfriend! I saw his food, I rather eat my own barf than to eat his food.
    Chris: (impersonating Ann Maria) Alright girlfriend, then enjoy starving. Oh, that reminds me... your first challenge... begins right now. It's an eating challenge!
    Everyone: What?! NO WAY!!!
    Chris: WAY! Tune in next time to see if these guys have food poisening from eating Chef's food.
    Chef: He...
    Chris: (
    cuts off Chef) Next Time! On... Total... Drama... Revenge of the Island!!!!

Fanfiction Wiki

Goldenshane's Story

As the camera turned on, a young man in a blue, button-down shirt and long kaki pants appeared on the screen. He had an arrogant smirk on his face, and his jet-black hair kept perfectly in place; no matter how fast he moved.

With a wave of his muscular arm, he said like a surfer guy, “Welcome back, to the ever-loved TV hit series Total Drama! I know how much you missed me, the fabulous Chris McLean, so now you obsessed fangirls can finally stop drooling on my personal website and demanding to know when I’ll appear next!” Chris gave a tiny laugh, but quickly moved onto the next thing on his agenda.

“Previously, you saw the dragon lady, Heather, win Total Drama: the Musical against Mr. Guapo himself, Alejandro. It was quite the upset, as nobody expected, or liked her, to win.”

Chris began walking down the dock and onto the beach. There, he picked up a seagull with a six-pack soda pack firmly placed on its’ neck. He stroked it as he continued, “Heather’s victory dance was cut short when Golom, I mean, Zeke, came from behind her and grabbed the money. However, he underestimated his jumping powers, and plummeted into the volcano. Thankfully, he is alright and being cared for by a zookeeper.”

Chris pulled out an index card and said in a monotone voice, “You can now see the legendary Ezekigolom at the Toronto Zoo, kiddies. Be sure to stop there.” Chris threw the index card, and his glasses, away with a smile. The glasses hit a random intern who was carrying some heavy things. The intern tripped and the stuff fell on him.

Without batting one of his perfectly formed eyelashes, Chris said, “He’ll be alright.

“Now, we have assembled a new cast of victim-I mean, teenagers. Now, you get to watch them suffer like their predecessors!” Chris laughed wildly. “Now, let’s show the theme song and get started!”

After the theme song played, Chris is shown at the edge of the dock. He looks back at the camera with a sparkle in his eye. However, it is not one of joy, but of sadistic proportions.

A boat with a red roof came over to the dock. A girl with bright red hair jumped out of the boat with a suitcase that had a plethora of flowery surfboards on it. A hibiscus flower is placed securely in her hair, and it does not seem to budge no matter how hard the girl moves. When she ran to the edge of the dock, her legs looked more like a mossy green blur rather than legs.

The red-haired girl flew past the host, who was currently wondering what was going on, she yelled in an Australian accent, “G’day, Chris!”

Chris starred blankly into the camera for a moment. He looked back over at the girl and raised an eyebrow. Like a little girl, Zoey wasn’t paying attention to the host. Instead, she opted out of looking at him for looking around. Finally, she looked back at Chris.

“What’s with the eyebrow, Chris?” She asked.

“Are you Zoey?” Chris asked.

“You know it!”

Chris starred at the girl. “…Why are all the insane chicks red-heads?”

Zoey called out, “What’d you say?”

“Nothing!” Chris said.

Zoey shrugged and went back to looking around.

(CONFESSIONAL) Zoey: Wow! This place sure is the bomb! I mean, look at this place! I’m pretty sure I saw a bear… oh this’ll be great!”

Chris went to speak to the audience, but his glorious voice was drowned out by the sound of a boat. He looked over and smiled slightly.

A tall, thin boy with dark skin and even darker hair walked out. His bright blue shirt and pants contrasted with his chocolate-brown skin. His hair defied gravity as he calmly walked out of the boat.

“Mike, hey bud!” Chris said as he slapped Mike’s back. Mike yelped.

“Don’t touch me! You don’t know anything!” Mike yelled. He quickly punched Chris in the face and Chris fell to the dock, clutching his beautiful face.

Mike stood over Chris with an evil grin. Zoey, who was watching from the sidelines, gasped as she finally regained her focus long enough to notice the metro-host lying on the ground.

“D-did you do this?” Zoey asked. Mike nodded.

Mike’s expression suddenly changed drastically. His eyes, once full of anger, became soft. His smirk was replaced with a stressed frown, and his arms went from his hips to being limp.

“Crap! Thomas, what did I tell you?” Mike yelled. His expression changed once more.

“Couldn’t help it.” Mike said smoothly. His expression changed once more.

“Stay down where you belong!” Mike yelled. That seemed to do it.

Mike quickly helped the dumbfounded host back onto his patent leather shoes. He quickly ruffled through the metro-host’s messed up hair

Chris grabbed the young boy by the neck and bellowed, “YOU IDIOT!” He pointed to his hair, “DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES ME TO DO THIS EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING?”

Mike drooped his shoulders. Instead of replying, he simply walked down to Zoey.

Zoey patted Mike on the back and said, “Don’t worry, I think what you did was awesome!”

