Four friends, Fanny, Koops, Reddy, and Tdafan, have decided to buy a house on the California Shore. And this, is their surprisingly interesting, story.


Major Characters

Reddy: Reddy is the laidback, goofy guy. Reddy has a pet rock named Lubert, who he considers to be his best friend. Reddy is usually a problem solver, and he owns his own rock sitting business, which makes very high money, shocking the other guys.

Tdafan: Tdafan is wacky, goofy, naive, and doesn't seem to take much seriously. He is usually confused with a lot of things, and the others try to help him out. Tdafan might not have a big brain, but he has a big heart.

Fanny: Fanny is possibly the leader of the group, rivaled by Reddy. Fanny is cocky, and is a smart guy. Fanny loves to have a good time, especially with friends.

Koops: Koops can't be descibed in one word. Koops is viscious, grouchy, rude, sarcastic, threatening, deceicive, and manipulative and coniving. Koops is annoyed constantly by the neighbors, and seems to not have a very good relationship with the others, either.

Lubert: Lubert, was found by Reddy when he was very young. Lubert, as described by Reddy, has 'such a way with words'. Lubert is Reddy's best friend and pet, and they have a strong relationship and they share their rock sitting business.

Ben: Ben is the neighbor of the gang. He doesn't get along with Koops very well, but he seems to have an ok relationship with the others. Ben is always excited to see the gang and always wants to hang out with them.

Minor Characters

Jared: Jarred is the quieter, more sane twin brother of Ben. Jarred so far is known for making the gang's lawn mower go crazy, and he may possibly be a villain in later chapters.

Green: Green is a nice, friendly neighbor to the gang, and always tries to be nice, but Koops rejects him horribly.


Lay and Z: Two Goth girls that the gang knows.

Chapter One: It All Started in an Ugly House.

--By Tdafan123

It was early on a Sunday morning as the sun rose over the shores of California. Four guys had just moved into their new house, a tall house with brown paint chipping off it, is where our story begins.

Fanny was a tall man, with long light blonde hair, he was a smart guy, and was loyal to his friends.

Tdafan had long brown hair. He loved to joke around and be with other people.

Reddy was a nice guy who loved being outdoors. He had long red hair and was excited to be moving into a new house with his friends.

Last was Koops, Koops loved practical jokes, and was very persuasive. He had short black hair and had a smile on his face.

“Well, I guess this is it,” said Fanny uneasily.

“I know! We could give it a makeover!” Tdafan said in a high squeaky voice.

“No.” said Koops, glaring at Tdafan.

“Well, we don’t want a crappy house, do we?” asked Tdafan.

"Purple. Make it purple!" Fanny excitedly exclaimed.

“Red! Red! Red!” Reddy yelled back.

Suddenly, a younger boy stepped out of the house to their left. The house was painted a beautiful sky blue.

The boy was holding a basket, and his hair was short and brown.

“Hi! I’m Ben! Your new neighbor! Here’s a fruit basket!” The boy exclaimed.

“Cool! There’s a pear!” exclaimed Reddy.

“Thanks.” Koops said, before smashing an orange in Ben’s face.

Ben laughed as the orange liquid dripped down his face,” Awesome! Again!”

Koops awkwardly looked at Ben and said,” We got to unpack our stuff…”

“Oh. Bye!” Ben waved to them as they ran in the house.

“Ok, so let’s check out the place.” Reddy said, walking upstairs.

“Whoa! I want this room! It has an awesome ocean view!” exclaimed Fanny as he opened his window, watching the ocean waves.

“I want this room!” exclaimed Tdafan, he ran into the room which had a nice sized bed and small closet.

“I call this one!” exclaimed Reddy, running into his.

“Well, guess I get this one.” Koops said, walking into the last room.

“Wait, this is the laundry room!” Koops exclaimed.

“Well, you can have the basement.” Tdafan suggested.

Koops glared at him,” Get out of the room.”

“No, it’s mine.” Tdafan said.

“Get out or I’ll kill Mr. Teddy.” Koops said threateningly.

Tdafan shrieked as he took his stuff and ran to the basement.

“I’m impressed, Koops.” Fanny said.

“Yeah yeah,” Koops said,” Just get out.”

“Hey guys, how are we going to get jobs?” asked Reddy.

“We’ll worry about that tomorrow, Reddy, for now, let’s enjoy this.” Fanny said, relaxing on the couch.

Suddenly, Tdafan appeared without any clothes on,” Hey, anyone wanna go streaking with me?”

“No.” the three said in unison, without looking at Tdafan, who shrugged and ran down the street yelling,” Woohoo! I feel so free!”

“If he gets arrested, we’re screwed.” Fanny said.

“Yeah. We should probably let him stay in jail for a while before bailing him out.” Reddy said, watching the TV.

“Should we go get him?” asked Koops.

“Yeah.” Fanny said as they ran outside.

After “the great chase” they were lucky to find that Tdafan narrowly escaped the cops.

“Do that again and Mr. Teddy’s head is mine.” Koops said,” We’d have to bail you out! And that costs thousands!”

“Sit in the shame corner.” Reddy said as Tdafan crawled into a corner.

“So, now what do we do?” asked Fanny.

There was then a knock at the door and the ring of a doorbell.

“I’ll get it.” Koops said, getting up from his seat.

A boy smiled,” Hey! I’m Green, and I’d like to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Oh joy, more neighbor people. Look, if you keep doing this I’M GONNA SET YOU ON FIRE!” exclaimed Koops, slamming the door in Green’s face.

“That’s a little harsh.” Reddy said.

“Yeah, it was just a joke.” Koops said.

“Can we just get some sleep?” Reddy asked.

Suddenly, Ben appeared in the window,” Sleep? It’s only 7:30 pm!”

“We had a long drive Ben. Wait, Ben?” Reddy seemed confused as he stared at Ben.

“My mom said I could spend the night here.” Ben said,” I even brought my sleeping bag and a movie, New Moon!”

“New Moon?” Tdafan asked excitedly from the corner.

“Shut up, you’re still banished!” exclaimed Koops.

“So, can I come in?” asked Ben.

"I hate Twilight and all the Twitards too!" Koops shouted,” Basically, no.”

“Come on Koops, what’s one night gonna do?” asked Reddy.

“Fine.” Koops compromised.

Ben smiled,” Where’s the DVD player?”

“I got it.” Fanny took the DVD, but Koops took it and threw it outside, where it hit an innocent bystander.

“NO!” Ben exclaimed,” My New Moon DVD!”

“Can I come out from the corner of shame now?” asked Tdafan.

“No!” Koops exclaimed.

“I know! Lubert will get it!” Reddy exclaimed, pulling out a rock,” Go Lubert!”

Reddy threw Lubert out the window, where he bounced back seconds later with the DVD.

“Lubert! You’re a hero!” exclaimed Ben.

“Well, I guess we can watch it now…” Fanny said, putting in the DVD.

“Can we have popcorn?” asked Ben.

“Eh, why not.” Fanny shrugged.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” Tdafan asked from the corner.

“No.” Fanny said, walking to the kitchen.

Lubert sat there, motionless.

“Lubert! Stop being so rude! Do you need a timeout?” asked Reddy.

Lubert was then put in the corner of shame next to Tdafan.

“Hey, what are you in for?” Tdafan asked.

Fanny came back with the popcorn and put it in a plastic bowl.

“Yay! Popcorn!” Reddy exclaimed, shoving it in his mouth,” Oh nom nom nom!”

After the movie, Ben crawled into his sleeping bag,” Goodnight guys.”

“Tdafan, you’re banishing duties are over.” Koops said as Tdafan ran upstairs yelling,” Bathroom! Bathroom!”

“Lubert, you can come out, but only if you promise to be nice.” Reddy said, as Lubert stood, motionless,” Ok, come here buddy.”

“Well, I kinda like California already.” Fanny said.

“I don’t like the people here.” Koops said as Ben snored loudly.

“Well, I think we’ll be alright here.” Fanny said.

“Shhh, Lubert’s sleeping!” Reddy said as Lubert was shown with a piece of paper as a blanket and a sponge as a bed.

Chapter Two: The Story of the Run Away Lawnmower...

--By Reddude

Fanny sat on a recliner in the house, reading the daily news, “David Dungee got arrested again, no shocker. Next time don’t throw your sandal at the mayor idiot!”

“David Dungee got arrested again!?” Reddy screamed loudly as he popped up from behind Fanny.

“Ow. I think you broke my ears…” Fanny complained.

“Haha!” Tdafan laughed as Cap’n Crunch cereal and milk dripped out of his mouth.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!” Ben screamed from off-screen. Fanny, Reddy, and Tdafan looked out their window and through the copper wire fence to see Ben running away from a lawnmower that seemed to have gone berserk on him.

“I think I know who we need to solve this mystery.” Fanny said.

“Scooby Doo?” Reddy asked dumbly.

“No! The Secret Services! Heck! The Spy Kids!” Fanny shouted.

“Aren’t the Spy Kids retired?” Tdafan asked.

“No. They have a new movie soon!” Fanny growled at Tdafan.

“I know who did this!” Reddy exclaimed.

“Who?!” Tdafan and Fanny asked.

“Who’s the only other main character of this series to not appear yet?” Reddy asked.

“Main character?” Fanny asked.

“Series?” Tdafan added.

“Koops!” Reddy took out Lubert and smashed the window.

“You coulda just opened it!” Fanny screamed.

“Yeah, but that requires effort.” Reddy said as he jumped out the window and retrieved Lubert.

“Boo!” an unidentifiable person with a white sheet over there body sprang out from a bush, shocking Reddy, and causing him and Lubert to faint.

“Attack!” Tdafan screamed as he whipped of his shirt, put on a viking helmet, and picked up as toy ax. He ran toward the “ghost”, but missed , did a front flip, and accidentally started brutally rolling down a hill.

Fanny simply hopped out of the window and took away the sheet from the “ghost”, revealing Koops. “Koops!”

“What? I’m practicing for Halloween!” Koops defended himself. Fanny pointed to the lawnmower chasing ben.

“What the?!” Koops said.

“Help me!” Ben jumped the fence. The lawnmower mowed a section of it down and started chasing after the five.

“AAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They all screamed while running around the backyard.

The scene cut to a boy similar to Ben wearing a name tag that said ‘Jarred’. He laughed evilly as the screams were louder, and louder.

Chapter Three: We're Screwed!

--By Tdafan123

Reddy yawned as he trudged out of bed early Saturday morning. He slowly walked down the stairs to see Fanny starting to seem a little stressed.

“Fanny? You alright?” Reddy asked, confused and tired.

“Well, a little. But we won’t be soon!” Fanny exclaimed,” Our first bill came in! And we still don’t have jobs! None of us!”

“Oh crap. Looks like the past is starting to catch up to us, huh?” Reddy said,” Well, let’s wait for Koops and Tdafan to wake up before we tell them the news.

“We could just wake them up now.” Fanny smiled deviously as he turned on the TV and blasted the volume as loud as it could go.

Tdafan screamed as he fell out of his bed, hitting the hard floor,” Ouch!”

Koops woke up, startled and yelled,” Turn the god dang TV down or I’ll make you eat my crap you dumb nuts!”

“Why did you do that to us?” Tdafan asked, his hair was sticking out more than a ‘70’s afro.

“Well, we have something to tell you guys.” Reddy said,” We have a bill, here, and you know what? We have no jobs! So, unless we can get jobs in the next three days, and I mean all of us, we’ll go to jail for tax evasion!”

