Violet (SS)
Flaming Bears
Flaming Directors
Team Victory II
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDI: I Triple Dog Dare You! 2
TDA: Disastrous Movie
TDWT: What Goes There?"
Place TDI: 3rd
TDA: 2nd
TDWT: 11th
Relationship Matthew
Friends Mark, Rachael, Jeremy, John, Joshua, James, Eryn
Enemies Peter, Jennifer, Madison, Ethan
Fear Fire
Talent Extreme intelligence

Violet, stereotyped as The High IQ, is a character in the Second Season series by Fedora Kid. She was a camper in Total Drama Island: Second Season and was on the Flaming Bears team. She returned for Total Drama Action: Second Season and was the captain of the Flaming Directors, and eventually went on to be the season's runner-up. She returned for a third time in Total Drama World Tour: Second Season and was on Team Victory II. She is 16, has long, brown hair with a single black headband in it, brown eyes, is extremely intelligent and physically capable, and considered by many to be the most beautiful girl in the cast.

Total Drama Island: Second Season

The Campers

Violet was the 17th camper to step off the boat, and was placed on the Flaming Bears team.

The 1,000-foot Climb

Violet participated in the sixth round, against Tim for the Psycho Squirrels. Both eventually made it to the top in what was one of only three rounds where both campers made it (along with Round One, Matthew and Mark, and Round Three, Ruth and Josh). The score was brought up to a tie of four to four, and the Bears eventually lost and were sent to the Bonfire. Violet received the 4th marshmallow that night.

Don't Touch the Food

Violet was the 9th camper to give up in the challenge and ate some pretzels shortly thereafter. However, the Bears went on to win the challenge thanks to Matthew.

Dodgebrawl 2

Violet participated in the first two rounds of the challenge. Before the third round began, Daniel suggested switching her out with Nicole, only for Nicole to protest by saying that she wasn't even good at volleyball. As a result, Daniel settled with Isaiah, who dully agreed to the switch. Violet didn't participate again after that, and the Bears eventually went on to win the challenge.

The Show Mustn't Go On

For the Bears' skit, Violet named her own character "Veronica." In the skit, Veronica was one of the five surviving characters who defeated "Kirk Magellan" and escaped with her life. The skit was an enormous success, and the Bears won once again.

The Island of The Dead

When the Bears were declared to be the Shooters and decided to split into smaller groups, Matthew and Violet were paired up. This was the only smaller group that wasn't broken up in the challenge and remained together until the end. They first encountered Samantha chasing after Zombie Madison and shooting at her. They both shot at Madison, which stopped her and distracted her long enough for Samantha to take her out. After that, Matthew, Violet, and Samantha stayed together, reunited with Daniel, and took out Rachael (who had been tagged out). Eventually, Samantha was tagged out by Jeremy, and in turn, both were shot out by Daniel. In the end, these three were the last ones left when 12 of the campers (including those previously-eliminated) all returned for one last chance. Violet was the first of the three to go down when Ruth caught up to her. Eventually, Matthew and Daniel were also eliminated, and the Bears lost. At the Bonfire, Violet received the 8th and penultimate marshmallow before the bottom two, which was Nicole and Isaiah.

Not Quite Famous 2

Violet acted as one of the three judges for the Bears' talents, alongside Matthew and Rachael. Violet herself, however, did not audition. When Peter was called out as the culprit behind Ruth's fall during her act, Violet was one of the 9 campers who chased him off into the woods to enact revenge on him. Eventually, the Bears went on to lose the challenge, and Violet received the 4th marshmallow at the Bonfire that night.

The UCC (Ultimate Crash Course)

Violet was not one of the three participants in the challenge, and thus was mostly in the background for the episode. The Bears went on to win the challenge.

The Sucky Outdoors 2

When the Bears arrived at their campsite, Violet and Samantha unpacked their supplies while the rest of the team also helped set up. Eventually, the team ended up lost, away from their campsite, and in a cave in the woods due to an attack from the Sasquatchinakwa. In the cave, a heated argument took place that separated the team. While Jennifer and Samantha argued that it was Matthew's fault that they had lost the compass, Violet and Luke insisted that it was Daniel's fault. Later in the night, at about 3:30 A.M., Violet crawled over to Matthew and comforted him, even though he was starting to believe that he was truly at fault for what happened. Violet tried to convince him that they could still win, but the Bears ended up losing after all. At the Bonfire, Violet received the 3rd marshmallow, and Matthew didn't go home, as Samantha went in his place instead.

Wawanakwa Scavenger Hunt

When the Bears split into groups once again, Violet was paired up with Matthew once more. However, any items that they went after, and whether or not they got any of them at all, weren't shown. The Bears won by 100 points at the end of the challenge.