Mike looked up and smiled. “R-really?” He asked

“Most definitely, but you need to work on your form.” Mike chuckled.

At this, another boat pulled up. A tall girl with dirty blonde hair and an expression that would kill someone if looks could kill walked onto the dock. She raised an eyebrow as looked at Mike and Zoey talking.

“Really? THIS is my competition?” The girl asked. Chris nodded.

“Welcome, Jo, to Total Drama!”

Jo propped up her luggage over her shoulder with one hand and sighed, disappointed in Chris’s selection process. But, she could still win, if they don’t get in her way.

Jo ignored the host and walked over to the others. She studied the two and rolled her eyes.

Zoey looked up and saw the unhappy jock. She smiled her never-failing smile and reached out her hand.

“Hi! Welcome to this… happy place! Yeah, yeah, happy place! Anyway, I’m Zoey, and this is my friend, Mike!” Zoey said as she pulled her worried friend by her side. Her chestnut eyes never once left Jo’s dull eyes.

“Yeah… great.” Jo said. She drops her luggage and the dock shakes from the weight. She took her place away from the others as far as she could. That didn’t faze Zoey one bit, as she continued to talk a mile-a-minute to the girl along with her unfortunate friend, Mike.

The next boat came and this time, a tall young man in a white tank top and blue jeans walked out onto the dock. His orange hair glowed in the sunlight as he advanced forward. He looked at the three at the end of the dock and smiled.

“Welcome, Scott!” Chris said as cheerfully as he could.

Scott smiled, and said, “Hey, thanks! It’s really great to be he-”

“Yeah, muscle boy, shut up and get to the end. We have a time schedule.” Chris said while looking at his fingers. Scott rolled his eyes and walked to the others.

“Hey, guys!” Scott said. Jo’s eyes lightened up once she saw Scott.

“Hey, there. I’m Jo.” Jo said. Scott smiled.

“Nice to meet you.” He said.

Zoey rushed over and gave Scott a giant hug. Scott’s eyebrows lifted up. He looked over at Jo and pointed at Zoey. Jo smirked, and shrugged. Scott glared at Jo and pried Zoey off.

“Hey, there, friend! I’m Zoey, and this is Mike!” Zoey said. She pointed over to Mike, who tried to hide behind Jo.

“Like I care about you.” Scott muttered under his breath.

Zoey looked at him with shining eyes and asked, “What was that?”

Scott quickly perked up and smiled. “Oh, nothing!”

Scott walked over to Jo and threw Mike away from her. Jo smiled and looked away from Scott, blushing. Scott smiled and looked over at Zoey helping Mike up.

As Zoey helped Mike up, she asked, “You alright, partner?”

Mike stood up and dusted himself off. He glared at Scott and said, “No. I don’t trust him.”

Zoey’s eyes widened. “Why not?” She asked. Mike shrugged.

“I just don’t. Solomon told me that he’s not good.” Mike said.

Zoey giggled.

“Okay, I like, love your laugh. It’s so mellow.” A slow, deep voice said.

Surprised, Zoey whipped her head around to see a pale girl in a green sweater, purple skirt, and an even darker shade of purple for her tights. Her light, long golden locks sway in the polluted breeze

“I’m Dawn,” the girl said, “And you?”

“I’m Zoey.” Zoey said. Mike backed up a little as Dawn advanced.

As Dawn walked to Zoey and Mike, Scott whispered to Jo, “Someone’s a little creepster.” Jo snickered.

When Dawn reached her destination, she looked around and saw the seagull with the soda wraps around. Unleashing a cry, Dawn raced over to the poor seagull and cradled it in her arms. With a fierce fire in her eyes, Dawn glared at the only one who she could, Chris McLean.

Although she is usually rather peaceful, Dawn walked up to the host (carefully stroking the seagull!) and silently starred into the host’s eyes.

“How could you do this to this poor creature?” Dawn asked. When Chris replied that he didn’t know, a single tear rolled down Dawn’s check.

“Whoever did this… ” Dawn looked down and focused on attempting to get the seagull free from the pack.

Zoey started to walk over to Dawn, but Jo reaches out and grabs one of her short pigtails. She pulled Zoey back beside Mike (and ignored her screams of pain)

As Zoey rubbed her head, another boat pulled up. A tall, thin black young man with muscular arms jumped out of the boat. His golden earring shone in the sun, blinding the seagull Dawn was carrying, causing it to fly away in terror.

Dawn looked down and said, “Aw… I was almost finished.”

The boy rolled his eyes, and continued walking. His long, slender torso and his strong legs never shook as he hoisted his two large suitcases over his shoulder. Jo smiled at the boy and Scott raised an eyebrow at him.

“Name’s Lightning, since I’m just as fast.” Lightning said, arrogantly pointing at himself. Jo smiled slightly, but Dawn rolled her eyes in disgust. Zoey ignored him in favor of looking at the ocean.

Chris walked over and punched Lightning in the arm. The metro-host winced as he said, “Dude, quit stealing my job.” Lightning laughed and patted Chris on the back.

