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January 28, 2009
Sunshine Year 3

Name: Ravolina Sunshine Pasti

Nicknames/Aliases: Sunshine, Sunny, The Ravioli Pixie, the Admin Pixie, the Queen of Camps (unfounded claim), the Queen of Procrastination (totally founded claim)

Species: Pixias Ravoilis (Ravioli Pixie) / Wikian Adminius (Admin)

Gender: Proudly Female

Age: 3 (in wiki years)

Talents: Making pasta, writing, drawing, acting, being annoying, making friends in spite of being annoying

Weaknesses: Cannot swim, obsesses over various "nonexistant" guys, procrastinates, forgetful, easily distracted, uncoordinated, does not eat meat

Likes: Making friends, drawing, pasta, cute and/or fuzzy things, cartoons, comic books, Professor Layton, Doctor Who, mysteries, Portal, manga, Pokemon

Dislikes: Senselessly mean people, conflicts, making people feel bad, other stuff like that

A Little Look at Me

Greetings, users of the TDI Fanfiction Wiki! I am Sunshineandravioli, better known as Sunshine Pasti, Sunshine the Ravioli Pixie, or simply Sunshine. I have been a proud member of the wiki for three years as of January 25th, 2012, and I absolutely love every minute I spend here. Aside from the attention I get simply from being a wiki veteran and a ravioli pixie, I've become well-known here for my artistic skills and my ever-unfinished fanfictions. Many attempts have been made in vain to beat my bad habits of procrastination, distraction, and inability to stick to a schedule or deadline. Even so, I still try to work around it. As of January 2012, my plans for writing include continuing work on LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT and my various collaborations while rewriting work lost on Total Sonic Island, as well as posting a weekly review and two non-TDI fanfictions (New Initiative and The Process of Shattering) on my blog.

I have also been an administrator both here and on the TDI Camps Wiki since August of 2009, which I earned by becoming the second winner of the famous Total Drama Author series. If this feat weren't great enough, I can also take pride in the fact that I was both the first female winner of the contest and the first female admin on both wikis. While my blatantly admin-ly duties are relatively limited (due in part to my rather light hand in punishment and my sporradic periods of limited editing), I do my best to be involved and keep this wiki a fun and safe place for authors to reside. All users are encouraged to turn to the other admins and myself in the case of questions, concerns, wrongdoings, et cetera. So long as I am online when I recieve the message, I'll be more than happy to help you out!

On a similar note, please feel free to visit my talk page just to say a friendly hello as well. It has been almost unanimously agreed upon that I am a pretty kind and agreeable pixie, and I absolutely love making friends; after all, that's part of the reason this wiki exists! If you'd like me to do fanart for you I'd be more than happy to, so just drop any requests on my talk page. I'm not accepting offers for writing collabs at the moment, though, simply because my sporradic schedule makes me a terrible collab partner! However, please do note that I tend to be an extremely busy person, as I have lots of prior commitments both in "real life" (whatever that may be) and on the wiki. Because of this, I may inadvertantly ignore a message left on my talk page or put off a fanart you requested. Furthermore, I am easily distracted, so I might see your message and forget to reply to it. In the event of either, please either gently remind me of your comment/request, or simply wait and be patient, knowing I will get around to replying or drawing at some point.

Finally, I'd like to point out that in spite of the rather intellectual-sounding biography above, I'm actually quite insane. Furthermore, I have an unhealthy obsession with Duncan and several other "fictional" (I don't know what you're talking about! They're quite real!) individuals, may or may not be rabid, and I'm no longer allowed to consume caffinated beverages. I just happen to have a thesaurus-like vocabulary, is all. :)

~Love and Ravioli, Sunshine ♥

The Many Things I Write

In no particular order.

