Optimistic Olympians
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "To be determined"
Place To be determined
Family Mother (deceased), father (deceased), brother, sister
Friends To be determined
Enemies To be determined
Fear Count Olaf, VFD, secret societies, fires
Talent Mechanics, leading, tying ribbons

Violet, labeled The Innovative Mechanic, is a contestant on Total Drama: Mount Olympus, and a member of the Optimistic Olympians team.


The eldest of the Baudelaire family, Violet became an orphan when she lost her parents to a disastrous house fire. She spent the next three years jumping from guardian to guardian with her two siblings. Forced to mature early, Violet has spent most of her adolescent life uncovering a secret society called V.F.D, and providing guidance to her brother and sister. Violet is known for being a natural leader, as well as for her quick wit and passion for mechanics. Usually, when she is concentrating on a new invention, she will tie her wavy hair in a pink ribbon to keep it from distracting her. Violet, despite all she has been through, always maintains her positive attitude and tries to make the best out of every situation. Because responsibility was forced onto her at a young age, Violet can be quite the mother hen. She knows what she wants, and can be forceful in getting it. The most important thing to Violet is her family, and she is a firm believer that there is more good than bad in the world. Despite her young age, Violet is mature in her actions and thoughts.


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