“Dude, you’re hilarious! I like you.” Lightning said. He walked over to the others. He looked at the girls and grinned widely. “Wow! You’ve got some hot girls in here, man! Yeah-boi!”

“Uh… is anyone else feeling awkward?” Dawn asked. Jo shook her head and Zoey continued looking out in the ocean, not hearing a word that Dawn spoke.

“Lovely…” Dawn muttered.

True to his name, Lightning appeared right behind Dawn and brought her and Jo closer to him. Jo blushed and Dawn struggled a little, but Lightning’s strong grip was too much for the moonchild.

“Don’t worry, doll, I’ll protect you!” Lightning said with a wink. Jo laughed silently, but Dawn glared at him. She slapped his hand away from her and walked over to Mike and Zoey. She was tired of being around the egomaniac, and preferred someone real.

The next boat came and a plump girl in a red jacket and purple pants walked onto the dock. The dock shook from her weight, and threatened to give way under her feet. Her pale face bore a sweet expression, and she could barely contain her excitement.

“Like, OMG, I’m so excited!” The pink pumpkin said.

Chris looked up from checking his fingernails. “R-really?” He asked like a little kid who’s parents just said yes to a puppy.

The girl cheerfully exclaimed, “Nope! Tee-hee!”

Chris groaned. “Meet, Staci.”

Lightning whispered to Scott, “I take back my hot girls comment.”

Scott whispered back, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

Staci looked at Lightning with a few tears in her eyes. As she walked towards the others, she silently reminded herself, “Don’t let it get to you.”

The next boat arrived and a large young man in a green shirt and even greener pants walked up. He had a scowl on his face that seemed permanent, almost. His eyes peered into one’s soul and the heel of his boot seemed sharper than a knife. He looked at each of the contestants and shook his head at what they were. He figured that none of them would last very long, even Lightning.

“Chris, I’m very disappointed in your choices.” The young man says as though Chris is a general.

“Finally, someone else who agrees!” Staci exclaimed. Everyone glared at her. Staci silently cursed herself for her bluntness.

The young man rolled his eyes and walked to the end of the dock like he was walking to a beat. As he passed Chris, he raises his right hand, but caught himself and continued walking.

“What was that about, Army Man?” Lightning asked, half-laughing and half-speaking his sentance.

The young man got right up in Lightning’s face. So close, in fact, that Lightning could smell his breath. “For your information, my name is Brick and you cityslickers won’t last a day!”

When Brick calmed down, Lightning’s right eye twitched. He reached into his pocket and quickly pulled out a pack of Stride gum. He handed it over to Brick, who forcibly crushed the packet, and threw it into Lightning’s face.

Once again, Brick got right up in Lightning’s face and bellowed, “Son, I brushed my teeth this morning, so I don’t need it. ARE YOU CLEAR?”

“Sir, no sir. Your breath stinks.” Lightning informed. Brick began to growl, and Dawn, Zoey, and Staci all watched with huge smiles on their faces.

Dawn suddenly had a string of guilt while watching Brick yell at Lightning, but when images of how he treated her came across her mind, she shrugged and continued enjoying the entertainment.

They were all so distracted by Brick’s yelling and Lightning’s sarcastic comebacks, they completely forgot about the fact that two other competitors had arrived. When Chris finally looked in their direction, he smiled nervously and said weakly, “Uh… welcome?”

“This isn’t anything like my bubble…” One of the new contestants said. The contestant was a small, thin boy fitted in a loose red jacket and yellow shirt. His disheveled brown hair formed an afro of sorts. He was shaking, and looking all around himself.

“Like, this totally isn’t your bubble, Cameron!” The other contestant said in a valley girl voice.

The girl was literally a Barbie doll. Her golden locks came all the way down to her wait. Her light pink tank top and hot pink pants (and her fabulous pink sunglasses!) didn’t help, either. Despite this, she had a confident look and a fierce determination in her eyes. She put her hand on her hip and used the other one to fan her perfectly tan face. Lightning and Scott looked at her as though she was an angel, and she thought she was one too.

She walked to the others and looked down at them. She stuck her nose up like she had practiced in grade school and carried herself off of the dock like a model. Zoey rolled her eyes as the Barbie walked past.

“Just another mainstream artist.” Zoey said. Dawn and Staci nod their heads in agreement.

“The name’s Dakota. Remember it, as I’m winning this!” The girl said. She took off her hot pink sunglasses and winked at the camera as though millions of people were watching it.

Jo rolled her eyes. She put her hand on her hip and said, “Can you believe this crap, Light? Barbie Girl won’t last three days.” When she got no response, she asked, “Light?”

“Yes?” Lightning asked. He was staring at Dakota and a bit of drool was hanging from his mouth.

“Can you believe this, Light?” Jo asked once more. However, she is met with silence. Jo smirks. “Heh, she won’t last a day! …Light?” She looked back over. This time, Lightning was drooling a waterfall. Jo rolled her eyes and looked the other way.

Cameron walked over and, shaking, pointed at the drool.

