Viktor is labeled The Gloomy Guy in Total Drama Teens 2.0

Daring Delinquents
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Gray
Episode Eliminated "Ahhh! A Zombie!"
Place 16th
Relationship Xenia (one-sided, on his side)
Friends Xenia, Ig?, Zia?, Frederick
Enemies Quinlan
Fear Clowns


Viktor always seems to be in a depressing mood. It is an extremely rare occasion to ever see Viktor smile.Viktor is an extreme pessimist and never looks on the bright side of things. Viktor doesn't have many friends, as he brings everyone down around him, making him even more gloomy. Viktor secretly writes amazing poetry he shares with no one, as he isn't too confident about it. Viktor joined the show in hopes of making his life a little bright or even winning the money.

Total Drama Teens 2.0

Chapter #1: "Welcome, New Campers!": Viktor is introduced and seems emotionless and just shrugs and sighs about being there. Viktor is put on the Daring Delinquents team. Frederick points out Viktor is the only one left in the cabin without a bunkmate, so he bunks with him, although Viktor is not too excited about that.

Chapter #1.5: "Are You Sure This is Safe?": Viktor looks with Xenia for the jousting stick. She compliments him, which makes him blush. He swims in the shark-infested water to retrieve the Chris head for his team, which impresses Xenia. His team wins the challenge.

Chapter #2: "Out of All Things We Have to Chase After, it’s a Shark.": Viktor is seen writing poetry while on the dock with Zia and Ig. He seems wary and like he'll give up when his team gets to the top of the cliff. He seems very pessimistic during the challenge, but Merrin tries to get his hopes up. His team wins the challenge.

Chapter #3: "This is My Worst Nightmare.": Viktor talks about poetry by Xenia, then gets harassed by Quinlan, and Xenia scares him off. He loses his team a point by not being able to face his fear of clowns. His team loses, but he is safe in the elimination ceremony.

Chapter #4: "Yeah Sure Dude, I'll Model.": Viktor asks for advice from Ig on how to be happy. He is a stylist for his team. His team wins the challenge.

Chapter #5: "Ahhh! A Zombie!": Viktor asks Xenia to be his girlfriend, but she admits that she is gay and he is rejected. This bums Viktor out even more during the challenge. Viktor is a zombie in the challenge like the rest of her team. He quickly gets shot out by Garth, not even trying to run from him. His team loses, and he is eliminated. Yet, he gets a hug from Xenia at the end and it makes him smile.

Chapter #19: "The Second Winner of Total Drama Teens is...": Viktor supports Zia in the final two challenge, possibly because he knew Zia more than he did Tamsin.


  • His original name was going to be spelled Victor, a reference to the main character in Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.


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