“Oh no! I don’t wanna end up like Richard Hatch!” exclaimed Koops.

“Well, he got out early for good behavior.” Reddy said.

“You don’t get it! I won’t have good behavior! Koops exclaimed.

“Well, we should get right to work then.” Fanny said, as he ran upstairs.

“Lubert, we’re all going to be gone for a little while, so I want you to be good, ok?” Reddy said, looking at Lubert, who was motionless, as usual,” Good boy.”

A little while longer, Reddy had an idea,” I know! I’ll make a rock sitting business!” He gleamed as he ran out the door with some cardboard and tools.

When everyone was gone and out of sight, Lubert suddenly grew legs, arms, and a face.

“Ok, time to have the greatest party of the century!” Lubert smiled, as he grabbed the phone and called all his rock friends.

At Tdafan’s interview as a beach lifeguard, he saw a big, tan, muscular man with short brown hair and shades.

“Hey, I’m Tdafan.” Tdafan shook the man’s hand.

“I’m David.” He said,” Now, I wanna know, can you sport sunglasses good?”

Tdafan nodded, as he grabbed his sunglasses and put them on,” See? Don’t I look stunning?”

“Now, let’s see if you can sport running in slow motion.” David said,” Change into your swimsuit.”

Tdafan was changed and he and David were on the beach.

“Ok, now run, but in slow motion.” David said, as Tdafan did as he was instructed to.

At Fanny’s interview for a job at Petco, he saw a lady with a parrot on her shoulder and curly brown hair and glasses,” Good morning, um, Fanny, was it?”

“Yeah.” Fanny said.

“So, do you like animals? Especially birds?” The lady asked, petting the parrot on her shoulder.

“Well, I’ve had lots of animals, but never a bird.”

“I’m sorry, but you’re not what we’re looking for.” The lady said, kicking Fanny onto the gravel parking lot.

At Koops’ interview at a movie theater, he found a man with brown balding hair and a red shirt.

“Hello, I’m Koops.” Koops said, a fake smile on his face.

“Well, I’d like to know, have you had past work experience?” Asked the man.

“Let’s see… I’ve worked as a McDonalds cashier and an Ice Cream Scooper, but nothing else.” Koops said, looking back as a flashback played.

The flashback showed Koops at McDonalds, where a kid was taking a long time to order.

“I’ll have… um…” The kid stuttered.


Another flashback showed Koops in the ice cream shop, grinning evily at the same kid from McDonalds.

“I guess I’ll have…nah, not that…” The kid looked around at the menu.

“JUST PICK SOMETHING! YOU STUPID KID! IF YOU DON’T HURRY UP I’LL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!” Koops exclaimed as the kid cried and ran away.

The flashback ended, as Koops grinned,” Memories…”

“Anyway, what position would you want?” asked the man.

“Probably ticket giver.” Koops shrugged nonchalantly.

At the house, Lubert was smiling and laughing, drinking a Mountain Dew,” Woo! I feel so great!” He exclaimed as the music blared louder than police sirens.

Suddenly, Lubert spotted Fanny pulling up in the driveway,” Abort! Abort!” Lubert screamed as his friends ran away as Lubert hid the evidence and jumped to where Reddy left him.

“Oh, hey Lubert.” Fanny said, walking to the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, Reddy had just finished his stand, which Read,” Reddy’s Rock Sitting Service! $5 an hour!”

“Hey, can you babysit my pet rock, Jacqueline?” asked a man not older than thirty,” I’m going out with my girlfriend tonight, and I’ll pick him up at about, eh, nine-thirtyish.”

“Cool, I’ll watch her.” Reddy said, as the man smiled and handed him Jacqueline.

“This is actually working?” Tdafan asked.

“Yeah! So far, we’re sitting four rocks tonight!” exclaimed Reddy.

The next morning, the phone rang.

“Got it!” exclaimed Koops, as he answered,” Hello? Yeah, it’s me. Uh huh. Uh huh. Great! Bye.”

“So…” Reddy said, looking at Koops.

“I got the job! I start tomorrow!” Koops smiled.

The phone rang again about fourty- five minutes later.

“Mine!” Tdafan said, scrambling for the phone,” Yeah? Oh, hey. Um, this is Tdafan. No way. Yeah! Thanks! Bye!”

“I’m guessing you got the job, too?” Fanny asked.

“Heck yeah I did!” Tdafan exclaimed.

“Now, I need a job.” Fanny said.

“Dude, just work at that gas station, Smithy’s!” Reddy said,” They pretty much allow anyone to work there!”

“Ok, I’ll head over there.” Fanny said.

“You don’t even need to interview!” Reddy said,” Oh, wait! Lubert! Come on, we got a business to get going!” Reddy snatched Lubert off the counter and headed out the door to the stand, and switched his sign from Closed to Open.

“Now, we wait.” Reddy said, as he sat down, and twiddled his thumbs.

About two hours later, Fanny returned home, smiling,” Great news, guys! I got the job! Boom baby!”

“Cool.” Tdafan said,” But now, we gotta pay those bills. And we got to use Reddy’s money.”

“Where does he keep it?” asked Fanny.

“I don’t know, ask him.” Tdafan said, as Fanny walked out the door.

“Reddy! Where do you keep your money!” Fanny exclaimed, standing by his stand, getting angry.

“Well, I can’t tell you.” Reddy said.

“We have to pay our bills!” Fanny exclaimed,” We’re gonna lose our electricity!”

“Find it.” Reddy said,” Now scram, me and Lubert have work to do.”

Fanny ran into the house,” Search everywhere! We have to find that money stash!”

Tdafan and Koops jumped up from the couch and they all split up to look for Reddy’s money.

Koops put on a hat with a light on it as he crawled under the couch,” Crap, nothing.”

Fanny was searching Reddy’s room, looking everywhere.

Meanwhile, Reddy was sitting back with Lubert, waiting for customers to arrive.

“Wait, I found something!” Fanny exclaimed,” Oh wait, it’s just gum.”

“Hey! I got two quarters and a dollar!” Koops exclaimed from behind the TV.

“That’s good!” Tdafan yelled from under his bed.

“Wait! I found something! Come here!” Fanny exclaimed, as Koops and Tdafan dashed up the stairs.

“What is it?” asked Tdafan.

“See this bag? It says ‘Reddy’s Money’! We got it!” Fanny exclaimed, as he opened, it, revealing the money.

“Holy crap! This is more than enough for the next three weeks!” Koops exclaimed.

“Well, we survived our first weak in California.” Fanny smiled.

“Don’t be so heartwarming.” Koops said, frowning at Fanny.

Chapter Four: Another New Neighbor...

--By Mr. Totaldramaman

Reddy is awakened at 6:00 AM, hearing a sound of luggage outside. “Hmm… I wonder what that is.”

Koops wakes up by Reddy’s talking, goes to his room, and says “Ugh! Why’d you wake me up? And you wonder what what is?”

Fanny, is, also, awakened by the talking, goes to Reddy’s room and says. “What’re you guys talking about?” Immediately, he looked out the window, and saw a guy walking on the sidewalk.

Tdafan, in the basement, yells “GUYS! WHY ARE YOU AWAKE AT SIX AM!?”

Koops yells “Ugh! Stop yelling!”

Tdafan comes upstairs and sees everyone in Reddy’s room. He goes there, and sees a new guy. “Hey, a new guy! Let’s have two more hours of sleep, and we’ll meet him, cool?”

“Cool,” Reddy says.

“Fine,” says Fanny.

“Nev-” Koops was cut off by the doorbell.

Fanny goes to the door, and the new guy says “Hi, I’m MTDM. Mind showing me around?”

Reddy grabs Lubert, and comes to the front door, as does Tdafan and Koops.

“Sure,” Fanny said.

“Sure what!?” Koops says.

“We’re showing him around,” Fanny smiled.

“UGH! Fine.” Koops says.

After the gang shows him around, MTDM brings the gang to his house. “Hey guys, want to see my house?”

Red says “Sure.”

Fanny says “’Kay, ‘kay.”

Koops says “Fine.”

MTDM, about to bring the gang in, Reddy stops them and says, “Lubert never answered!”

MTDM says, “Huh? I only see Koops, Fanny, Tdafan, and you.”

Reddy shows MTDM a rock and says “Meet Lubert! Lubert, want to see MTDM’s house?”

A sign pops out saying ‘4 hours later’. MTDM groans, and Reddy’s watch beeps.

“Woops, time to work!” Reddy says.

“Sorry, MTDM.” Fanny and Tdafan say in unision.

“It’s ‘kay.” MTDM frowns.

Fanny goes to the gas station, Koops goes to the theater, Tdafan goes to the beach, and Reddy goes to his rock-sitting business.

After a long day of work, the gang is back home. Reddy says “Hey, where’s Ben? He’s usually in his front yard when we get back.”

The seen cut to Ben and MTDM at Ben’s house, watching The New Moon, like Ben saw with the gang.

Chapter Five: One Day We'll Look Back And Laugh At This Horrific Day...

--By Reddude

Koops and Reddy walked through the door of the Bongoplez Move Theater, staring at the poster on the wall that said ‘Grand Theft Mayhem 4: Opening Day!’.

“I love Grand Theft Mayhem!” Reddy cheered as he and Koops stood in the ticket line.

“Here are your tickets.” The ticket giver gave Reddy and Koops their tickets as Koops handed him ten dollars.

“Woohoo!!!” Reddy excitedly ran with his and Koops’ tickets, but accidentally ran into someone and they both dropped their tickets.

“MTDM?” Reddy asked,

“Yeah that’s me.” MTDM swiped two tickets from the pile.

“Who are you with?” Reddy asked, brushing himself off from his fall.

“Ben wanted to go see this horrible movie, Sunlight, and he didn’t want to be alone so he begged me to come.” MTDM sighed. He walked to the ticket taker where Ben was eagerly waiting.

“Theater number two.” The ticket taker said as he took the tickets from MTDM and ben.

“Here.” Reddy handed the ticket taker his and Koops’ tickets.

“Theater number five.” The ticket taker said in the most uninteresting voice.

Koops and Reddy walked into the theater and took their seats. The movie began playing with ‘SUNLIGHT’ appearing at the beginning.

“Wait…” Koops looked at Reddy in horror, “You took the wrong tickets you twit!” he screamed. Other patrons loudly shushed Koops. Koops sighed in held his head in his hands.

“Ooohh, fail.” Reddy frowned.

Meanwhile, Tdafan is shown walking up and down a sidewalk. He sees a mugger mugging an attractive teenage girl, and he runs to the rescue.

“Have no fear! Tdafan is here!” Tdafan tackled the mugger when all of a sudden three spotlights beamed on him.

“What are you doing!” a man wearing a hat that said ‘Director’ yelled through a megaphone.

“Ooohh fail.” Tdafan gasped. He was next shown in an orange suit inside a cell, in handcuffs.

“Full name, Tda fan 123?” an officer in a wheelchair asked as Tdafan nodded. “You’re in big trouble mister.”

“I thought it was real!” Tdafan defended himself as the officer wheeled away.

Fanny was shown sitting in a recliner, doing nothing with a blank expression.

“Hmmmm, usually others would be here annoying me.” Fanny looked around the living room, “Hmmm…. Twinkle twinkle little star…” the scene changed to Koops and Reddy hugging each other out of fear of the movie that was playing in front of them.

“Dude, if we don’t make it out of here alive, I want you to know, I always loved you!!!” Reddy cried out.