“GERMS! So… DISGUSTING!” Cameron yelled. Cameron raced back over to Chris and clutched the front pockets of his shirt and yelled, “Please, take me back to my bubble. I want my bubble!”

“Yeah…” Chris pushed Cameron to the floor of the dock, “no can do, labrat!”

“So… dirty…” Cameron said. He silently cried to himself as the others watched.

“Uh… shouldn’t we help the poor guy?” Scott asked.

“Nah,” Staci said with a hand wave. “He’s really annoying.”

“Like you?” Dakota asked. Staci rolled her eyes.

“At least I have fashion sense.” The pumpkin replied with a smirk. Dakota gasped and dropped her sunglasses. They shatter on impact with the dock.

Dakota screams in horror. Those glasses were expensive, and cost her a summer’s worth of allowance. All those hours of cleaning toilets, blackmailing other students at her school, and interning for a photographer are all wasted just by the Barbie’s impulsiveness.

“You JERK!” Dakota yelled. Staci rolled her eyes.

“They were cheep!” Staci exclaimed. Dakota growled and rushed at the poor pumpkin; her arms were raised and her fists were ready. Dawn, Lightning, and Scott held back the raging plastic girl back.

Struggling, Dawn yelled, “Let me at her! No one insults my fashion sense and gets away with it!”

Staci walked over to Dakota and raised an eyebrow. The pink bull snarled and glared, but nothing seemed to affect the not-so-great pumpkin. Staci bend down low to Dakota’s level and smirked.

“Sorry, Barbie, but you really need to control your temper.” Staci said.

That did it for Dakota. Dakota flung her right arm out of Dawn’s hands and slapped Lightning in the face with her other. She shook Scott off of her stomach and threw him into the ocean. Dakota charged at Staci and began slapping and pulling her hair. Staci cried for mercy, but karma had other plans.

“Uncle!” Staci said as she pounded the dock, “Uncle!”

“Sorry, but my uncle Bobbi isn’t here today.” Dakota said with an evil grin. Staci groaned.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Staci asked like a little girl. Dakota rolled her eyes and let the pink pumpkin go, despite knowing that Staci didn’t mean a thing that she said.

“Now THAT was hotter than any character I’ve seen!” A high-pitched voice said.

Dakota and Staci stop their glaring match and look behind themselves.

There, at the edge of the dock was a tall, overweight young man hold a Nintendo DS in his right hand that was limp. His mouth formed a dirty smile, and he had something resembling a five o’clock shadow. His striped shirt seemed to match the dock as he walked forward.

Dakota whispered to Zoey, “Can I just say nerd?” Dakota laughed, but Zoey frowned.

“That’s awfully mean.” Zoey said. Dakota rolled her eyes.

“Hey, mean people make it BIG on reality shows.” Dakota said. Zoey shrugged her shoulders. If Dakota wished to play a game like that, Zoey wouldn’t get in her way.

Brick studied the big guy with an unimpressive eye. “Dead weight. What’s your name, fatty?”

The young man sniffled and squeezed out, “Ron…”

Zoey widened her eyes. She was shocked by Brick’s bluntness. She had enough of the comments and raced to Ron’s side while dragging Mike with her.

“Hey! That’s not fair to Ron! He seems nice and he could be useful!” Zoey said with a smile. “Mike agrees, right Mikey?” Zoey nudged her nervous friend.

“Uh… I’d rather stay out of this, Zoey.” Mike said.

As Chris listened, the host began to smile evilly. Already he could see large rivers of cash coming down to him.

“Eh-hem!” A voice rang behind him.

Startled, Chris turned around and saw a girl powdering her nose. Her hair defied gravity, and she seemed like someone from Jersey Shore. She had on a frilly pink top that was far too small and her pants barely came to her waist. Despite this, she seemed comfortable in her tight clothing. She looked up from powdering and smiled at Chris.

“Yeah,” She said in a thick Jersey accent, “you forgot to introduce me. I woulda ****ing told you but you were ****ing seeing some ****** thing.” Chris gasped.

“Okay, please stop cursing so much. Family show, ya know?”

Lightning rolled his eyes and said, “Tch, since when did you start caring, dude?”

“Like, yeah! I totally ****ing agree with you, dude!” The Jersey Shore girl said. She walked over and gave him a high-five. “So, where’s the ****ing party at, dude?”

A smirk ran across Lightning’s face. He cocked an eyebrow at the girl and said, “I like you. What’s you’re name?”

The girl placed her hand on Lightning’s shoulder and said, “Sweetcheeks, you ain’t getting **** of this.” Lightning drooped his shoulders. “Anyway, my ****ing name is ****ing Ann Maria. Remember it well, ***********!”

Everyone stared at Jersey Shore. Nobody knew how to respond to that. However, Jo, as blunt as she was, spoke out.

“You know, you’re being so fake. I’d drop the celeb act and just be you.”

The moment Jo said those words, she instantly regretted saying them. Ann Maria began to light her fuse. Any moment now, she’d begin to yell a string of curse words and stuff at Jo. However, she remained silent. But, she charged at Jo. Jo effortless jumped out of the way in time, and Brick took the punch.

