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Hi, welcome to Total Drama Island Fanfiction wikia! Thanks for your edit to the TDWT: If Duncan Left In Episode 14 page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Reddude (Talk) 01:31, October 27, 2012

Hey for your story, GSFOG14's Total Drama Island how bout adding this in as the next part on episode 16 (The Unfinished Ep):  

Not all the campers were good at finding hiding spots, this was the case with LeShawna, Courtney and Eva. Eva snarls, "Move!" Courtney and LeShawna glance at each-other, moments later we see the two girls running and screaming, Eva laughs, "That showed them."

Eva turns, seeing Chef, she dosen't run, she just smiles, telling Chef to come closer. Chef growls, giving a menacing war-cry, he pounces near Eva, who grabs his water gun, shooting Chef, who hisses. Eva ran away, truly happy. Until Chef was right in front of Eva, who is then shot with water, Eva huffs lightly. 

"Eva is out of the challenge!" Announces Chris. Courtney and Leshawna hear this and they both laugh, "Shame on Eva." Whispers Courtney to LeShawna. The two girls are sitting in a cave, Courtney shivers. "Ahh, a rat!" Cries Courtney, swatting a fly away from her. "I'm getting out of here!" Courtney screams, she runs out of the cave.

"Gr, grr!" Growls something, Leshawna looks scared, "H-hello?" She nervously says. "Hi." Chirps the voice in reply, "Izzy?" LeShawna gasps. No reply. LeShawna turns seeing Chef's sillouette, she scurries into the darkness.  Coolboy87 Hey! Yeah I'm Talking to you! Yeah You!.. 11:25, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

Hey there, your stories Totally Reality: Wannatu Island (GSFOG14) and GSFOG14's Total Drama Island have both gone over a year without a significant edit and have become candidates for deletion.  If you'd like to continue these stories please tell me within the week or they will be deleted anyways.  Thank you. Space was here some time ago and he wrote stuff. 18:28, May 9, 2015 (UTC)

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