Phobia Factor 2

Violet was the second-to-last member of the Bears to go up. Since she had revealed her worst fear to be fire, her challenge was to put out a fire that had been set to a small wooden shack, using a fire extinguisher. However, the extinguisher had been modified so that she had to move in much closer than she would have to with a normal extinguisher. Despite her fear, she managed to put out the fire and score another point for the Bears, who eventually won the challenge once again.

Return to Boney Island

When the group decided to split into smaller groups, Violet was paired up with Josh. They were eventually attacked by the bear, which chased them up a tree. Violet got her hand caught on some sap on the tree, and when she tried to pull her hand off, she flew backward and landed on the ground in front of the bear. Before it could attack her, however, it was hit by a tranquilizer dart and knocked out. Mary then appeared, having been the one who shot the bear, although Josh and Violet had no idea it was her. The three of them then ran to the beach to escape some more zombies, and eventually climbed into a canoe to get into the water and away from them. They soon reunited with Matthew, Rachael, and Isaiah, and the six of them headed off to Boney Island. Once they arrived, Mary, Rachael, and Matthew were picked off. When it was down to the three of them, Violet decided that, since Isaiah wasn't willing to use his gun, she would use it for him. But as they fumbled over it, she tripped on a rock and fell, allowing the zombies to catch her. Soon afterwards, it was revealed to all be a challenge that, after Isaiah was eliminated, the Bears lost. At the Bonfire, Violet received the 5th marshmallow, which just so happened to be the penultimate marshmallow once again.

No Pain, No Game 2

Violet survived the first two rounds and was one of the last 6 campers left standing in the third round. She was known to make it to the final five after Mary was eliminated, but after that, it was never shown what challenges she got, which one eliminated her, and in what round she was eliminated. Peter won Invincibility, and at the Bonfire, Violet received the 5th marshmallow.

Total Treasure Island

Shortly after the challenge began, Violet was revealed to be in an alliance formed by Matthew, alongside Jeremy and Rachael. After asking everyone else except Peter, they successfully recruited Mark and began the challenge, heading off to the old Boathouse to find the chest. After about half an hour, Violet found the chest and they started to leave. However, Peter arrived and roughly took the chest from Violet, racing off into the woods with it. The alliance eventually got it back after Isaiah lost it, but encountered Tim, Luke, Mary, and Jennifer. They tossed it back and forth between each other for a bit before Mark ran off with it, only to trip and drop it off the edge of the 1,000-foot cliff. Eventually, the chest was lost by John, where it was taken by Matthew. Before he could reach the finish line, however, Peter cut him off, punched him, and took the chest, thus winning Invincibility. Matthew was helped up to his feet by Violet and Mark, who comforted him. At the Bonfire, Violet was the 7th to receive a marshmallow.

Hide and Be Sneaky 2

Violet was the fourth camper to be found by Chef. After Mark had been found and made a run for it, he ran right past the bush Violet was hiding behind. She noticed him and leaned out to see what he was doing, thus revealing her hiding place to Chef. She quickly ran off after Mark towards the Dock of Shame. Just as they made it to the campgrounds, Matthew, seeing their predicament, drew Chef away by throwing mud at him so that he turned and went after Matthew, allowing Violet and Mark enough time to tag the lifeguard chair and earn Invincibility for both of them. Thus, at the Bonfire, Violet received the second marshmallow.


Violet was the 8th and second-to-last camper to be called to run the obstacle course. She wiped out by bouncing off the first of the "Airheads" and landing in the mud. At the Bonfire, she received the 5th marshmallow.

Search and Do Not Destroy 2

Violet's key was hidden in the middle of the piranha pool. As Matthew as preparing to get his key from the side of the 1,000-foot cliff, Violet appeared behind him and watched him go after it. After Matthew retrieved his key, he offered to help Violet get her key back. Violet showed him where her key was: On a rock in the middle of the piranha pool, with a wire overhead strung between two wooden poles, intended for her to climb across and drop down to her key from. Violet was noticeably afraid of the piranhas, so Matthew offered to get her key for her. As Matthew climbed up the pole and across the wire, both of them were thinking about their secret, personal feelings for each other, culminating in this moment. Matthew dropped down to the rock platform where the key was, only to be temporarily stuck. Violet grabbed a vine from a nearby tree and tossed it to him, so that he could whip it around the overhead wire and climb back up. He managed to do so and climbed back to safety. Soon after he landed, Violet thanked him by kissing him. It was then that they both realized that they shared equal feelings towards each other, and always had since the season started. While they became a couple, however, Peter was watching them through some nearby bushes. Disgusted by the scene, he vowed to find a way to ruin them. Later, when Violet opened up her chest, she found a single violin, broken, partially smashed, taped-up, and with only one string. Chris revealed that this was Courtney's violin from the original season, which promised to be worth a lot to the rabid Courtney fans out there. Violet, however, was still unimpressed. At the Bonfire, Violet received the 3rd marshmallow.