Story Summary Status
LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT A daily-life fic following the TDI characters post-series. Up to Chapter 5

(Currently being worked on)

Total Drama Fame The TDI characters (plus eight new ones) find themselves competing yet again. Up to Chapter 2

(Momentarily shelved)

Total Drama Couples Nine couples compete at a run-down hotel for a special prize and the title "Greatest Couple". Up to Chapter 2

(Momentarily shelved)

Total Sonic Island A group of Sonic the Hedgehog characters compete at good ol' Camp Wawanawkwa. Up to Chapter 4

(On temporary hiatus due to lost files)

Summer A mysterious pixie traps 25 teens in a high school on the first day of summer for a contest. Up to Chapter 4

(Status Unknown)

Total Wikia Elementary A collaboration providing a humerous look at the lives of some very abnormal elementary schoolers. Season 1- Completed with 17 chapters

Season 2- Completed with 17 chapters
Season 3- In Progress (Currently being worked on)

Total Wikia Pokémon In this collaboration, three aspiring Pokémon trainers join forces in their journey through the Kanto region. Up to chapter 1

(Currently being worked on)

New Initiative One of two non-TDI series currently being posted on my blog. A Portal/Professor Layton crossover where test subject Hershel Layton is forced into a surprising new testing initiative that changes his life.

1 - 2 - 3

Up to chapter 2

(Currently being worked on)

The Process of Shattering One of two non-TDI series currently being posted on my blog. A Professor Layton fanfic following the life of Layton's daughter, Maria, after she loses her mother in a tragic accident.

1 - 2

Up to chapter 1

(Currently being worked on)

Long-Forgotten Happiness A companion piece to The Process of Shattering. A oneshot depicting Maria's unusual and heartbreaking reunion with a much-changed childhood friend. Complete
A Wikia Carol A oneshot-parody of Charles Dicken's famous "A Christmas Carol", created as a Christmas present for the wiki in December 2010. Complete
Misery Business Three hedgehogs, a pixie, and a budding romance all come together in this oneshot. Complete

"Stuff Sunshine Likes"

"Stuff Sunshine Likes" is a weekly review/reccomendation series I have begun posting on my blog. Every Saturday, I will review a different movie, TV show, video game, book, et cetera. Here is a complete list of the currently published reviews...

Characters I've Created

In the order that their page was posted on the site.

Image Character Debuted In... Other Notes/Random Fun Fact
Christin McLean Christin McClean LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 First character posted and created by Sunshine
Hannah Lotta Hannah "Han" Lotta LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 Often thought to be based on Sunshine, but not
New Samantha Clover Samantha Clover LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 Only in two stories and has never been in a camp
Yoshi Genki Yoshi Genki LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 Only in two stories and has never been in a camp
Lucas Cattivo Lucas Cattivo LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 Only in two stories and has never been in a camp
New Andrea Libro Andrea Libro LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 Surprise fan-favorite, once won featured character
New Daisy Fleur Daisy Fleur LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 One of only two EX characters not based on a real person
New Emily Linghun Emily Linghun LIFE AS AN EX-REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT, Chapter 1 Only in two stories and has never been in a camp
Sunshine Pasti Sunshine Summer, Chapter 1 Character based on and representitive of Sunshine
Lasagni Ravioli Pasti Ravioli TDI Camp Wiki Character based on and representive of Sunshine's username and serious side
Amy Pasti-Renrut Amy TDI Camp Wiki Was created as part of a plotline in a camp featuring Sunshine and Rennie
Sunny D Pasti Sunny D TDI Camp Wiki Original image created by Zekie as a joke gift for Sunshine, then developed into character
Maria Layton (Aged 13) Maria Layton Long-Forgotten Happiness Professor Layton fan character used in Sunshine's blog-exclusive fanfiction

My Fairly Random Goals

I tend to set really weird goals for myself... here are a few. If I somehow end up finishing one, I'll put an x in the box next to it.