“Oh my ****! Are you okay, ****ing army man?” Ann Maria asked.

“I’d say yes, he’s breathing.” Jo said. True to her words, Brick got right back up. This time, he wasn’t intending on holding back like he did for Lightning. He stood straight up and towered over Ann Maria. Ann Maria quickly backed down and ran behind Cameron. Cameron looked up and saw Brick walking toward him.

With a yell, Cameron yelled, “Get away!” Cameron ran behind Ann Maria.

“You ******! I was supposed to hide, not you!” Ann Maria yelled.

Brick bent over and glared at Ann Maria. Those eye daggers when straight into Ann Marie’s soul, and did more than punching or words could have done. Ann Maria silently nods an apology, and fortunately for her, Brick takes it.

The next boat comes and a male hopped out. He was very large and looked like a rapper, except his eyes were gentle, and his smile seemed sincere. As he walked over to Chris, he looked around and saw the polluted beach. He cringed at the sight of the ruined shore.

“Welcome, B!” Chris exclaimed as he shook B’s hand. B smiled and nodded his head.

“Wow, you don’t talk much, do you?” Dakota asked. B shook his head.

(CONFESSIONAL) “Wow…” Dakota said with a blank stare, “he is good!”

Dawn looked over at B and smiled slightly. B saw it and smiled as well.

“I’m Dawn, you seem chill.” Dawn said. B blushed a little. “Dude, let us hear your voice. It’s probably awesome.” B shook his head. Dawn shrugged and walked over beside him. B nodded his head and Dawn stayed there.

Chris walked up to the contestants and said, “That is all the contestants! You are all officially on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!” The contestants cheered.

Yeah, their spirits wouldn’t last long on this island.

“Anyway, we do have a challenge for you today. It involves running to the top of a mountain. However, said mountain is at the other side of the mountain. How you get to the top doesn’t really matter to me. Last one to the top is eliminated.” The contestants looked at each other with big eyes. Although many of them hate each other, all of them are willing to make amends for the day so that they can live.

Chris laughed a little. He wasn’t done having fun yet, though.

“I’d suggest you go,” Chris said.

“Why is that, you little ******?” Ann Maria asked while looking all around.

As though Chris actually cared enough to tell them, a large “ROAR!” is heard off in the distance. The ground shook as though an earthquake was coming through. Then, they saw it.

A large green mechanical monster with teeth larger than small cars walked into view of the contestants. Screaming, all of the contestants ran off in the direction of the mountain. As Chris watched this, a sadistic giggle escaped from his glossy lips. He took out his hand-mirror and laughed insanely.

“Oh… that was fun.” Chris said. He continued looking into the mirror.

A few minutes later, he looked around and saw that the dock was empty. He shrugged and went back to looking at his perfect face.

Meanwhile, the contestants ran for a few minutes. Once they were confident that the monster was nowhere near the group, they all slowed down.

Lightning looked at Scott, who was breathing heavy and had his hand on his stomach. He folded his arms and scoffed, “Tch, that was scary at all!”

Scott raised an eyebrow. He went to say something, but decided against it. Jo, however, did not have his discernment.

“Really?” she asked. Scott slapped his forehead. “You screamed the loudest! I never once knew that men screamed that high-pitched.” Lightning’s chocolate-brown face suddenly turned a deep shade of red.

“T-that ain’t true!” Lightning exclaimed. Lightning walked towards Jo, and Jo rolled up her gray sleeves. Both had their fists clenched.

Scott rose up and pushed the two apart. “GUYS!” He yelled. “Please, don’t kill yourselves. It’s kind of obvious that we’re the strongest. Instead of killing each other, could you two cooperate and work together with Brick and I?”

Jo raised an eyebrow at Lightning. She looked over at Scott, who flashed a smile at her. She sighed, and nodded her head.

Lightning wasn’t so easy. It took Scott and Jo quite a few minutes for them to convince him. Even then, he asked multiple questions about the alliance, like whether or not he’d be in the top two. Although Scott promised him, if Lightning continued acting like that, he wouldn’t even get to the merge.

After a bit, Lightning ran off ahead once he realized that a challenge was underway. Jo opted to stay behind with Scott.

“You haven’t talked to Brick, have you?” Jo asked. Scott laughed and shook his head.

“Like I’d talk to that army brat.” Scott said. Jo widened her eyes, but laughed a little as well. Scott walked on ahead. Jo looked at Scott and shook her head.



“…Never mind.” Jo picks up speed and passes Scott. “You’ve got muscles, use ‘em!” Jo yelled.

Scott laughed. “Oh, it’s on!” He exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Zoey, Dakota, and Mike ran off the main path and into a cavern of sorts.

“Wow!” Zoey said as she and Mike walked towards the cavern. “So cool!”

“Yeah… what are you talking about? It’d be good exploration, though!” Mike said.

Zoey raised an eyebrow. She placed her hand on Mike’s shoulder and asked, “You alrigh there, Mike?”

“Huh? Oh… yeah!” Mike said. Zoey’s smile returned to her face. If everyone’s happy, then Zoey’s happy.