Child's Play

While Matthew was performing his challenge and Peter was trying to discourage him, Violet slapped him in the back of the head. Violet herself was the 6th camper called up to participate, and her challenge was "Extreme Rollerblading," where she had to rollerblade across a 50-foot long board suspended over a pool of piranhas. Despite encouragement from Matthew, Violet dropped out and was eliminated. At the Bonfire, Violet received the 6th, penultimate marshmallow once more.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild! 2

Violet's animal was, coincidentally, a piranha. While searching in the Boathouse for something to catch one with, she turned to Matthew for help. He helped her search, and together they found a fish net with a single dead fish in it, which could serve as bait. Afterwards, they went to the piranha pool from the challenge two episodes earlier. The wire between the two poles, as well as the vine he had used to escape, was still there, so Matthew crawled over, retrieved the vine, and crawled back. He put the vine through two square holes in the net, each one opposite of the other, and put the fish in the middle. They tossed the net into the pool, then quickly pulled it back out and dragged in several piranhas. Violet bunched the net up and ran back to camp, throwing the net and several piranhas into the cage moments after Peter tossed in his captured Sasquatchinakwa, thus resulting in Violet coming in a close second, much to her despair. After Matthew caught and brought back his snake, he and Violet went out to help the rest of their alliance-mates, Mark and Jeremy, catch their animals. Violet received the 3rd marshmallow that night at the Bonfire.


In the beginning of the episode, Violet, Mark, and Matthew all went over to help Jeremy up after he collapsed, even though he was ranting and raving about the horrors of the Boathouse that he had slept in for a week. In the challenge, Violet was placed on Team Two with Mark and Jeremy. When the storm hit their boat, Violet hid under the table with Mark and tried to warn Jeremy, but as he sat up, his head banged against the table and he was knocked out. After waking up on a beach, Violet woke up Jeremy and tried to get him off the boat, only for him to fall through where the stern had been and fall several feet to the sand. After walking through the woods, they came across a cave. Upon entering, however, they saw a skeleton, which caused Violet to vomit. Shortly after this, a massive roar sounded and chased them all out of the cave. Much later, while Violet and Mark discussed what the thing in the cave could've been, a massive snake attacked them. Mark climbed up the nearest tree first, while Violet pulled Jeremy away just before the snake could get him. She pushed him up to Mark first before climbing up herself, barely escaping the snake's jaws. At this point, Violet was noticeably angry with Jeremy, saying that he had to be more alert or else he would get them all killed. Later, the same roar that chased them out of the cave sounded once more and made the snake leave, and the three of them left the tree and headed back to the beach, arriving right where Team One was at their boat. At that moment, Chef was revealed to be the "monster," wearing night-vision goggles to make it seem like he had green eyes. Chris then arrived in the helicopter and informed them that it was all a challenge, which Team Two lost. At the Bonfire, Violet received the 4th marshmallow, and was the first member of her team to receive one. Most likely, she was satisfied to see Jeremy go home that night.

TDI Quiz Show

At the beginning of the episode, Violet and Matthew shared the latter's MP3 player headphones, listening to and discussing Elvis Presley songs. Once again, Peter was watching and was disgusted at the sight. By the final round, Violet was in third place with 18 points, far behind the second place person Peter, with 28 points. Despite Matthew's lead over him with 30 points, Peter answered a Double Question and the Tie-Breaker Question correctly, thus earning 31 points and winning Invincibility. At the Bonfire, Violet received the third, penultimate marshmallow, and alliance-mate Mark was sent home that night.

The Not-So-Amazing Race

Violet was the first contestant eliminated from the race. While Jennifer finished first and Matthew managed to get ahead of Peter by tricking him into a ditch, Peter dove for the finish line since he was neck-and-neck with Violet. Although a close call, his hand crossed the finish line before her foot did, thus allowing Peter to advance. At the Bonfire, although Violet received some votes against her, she was still safe, receiving the marshmallow that was second and second-to-last. Jennifer was sent home, thus meaning that Violet had made it to the final three.

I Triple Dog Dare You! 2

Throughout the challenge, Violet had to rely more on Matthew giving her freebies or using a freebie herself rather than actually doing the challenge. It wasn't until both Matthew and Violet ran out of freebies when Violet was finally vulnerable. Peter spun the wheel and received John's dare: Stand inside a burning building for one minute. He pretended to take a while to choose for some time before he finally decided to dare Violet. Violet, being deathly afraid of fire, eventually gave up and was eliminated. Before she left, she and Matthew shared a final hug and kiss, with Matthew promising that Peter would pay for what he did.

