Victoria, The Diva, is currently competing on Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Baritones and The Stealing Racoons.

Victoria (TDPS)
Team Baritones

Stealing Racoons

Merging Survivors

Victoria (TDPS)
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Chris (one sided on her side)
Family Mother, Father and Older Brothers
Friends Nina, Nick, Ulrich and Richard
Enemies Chris, Jessica, Bryan, Sam, Priscilla Joanne, Eriq, Avalon, Tia and Gennifer
Fear Not Being Rich
Talent Doing Nothing


Victoria isn't another rich spoiled princess you see on most reality shows she's the rich spoiled princess who never has to work since her five older brothers do her work for her. Being the only girl in her family and being the youngest gave Victoria the opportunity to be mean and selfish. Victoria also hates other people being different than her as she thinks everyone should be like her. Victoria has been kicked out of alot of schools mostly cause she'd rather be at home lounging by the pool instead of being smart and going to school. Victoria found out about Total Drama Pop Stars when a group of ugly girls (in her opinion) were grabbing applications so she decided to audition. The day of her audition she told the other applicants that the show was cancelled so after they all left the producers added her on by default much to their dismay. Victoria hopes the prize money will make her even more rich than she already is.


Meet The Stars: The second Victoria arrives to the show she tells Chris she's sure to be a fan favorite than she tells the other's that they're ugly. Victoria thinks Ulrich was the one who called her beautiful but got upset when she found out Ulrich was talking about Chris. Victoria than tells Chris that lying to them was "messed up" to which Bryan agreed. During the challenge Victoria was the first hit but excussed Jessica of being a weak link which Ulrich thought she was talking about herself. After Ulrich was hit she berated Chris for hitting Ulrich, who's gay and deaf, after he got hit by a giant ball. At the elimination ceremony she was in the bottom 2 agaisnt Jessica and was pronounced safe with 2 votes against her.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Victoria was seen to be annoyed by Sam's excessive use of hand sanitizer and when he started to count how many times he rubs his hands together. She was shocked when he revealed his OCD and got mad when he quit the show because of it. She also rolled her eyes when Chris explained the challenge and was annoyed by it. When she was distracted by Chris Avalon knocked her out which she was annoyed by yet again.

Wild It Up: After Xavier quit Chris announced new teams and a new location which caused Victoria to faint due to shock. She was than placed on The Stealing Racoons team and give a surpried look at Nick than quickly glares at him. After Chris complimented Canada's fresh air Victoria rolled her eyes and thought it was Chef's cooking. When her team won the challenge Victoria kissed Chris on the lips out of excitment which caused Chris to blush a little. Also, when Chris told the winning team to pick a cabin to stay in Victoria ran inside the former Killer Bass cabin.

Hide 'N Shrink: Victoria walks out of her cabin and trips over something and gets angry about it. She than sees a giant blade of grass and screamed when she found out they're shrunk. Victoria is than seen hiding behind a stump at the Campfire Ceremony and seeing a giant Billy she throws the challenge just for him. She is later seen disgusted by Chris kissing a tiny Ulrich's chest which grosses her and Tia out. At the elimination ceremony she was confused why she was safe and Bryan was going home even though she threw the challenge for her team.

Fear Fabricated: In the morning Victoria is seen screaming at the blood on the ground which Tia commented on calling her "white girl." Victoria is than seen being carted off by Chris' helper who's a huge fan of Courtney, she was later seen passing the challenge. She than cheered when her team were the big winners and was shocked when William announced that he was gay.

Blah Blah Land: Victoria is seen compeating in Chris is silence challenge which made her upset after she lost to Nina. She is than seen hugging Priscilla Joanne in fear of going home but cheered when she was declared safe.

Screw Balled Up: Victoria is seen taking on the challenge along with her team and later hugged Nick after their team won the challenge.

The One With The Big Merge: Victoria is seen playing volleyball and is shown to be enjoying herself along with the other five contestants. Victoria is than seen winning the surfing challenge by staying on her board but she didn't get any immunity from it. She is than seen slapping Gennifer across the face and was berated by Chris because of it. At the elimination ceremony Victoria is seen in the bottom 2 against Gennifer and happily caught her marshmallow.

Animal Distraction: Victoria is seen happy about their newest location and asked if they were in Hawaii and was disappointed when they were at the location of Total Drama Tropics. During the mini challenge Victoria lost to Nina getting her final question wrong. During the main challenge Victoria is seen questioning why there was a bunny rabbit there but shrugged it off and lost again to Nina. After the elimination ceremony she went back to the bungalow she shared with Nina unaware of what happened to Chris.


  • Victoria is named after singer/actress Victoria Justice which is ironic since Victoria Justice is a nice and friendly person
  • Victoria is a parody of other rich spoiled princesses on other reality shows

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