Molting Eagles

Weston for Rhonda

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Cynthia
Family Mother, Father, Twin Brother
Friends Riley, Griswold, Melissa, Xidorn, Cynthia, Easton,
Enemies Easton,
Fear Pterodactyls
Talent Track
Weston, labeled The Younger Twin, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. He is a member of the Molting Eagles.


Born to a perky couple, Weston followed his twin brother Easton out into the world. And the twins have been best friends ever since. Easton and Weston do most everything together…in fact if you want to know more about Weston, go read Easton’s bio first.

Easton and Weston enjoy spending their time with the other and think they form a great team whether it is in track, making their matching Halloween costumes or just having a good time. And nobody has as good time together as much as these two do!

Weston found out his brother was auditioning for Total Drama, so he auditioned, hoping he and his brother could do this journey together and have some of the same good times they always have.


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