“What?!?!” Koops screamed. A movie theater worker walked up to them.

“Others are complaining, I’m afraid I need to ask you to leave.” The worker said.

Reddy and Koops jumped for joy and ran cheering out of the theater, the other watchers staring at them awkwardly.

Tdafan is shown in his jail cell with a gray beard in fatal position.

“Ok Tda, you’re free to go.” The same officer from before opened his cell’s door.

“Yayz!!!” Tdafan ran cheering out of the cell and out of the jail.

“Well, this is a good time to relax.” Fanny recline and put on a sleeping mask. Suddenly, the cheering Reddy, Koops, and Tdafan busted through the door and cheered for dear life.

“Yay!!” Tdafan hollered.

“Dear gosh thank you!” Reddy screamed.

“So much for the sleep…” Fanny grumbled to himself.

The scene showed MTDM with Ben crying on his shoulder at the movie theater, and MTDM sighing…

Chapter Six: Cooked Food Or Cupped Noodles

--Bye Tdafan123

Koops woke up, and yawned, as he got out of bed, and walked downstairs.

Reddy was down there, sitting on their couch, watching some TV.

“So, how are you?” asked Koops.

“Well, I’m waiting for the package guy to come with something I ordered a while ago.” Reddy said, slouching in the couch coushin.

“What did you order?” Koops asked,” Is it illegal?”

“It’s not illegal.” Reddy said,” Trust me.”

A couple hours later, the package truck halted at their house, and dropped off a package.

“I got it!” Reddy zoomed to the front door, and opened it, gasping as he saw the brown package.

“Wait, it says ‘To Koops’ not you, Reddy.” Tdafan said, snatching the package, and handing it to Koops.

Koops shrugged and opened the box,” A MadTv DVD? Yes!”

Fanny then looked out the window, to see Green running towards their house,” Koops, you know what to do.”

Koops nodded, and ran up the stairs, and was back down in seconds, holding a marshmallow gun, as he loaded it with chili peppers.

Ben watched from his house, and laughed,” They’re like the coolest guys I know! I wish they’d let me in their four click, then we’d be like the best five click ever!”

Jarred, who had heard him, laughed,” Dude, you’re in your spaceman cowboy pajamas! And you think you’re cool! Haha!”

Reddy, who heard Ben, gasped and yelled,” It’s already a five click you moron! Go away!”

Ben gasped, and sighed,” They’ll never appreciate me…”

Koops, who smiled as he saw Ben, fired the chili peppers directly into his mouth, and Ben screamed, as his eyes watered.

Jarred, was watching Ben’s humiliation, and his diaphragm was about to blow up cause he was laughing so hard.

“Nice shot, dude.” Fanny said,” Now let’s get breakfast going.”

“None of us know how to cook.” Tdafan said.

“Oh. Well, this is a disaster…” Fanny said.

“We need to learn how to cook! We can’t just eat these cup noodles all day every day! Lubert is sick from these stupid strings of horrible health!” Reddy said, showing Lubert, who let out a groan.

“Rock’s can groan?” Koops and Tdafan questioned in unison.

Fanny laughed a little,” You guys sounded like a chorus of something!”

“Hey guys!” Ben barged into their house, with a chef’s hat.

“Ben, how’d you get in here? We locked our door!” Koops said, creeped out.

“I know things, Koops. I know things. Anyway, I heard you have a cooking problem, so I’m going to help you guys.” Ben said.

“Ben, I hate learning, can you just cook for us?” asked Reddy.

“But then I’d be here forever!” Ben said,” How about I just move in?”

“What?” asked Fanny.

“Super awesome club meeting!” exclaimed Reddy, as he, Lubert, Tdafan, Fanny, and Koops dashed upstairs, and into their bathroom, where they proceeded to lock the door.

“I personally think our club name should’ve been something different.” Koops said, sitting on the sink.

“Guys, we got something important to discuss, should we allow Ben to join us for a six click?” Reddy asked.

“I hate him! No way!” exclaimed Koops.

“Koops, he’s the only one who can cook.” Tdafan said.

Koops sighed,” True. But, he’s really annoying.”

“Well, we’re sure in a pickle.” Fanny said.

“In a pickle?” Reddy asked,” If we were in a pickle, there’d be a different stench, and we’d see green.”

Fanny facepalmed,” Figure. Of. Speech.”

“Ok guys, it’s time to make our decision. It’s time to vote, Fanny, you’re up first.” Reddy said, as they were suddenly teleported to a place with lit torches everywhere.

“What is this place?” asked Koops.

“Tribal Council.” Reddy said.

Fanny votes for “In.” “I think Ben should join us, he can cook.”

Tdafan votes for “In.” “Ben is the only one who can cook. Is this going to be on TV?”

Koops votes for “Out.” “I can live on cupped noodles for a little bit.”

Lubert votes for “Out.” And shrugs.

Reddy votes, but it only shows his back,” I think this is the best choice.”

Jeff Probst appears,” I’ll go tally the votes.”

“Why is he here?” asked Koops.

“He’s magic.” Reddy’s eyes widened.

“First vote…Out.” Jeff said, as Koops smiled.

“Next vote, In.” Koops sighed, and glared at Tdafan, who shrugged.

“Next vote, Out. If there is another vote for Out, he’s out.” Jeff said, as Fanny and Tdafan nodded.

“In. This final vote is the tiebreaker.” Jeff said, pulling out the final vote, as everyone gasped.

“The deciding vote………In. Ben is in the click and is moving into the house.” Jeff said.

“No! So close! So close!” Koops banged his fists on the sink, and cried.

The five walked down the steps, holding their lit torches, and were suddenly back at home, and their torches were flashlights.

“So, what happened?” Ben asked.

“You are moving in with us.” Koops sighed, crying on Reddy’s shoulder, who comforted him.

“Yes!” Ben exclaimed.

“Yes!” Jarred exclaimed,” I’m finally rid of that annoying pest!”

Koops sighed,” Whatever, I guess now we have a cook.”

“That’s right.” Reddy said,” We can eat more than cupped noodles now.”

“I just wish our cook was some hot French lady!” exclaimed Koops, who cried more.

Chapter Eight: That One Pointless Day

--By Reddude

Fanny, Koops, Tdafan, Ben, and Lubert were sitting in the living room, waiting for the writer’s to think of a plot for them. Suddenly, Reddy barged in crying, clutching an old Teddy bear and sucking his thumb.

Lubert had a jaw-drop face scribbled on him, and he somehow hoped off his position on the table, walking out the door wearing a tiny fedora hat and somehow holding a suitcase.

“No! Lubert! It’s not what it looks like!” Reddy cried. Lubert turned away and rolled out of the house.

“Now that that pointless rock is out of our lives… Why are you crying?” Koops asked in an irritated way.

“One; Lubert is not a pointless rock! He’s been alive since the Civil War and is a valuable piece of our nation’s history!” Reddy screamed. A flashback showed Lubert sitting in the exact same spot for seventy years straight.

“Whatever you say…” Koops rolled his eyes, “Reddy is stupid.” He said in the bathroom towards the viewers, “Wait… why do we have a confessional in our bathroom?!?!”

“Sometimes, I feel Reddy may hog all the attention we get,” Tdafan said in the confessional, “Um…” Koops walked in.

“I already asked, it doesn’t help.” Koops sighed.

“Why did you come in?! What if I had actually-,” Tdafan and Koops stared at the camera in silence.

“Back to the real plot, why?!?!” Fanny screamed at Reddy.

“Well, I was watching TDWT and I was sitting with my two girlfriends; Lay and Z. I told Z I had to break up with her gothic butt and she punched me causing Lay to notice, and they both left me.” Reddy cried.

“Lay was my girlfriend a while back.” Tdafan bragged.

“Z is my girlfriend.” Ben smiled, showing a gap in his teeth.

“Dude, I was Z’s first guy.” Reddy said bluntly.

“Oh that backstabbing lieing little-,”

“Hold it up there!” Tdafan held his hand to Ben’s mouth.

“Boy, this reminds me of that time I worked as a plane tester to see if it could support skydiving.” Koops sighed.

A flashback showed Koops about to jump out of a plane, “Ya ready Pablo?!” Koops yelled. He heard no response, went up to the cockpit, and found a notice that said, “I just got me a free sky diving trip you moron!”. “Oh s-,” the plane immediately plummeted into a lake that was under it.

“It wrecked faster than your social life.” Koops told Reddy.

“I’m gonna go drown myself in popcorn and crappy sitcoms from 1950!” Reddy cried and ran up to his room and locked the door.

“Me and Ben are going to candy mountain.” Fanny announced.

“Why?” Tdafan asked.

“So I can beat up Charlie the Unicorn for stealing my candy!” Fann screamed. He and Ben poofed away.

“Well, Reddy’s destroying his sanity…” Tdafan began.

“He has sanity?” Koops raised an eyebrow.

“Fanny and Ben are going to Candy Mountain...” Tdafan continued.

“You mean they’re fighting over what to watch on Youtube.” Koops pointed to Fanny in Ben struggling in the computer chair.

“Lubert left…” Tdafan sighed. Koops rolled his eyes, “So that leaves me and you!” he hugged Koops tight.

Five seconds later, Tdafan was crying and eating ice cream on the floor. “Lay!!! I loved your free chip discounts!”

“Ugh! I’m leaving!” Koops stormed out of the house, and two girls ran into him. One was a Goth, the other was wearing many bags of chips.

“You’re cute.” The Goth brushed her finger down Koop’s chest, “Call me Z.”

“And I’m Lay, call me lay.” Lay hugged Koops.

“Well, let’s get going, ladies.” Koops, Lay, and Z walked off into the night, as the sounds of his house annoyed the entire block…

Chapter Nine: Ben's Birthday

--By Tdafan123

Ben yawned and stretched, as he awoke. Since there were no other beds, he slept on the couch.

“Morning.” Ben said, rubbing his eyes, to see Reddy and Koops on the computer.

“Hey Ben, come check this out!” Koops said.

“Don’t you wanna wish someone a happy birthday?” Ben asked.

“Who would I say it to? Fanny’s birthday isn’t for a few more months.” Reddy said, watching the computer, as Ben sighed.

Meanwhile, Fanny walked down the stairs, ”Hey, Reddy, how have you been since Lubert left?”

Reddy, still sad from Lubert’s departure, ran upstairs, crying.

“Dude, now you got him worked up again!” Koops exclaimed.

Tdafan sighed,” I’ll go talk to him…again.”

“Don’t you wanna wish someone a happy birthday?” Ben asked.

“My birthday isn’t for a couple months, Ben.” Fanny said.

“I can’t believe they didn’t remember my birthday!” Ben said in the confessional,” By the way, who added that camera here?”

“Well, every show needs some confessionals! Am I right?” Chris McClean said, appearing next to Ben.

“ROBBER!” Ben screamed, as he took the toilet scrubber and wacked Chris with it until he ran away.

“Wait guys, why does the calendar say today is Ben’s birthday?” Koops asked, pointing to their calendar, which had a picture of a dog on it.

“Oh crap! He didn’t mean Fanny’s birthday! He meant his own!” Tdafan exclaimed.

“Way to state the obvious, dude.” Fanny said, his arms folded.

In the confessional, Reddy is reading a magazine, not remembering there’s a confessional in their bathroom. He looks up, and screams at the sight of the camera.

“Well, what are we going to do now?” asked Fanny.