Season Finale

Violet was one of Matthew's most prominent and most vocal supporters to win the challenge. At the very end of the episode, as the rest of the cast got their revenge on Chris and Chef, Violet and Matthew had their arms around each other, and Violet agreed when Matthew said that life was good.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

For the challenge, Violet teamed up with all of her former alliance-mates (minus Matthew) to find the case. They managed to retrieve it from the bear cave and leave just before Josh, Ruth, and James arrived. As they ran along, however, Jennifer tripped Mark (who had the case), thus allowing Daniel to swipe it up and run off. Eventually, Daniel and Jennifer lost the case to John. The alliance of four soon re-encountered the case, spying on John from the bushes as he walked through the woods. Violet was the one who came up with a plan to catch him, and asked the others to look for something along the lines of a rope or vine. When Mark found one, Violet had Jeremy tie a noose in one end so that they could sling it over a tree branch, wait for John to step in the noose, then pull down on it and snag his ankle, allowing them to get the case. Rachael commented how the plan was "primitive," but she approved. The plan eventually worked, and they stole the case from John. However, they soon lost the case once more when Rachael tripped and dropped the case into the river, where it floated right off the edge of a waterfall. Although they frantically searched the entire area around the base of the waterfall, the case was nowhere to be found. The alliance decided to return to the campgrounds and formulate a new plan. Just as they arrived, Daniel managed to shoot down John and Mary's helicopter, and the case fell towards them. After hitting James in the face, the case bounced off towards the main lodge, with the entire group of four, along with Daniel and Jennifer, in pursuit. Thus, they were all inside when the explosion went off, allowing all four of them to advance to the next season.

Total Drama Action: Second Season

The Castmates

Violet was the 3rd castmate to step off the bus after it arrived at the Film Lot's entrance. Shortly afterward, she commented on how much she missed Matthew.

The REALLY Wild West

When Chris declared that the teams were to be established, he explained that they would be chosen in a schoolyard pick by the top two highest-ranking contestants from the previous season, who would act as the team captains; Violet and Jennifer. Since Violet ranked higher than Jennifer, she got the first pick. She picked Jeremy first, then Mark, Rachael, Daniel, and Joshua. Since John was the last person left and Jennifer was the last one to pick, John went onto Violet's team by default. Violet's team was christened the Flaming Directors. Although Violet herself didn't participate in any of the three challenges, her team still went on to win the overall challenge.

Medieval Capture the Flag

After the challenge began, Violet stayed behind at the castle while Daniel, Mark, and Jeremy headed out into the field. Eventually, when Daniel started racing back with the flag, only to be cut off and chased back by Jennifer, Violet and Rachael ran out to go help him. However, this only led to Daniel and Violet being tagged out and placed in the Producers' jail, alongside Jeremy and Mark. Despite Rachael's close call with the flag, Mary won the challenge for the Producers and sent the Directors to their first elimination ceremony. Violet received the 4th Gilded Chris Award that night.

Cops 'n Robbers

When Violet pointed out to Chris that "City of Lights" and "The City That Never Sleeps" applied to Las Vegas more than New York, Chris thought about it for a minute, agreed, and was visibly upset. When the Directors were labeled the Robbers, Violet took command and decided to split the team into groups, pairing up with Josh as "Alpha Team" and handing out other assignments, such as telling Mark and Rachael to do the reconnaissance work. Later, when the team was unable to agree on the method for breaking into the vault, Violet supported the option of using the drill, with Rachael agreeing. She and Josh entered the bank on the zipline, only for Josh to be shot at and distract Mary while Violet slipped in safely. They reunited somewhere inside the bank, only for Josh to be captured and Violet sent on the run from Mary. She was not present when the team found the drill smashed, as she was still being chased by Mary. Her last communication between herself and the rest of the team was abruptly cut off, leading everyone else to believe that she had been caught. However, after the bank was destroyed, it was revealed that she hadn't been captured, and thus won Invincibility after the Directors were declared the losers. At the Gilded Chris Ceremony that night, Violet received the 3rd Gilded Chris.

SWAT Vs. Predator

When Mark was being chased by Ruth, he ran right up to Violet, who quickly eliminated Ruth and saved him. Violet was then asked for advice on girls by Mark, who revealed that he had a crush on none other than Violet's best friend, Rachael. Citing Violet's experience with Matthew, he asked if she would help him, which she easily agreed to. They eventually encountered Jennifer and Mary, under attack by a swarm of bats. Violet eliminated Jennifer right before Mary eliminated Violet. The Directors went on to win the challenge.

"Super" Heroes?

Violet reached the fourth target - located inside the "solitary confinement" cell in the city's prison, singing Jailhouse Rock softly to herself to keep her mind occupied. After pressing the button, she was chased away by Jennifer. Violet was eventually eliminated after reaching a target inside a museum, with Jennifer blasting her twice with her glue gun, chasing her out into the street, and Mary delivering the third and final blow with her water gun, washing the glue off of Violet. Despite this, the Directors won the challenge once again.


