Vitor TD
The Crimson Eagles
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color light brown
Episode Eliminated "21st/22nd voted out in Episode 25"
Place 3rd/4th
Relationship None
Family Mother,Dad,Brother
Friends Cher,Jacky
Fear Spider
Talent Football

Vitor Tagged with Sympathetic

Vitor participating in thisTotal Drama : Back In The Action


Vitor lives in Brazil, and he well known in schools and more poco shy, At school his friends call him by his nickname costuman Vitin He and most of his known familia.Gosta lot of playing baseball, he hate it when a person tells him to do something. (Continued)

He first heard of TD when your friends were talking about it. He saw the show and immediately wanted to participate. He auditioned for a spot to participate in the series and won the role.

Audition Tape

Coming Soon.

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