“I’ll talk to him.” Tdafan said, walking upstairs, to see Ben in the laundry room, crying.

“Hey buddy, where are your friends?” Tdafan asked.

“Playing baseball.” Ben muttered.

“Why don’t you join them?”

“I don’t have a glove.” Ben sighed.

“You can have mine.” Tdafan said, handing Ben a baseball glove.

“Really? Thanks.” Ben smiled.

“No, not really. It’s mine.” Tdafan said, taking the glove.

Downstairs, Fanny was setting up balloons.

“Dude, this is like a five year old’s party. Ben may act five, but he’s not.” Koops said.

“Well, maybe we could call over his friends.” Fanny said.

A little while later, Fanny called for Ben,” Ben! Come here!”

Ben sighed, and walked downstairs, to see everyone down there.

“You…You guys remembered?”

“Not at first, but now we do.” Reddy said, grinning stupidly.

“Why is Jarred here? I want him out!” Ben crossed his arms.

“Come on, even I wouldn’t miss our birthday!” Jarred said.

“True. He can stay, I guess.” Ben shrugged.

The party went on for a good two hours, until the cops arrived.

“Oh crap! Hide!” Reddy exclaimed, diving under a blanket.

A pudgy, middle aged man knocked on the door, ”We’ve been having noise complaints and we want you to turn it down a bit, ok?”

“Never!” Koops threw a pan out the window, and it broke one of the car windows.

“You’ve done it now, Koops.” Fanny said, eyes wide as saucers.

“Ok boys, get ready to fire!” exclaimed the pudgy one, pulling out a pistol.

“This is the worst birthday ever!” Ben exclaimed, hiding behind the couch.

“Look, I know we screwed up, well, mainly Koops.” Tdafan said, as Koops punched him,” But we’ll get through this, all we need is a volunteer.”

A few seconds later, Koops shoved a skinny boy with glasses and curly brown hair out the door, and locked it.

“No! Help me!” The boy exclaimed in a squeaky voice.

“Get him!” said an officer, as the boy was handcuffed and sent to jail.

“Well, now what do we do?” asked Ben.

“We kick all these people out and just watch…ugh…New Moon, like you asked.” Koops shivered as he said, “New Moon”.

Jarred jumped out a window and ran home.

“What’s his problem?” Ben asked, as he scarfed down popcorn.

After the movie, Koops sighed,” How come the writer’s always skip the parts where the movie plays?”

“Well, goodnight guys, and thanks for atleast trying to throw me a birthday party.” Ben smiled.

“You’re welcome.” Tdafan said.

“Can I go play baseball with my friends now?” Ben asked.

“Get a glove and we’ll talk.” Fanny said, as he turned off the lights.

Chapter Ten: Tdafan Jones, Even Though That's Not His Real Last Name, and The Raiders of the Lost Lay

The scene showed Reddy at his rock sitting business, as he sighed,” Ever since Lubert left, business has been low…”

“Dude, who are you talking to?” asked Fanny.

“Oh, I’m just stating stuff so the audience can understand why I’m sad.” Reddy said.

“Audience?” Fanny looked around, confused.

“Well, I hope Reddy gets better sometime soon.” Fanny said in the confessional,” Ever since Lubert left, he’s said stuff like we’re on some show or something. He’s really creeping me out.”

“Lubert was like 98% of me! And now I'm just 2% of some piece of crap in the world.” Reddy sighed in the confessional,” I miss you Lubert! Come back!”

Koops, who was outside of the bathroom shook his head,” He has no life whatsoever.”

Meanwhile, Ben was watching the annoying orange on youtube, and he was laughing like there was no tomorrow.

“Having Ben is great and all, but he annoys me whenever he’s on the computer or anything.” Tdafan said in the confessional.

It then shows a montage of Ben eating, and laughing, as some cereal flings into Tdafan’s eye, then a clip of Ben laughing at the TV, and Tdafan looks angry, and when Ben is watching a movie while laughing, Tdafan bangs his head against the chair in front of him, as it shows a random montage of Ben’s laugh in slow motion.

Meanwhile, Tdafan and Reddy sit on the couch.

“So…” Reddy said,” Do you still like Lay? Because I think she’s single now.”

“Meh.” Tdafan shrugged,” Ok, I am completely totally in love with Lay still!”

Koops laughed,” You guys are so idiotic! Lay is dating me now!”

“Oh. Well can I have her back?” Tdafan asked kindly.

“No.” Koops said.

Fanny, from the kitchen, yells,” Hey guys! Look at this! Our ham is green! It’s uber cool!”

“Now all we need is some green eggs and everything will be nice and dandy, won’t it?” Koops remarked sarcastically.

“I think that’d be cool!” Reddy smiled, as Koops frowned.

While everyone was focused on the ham, Tdafan snuck out of the house, and ran to his car, which he drove around town to find Lay.

Tdafan stopped as he saw Starbucks, where he met Lay,” Oh yeah, memories.” He smiled, but is then honked at by an older lady.

“Speed up or get off the road you hippie!” The lady snapped.

Tdafan gasped,” Excuse me, but Mrs. Boulevard, that’s a rude thing to say.”

Tdafan pulled over to the parking lot, with a few bruises, courtesy of Mrs. Boulevard, as he walked into Starbucks, to see Lay, wearing potato chip bags, as Tdafan walked over.

Meanwhile, at the house. (Yep we did this to make the suspense be held in… If that makes sense…)

Ben sat on the couch,” Hey guys, where’s Tdafan?”

“Who cares, we’ll worry about him if he’s gone for twenty-four hours, but for now I don’t have to listen to his crappy music choice!” Fanny said, running to his room to relax.

“Well, I guess I don’t have to hear any of his awkward stories anymore.” Koops shrugged, as he laid down on the couch, relaxing.

Upstairs, Reddy was looking out his window, yelling,” Lubert! Lubert come home! I miss you buddy! Come home!”

“Dude! I’m here!” exclaimed an overweight man with balding hair, waving his arms.

“You’re not my rock!” Reddy said.

“Oh. Dang it.” The man sighed,” I just wanted some happiness in my life. My name’s not even Lubert, it’s Bill.” The man cried and ran away.

Meanwhile, Tdafan was talking to Lay,” So, how have you been?”

“Look, I have a boyfriend so screw off!” Lay exclaimed.

Suddenly, random guys dressed in suits came down from the building on ropes, and grabbed Lay, and then were brought back up.

“That was weird…” Tdafan said, as he saw helicopters fly away in the distance,” Meh, I should save her…”

Meanwhile, Fanny was walking in the movie theater.

“Excuse me sir, but you’ve been walking around for about three hours now, it is only my duty to say buy something or get out and get a life.” An employee said.

“I can walk around here if I want.” Fanny said, as this scene made no sense.

Meanwhile, Tdafan picked up a hat extremely similar to an Indiana Jones hat it was scary, as he followed the helicopter…in a plane…which he was driving, and making sound effects.

“Brumm brum brumm, eeeerrr! Krsssh!” Tdafan said, wildly driving the plane.

Lay turned around, to see the plane, “The last person I want to get rescued by…”

“Someone’s coming? Fire the nerds!” exclaimed the pilot, as a bunch of innocent pale boys were put in cannons and launched at Tdafan.

Tdafan sighed, as the nerds slammed against the plane,” Well, this is going to get worse before it gets better.”

Behind him, was Fanny, Ben, and Koops, in a plane.

Tdafan saw them, as they randomly approached him,” Guys! Where’s Reddy?”

“I’ve been in here the whole time!” exclaimed Reddy.

“Jump!” exclaimed Fanny, as the three jumped out of the plane, causing it to crash into an important building.

“Well, I’m not paying for that…” Koops said, watching people scream, as the building caught on fire for no reason whatsoever.

“Ok, how are we going to save Lay?” asked Tdafan.

“Fire Ben!” Koops laughed evily.

“No, too drastic.” Reddy said,” I think we should crash into them.

“Reddy, we’re not going to crash into them. We’re going to do it my way. And here’s the plan.” Fanny said, as the rest of what he said was whispers.

On the plane Lay was captured on, Lay looked out the window, to see Tdafan flying his plane, as he rammed into the side, allowing Fanny to hop on.

“What was that?” asked one of the guys.

“Ignore it.” Shrugged the driver.

Then, Fanny opened the back door,” Now!”

Tdafan flew the plane over, as Lay was able to slide over from her chair, out of the door, but she missed the open door, causing her to fall.

“Oops, should’ve gone to the left a little more…” Tdafan said, watching Lay fall.

“Save her you dope!” exclaimed Koops, as Tdafan jumped out of the plane, causing the plane to fall.

Reddy screamed,” We’re gonna die!”

"That's my girlfriend you're trying to save, Tdafan!" Koops shouted out the window.

“She said she’s single!” Tdafan shouted back, as he spotted Lay,” There she is!”

“Hey what's this button do?” Ben gazed at a blue button, and pressed it, causing Koops to be ejected.

Tdafan waved to Lay,” Hi! So, maybe this isn’t the best time to ask this, since we’re falling to our deaths, but do you wanna go out?”

“No.” Lay said.

“Can we atleast sing a song?” asked Tdafan.

“Sure.” Lay shrugged.

“We’re singing as we’re falling.” Lay sang.

“While some are cannonballing.” Tdafan sang, as Reddy appeared in a cannonball form, screaming,”Yeah!”

“Our lives begin to flash before our eyes!” Fanny sang.

The scene changed to everyone sitting on the couch.

“Well, I’m glad that tramploine saved us, even though the writer’s didn’t include it.” Fanny said.

“That was a great song.” Ben said, as the doorbell rang.

“Got it!” Reddy rushed to the door, to see Chris McClean at the door,” We’re suing you for using our song, Before We Die.”

“Uh, you have no proof!” exclaimed Reddy, locking all doors and windows.

“So, who was it?” asked Koops.

“Some old guy wanting money.” Reddy shrugged.

Chapter 11:Even Macbeth Wasn't This Unlucky

“Guys, Guys! I found this at the market! It’s a video camera!” Ben said running into the living room.

“Who are you?” a tall man asked. He was in a bath robe and holding a shot gun.

“Oh, uh, wrong house Bye-Bye, mysterious man sorry to destroy your domestic lifestyle!” Ben rushed to the building next door.

“Guys, Guys!” Ben said but was cut short by an electric alarm clock hitting him.

“What now Ben what could you possibly want to talk about at 5:00 AM!” Koops said furiously at Ben who was stuck in copper wire.

“Ben’s insane it’s best not to question his motives,” Tdafan said as Ben was being shocked to a crisp.

“Okay Ben’s bought stuff before we’ll throw it away later.” Fanny said calming Koops down for a while.

“My items are useful remember that GPS?” Ben screamed a flashback emerged.

“Make right at next left turn,” The GPS said with no emotion.

“That doesn’t make any sense you son of a –“

“Beep,” The GPS interupted.

“Yes it sucked,” Koops said.

You su,” Koops glared at him as he held up a pencil.

“Don’t worry guys we can pay this off! We can make a movie!” Fanny said.

“Now, Ben go wake up Reddy.” Koops , Fanny, and Tdafan all said at once glaring at Ben.

“Why Do I have to do it?” The glares dug deeper. “Okay,”

Ben trotted upstairs.

“Reddy time to,” Reddy woke up and before you could Blink Reddy was smacking Ben with a baseball bat.

“BURGLAR!” Reddy screamed.

“No it’s me, Ben!” Reddy stopped hitting Ben and stared at him.