When Chris declared that all of the songs sung in the concert would be Elvis songs, Violet was excited and shared a hi-five with Mark. She chose all three songs for their team, and agreed that John should be the main vocalist. Later, Violet helped Mark out by encouraging him to talk to Rachael while they were rehearsing, and told him that he was doing just fine. She eagerly reunited with Matthew when he and the other special guests arrived. After John burned his tongue right before the final song, Violet came up with the idea of having a series of duets and solos for the final song, sung by each member of the team, in John's absence. This arguably worked just as good as John's singing, and the Directors won by a landslide.

The House of the Deceased

Violet did not appear much in the episode at all, but finished the challenge 6th.

Dinosaurs, Robots, and Taxes; Oh My!

Violet was the second person called up, and received the era of the Future. Her item was a cylindrical time capsule, located on the "Earth Needle," and with the hazard being rogue robots. She found herself in a moon colony in the future, where the main attraction was the moon's counterpart to Seattle's Space Needle; the Earth Needle. She soon discovered that the centennial opening of the Time Capsule, some 2,000 years after the '69 moon landing, was underway on the Earth Needle, and learned about a corrupt "Alpha-Delta" model robot called the AD Model 5000, which had attacked before in a previous attempt to retrieve the Capsule. At that moment, the robot returned, determined to claim its "prize." The robot then threw aside one guard who smashed open the glass case containing the Time Capsule. Just as she picked it up, the robot fired a rocket at her from its arm, chasing her throughout the Earth Needle. She eventually reached a bar with many things on it, such as souvenirs and bottles. At one point, she threw a bottle of water at it, and when it burst, the water landed on the robot and caused it to spark briefly. She twisted off the lid of a second bottle and threw the open bottle at the robot, with much more of the liquid splashing it and causing it to fall backwards off the edge. Just when she thought she had won, it hit her from behind and caused her to fall off the edge. She barely managed to grab onto a loose wire with one hand, holding the Time Capsule in the other. However, the impact had caused a wine rack to tip over, and a single undamaged bottle rolled down the slope towards her. She waited until the right moment, then swung up using the wire, grabbed the bottle, and hurled it at the robot. The glass bottle smashed right on its head, and the wine had a deeper and stronger effect on the robot, short-circuiting it and causing it to explode. However, the guards approached and, after commending her for defeating the robot, asked for the Time Capsule back. Violet took advantage of the Needle's state of shambles from the attack to grab a fallen banner (which read "Centennial Day, 4013"), and jumped off the Needle with the banner acting as a parachute. She floated right back down to the door where she had entered and raced back to the finish line in the Film Lot, finishing in first place.

War of the Sexes

When Chris prepared the coin toss to decide first pick of the armies, he chose Violet to make the call since she won last challenge. She called tails, and it did, in fact, land tails-up. She was quick to pick Jay and the army of cameramen. Later, when Jay revealed his device that eavesdropped on the conversations taking place in the boys' headquarters, Violet was the first to object and said that it was practically cheating. However, she was silenced when Madison asked if she'd rather throw the challenge for them like Trent and John, and said that it was more of an advantage instead of cheating. Violet shared a glance with Mary, as both were stunned at Madison's newly-formed ferocity. Violet didn't do much for the rest of the challenge, although the girls eventually went on to win thanks to Madison. Violet received the first Gilded Chris of the night.

Total Drama Comedy

Violet, along with Mark, was shocked but happy at John's transformation, seeing that he was ready to become more positive. Later, as the teens raced up the replica 1,000-foot mountain, Madison tried and failed to start a casual conversation with Violet, who simply told her not to talk to her. When she and Madison had to come up with ideas for their skit, Violet repeatedly shot down Madison's suggestions for being too offensive or disrespectful. However, when Madison finally suggested a skit making fun of Chris, Violet agreed. In their brief skit, Violet played an intern with a broken leg, whom Chris (Madison) showed no pity for due to fearing for his massage budget. The skit, however, was given a flat zero by Jay due to him refusing to accept any kind of mockery of Chris. Thus, when the girls were sent to the Gilded Chris Ceremony, Violet received the third and final Gilded Chris, with Madison being sent home.