“Um, like, I’m so not going in there!” Dakota’s shrill voice rang out. Mike looked over and glared.

“Um, yes, you are!” Mike yelled.

“No I’m not!” The Barbie responded. Mike shrugged.

“Guess she’s not.” Mike said to Zoey. Zoey shrugged.

“I really don’t care, quite honestly. She can do what she wants.” Zoey said.

When Dakota heard this, she became infuriated. How dare they? She was a star and they should feel honored in her presence. She walked right over to them and started walking behind them.

Zoey looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Hi Dakota! Glad you could make it. We think this cave will take us to the other side!”

Dakota said through clenched teeth, “Just… lovely.”

Out of nowhere, white, stinky stuff falls from the ceiling and lands on Dakota’s golden locks. Dakota looks up and sees the white stuff drip off her head. “Wha-what is this?”

“Oh, that’s bat poo.” Zoey said like that was no big deal. Sure, it was not big deal to her or Mike.

But what about what Dakota felt? She just lost a lot of opportunities in the acting and modeling world. Her hair was big to her, and now it just lost some value.

“JUST bat poo?” Dakota asked. “JUST? This hair is more valuable that your lives!”

“Dakota, now you’re just being unreasonable. Although, that is lovely hair!” Mike admitted. Zoey rolled her eyes.

“Bat poo washes out. Don’t worry, you don’t have to say good-bye to any contracts just yet.” Zoey said. She patted Dakota on the back, but Dakota wanted none of it.

She ran out of the cave as fast as she could. When she was long gone, Mike and Zoey looked at each other. They shrugged and continued walking in the cave.

Meanwhile, Staci happened to walk alone. Staci looked down. She was thinking about how she lied to everyone, and most importantly Dakota. She didn’t want to say all those things, they just happened. Staci realized that she needed to clean up her act.

“I got to control myself.” Staci said to herself. “I gott-WHOA!” Staci tripped over a vine.

Staci looked at the dumb vine. She stomped on it and walked away, feeling satisfied. Even though it wasn’t sentiment, it felt good to get revenge.

Suddenly, the vine began to move. Staci screamed and hid behind a rock. However, the vine found her, and in a snake-like fashion, wrapped her up.

“Well… this isn’t that bad!” Staci exclaimed.

Yeah, she couldn’t even lie to herself to make it seem better.

While that was happening, Dawn happened to get paired up with B. Dawn didn’t mind, nor did B. The two just walked together, enjoying nature.

“So, dude, you a DJ?” Dawn asked. B shook his head. “Really? I guess one shouldn’t judge by their appearance, huh?” B nodded in agreement. Dawn looked away for a moment, trying to recollect her thoughts.

“Is this awkward for you, too?” Dawn asked. B shook his head. “Interesting… it’s not awkward for me, too! How awesome!” B nodded his head.

The two continued their walk with an awkward silence. Dawn often tried to strike up a conversation, but the silent guy never responded. Dawn decided that she’d stop talking and just enjoy the walk. After a while of just walking, the two came across the mountain.

“Hey! Guess we’re here!” Dawn exclaimed.

The mountain itself was extremely large and full of rocks and ledges. Lightning struck the pinnacle and sent a rock spiraling down towards the two. B looked up, pick up Dawn, and carried her out of the shadow. The moment he set her down, the rock landed right where Dawn would’ve been.

“Whoa… thanks, B!” Dawn said. She climbed onto the rock and lifted herself onto the mountain. She extended her hand toward B, and B happily grabbed it. Instead of Dawn helping B up, B pulled her down accidentally. Thankfully, she landed on B’s stomach.

“Uh… how about you start?” Dawn asked. B nodded and lifted himself onto the ledge. Sadly, he took up all the room and Dawn was getting frustrated. B caught on and tried to lift himself up to the next platform. However, he fell right back down.

Dawn sighed. This would be a very long climb for the both of them.

To their surprise, Ann Maria and Brick walk up. Both of them had been arguing for a while now.

“Um, it’s okay to tan yourself in a ******* tanning bed!” Ann Maria said.

“Uh, and deal with the radiation? No thanks!” Brick exclaimed.

“Quit being health conscious!” Ann Maria said.

“Quit being so annoying!” Brick exclaimed.

Ann Maria smirked and walked toward him. She gave him a little peck on the cheek and walked away.

Brick watched her walk away, completely stunned. He shook his head and yelled at Ann Maria, stringing forth a river of curse words (all of which are censored out). Ann Maria was taken aback, stunned. She regained her composure, and started yelling out more curse words. B and Dawn both try to calm them down, but the two dirty mouths ignore them. They were so involved in cursing that they completely tuned out anything (or anyone) else.

Finally, B yelled out, “Cut it out!”

That did it. Everyone froze where they were. Ann Marie has her left hand on Brick’s chest and the other one raised in a fist. Dawn is holding back said arm and Brick’s hand is raised to defend himself, as he was a gentleman (in his mind) and could not harm a lady physically.

Brick silently put his hands down and ask, bewildered, “What was that, son?”

“I said, ‘cut it out’.” B said. Ann Marie let down her arm and Dawn let go. Dawn smiled at B. She was glad that he finally said something.

