Warren (TD:W)
Team Mega
Warren copy
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Prove Your Loyalty, Choosing Sides"
Place 14th, 6th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Brandon, Zach, Nathan
Enemies Cody, Kris, Nathan
Warren is labeled the Geek and competed in Total Drama: Westside.


Warren has always been somewhat of a dork and always been interested in computers. He is actually extremely smart but makes stupid moves a lot. He signed up for Total Drama because he wanted to prove that geeks can win things too.


Episode 1: Warren arrived everyone immediately knew he was a geek. He was even made of by antagonists like Cody and Kris. He ended up on a team with Kris and Austin. He befriended Austin, but Kris hated him. He then competed in the first challenge but lost to Jordan. He was ultimately safe as his team wasn't picked for elimination.

Episode 2: He was happy that he had been safe and made an alliance with Brandon, Nathan and Zach, who he thought were the honest people of the game. In the challenge he lost when Cody kicked him off the pole. His team was ultimately picked for elimination by jordan for having strong competitors. His alliance tried to recruit Jordan and vote out Kris but ultimately failed and Warren was voted out.

Episode 8: He returned to the island along with Brandon and Nathan. In the challenge, he crashed early when Nathan crashed into him and took the both out. He was worried that they didn't have the numbers but recruited Jordan to finally join their alliance. At council Austin and Nathan tied for voted causing them both to be eliminated.

Episode 9: He and Brandon began to notice that there were cracks in Cody's alliance and hoped they could break it down.In the challenge, he was ironically paired with Cody and they fought the entire time. Cody pushed him too far and he snapped and finally fought back, punching Cody in the face. However, because he used physical violence, he was removed and eliminated from the game.

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