The Not-So-Stealthy Ninjas

Once Chris announced that the first challenge was the Fire Leap, Violet instantly had flashbacks to the last time she made it to the semifinals, and a challenge involving fire was the cause of her elimination. She feared an exact repetition this time, and was already preparing to go home. She was terrified throughout the challenge, but soon found herself conquering her fear and won the first challenge. Due to winning the challenge, she received a special advantage for the rock wall jump in the second challenge: Bouncy Boots, which were really just two crappy old hiking boots with two springs attached to the bottoms of each of them. Despite their run-down state, Violet chose to wear them anyway. However, when she made it halfway up and was far ahead of the others, Chris decided to cut her advantage short and detonated bombs in the boots that destroyed both of them. One of the springs bounced off the wall and hit her in the eye, falling backwards and losing some progress. This allowed John to surpass her and win the challenge. She made it out second, and when John raced back down to save Mark, he handed him to her moments before the walls closed in completely, and she pulled him out. In the third and final part of the challenge, Violet resorted to kicking her opponents in the shins repeatedly, which proved very effective until John hit her in the shins with his sword. She was then defeated by Mark, who grabbed her in a chokehold using his cast, and threw her off the platform, eliminating her from the challenge. Since John won Invincibility, it was between her and Mark at the elimination ceremony that night. However, she received the final Gilded Chris and Mark was eliminated.

Disastrous Movie

In the beginning of the finale, Chris once again had Violet make the call for a coin toss, this time citing the common chivalry of "ladies first" as the reason. She once again called tails, and was right once again. She chose to take the tunnel on the left, leaving John with the tunnel on the right. Violet first encountered a hall with small replicas of Chris's, Chef's, and Jay's heads on either side, and realized that these were shooting darts. She crawled under the barrage of darts, only to barely avoid a pillar that rose up from the ground and almost crushed her against the ceiling. Although she found an inscription saying to avoid the square tiles, she stepped on a diamond-shaped tile and almost fell into a pit of spikes. She then avoided another trap in the form of arrows shooting at her from behind. She finally reached the idol and crossed a dangerous swinging rope bridge to reach it. The bridge, controlled by Jay, eventually swung upside-down, forcing her to climb the rest of the way to the idol (a replica of Chris's head). Violet tried to escape when the temple started collapsing, although a plank broke underfoot as she raced back across the bridge, and a piece of rubble snapped the bridge in half just as she almost made it. She managed to climb back up and raced down a tunnel, pursued by a massive boulder. Although Violet barely managed to finish right after John, she was declared the winner of the first challenge due to recovering Chris's head. Due to winning the first challenge, Violet got first pick of the cars and the pursuers for the car chase challenge, choosing the Corvette over the station wagon and Chef over Jay. However, the advantage backfired, as Chris, at Jay's suggestion, switched the Corvette's engine with the station wagon's. Her path led her right through a giant mall, with the massive halls and high ceiling allowing Chef's massive truck to follow her every move. She eventually used the idol of Chris's head from the last challenge, when she found out that it was a bomb, and launched it at Chef's truck. When it detonated, revealing itself to be a bomb containing Chris's perfume, it distracted Chef long enough to cause him to crash. However, Violet barely lost to John, tying the score at 1-1. In the third part of the challenge, Violet chose to sing Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley, but all she did was sing the song and nothing else. While her singing was good, John's performance included a skit that featured much more creativity and effort, thus losing the challenge to John once again. In the fourth challenge, once again, she found herself falling behind dramatically when John scored over 50 points. However, just as both of them reunited and saw the Mother Ship, Violet saw her opportunity and gunned John down, destroying his ship. She tricked the ship by pretending to let it chase her, and she sped straight towards the wall of the set. She veered up at the last moment, and the massive, bulky Mother Ship was unable to turn or veer up, crashing into the wall and exploding. Thus, Violet was declared the winner of the fourth round, and the score was perfectly tied at 2-2. When her ship went on a collision course for the "Empire Chris Building," she managed to find the Eject button moments before her ship crashed, and her parachute-delpoying chair barely missed the barbed-wire fence surrounding the observation deck on top and made a safe landing. At one point during the challenge, she threw herself backwards to avoid a falling beam, but smashed through a window and started falling. However, after a quick panic, she positioned herself carefully enough to maneuver straight towards one of the approaching windows, and managed to crash back into the building. This proved to be a blessing in disguise for Violet, who skipped nearly 90 floors with the fall and landed on the third floor. She ran down to the first floor just as the building started collapsing, and ran out the front doors, running past Chris, and dove for cover in the Control Tent as the building continued to collapse. She was worried about John and angered by Chris's lack of compassion, but since John failed to exit the building, Chris began to declare Violet the winner. However, when John revealed that he found the safe, Chris revealed that he bet $1,000 with Chef that Violet would win. John was caught up in the moment and, after a loud celebration of his victory, remembered Violet and said that it was a good game. Violet admitted that, while she was determined to win for her family, her friends, and Matthew, John went through so much worse than her and deserved it, taking her final defeat in stride and shaking his hand.