“Dude, I love your voice.” She said. Ann Marie nodded.

“It’s so magical, and hot.” Ann Marie added.

“I wasn’t meaning that.” Dawn said calmly. Ann Marie rolled her eyes.

Ann Marie snapped in Dawn’s face and said, “Gurl, all of us can see it.”

Instead of fueling the fire, Dawn ignored the guidette and began to climb up the mountain. She looked over to B and smiled at him. She said, “B, you coming?” B nodded his head and climbed up next to her. Dawn sighed. He was back to his old self. Good things only last so long.

Brick took the hint and began climbing. Ann Marie, too, got it, but she was ruder in her ways. She grabbed Brick and tore him off the rock he was climbing on and took his place. Brick, snarling, went to say something. But a stern look from B and a worried look from Dawn shut him up. He looked at Ann Maria climbing up to the top quite rapidly. He sighed, and began climbing silently.

During that ordeal, Dakota managed to find her way to the mountain.

“You look like crap, gurl!” Ann Maria yelled from near the top.

“Shut up!” Dakota yelled back. She began stomping her foot and crying as she said, “I look like a star…” She put her head in her hands and conceded.

She really did. With the bat poop in her hair, it acted as a glue-like substance. There were twigs and leafs scattered in her golden threads. Her bubble gum pink shirt looked more like a green-gray shirt with a hint of pink. Her pants were soiled with dirt and bark. And her shoes (what was left, at least) were torn up, and the parts where her feet showed were cut and scratched. Her shoes had a tint of crimson in them now.

However, she was adamant. She continued to think that she looked like a star. She actually did, if one was comparing her to Lindsay Lohan.

Dakota reluctantly grabbed a hold of the rock and pulled herself up.

“Ugh! This is hard!” Dakota whined. B rolled his eyes and Dawn ignored the whiney Barbie. Brick, chose an alternate way of expressing his feelings.

“You will shut up and put up, or give up! Choose one, Dakota!” Brick yelled. Dakota gasped. She went to say something, but Dawn looked at her pleadingly, so she sighed and began climbing up.

While this was going on, way on the other side, Cameron and Ron were walking together. Ron was playing on his DS and Cameron was nervously watching for Mechazilla.

“Where did it go… oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!” Cameron exclaimed. He began hyperventilating.

Ron looked up from his blood red DS and raised an eyebrow at the bubble boy. He said, “Dude, it’s okay. We ran away from it.” Ron went back to playing. “It won’t follow us.”

“How can you be so sure?” Cameron asked. “It could be anywhere!”

“Look up.”

Cameron looked up and his eyes widened. Behind them, but not facing them, was Mechazilla. His ugly green head peeked out from above the treetops. Cameron exhaled deeply. His heartbeat returned to normal. At least, what was normal for him.

“Thanks Ron,” Cameron said.

Ron chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, dude, I’ll look out for you.” Ron smiled and put his hand on Cameron’s shoulder. “Oh my crap!” Ron quickly let go of Cameron and began pelting on the poor buttons. Cameron didn’t mind this, as he saw the mountain and ran toward it.

“Phew.” Ron said. “Major crisis avoided. Tellah is okay.” Ron looked around. “Cameron?”

“Overhere!” Cameron yelled. He was currently climbing up the mountain.

Ann Maria looked behind herself and saw the two approaching. “Oh ****, the geeks are here.”

Ron put his hands on his hips and said, “For your knowledge, I have wicked skills in climbing. I’m practically a goat.” Ann Maria rolled her eyes.

She reached up and grabbed the top of the mountain and pulled herself up.

“Aw yeah! I did it, baby! And without breaking a ******* nail.” She said confidently. She looked over and saw a bunch of junk lying about.

“What’s this ****?” She asked.

“I was just about to ask you.” A voice said behind her. Ann Maria jumped and saw Lightning standing there.

“What the ****, Lightning? You scared me!” Ann Maria yelled. “How’d you get here?”

“I ran, like, really fast. Oh, and there’s a note down here. He bent down and picked up a note.

“Ann, it says, ‘Dear winners, you may use this stuff to throw at the others. With no love, Chris McLean.’ Well, glad I’m up here.”

“Dude, same here!” Dawn said once she climbed up. She bent down and, along with Ann Maria, pulled B up with great difficulty.

“**** it, boy, what do you eat?” Ann Marie asked.

“Ann!” Dawn exclaimed. B shrugged and picked up a TV.

“Oh yeah, the stuff! I was going to say something, but I forgot.” Lightning said. He picked up a tennis racket and threw it down.

“OUCH!” Dakota shrieked.

“Nice, dude!” Ann Maria said. The two high-five each other.

Dawn looked at the basket she was holding. “This feels wrong.” She said.

B smiled and took the basket away from her. He threw it back to the pile and pointed at a rock for Dawn.

“Thanks, B.” Dawn said. B nodded and threw his TV off the side.

Mike and Zoey, who just got there after realizing that the cave was just a dead end, were climbing up. Mike looked up and saw that the TV was going to land on Zoey.