“Oh...” Reddy hit Ben one more time before walking downstairs in his monkey pajamas.

After they all got dressed and hopped into Ben’s car, or his mother’s car, they drove off to idea mart.

"Who in the heck wrote so many idea's for space cats," Fanny asked.

"Probably someone with no life, like Ben," Koops said monotonously as they walked down the aisle.

“Guys how about we all get an idea!” Reddy scream as they all darted in different directions.

Ben was in the detective aisle he put a pair of shades and strolled down the aisle. That when he saw it. “I got it I got my idea!” He said as he grabbed a Mad Libs book.

Meanwhile Koops was in the war aisle. “Whoa,”

A tall man in a toga broke in, “THIS IS SPARTA!” Koop backed out of the aisle as soon as the man’s mouth started foaming.

Also at the time Tdafan and Reddy were looking at ideas in the Fantasy section. “Reddy I think I found our idea! Just let me get it out and then we can,” Just then Ben crashed through the aisles and grabbed them both.

“Secret Agent Ben, secret agent Ben,” Ben was singing to himself as soon Koops joined them.

“I’d appreciate it if I was right side up!” Koops yelled flailing his legs around.

“Not now Koopie!” Ben screamed.

“Hey where’s?” The car ran into Fanny as he flew into the front seat, “never mind.” Reddy sighed.

“Nice entrance,” Tdafan said to Fanny who eyes were spinning like a tea cup ride.

“My head hurts,” Fanny said in a weak voice and he passed out.

“Is he okay?” Reddy asked Ben.

“Yeah, sure,” Ben said with shifty eyes.

Shortly after several crashes and U-turns they got to there house. “Ben you are never driving again.” Tdafan yelled.



“So Ben’s what your idea?” Reddy asked.

Ben showed him the script for his idea. After 2 hours of bickering it was time to discuss.

“Is shooting someone with a knife possible?” Fanny asked he was still a little dizzy but far better then he was earlier.

“You tell me?” Ben said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Now here’s how it’ll go Fanny and I will do props, Koops and Tdafan will do special equipment, and Reddy and Lu,” Reddy began to sob as Ben almost mentioned Lubert who has been missing since chapter eight. “I mean shoe, my shoe.”

A montage of them all doing there jobs begin.

“Well it’s the crowd’s decision now,” The gang said.

“If they don’t like it it’s not the end of the world!” Ben said cheerfully.

“Yeah!” Fanny said.

“No,” Koops said bitterly.

1 hour and 45 minutes later, The theature was burning. “No it’s the end of the world!”

“Crap,” the gang muttered as they walked home.

Chapter Twelve: Driving Koops Crazy - Season Finale Part 1

Fanny sat in a chair, ignoring the security footage on the screen in front of him, more focused on watching Judge Judy on the television above him. 

He heard the familiar ding for the gas pump and looked at the flashing LED light and grabbed his mic. "Pump 6 is on." 

As Judge Judy ranted at people on the screen, Fanny's attention was diverted to a neon green Camaro pulling into the gas station. 

"Pump 9 is on. Heh. 6 and 9 are on. 6 and 9. 69. Heh heh." Fanny mumbled to himself.

"What?" he asked in the bathroom confessional. "It's 2011! That joke is totally hilarious." 

Flashing back to the gas station, Fanny watched the driver get out of the Camaro. 


"What the heck?" Fanny questioned as he looked at the security footage. 

Ben rolled out passenger door and whined, "Why do I have to do everything?" 

"Because I am the driver. Also, I'm teaching you so when you have a car yourself one day." Tdafan told him.

"Oh, good point!" Ben answered and went to filling up the car. 

"TDAFAN?!?!" Fanny yelled, exiting the gas station to go find out why Tdafan why driving. 

"Fanny! Just the man we were looking for! Hey, we were wondering if you could give us a discount on our gas, because let's face it, 4 dollars a gallon is really steep and the beach has been closed because summer's over so we know my bank account is pretty dry." Tdafan asked.

Ben popped up from the other side of the car, "Plus, I'm on a tourist visa. So technically I'm only allowed to tour. I have no way of earning money. Unless, I go prostitute on the side of the street." 

"No, we tried that." Tdafan softly told him.


"Fanny, good friend, everyone can drive if they just believe in themselves." Tdafan assured his friend. 

"But how'd you get a car?" 

"Well, let's just say today is Opposite Day and a car dealer told me I couldn't have a car for free. So, technically that means that I COULD actually have a car for free." Tdafan said, childishly. 

"And I'm really good at hotwiring things." Ben added.

"I bet." Fanny said.

"And when they called after us, Ben looked out the window and said his name was Jarred. So that took care of that!" Tdafan told him, where the scene flashed to Jarred sitting in a jail cell with tears in his eyes. 

"It's so cold in here." Jarred cried, rocking back and forth on the floor. The scene switched back to the gas station. 

"Tdafan, you need to return that car. I have this feeling that nothing good's gonna come from it." Fanny wisely told him. 

"Fanny, jeez, get your thong out of your butt. I thought you'd be stoked that you no longer have to drive me to the grocery store to get things for my crazy shenanigans." Tdafan told him as a flashback appeared at a grocery store parking lot.

"Tdafan, this is the last time I run you out here at 3 in the morning. In and out in five minutes or I'm leaving you." Fanny told him. 

"I promise, bud!" Tdafan said and left the car, and then opened the door. "You got twenty bucks?" he added. Five minutes later Tdafan emerged from the grocery store with a cart full of stuff piled five feet high as fireworks erupted from the store behind him.

"FANNY! START THE CAR AND DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!" he yelled as store clerks ran out after him. The scene switched back to the gas station.

'It's for your own good Tdafan. Leave the car here and I can call Koops to come pick you guys up. I can tell the cops the car was left here." Fanny suggested.

"No! Don't call Koops, he'd be so mad and I'm kinda afraid of him!" Tdafan begged.

"I'm afraid of walnuts." Ben said.

"You should be afraid, Tdafan. This is too much of a prank." Fanny told him.



"Um, excuse me, but can someone authorize my pump?" An irritated customer asked as he walked up to Fanny.

", yeah of course. Sorry, one second." Fanny said and eyed Tdafan. 

As Fanny went back inside the gas station, Tdafan yelled at Ben. 

"Ben, get inside the car. We're going!" 

"But I needed to finish pumping!" Ben yelled.

"There's no time!" Tdafan screeched as Ben pulled out the pump with gas still flowing. They sped off away from the gas station. Fanny ran out the door, trying to catch them, but couldn't. 

"Ugh," Fanny said as a beaten-up truck pulled in.

"FANNY!" Reddy yelled as he got out the truck.

"Reddy? What the heck? Who's truck is that?"

"Jarred's. I saw the cops beat down his door and take him away in handcuffs. I figured his stuff was free for the taking." Reddy replied. 

"Seems legit." Fanny said. 

"Anyways, did you see that green Camaro? What a sick car!" Reddy started.

"That was Tdafan. He stole it. And also didn't pay for his gas." Fanny grumbled. 

"Oh jeez, so what you're saying is now everyone owns a car! This is great!" Reddy gleefully said. 

"Anyways, where's Koops?" Fanny asked him. 

"I think he's at home. He likes to be alone during the days while we're all at work. Who knows what he does when he's there." Reddy answered. The scene switched to Koops in an apron and gloves hard to work at a garden in the front yard of their house. 

Koops bent down and smelled some. "Ooh, petunias! How quaint, my favorite." 

"Hey neighbor!" Green said as he walked on the sidewalk past Koops.

"Ooh! Are you gardening? Well, they don't call me Green for nothing! This seems so unlike you, what do you plant?" Green asked as he scurried onto their property and bent over the garden.

"GET AWAY BEFORE I KICK YOU IN THE CROTCH AND BEAT YOU LIKE A RUG." Koops yelled at him as Green fled. Koops demeanor instantly changed as he went back to tending his flowers. The scene switched back to Reddy and Fanny.

"Who knows, but he's gonna be pissed when he finds out Tdafan stole a car." Fanny told Reddy. 

"Oh yeah. He's been extremely mad at Tdafan recently." Reddy added.

"Well, Tdafan's no saint either. He's been doing his fair share of hijinks." Fanny said as the scene switched to Tdafan in the kitchen. Koops stumbled down the stairs, yawning.

"Ugh, what I really need this morning is a nice bowl of Life." Koops said opening the pantry.

"Did you just say you really need a life?" Tdafan giggled. Koops ignored him and sat down at the table. 

He poured the box into the bowl and added milk. Tdafan stared at Koops from behind the fridge. Koops put the spoon in the cereal and lifted it to his mouth.

"Mmm." Koops moaned as he started chewing. Instantly his face turned red and he opened his mouth and blood poured out.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" Koops yelled spitting out the cereal, except when he looked down it wasn't cereal.

"What is this?" Koops picked up pieces, examining. Tdafan fled down to the basement.

"ARE THESE PLAYGROUND WOOD CHIPS? TDAFAN!!!" Koops yelled as the scene switched back to Fanny and Reddy. 

"Oh man. Koops should give us some popcorn from his work because this is going to be entertaining." Reddy finished as the scene switched to Ben and Tdafan in the Camaro. 


"Ben-" Tdafan began as he turned down the radio.

"DO NOT TURN OFF QUEEN NICKI." Ben yelled as he turned the radio back up.

"BEN!" Tdafan yelled to be heard over Nicki Minaj. 











Ben turned down the volume so they could normally speak.

"I mean it's up to you. I just tag along with kinda whatever comes at me." Ben told him. 

"Yeah, I think that's what we should do." 

"Stop with this 'we' crap. I didn't do anything." Ben retorted.

"I guess you're right." Tdafan quietly said, and took the exit to their house.

"Tdafan, where are we going?" Ben asked.

"I'm getting my camera, so we can remember this short-lived moment." Tdafan answered and turned down their neighborhood. 

"Hey is that Koops?" Ben asked as they got closer to their house.

"Haha, I think he's... no, gardening?" Tdafan gasped, but then instantly panicked.

"Ben, Ben. I can't stop the car." 

"What? Why can't you stop?" Ben asked.

"I don't know how." 

"What? How do you not know how?" Ben yelled.



"It was all luck. Or God. Or something----aaahahhhh!" Tdafan yelled as they started approaching their house at a continued speed.

Koops looked up from his gardening to see two screaming children driving a car hurtling towards him. 

"*BLEEP*" Koops cursed and he dove out of the way. 

"LOOK OUT!" was heard as the car drove straight through the garden and into the side of the house, where it stopped halfway in the living room. The scene switched to Fanny and Reddy getting out of Jarred's truck and entering the house, where Koops was pacing, Tdafan and Ben were in the corner, and the Camaro was lodged deep in their wall. 

"What the hell happened?" Fanny asked. 

"ASK HIM!' Koops glared at Tdafan, who was now solo as Ben hid behind Fanny and Reddy. 

"I didn't mean to, honestly. It was an accident." Tdafan said, quietly. 


"Tdafan, why didn't you return the car?" Fanny asked him.

"I was going to Fanny, I really was. We drove back here to get my camera to take a photo and we were gonna return it right after that, I swear." Tdafan told him. 

"He's destroyed my garden! He's destroyed our house! This is the last straw!" Koops yelled at the roommates. 

Ben tapped Reddy on the shoulder. "This is so awkward."

"I know right. I've never been on the authority side before." Reddy added. 

"What do you mean last straw?" Fanny asked Koops.