Total Drama World Tour: Second Season

Episode 1

Violet was the 14th and last person to step off the bus, and embraced Matthew when she saw him. In her first Confessional, she was surprisingly reluctant about returning for a third season, but only due to the fact that she had been on the show longer than anyone else. She felt that it would be fairer to give someone else a shot, but she was content with being back as long as she was in the same season as Matthew again. When it came time for the teams to form, Violet and Matthew quickly joined up with Rachael and Mark, with Violet excited that the old alliance was back together, except for Jeremy. Once inside the submarines, Violet was told by Matthew to man the mechanical arms, and she was more than willing to do so. Once they found the chest, Matthew carefully instructed Violet as she operated the arms, telling her when she had a good grip on the chest. Despite running into an octopus clinging to it with one tentacle, they managed to retrieve it and come in first place, winning the first challenge of the season. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Violet received the 10th Barf Bag.

Episode 2

In a Confessional at the beginning of the episode, Violet finally noticed, for the first time, Matthew's arrogance about the team's win, and was noticeably concerned about his behavior. In the tightrope-walking challenge, Violet made it across with relative ease and scored the first point in the challenge and the first point for Team Victory II. Although this ruled her out from participating in the second half of the challenge, Team Victory II went on to win the challenge anyway, thanks to James.

Episode 3

When the team arrived at the fork in the river, Violet asked Matthew if they should hold a vote on which side they should take, but Matthew declared that they were wasting time already and a vote would waste more time. However, this instinct proved correct, and despite their engine breaking down, they managed to make it back into the race with Eryn's sudden appearance and help, and Matthew's determination, and they claimed first once again.

Episode 4

Violet noticeably disapproved of Matthew's tactics for getting Suzie and Lauren eliminated from the challenge. The moment that Violet dropped out of the challenge was only briefly described, as she apparently fell asleep with her back against the trailer, but fell over and lost contact with the side of the trailer. She lasted to the final eight, and was the eighth contestant to drop out of the challenge. Fortunately, thanks to Eryn, Team Victory II won for the fourth time in a row.

Episode 5

As Team Victory II got into their taxicab, Violet finally confided in Rachael about how Matthew was noticeably starting to act like a jerk. She insisted that they had to do something, and enlist the help of the other two teammates. She said that, since James and Matthew were really tight, she would talk to James while Rachael would talk to Eryn. Eryn, however, overheard their conversation and joined in at the mention of her name. Eryn agreed about Matthew's behavior and asked Violet what she wanted to do about it. Violet said there was one solution, and Rachael asked if she was referring to throwing a challenge. Violet felt that it might be too harsh, but that the constant wins were only boosting Matthew's ego. However, she ultimately agreed to forgo that option and play this challenge regularly, to see where the chips would fall. She agreed that, if they won again, she'd have a serious conversation with Matthew. Sure enough, their team went on to win, despite James being eliminated due to failing to sing in the reprise.

Episode 6

Once Eryn retrieved all the items and lowered their raft down to the water, Violet was noticeably annoyed when Matthew slid down the rope first, sarcastically asking what had happened to "ladies first." When they reached the prison, Matthew sent Violet and Rachael down one hall while he and Eryn ran down another. They soon won the challenge, courtesy of Eryn and Matthew, securing their sixth straight win.

Episode 7

When the teams had to split up for the challenge, Violet suddenly took charge and told Matthew to go with Rachael, while she would go with Eryn. Matthew was stunned at this show of command, as well as her refusal to pair up with him as Matthew originally intended. While Eryn was telling her another one of her wild stories, a roar sounded all around them and stopped them both dead in their tracks. When Eryn said that there must have been something inside with them, Violet responded by saying that it was probably just a set-up for the challenge. Eryn somewhat agreed with her, but said that didn't mean that it couldn't be dangerous, citing all of the dangerous, mutated monsters that they used in Total Drama Reloaded. The creature then burst down from the ceiling in front of them and drove them back down the hall, where they met up with Louis and Anna. Louis joined Eryn in fighting the creature off, while Violet and Anna ran to a nearby staircase that led to an upper level. Just when the four of them made it to the top and thought they were safe, the monster burst the floor out from under them and, one-by-one, swallowed up all but Violet. She ran back down the hall and eventually ran past Mary, telling her to run as well. The creature briefly sidetracked to pursue Mary, but eventually came back for Violet. By that time, Violet made it to a small resting room where the last survivors - Matthew, Ethan, and Jessica - were. Matthew and Jessica set up a roadblock consisting of a heavy metal shelf with heavy equipment on it that would drop down onto the creature once the floor gave way, and aimed their respective weapons. However, while Matthew was firing his flame-thrower into the hole, Ethan enacted his sinister plan by tripping into Matthew and knocking the flame-thrower's nozzle backward and behind him, shooting the flames right at a horrified Violet. She screamed in horror and blacked out, shortly before she, Ethan, and Jessica were taken by the creature. Matthew eventually managed to destroy the creature and the entire compound, winning the challenge for Team Victory II, but he, Chef, and Carl soon found Violet, Ethan, and Jessica amidst the wreckage, with the former two not doing so well. Ethan was unconscious, while Violet had a burn on her left arm and was breathing rapidly and uncontrollably. Realizing how traumatized she was and that she was having a panic attack, Carl called in the medical helicopter to remove Violet from the game. This noticeably destroyed Matthew, shattering his arrogant, competitive exterior and leaving him an emotional wreck as she was removed.


