Wallace is labeled as The Gambler and was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos; he became the winner of the show.

Sky High Hawks
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "N/A"
Place 1st
Relationship Lucy
Friends Lucy, Hatcher, Boomer, Teresa
Enemies Joe, Todd, Paul
Fear Having his afro shaved, Getting hussled
Talent Gambling, Winning card games and money


Wallace was born in Las Vegas. Even though he wasn't allowed to, he watched his parents play in the casino and wanted to do the same when he got older. His parents taught him various card games, like blackjack and poker. He is also a risk-taker, as long as it isn't too dangerous for him to handle. Whether it be good luck or bad luck, Wallace always knew how to stay on the right track, with partial thanks to his parents, who later told him about a show called Total Drama Chaos. He soon signed up because he simply wants to win, hoping he does, even if it means taking big gambles along the way.

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