“Zoey, grab my hand!” Mike yelled. Zoey nodded and obeyed.

However, Mike was too late. A string of pained coursed through Zoey’s right leg. With a yelp, she let go of Mike. Mike was off-balance, so he plummeted down with her. The two landed on a rock below them with Mike on top of Zoey.

“Sorry, Zoey…” Mike said.

“Don’t think about it…” Zoey groaned. Mike got up and helped Zoey up. Zoey looked at her friend and eagerly took it. Working together, the two got to the top in record time. However, Jo and Scott got there before them.

B looked at Zoey’s leg and widened his eyes. Mike saw the reaction and knew what that meant.

“B, seriously?” Mike asked.

“Mike, he didn’t mean to hurt me, did ya, b?” Zoey asked. B nodded his head with a tear in his eye. “Aw! He’s just a softy!” Mike rolled his eyes.

Mike locked eyes with B and made it clear: B wouldn’t lay a hand on Zoey if he wanted to get out of Total Drama with all his limbs. Zoey was his friend, no one can hurt one of Mike’s friends. Zoey caught on to this, and hugged him.

“Mike, it’s sweet, but please, B didn’t mean too.

Mike sighed. For Zoey, he’ll let go of his anger for now. He gave a weak smile to Zoey and Zoey patted him on the shoulder. She didn’t want Mike to do something foolish.

A heavy sigh erupted from the side of the mountain. Everyone gasped and looked behind himself. Was it Mechazilla? Nope, but he certainly had the appearance.

Ron climbed up, coughing and wheezing. His shirt is stained with dirt, but his DS was okay! That was all that mattered to him.

Cameron followed the gamer, and with a smile, triumphantly looked at Wawanakwa from the pinnacle. He felt as though he won the reality show.

Suddenly, Chris walked up onto the top with a smile. He said to his victims, “Congratulations, you all are safe! Staci, however, is eliminated.” Dakota shot her arm into the air and cheered. Dawn looked at her disapprovingly.

“Where is Staci?” Zoey asked.

“I’ll get to that in a moment!” Chris said.

“One last question.”


“How did you get up here so fast?”

“Oh, there’s an elevator behind the mountain!” Chris cheerfully revealed.

Ann Maria slapped her forehead. “Of course…”

“Anyway, I suppose I can give you all your next challenge!” Chris said.

All of the contestants groaned. They had just completed a tiring challenge, they didn’t want to do one more!

Chris ignored their cries and said, “B, Dakota, Lightning, Sam, Scott, and Zoey, you all are the Radioactive Rats!” Chris threw a red flag to Lightning. On it was a red glowing rat.

“Ew, rats!” Dakota complained.

“Anyway, Ann Maria, Brick, Cameron, Dawn, Jo, and Mike, you all are on the Mutant Maggots!” Chris threw a green flag at Jo. On it was a picture of a green maggot.

Ann Maria looked at the flag and nearing puked. “Yeah, Dakota, at least you aren’t a ******* bug baby!” Dakota blew a raspberry at Jersey girl.

“Anyway, the challenge now is find Staci! Whoever finds her fist wins immunities and gets her on your team! GO!”

As the teams go down the elevator, Zoey looked at Mike. A tear fell from Zoey’s eye. She would miss Mike, even though she’d be seeing him a lot, she’d still miss him.

Dawn put her hand on Zoey’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Zoey, I’ll take care of him.”

Zoey smiled. Dawn was trustworthy in Zoey’s eyes. She hugged her friend and said, “Thanks, Dawn.”

Somewhere out in the forest, Staci is dangling from a tree in a vine.

“Hello? Hello?” Staci asked. She sighed. The challenge had to be over now, she was definitely out and she knew it. She sighed, and for the first time in a while, accepted it.

“Well, this sucks… oh well. Someone will get me, right?” She asked. “…Nope… I highly doubt it.”

Little did she know what was in store for Staci.

The episode ended there.

Weblykinly's Story

Chapter One- A new cast equals trouble for all of us.

A figure walks onto shore. He screams, “We’re here! Land ho!” A bunch of adults looking as if they are in they’re early twenties hop off the boat a long with a African American chef hops off the boat as well.

“Welcome staff,” The first figure shrieks. “We found it, the now radioactive Camp Wawanakwa.”

One of the adults raised their hand and questions, “Did you say radioactive?”

The figure came out into the light and his face showed a familiar face the show had knew since the first second the show debuted on television, Chris McLean. He responds, “The island, radioactive? Why would I… so it is. I’ve brought you interns and my co-host Chef here to help with the new season. Why do we need a lot of interns? Most of them die… or I mean, leave after helping a while. This season we’ll use you to test our challenges and be in control of editing and a lot of other junk. There are thirteen campers coming in a week meaning you’ll be here for a week setting up equipment. So, try not to kill yourself in the meantime. As for you,” He points at a short intern. “You’ll be my new personal assistant, any questions?” A short five seconds go by without a word. “Okay, let’s begin.”

The screen goes black and in big white letters the screen reads seven stressful days later.

Shadowgeoff's Story

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