"Meaning I can't do this anymore. He's a menace to our house." 

"Well, that's a little strong, Koops. Come on." Fanny tried to reason.

"No, I'm done with it. He needs to go." Koops firmly said.

"Go?" Tdafan gasped.

"No, no one's leaving." Reddy told him.

"Someone's leaving. It's either him, or me." Koops threatened, glaring at his roommates. A knock was knocked at the door. MDTM, their other neighbor walked right in.

"Excuse me, neighbors, but do you think it'd be possible to borrow---oh dear. Look at that dent." MTDM said, pointing to the car in the wall.


"Koops, isn't this a little irrational. I mean, we moved in here as four friends." Fanny told him.

"And added one more!" Ben smiled.

"Shut up." everyone told Ben.

"Yeah, well it's moving day for someone else today." Koops told him and headed upstairs.

"Koops, where are you going?" Reddy asked.

"Tribal council. It's the only place we decide important things like this." Koops said as he stomped up the stairs. The five roommates were magically in tribal council as Jeff Probst appeared.

"Alright. Tonight, five will go down to four. Koops, you're up first." Jeff told him.

Koops entered the confessional. "I vote for Tdafan. I'm done with this."

Tdafan votes for Koops. "I honestly don't see why it has to come down to this.

Ben votes for Koops. "Gonna be honest, you kinda scare me."

Fanny and Reddy sit in the confessional. "This is stupid, we're not doing this." Reddy tells the camera. Jeff returns from grabbing the urn. 

"Alright, after I read the votes, the decision is final. The person eliminated will be asked to leave immediately. I'll read the votes." Jeff said and pulled a vote out. 

"First vote... Koops." Tdafan looked uncomfortable.

"Second vote... Koops." Koops looked unphased. 

"Third vote... Tdafan. Fourth vote... Tdafan. Fifth and final vote... Tdafan. Tdafan, it's time to leave the California Shore." Jeff said, as the tribal council scene vanished and they were sitting in the bathroom holding flashlights.

"Wait, I'm confused. How did Tdafan get three votes? Reddy and I didn't vote." Fanny asks, bewildered. 

Koops steps away, to reveal Green and MTDM behind him. 

"He threatened our lives and families if we didn't vote Tdafan." MTDM tells them. Green shrugs. 

"Well, the decision is final. Tdafan, get stepping." Koops interrupted as he pushed MTDM and Green out the window, creating another hole in the wall. Tdafan looked crushed, but got up and went to the basement. He returned with a duffel bag full of his things. 

"Well, guys. I guess it's time to go." he said, with tears in his eyes.

"Okay, this is ridiculous. Tdafan is not leaving." Fanny said.

"The vote is decided." Koops smirked. Fanny looked uncomfortable. 

"Fine then. I'm going with him. This is ridiculous, and if this is what it comes down to, I don't want any part of it." Fanny said as he grabbed his coat from the closet. 

"Fanny, come on." Reddy said, looking extremely upset as Ben was an emotional wreck in the corner. 

"Like I said, we came in as friends. And if this is how it's gonna be, then that totally defeats the purpose of living together." Fanny said as he opened the door and started Jarred's truck as he left his car at the gas station. 

Tdafan looked at Reddy, Ben, Koops, and the house one last time before he took what would be his final step out of the house forever. Ben ran up to the window and pressed his face against it. 

Tdafan got in the passenger seat of the car. 

"Thanks Fanny." he said. 

"Don't worry. I'm sure everything will work out just fine." Fanny assured him as he backed out of the driveway.

"Fanny... where are we going?" Tdafan asked. Fanny smiled.

"Oh, just a place I have in mind." 

Chapter Thirteen: Movin' Out (Tdafan's Song) - Season Finale Part 2

"Last time on Wikia Users: California Shore," a familiar voice began. 

"The five roommates, Reddy, Fanny, Tdafan, Koops, and Ben were split after Tdafan decided to celebrate his own self-delcared holiday, Opposite Day. After stealing a car and crashing it into Koops's garden, Koops threatened to leave if Tdafan didn't. BECAUSE HE'S A JERK!" the narrator said, revealing himself to be Ben in his bedroom. Reddy slammed open Ben's bedroom door. 

"Ben, shut up. Fanny and Tdafan have been gone for a week now. It's time to move on." Reddy yelled at him, clearly having his sleep interrupted.

Ben turned around to face his red friend. "But Reddy, this can't be how it ends. We're the five amigos!" Ben pleaded.

"Can I be frank? Ben, you're not really one of our friends. We let you live with us because you can cook well and you get tourist money so you can pay rent. Also, since Jarred got arrested, we can't really turn you on the street in good conscience." Reddy told him.

"I know the legistics, but clear those out and what does it come down to? Friendship?" Ben said, childlike.

"Eh, not really. We let Bruno move in. And we don't know squat about him." Reddy said, as a strange Brazilian man passed behind him walking in the hallway. 

"Yeah, remind me why we did that again?" Ben asked as the scene switches to Koops, Reddy, and Ben in the living room as the neon green Camaro was being extracted from their wall. 

Koops was crying, "This is going to cost us so much!" 

"At least the car is so damaged the dealership won't take the car back so we get to keep it." Reddy said, trying to stay positive. The same Brazilian man entered the house, we know him now as Bruno. 

"Olá, vizinhos. Estou aqui para consertar, how do you say, hole?" Bruno said in Porteguese. 

"Ah, yes. This is Bruno everyone, he is supposed to be the neighborhood handyman. MTDM recommended him very highly!" Reddy introduced him.

"Oh minhas estrelas, que é um grande hole. Isso vai custar muito." Bruno shrieked as all of his tools fell to the ground in a clatter. Ben snuck over and stole a wrench and disappeared.

"No one understands what you're saying!" Koops yelled angrily at the Brazilian.

"Bruno, yes it's a big hole. But I know you can fix it. We'll pay you however much it costs!" Reddy pleaded. 

"É maior do que o ego de Koops. Este é muito grande de um trabalho para Bruno." he told Reddy.

"I don't understand, so I'll assume you said 'Alrighty! I'll do it cheaply and efficiently! And then something about an ego and yourself. Jeez, Bruno. Pride is a sin, you know." Reddy scoffed. Time had passed to wear Bruno had finished mending the hole in the wall and was busy painting it with Ben, who was sitting criss-cross applesauce on the ground. 

"Bruno, this has been so much fun having you here! You should live with us!" Ben yelled, as he painted caveman-like drawings on the wall. 

"Viver com você? Mas, claro, o que é uma ótima idéia! Vou esquecer o payment, se eu posso viver com você!" Bruno cheered as the scene switched back to Ben and Reddy. 

"Oh yeah, that was totally my idea. Dangit." Ben grumbled. 

"I suppose it's a pretty good idea if we don't have to pay him for that hole because that would've been so much money. And I guess he cleans up after himself, which is more than you can say." Reddy sing-songed.

"But, Tdafan and Fanny were all of our friends, so be association, we were all friends. And this can't be how it ends for us. We need to be reuinted." Ben told him.

"Well, I don't see Koops apologizing or forgiving Tdafan in the future. So, for now, this is how it is, Ben. It's how it has to be and sometimes we can't change things." Reddy told him. 

"Now, shut up cuz I'm trying to sleep." he said as he slammed the door.

"Jeez, I've turned into the Fanny of the group." Reddy groaned in the confessional. 

The scene switched to Fanny and Tdafan driving in a car. 

"Fanny, we've been driving for a week now, where are we going?" Tdafan whined in the backseat.

"Well, we're almost here! Lookit!" Fanny yelled, as he pointed to a sign. 

"Orlando, 112 miles?" Tdafan gasped.

"Haha, yeah. That's where our new lives are going to start!" Fanny cheered as he continued on driving.

"But it's 112 miles away." Tdafan groaned.

"Well, 111 by now, most likely." Fanny corrected.

Tdafan sat quietly for twenty seconds before piping up again, "Fanny, why Orlando?" 

"Orlando is the land of amusement parks, which means, the land of happiness. I hadn't really thought much more than that. But to me, that's enough." Fanny said as they drove on and time jumped to when they had arrived at a motel for the night. 

"Fanny, can you sleep on the floor tonight?" Tdafan innocently asked.

"Tdafan, if you ask that one more time you can sleep outside with the gators." Fanny snapped.

"Okay." Tdafan quietly remarked. As they settled in their room, they continuted talking. 

"So what's our gameplan?" Tdafan asked.

"Well, we need jobs. Then, a place to stay. After that, it's up in the air." Fanny answered.

"And when will we see Reddy and Ben again?" 

"... I'm not sure, buddy." 

"Koops won't be mad forever right?" 

".... Haha, who knows. It's Koops. But listen, Tdafan, everything will work out the way it needs to." 


It was the next morning as Koops, Reddy, and Bruno were eating breakfast. 

Koops poured a bowl of Life, relieved to see that it wasn't stuffed with wood chips. 

"Well, it's gonna be a big day today. Gotta go find a new job since my rock sitting business isn't really hitting it off anymore." Reddy shrugged as Ben flopped down the stairs.

"And tonights the premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. It's gonna suck, but it brings in money." Koops said.

"Sim, e eu tenho que ir para o banco de esperma." Bruno added as Koops and Reddy nodded their heads.

"I was thinking about applying to that gas station Fanny worked at." Reddy suggested.

"Do I have to hear about him or the other kid in every damn conversation?" Koops asked, pounding his fist on the table. 

"Cuidado! Se você bater um buraco na tabela e eu tenho que consertá-lo, eu vou te bater." Bruno warned to him. 

Everyone got quiet.

"Vou bater-lhe com tanta força." Bruno added and winked seductively. 

"Fine, I won't work at the gas station. I hear the auto dealership is hiring more security. They probably need to" Reddy said. 

"Yeah, show up to the interview in a stolen Camaro, that'll go over great." Koops sarcastically retorted. Ben then jumped at Koops.


Koops stood in shock and everyone else in silence. Unsure what to do, Ben slapped Koops, who was even more taken aback by that.

"Going to be honest, I'm surprised it took us thirteen episodes to get to our first slap." Reddy said in confessional.

"EXCUSE ME?!?!?" Koops yelled at Ben, who cowered in fear and backed up.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, I really don't." Ben said, trying to ask for forgiveness. 

Koops then got uncomfortably calm. "Please get out before I make you leave like I did Tdafan." he warned. 

Ben got the cue and got up to leave to his room.

"At least you admit what you did." Ben said at the bottom of the stairs.

Koops looked up angrily, but Reddy grabbed his shoulder to motion for him to sit. Bruno awkwardly cut the silence by standing up.

"Bem, de folga para ir depositar minha semente." he said as he left out the front door.

Reddy and Koops sat there in silence. 

"Well, this is just great." one of them said. It's not sure who, it didn't really matter at that point. The scene then switched to Ben, who was up in his room on his computer, looking at Fanny and Tdafan's Facebook pages, stalking them.

"Ugh, I miss them so much." he mumbled as he scrolled through Fanny's page. He then looked inquisitvely at the screen, and laughed.

"Oh, Fanny, the social media whore he is, never fails to post daily pictures. So, they're in Orlando, huh?" he asked, screenshotting the photo with the motel in the background.

The next scene showed Ben sneaking out of their house to the abandoned house next door, which used to be his and Jarred's. He broke in the back door and was appalled at the state it deteriorated into since Jarred lived there alone.