  • Violet shares the exact same stereotype as Noah, being labeled as "The High IQ." However, their personalities are vastly different: Noah is sarcastic, dull, and cynical, while Violet is polite, friendly, and out-going.
  • Violet is one of only two contestants in the series to never be regularly eliminated by being voted off, the other being Eryn.
    • In TDI, she was automatically eliminated in the semi-final challenge.
    • In TDA, she was automatically eliminated in the final two due to losing to John.
    • In TDWT, she was medically evacuated from the challenge.
      • She is also the only contestant to be automatically eliminated twice.
      • Coincidentally, both Eryn and Violet were on Team Victory II.
  • Violet arguably has the best performance of any contestant in the series. Reasons supporting this include:
    • She competed in more episodes than anyone else in the series, as she competed in 42 episodes.
    • She is one of only 7 contestants to compete in all 3 seasons, the others being Rachael, Mark, Madison, Mary, John, and Isaiah.
    • She was on the winning team in more episodes than anyone else, with her team winning 18 times.
      • In TDI, she was there for all 6 of the Flaming Bears' wins.
      • In TDA, she was there for all 4 of the Flaming Directors' wins, and she, Mary, and Madison won the team-oriented challenge in War of the Sexes.
      • In TDWT, she was there for all 7 of Team Victory II's wins, even though she was eliminated in the final episode that they won.
    • She is the only girl to be the highest-ranking female of more than one season; she was the highest-ranking female in TDI (behind Peter and Matthew) and TDA (behind John).
      • In addition, Violet is one of only two girls to be the highest-ranking female on her team twice (the other being Mary). She was the highest-ranking female on the Flaming Bears, falling behind her boyfriend Matthew, and she was the highest-ranking female on the Flaming Directors, falling behind fellow teammate John.
        • Coincidentally, both of the only two teammates to outrank her went on to be the season's winner.
        • She is one of only two girls to be the highest-ranking female member of a team, yet never be the highest-ranking member of a team overall (the other being Nicole).
    • She is the only contestant to make it to the final three more than once; she placed 3rd in TDI and 2nd in TDA.
      • Violet is also one of only two contestants to make it to the final five more than once (the other being Mark).
    • She is one of only two contestants to appear in every episode of TDI, the other being Matthew.
      • She is also one of only eight contestants to appear in every episode of a season, alongside Matthew, John, Mark, Louis, Rachael, Ethan, and Jessica.
      • In addition, she is the only contestant to appear in every episode of two seasons, as she appeared in every episode of TDI and TDA.
    • She was the highest-ranking contestant in TDI to be in TDA.
      • Ironically, despite having the best performance in the series, she has never won a season.
  • Violet was the first contestant ever to be automatically eliminated by a challenge.
  • Violet was the first contestant ever to be medically evacuated from the series.
  • Violet was involved in the first official relationship in the series; her relationship with Matthew.
  • Violet was one of the two team captains in TDA, along with Jennifer. She may also be considered the first team captain in the series, as she was the higher-ranking of the two and had the very first pick in the first episode of the season. She is also one out of only four contestants in the series to be a team captain, the others being Jennifer, Matthew, and Ethan.
    • She is the only team captain to have competed in 3 seasons.
  • As Violet and Rachael arguably have the strongest friendship out of anyone else in the series, the two of them noticeably share many similarities:
    • Both competed in 3 seasons.
    • They have the top two highest amounts of participation out of any contestant in the series, as Violet has competed in 42 episodes while Rachael competed in 36 (although Rachael is tied with Mary).
    • They are the only two females to make it to the final two.
    • They are the only two females to appear in every episode of a season (TDI and TDA for Violet, TDWT for Rachael).
    • They are two of the only three contestants, and the only two females, to be on both "Flaming" teams in the series (the other being Daniel).
    • They have been on the same team in all 3 seasons, and are the only two contestants to do so.
      • Coincidentally, every team that they have been on was the "superior" team of the season.
    • Both were in Matthew's Alliance.
    • Both were the only females in Matthew's Alliance.
    • Both were involved in the first two relationships in the series (Matthew/Violet and Mark/Rachael).
      • Coincidentally, both of their respective boyfriends were also in Matthew's Alliance.
    • Both were the first two contestants to be automatically eliminated by a challenge.
      • They were each also the only person in a season to be automatically eliminated, as Violet was the only one in TDI, while Rachael was the only one in TDA.
    • They are two of the only three 3-season participants who were never the first person eliminated from their team at one point or another, the other being Mary.
    • They were the only two members of Team Victory II to never win a challenge for that team.

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