Violet, labeled as The Airhead is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Fluttering Robins/ Diving Dolphins
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Chapter Eight: A Sort- Of Triathlon"
Place Fourteenth
Friends Arianna, Kaylee, Beverly
Fear Crabs
Talent Shopping

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: Violet made it up the tree quickly. Her team lost but she was safe.

Challenge Two: She stated that coconuts were cuter than monkeys. Her team lost but she was safe.

Challenge Three: She was talking with Arianna and Tessie. Her conversation was interrupted by several people. Violet was shot by Derrick. Her team lost, but she was safe.

Challenge Four: She was being taught strategy by Pierre. Her team won the challenge.

Challenge Five: She was being told stories by Rick, and Arianna tried to tell her that he was lying, but she wouldn't listen. She went with Rick and Kristen into the fire room. She skipped through the fire. Her team won.

Challenge Six: She was chosen to be on the Diving Dolphins. Her team won invincibility.

Challenge Seven: She secured an alliance with the girls on her team. Her team won.

Challenge Eight: She sat out of the challenge, and her team lost. Brandon played an idol and she was eliminated.

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