"Jeez, there are speciies of bugs not known to science yet in here." Ben said, grossed out. As he walked around, he clearly was looking for something. He went down to the basement garage where there was a motorcycle sitting, glistening in the dark.

"Perfect!" Ben said as he sat on the motorcycle. He started to strap himself in when his head shot up. "Oh! Safety first!" he jumped off and headed back into the house where he grabbed a helmet.

He lifted it up, only to see a white figure underneath. 

"AAAAHHHHH!" Ben yelled, kicking the figure that sprawled out into a cat as it flung around the room. He jumped and ran to the cat. 

"Lady Meow Meow!" Ben yelled as he picked the feline up. 

"I thought you died, I've been looking for you since Lent! Great to see you!" he cheered as he picked Lady Meow Meow and headed back to the motorcycle.

"Alright, Lady Meow Meow, we have a long journey ahead of us to Orlando. Buckle up, cuz it's gonna be a bumpy ride!" Ben said as he revved the motorcycle to life and headed out the garage. As Ben drove off, Fanny and Tdafan were sitting in the truck.

"Okay, we can't keep staying in motels. We're gonna be broke. We need to get jobs and a house to live in by the end of the day." Fanny told Tdafan, who nodded in agreement. 

"Okay, I'll apply at SeaWorld. I love dolphins." Tdafan told Fanny, who looked unimpressed.

"Alright, well don't forget about McDonald's and easier places, bud." Fanny said, patting him on the back as Tdafan ran off into the distance. Fanny got up and began searching around for a place to stay. 

Hours passed as he stood on the road with a sign that read "Need room and board." Finally, a grungy old car pulled to the side of the road. The window rolled down to reveal a middle aged woman with too much make-up and a man you wouldn't wanna cross on the street. 

"You need a place to stay, sugah?" the woman asked, with a voice that sounded like it smoked two packs a day.

"Ummm... yeah. You have a place?" Fanny uncomfortably asked. 

"Sugah, we got enough place to house the Duggars comfortably." she answered as the scene switched to Fanny standing in an old cheateu that was huge but dingy and crawling with random stranglers.

"Room is one hundred a month." The woman told him as Fanny slowly shook her hand. 

"Sounds great. Are you sure you can fit us, COMFORTABLY?" Fanny asked adding emphasis on the word comfortably. 

"Sure, we got a couple-a blankets. Couple bread loaves for pillows." the woman answered. 

"Although, sugar here comes with her own pillows, if you know what I mean." the man answered, creepily, nudging the woman.

"I suppose we'll take it." Fanny said, slipping the woman one hundred dollars, who then placed the money between her boobs. Meanwhile, Tdafan was at SeaWorld.

"So, why do you want to work here?" an unenthused employee asked, checking things off on a clipboard.

"I LOVE DOLPHINS. And me and my roommate just ran away to Orlando with big dreams and to forget about out past and shed new skin. Like a snake. Oooh, do you guys have snakes?" Tdafan excitedly told her.

"We're SeaWorld." she replied.

"Gotcha! So, do I got the job?" Tdafan asked. 

"No, you don't have any skills or experience." 

"But I was a lifeguard. I can swim!" Tdafan begged.

"Sorry, but we require intense animal training skills, which you clearly lack." the worked told him.

"Oh. Well, thank you for your time." he moped. Just then, a dolphin had jumped out of its tank and started flopping around.

"Oh my stars!" Tdafan yelled as he ran over to the dolphin, and petted it.

"Hey buddy, what's up?" he asked, to no response. 

"You trying to run away? Tired of living in a big tank? Yeah, so was I. I ran away because someone was tired of me. So I listened to them. I ran away from my home to make my own dreams. Which turns out can't always happen. Sometimes, things work out but also sometimes things aren't as bad as they seem. I bet you have a great life like I did. So don't screw it up. Suck it up. Or make things better." Tdafan said as the dolphin stopped flopping around. 

"See, he's listening!" Tdafan told the employee.

"Yeah, or he's dead." the employee shrieked as she began talking in a walkie-talkie for help. 

"No, he's understanding." Tdafan said and lifted the dolphin back in the tank who swam around happily. He resurfaced and sprayed Tdafan with a mist for thanks. Tdafan smiled.

"Wow, maybe you can handle animals. You know what? You got the job!" the employee said, handing him a key to the tanks. 

"Really!!!" Tdafan screamed and ran all the way back to Fanny, who had no job luck.

"But I did get us a place to stay!" Fanny said and the scene switched to them uncomfortably on the floor that night, scared as chaos was erupting behind them. 

They overheard the smoker woman and the creepy man from off somewhere.

"Oh yeah baby, you like my pillows?" the woman asked.

"Yeah. Makes me wanna give it to ya." he answered.

"Oh yeah?" 

"Yeah. Lemme just turn it on." he said and the sound of mechanical whiring and chainsaw sounds started. Tdafan grabbed Fanny closely, as they were terrified. The chainsaw sounds soon turned into motorcycle revving as Ben drove down the highway, a terrified Lady Meow Meow clung to his chest.

"Woo! I feel so alive! Tdafan, I'm coming for you!" he chanted as he sped down the road. However, he chanting started slowing down as did the motorcycle, eventually coming to a stop.

"Shoot. I forgot these things run on gas not chant." 


Reddy rushed down the stairs later that night at dinner where Koops and Bruno were at the table.

"Guys, Ben's run away." Reddy said, throwing a letter on the table. 

"Oh great." Koops grumbled, picking up the letter.

Dear Reddy, Bruno, and Koops: I am running away to Orlando to find Fanny and Tdafan. I am running away because I cannot stand this toxic environment anymore. No, seriously. That Bruno needs to stop with having quesadillas every night. Plus. But also, emotionally toxic. It needs to stop and I can't take it. So I'm leaving and hope you guys have a great life. Also, I may have left the iron on? Not sure. Oh well. 

"That dumb idiot couldn't turn the iron off?" Koops said, going over to it. 

"It's not even on." he gasped, touching it, but getting instantly burned.

"Vocês são todos idiotas." Bruno mumbles.

"Koops! Ben ran away! To Orlando might I add. He's one of our friends, and for some reason they keep leaving. So, we need to go after them." Reddy told him.

"No, we don't. We have Bruno now, who pays us so much for rent that we're set. Ben was dead weight anyways." Koops shrugs. Reddy glares at him and turns to Bruno. 

"Bruno, start up your van. We're roadtripping to Orlando." Reddy told him and snapped.

"E eu acho que isso é suposto ser tudo bem comigo? Rudeass companheiros de quarto." Bruno said, heading outside and starting up his van. Reddy sat down next to Koops.

"Alright spill. What's your issue?" 

"What issue?" Koops asked sharply. 

"Why are so grumpy about everything? Tdafan, now Ben? It needs to stop!" Reddy asked.

"Cuz they're annoying. When I'm annoyed, I'm grumpy." 

"NO! SOMETHING'S CHANGED IN YOU, KOOPS. What is it? We all used to be good friends. Now, it's all gone." Reddy told him. 

"WHAT CHANGED? We started living together. We got closer and closer and realized maybe it's not what we wanted." Koops yelled.

"Well, then why don't you SAY SO INSTEAD OF RUINING EVERYTHING? What didn't you want?" Reddy asked quietly. 

Koops was silent for a while as he looked off into the distance. 

"Fine. I'll tell you." he said.

"Tell me what?"

"... Well, Tdafan reminds me of my younger brother." 

"I didn't know you have a younger brother.

"I had a younger brother." Koops corrected.

"Oh." Reddy softly said.

"The more and more we lived together, Tdafan showed more and more qualities of him. It got too much for me to deal with, because it was like he was here, even though he wasn't. My brother and mine's favorite thing to do was garden. So when he left, it seemed like nothing good could live on. Except for gardening. I became cynical, dark, and yeah, an ass. But gardening was one thing that didn't change. So when Tdafan ruined that it struck a chord. Like everything had died and I snapped." Koops said, feeling relief off his chest. 

Reddy sat silently, feeling a tear drip down his face.

"Koops, I'm sorry. of what happened. But Tdafan is your friend. You know that, and you know you want him and Fanny back. Why not go after them and let things go back to normal?"

"What was normal for you guys was killing me every day. Tdafan just reminded me of something that wasn't there and it made me feel horrible on the inside." Koops replied.

Reddy sat silently even more.

"Yo! Você cadelas vinda? Meter is running!" Bruno yelled from his van. Reddy looked up and knew now was the time.

"Koops, come on. Now's the time to make everything right. Not everything dies. Somethings like forever, like friendship." Reddy told him. Koops looked up.

"I swear to God if you say something so sappy again, I'll kill you. But for today, I'll let it slide." Koops said, getting up and pushing his chair in.

Reddy was speechless as Koops headed out the door.

"Well, come on. We gotta get going if we're gonna catch Ben before he ruins our surprise." Koops told Reddy.


Fanny was blindfolded as Tdafan was leading him somewhere.

"Tdafan, where are we going?" he asked.

"Well, for thanks on coming with me, seeing as I had nowhere to go after getting kicked out, I wanted to give you thanks." Tdafan replied.

"By doing what?"

"Give you the dream job." Tdafan replied and took off Fanny's blindfold where it was revealed they were in Disney World.

"No fricken way." Fanny gasped as he looked around.

"There's an opening to be a prince or something like that. I got you an interview, and I'm sure you'd ace it." Tdafan told him as the two hugged. 

"Now, go get 'em." Fanny rushed into the park where he was confident he was going to become the next Disney Prince. The scene switched to Bruno, Reddy, and Koops who were going down the highway. 


"Dang, go Bruno, go!" Reddy cheered.

"Eu não preciso de seu louvor, o homem vermelho. Eu sei o quão bom eu sou." Bruno retorted as he shut off the radio.

"Hey look!" Koops yelled from the backseat as he pointed to the side of the road.

"It's Ben!!!" Reddy exclaimed as they pulled to the side of the road. Ben looked up surprised to see them.

"Reddy! Bruno! Koops?" he exclaimed as he ran up to the van.

"What are you guys doing here?" Ben asked the trio.

"We're going to Orlando, we heard you needed a lift." Koops said opening the door.

"Haha, yeah. I'd love one." Ben said climbing in, but turned around.

"But, what are we gonna do with my motorcycle?" he asked.

Reddy shrugged, "We can't take it. Gotta leave it behind." 

Ben moaned, "Ugh." He then sat down and took Lady Meow Meow out from his jacket and sat her on the seat. Bruno immediately started sneezing. 

"Dude, where did you get a cat?" Koops asked.

"He was mine and Jarred's." Ben answered.

"Well Bruno's allergic. Throw him out." Koops said.

"No! We've been through so much I can't get rid of her." Ben said, replaying their time together over in his head.

"Well, IT'S BRUNO OR THE CAT!!!" Koops yelled and Reddy calmed him down.

"No allergic. Just sneezed." Bruno said from the front seat as they got back onto the road and towards their journey.


Fanny was in a dressing room, getting ready for his first day. He was putting on a prince costume, apparently getting the Disney job. 

He was dressing next to another guy in a Prince costume and then glanced behind him to see a girl in princess attire. He was admiring her.

"Damn. Can you believe how lucky I am to get to work with her?" Fanny asked the guy, nudging him.

"Uh, that's my girlfriend. Sarah?" the guy called, and she turned around.

"Yes Zac?" she giggled and went and hugged him.

"Oh bro, so sorry. I didn't have any idea." Fanny covered his tracks.

"Haha, no worries. I get it. She's beautiful." Zac said, kissing her cheek. 

"So, you're Zac?" Fanny said extending his hand.

"Yeah, and you're---?"

"Fanny. I'm from California." 

"California? What brings you to Orlando? You part of that Disney Exchange Program?" Zac inquired.

"Haha, no. Actually, a roommate of mine got kicked out and I left with him to come here. Currently, we live in a crappy mansion with about a hundred other people, but it's something. And now I got this job so things are turning up." Fanny explained.

"Oh that mansion? That's where our roommates Gigi and Sunny used to live before we met them. Talk about a house of horrors." Sarah told him.

"Ex-roommates. We kinda got in a fight a few nights ago. So, they kinda left." Zac explained and Sarah's face lit up.

"Oh em glee! Would you and your friend wanna come live with us? We need the rent money and we're desperate." 

"Babe, we just got the place to ourselves. And we can handle the rent.... kinda." Zac grumbled.

"I mean, I don't wanna impose, but I'd love to!" Fanny accepted.

"Perfect. Just follow us home after work, we'll give you a tour of the place!" Sarah giggled as she ran out to greet some fans.

"Um... well welcome, I guess. You better get out there with her." Zac said and patted Fanny on the back as he left.

Fanny smiled and grabbed his phone.

"Tdafan, you're never gonna guess what happened!" Fanny yelled when he answered.

"Um, well I have some news too actually." Tdafan began.

"WELL GET THIS! We have a new place to stay with these really nice people, Zac and Sarah. Plus, I'm sure they shower daily so that's a bonus!" Fanny exclaimed.

"But Fanny---" Tdafan began.

"No time to talk, but meet at this address I'm texting at 7 when I get off." Fanny said and hung up the phone and headed out to the park of magic.The scene switched to the van, where Koops was now driving with Ben in the passenger seat.

Bruno was snoring and his snore seemed to have an accent. Reddy was also asleep in the very back row. 

"Listen, Koops. I'm sorry for slapping you. It just overcame me." Ben apologized.

"I forgive you. But howabout we never talk about it. And you never do it again. Because let's face it, I'm the king of revenge." Koops said as they passed into Texas, daylight breaking. 

"Texas? Yee-haww!" Ben hollered, petting Lady Meow Meow.

"I swear to God if that thing has diseases and we all get sick." Koops grumbled as they drove on. As time passed, they eventually drove into Mississipi where Koops suggested they stop for the night. 

"We can't keep driving all the time. We're gonna wear ourselves out." he told the crew.

"Eu tenho literalmente dizendo isso o tempo todo. Será que ninguém ouve?" Bruno yawned heading into the motel they stopped at. 

"I called the bed!" Ben yelled running after them. 

"I'll let him have the bed if I can kill the cat." Koops told Reddy who laughed. The scene switched to Sarah and Zac's house. Fanny had parked and they were walking up to the front door.

"So this is it." Zac said as he opened the door. 

"Fanny, about what I needed to tell you--" Tdafan began. 

"Tdafan, not now. Our life is just about to start, can't it wait?" Fanny told him.

"So, upstairs are our rooms. Fanny, you have a room down here on the first floor. Tdafan, was it? Strange name. Anyways, downstairs there's a guest room which can be yours." Sarah said. 

"Sweet!" Fanny cheered and ran to his room, where he was surprised to find two people.

"Um, who are these people?" Fanny asked as he opened the door to a girl and guy putting up posters on the wall.

"Um, we live here. Who are you?" the girl asked. Sarah and Zac appeared behind Fanny.

"Gigi! Sunny!?! What are you guys doing here?" Sarah asked.

"We came back. We're sorry and we wanna forget what happened." Sunny explained.

"Also, this is pretty awkward, but this is my room." Gigi told Fanny taking his hand off the door.

"Well this is awkward, but you're pretty." Fanny flirted to Gigi, who rolled her eyes. Zac tried to break the conversation.

"Alright, well we can't go back on our word, so Fanny, you'll actually be living downstairs. Tdafan, there's a couch if you don't like sharing beds." Zac said pushing Fanny and Tdafan downstairs before turning to Sunny and Gigi.

"We need to talk." he said, rolling his fingers on the doorframe.

Later that night, Fanny was sleeping in his bed downstairs. 

"Fanny? I still need to talk to you about something." Tdafan started again.

"Tdafan, let me sleep. It's been a long day. These are our new lives, whatever you wanna say can wait." Fanny told him and Tdafan quietly shut the door. The scene switched to the four friends plus a cat who were back on the road in the morning. 

"All right, we should be to Orlando later this morning." Reddy said as they passed a 'Welcome to Florida' sign. 

"Oh, I can't wait!" Ben cheered.

"Eu só percebi que eu estou em uma roadtrip com estranhos à procura de estranhos." Bruno said, with a blank expression. 

"Can we play roadtrip music now?" Ben asked.

"No." Koops dryly replied.

"But come on. This episode's felt like forever. Music would pass time." Ben whined.

"It is taking forever. The writers overcommited to a plot that's taking a lot to finish. Plus, they need to set up the second season with a new storyline. It's gonna take some time so just sit down and be patient." Koops told him and Ben did so. 

As daybreak hit the window, Fanny yawned and got up. He walked upstairs to see Tdafan, Zac, Sarah, Gigi, and Sunny sitting at the table.

"Good, you're here." Sunny said.

"Listen," Gigi began.

"Let me handle this." Zac told them. 

"Is something the matter?" Fanny asked. Tdafan looked uncomfortable.

"We hate to go back on our word." Zac began and Fanny felt defeated.

"But Gigi and Sunny are back and they're our friends, and they don't feel comfortable with two strangers living with them. Meaning, one of you has to leave." Sarah finished for him. 

"One of us?" Fanny asked. 

"Yeah. We could always do a tribal council." Sunny suggested. 

"Well, it's both of us or nothing." Fanny assured them.

"That's what Tdafan said." Zac said. 

"Sorry, buh-bye!" Sunny waved.

Just then a horn honked outside their house. Gigi ran to the window and looked out.

"Jeez, how many people did you say could live here?" she asked as she opened the door to reveal Koops, Reddy, Ben, Lady Meow Meow, and Bruno.

"I don't know these people." Zac replied.

"TDAFAN!!!" Ben yelled as the two ran to each other and hugged. 

"Reddy?" Fanny asked and run up to him and did a handshake.

"There defintely is no room for this." Sunny grumbled. 

"Koops is also here." he self-announced and the hugs stopped. Tdafan looked uncomfortable.

"Listen." Koops said as stepped towards Tdafan.

"I apologize for kicking you out. It was something I never imagined doing and it sucked. It tore our friend group apart. And for that, I'll always be sorry." Koops apologized. 

"Well of course I forgive you. You drove across the country to find us." Tdafan said, as the four friends hugged. Ben creeped in on the hug before being pushed away by Koops.

"Eu estou vivendo com psicopatas. Ou uma casa gay." Bruno said from the sidelines. 

"Speaking of which, how did you find us. At this specific location?" Tdafan asked.

"Yeah." Sarah asked, getting up nervously.

"Oh, well we used Ben's tracking device he had inserted in Tdafan's head." Reddy answered.

"What?" Tdafan asked.

"Don't worry. It's minorly explosive and it's so I know where my best friend is at all times. All of you have one!" Ben announced and everything got silent.

"Well, this is great then. You can go back to California! Nice meeting you!" Sunny announced.

"Yeah, actually!" Reddy cheered. 

"Well, actually, I'm not." Tdafan said.

The group stopped. 

"Well no. We have nice jobs now and a place to stay." Fanny added.

"Well, no, Fanny. I can't stay in Florida or California." Tdafan told him. 

"Tdafan, why not?" Fanny asked.

"... You see. I work for SeaWorld now and I'm the best dolphin whisperer. They have touring shows and I'm being taken along with all over the world to be a dolphin whisperer across the seas." Tdafan announced.

"So, you can't go home to California with us?" Ben said, tears rolling down his face.

"I'd love to. We're best friends. But I can't pass up an opportunity like this." Tdafan explained. 

"I really don't see how this applies to us." Sunny grumbled.

"Well, we'll miss you Tdafan." Koops told him.

"And I'll miss you guys." Fanny told everyone else too.

"Fanny, come on. Don't do this." Reddy said.

"What? I have a job and a place to stay." Fanny explained.

"I'd rather have the dolphin whisperer than you." Sunny piped up. 

"I can't just leave this great opportunity after I got it. I'd be crazier than I already am." Fanny joked. 

"Well, who's to say we can't start new here?" Koops suggested, to which everyone glared at him.

"PLOT TWIST!" Sarah shrieked and jumped up and down. 

"What are you suggesting, we move to Florida?" Reddy asked.

"Exactly. Why not. A fresh start. I mean, that house was a piece of crap and I had a crappy job anyways. Let's start anew. In Florida!" Koops said. The friends faces lit up. 

"YAY! This doesn't mean you have to leave!" Sarah said and hugged Fanny. 

"Yeah, but where are we gonna live? We can't stay here." Reddy pointed out.

"Yup! Can't live here!" Sunny agreed.

"Well who cares? That's what the writers have to figure out. Not my problem." Koops said and sat in a reclining chair.

"Yeah. Let the writers figure it out. We're moving to Florida and they gotta start fresh!" Reddy agreed and sat next to Koops. 

"I mean, we already have everything we need." Ben said, petting Lady Meow Meow.

"Na verdade, eu tinha uma vida lá atrás, mas você idiotas não se importa, não é? Não? Não." Bruno said and sat next to Reddy.

"We literally have strangers sitting on our furniture." Sunny complained. Fanny then walked outside with Tdafan. 

"Listen, Fanny. I gotta go today, that's what I needed to tell you. I'm leaving and I don't know when I'll be back." Tdafan explained to him.

"Well look at you. Growing up and traveling the world. With dolphins!" Fanny joked and hugged Tdafan. 

"From one Fan to another," Fanny began, breaking the hug.

"Yeah?" Tdafan asked.

".... I don't know. I had a really good thing to say but I forgot. Sorry." Fanny said, awkwardly.

"Oh." Tdafan replied.

"Yeah." Fanny said. 


"I'll see you around." Fanny told Tdafan.

"Yeah. I got a dolphin---I mean a plane to catch." Tdafan explained and walked off into the distance. Fanny waved and walked back towards the house before turnig around. 

"WAIT! I wanted to say I love you." Fanny said.

"What? Are you gay?" Tdafan asked.

"Yes, very. But that's not the point. I love you like a brother." Fanny joked.

"Fanny, thanks for coming with me here. It truly has taken our lives in another direction." Tdafan thanked.

"Oh yeah. I mean, now we're the Wikia Users of Florida Shore. I'm sure things will be even crazier down here." Fanny said.


"Oh... yeah. Bye Tdafan!" Fanny yelled and skipped back to the house. 

Tdafan then walked onwards into the sunrise until he was just a black figure. The scene switched back to the house. 

"Yeah, you guys can't stay here." Zac told them. The five friends and a cat looked shocked.

"Oh yeah. We figured." Reddy said as they all got up and awkwardly walked out.

"Where we gonna go?" Koops asked.

"I know of this old mansion that is really cheap rent." Ben suggested.

"No. Never there." Fanny told them all sternly. 

"Hey! We're the Wikia Users of Florida Shore! Things are just gonna work out for us." Reddy joked and they broke into cliche hysterical laughter. 

"My car is back there." Bruno grumbled as they walked into the distance. 


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