  • Publish five chapters of "Life As An Ex-Reality TV Show Contestant" [x] (And it only took me... two years XD)
  • Publish character bios for all my original characters [x] (YES!!!! It is done! ...for now... *shifty eyes*)
  • Write a competition fanfic [x] (TDF!!!)
  • Finish a story (this seems to be my hardest goal XD) [X] (Hooray for utterly random fifty-page oneshots!!! XD)
  • Finish a multi-chapter story (watch me fail at this XD) [ ]
  • Finish a competition story [ ]
  • Write ten issues of "Stuff Sunshine Likes" [ ]
  • Get Total Wikia Elementary on the front page [x] (It was briefly when it was a featured story!)
  • Have one of my stories be a featured story (like that'll happen... XD) [x] (TWE!!!)
  • Have one of my characters in another person's story [x] (It wasn't a request, but Christin will be in TDI Bachelorette!!!)
  • Have someone request one of my characters for their story [x] (Christin will co-host Total Drama Electronics!)
  • Have one of my characters be a featured character [x] (Who'da thunk Andrea would become so popular? XD)
  • Have five people consider me a friend ^^ [x] (YOU GUYS ROCK! *sends out hugs and raviolis*)
  • Have ten people consider me a friend [x] (*sends out thank-you raviolis*)
  • Have fifteen friends [x] (Thanks guys!!! You're the best!!! RAVIOLIS FOR ALL!!!)
  • Have twenty friends [x] (WHOOTNESS!!! ^^)
  • Have twenty-five friends [x] (Well that was fast! Hooray for awesome friends!)
  • Have thirty friends [x] (The numbers just keep getting higher! Love and ravioli to all you guys! :D)
  • Have thirty-five friends [ ]
  • Find one of my stories on the "editor's pick" list [X] (TOTAL WIKIA ELEMENTARY!!!! WHOO!!!! XD)
  • Find one of my stories on the "highest rated" list [x] (So.. awesome... feeling... dizzy... *faints*)
  • Find one of my stories on the "most visited" list [x] (I found "Summer" on this list!)
  • Find one of my stories on the front page :o [x] (I'm still in shock about this)
  • Be on featured users [X] (It... is... so... AWESOME!!!)
  • Win Featured Author (since all oppose votes are because I don't update, thus, winning will mean I've beaten my bad habit) [x] (O... M... G... I LOVE YOU ALL!!! ♥ Now I should get back to updating stories... heheh...)
  • Win Featured Image [x] (I've won a few now... it's so awesome... THANKS GUYS! ^^)
  • Win Featured Story [ ]
  • Have a Featured Quote from one of my stories [ ]
  • Become an admin (which will make me the FIRST and ONLY female admin on the wiki!!!) [X] (Pwnage!!!)
  • Eat ravioli with chopsticks (I don't know why, I just want to) [ ]
  • Eat any kind of pasta with chopsticks [x] (I ate macaroni and cheese with chopsticks. Why? I dunno... I had mac and cheese, I had chopsticks... XD)
  • Make myself a REAL ravioli apron (LOL) [X] (LOL I'm weird XD)
  • Make myself a ravioli-themed snuggie (oh god. XD) [ ]

A List of My Friends

A list of people who consider me a friend (in no particular order). If you wish to be on here just let me know, and I'll have you listed as soon as possible! :)

  • Tdifan1234 (UNHEALTHY OBSESSIONS!!!! XD)
  • Owenguy101 (None other than my brother! Hey, that rhymed!!!!)
  • TDI19 (Warmly welcomed me to the world of wikia, and is using Christin for TDI Bachelorette!!!)
  • Sorreltail18 (Ate ravioli with chopsticks. You can't get more awesome than that!)
  • 2-D AKA Codaa5 (We're colaborrating on the fanfic "Summer" ^^)
  • Ezekielguy (He likes ravioli XD)
  • Zakkoroen (Cool stories, plus let me be Cassie in his camp ^^)
  • Turtle Truffles (From the camp wiki. Likes Duncan, and is Sorreltails's TWIN! :O)
  • CyberRose (A fellow Duncan fan!)
  • Nayld (An awesome guy who's supported me since day one)
  • TBTDIF (Love his fics!)
  • Gigi (AMAZING author and an all-around great person)
  • DJ Spenstar (nice person and great writer)
  • Tdiandrockmusic (great author, nice person, and a great supporter of my writing)
  • Sprinklemist (An amazing author and artist!!!)
  • Psychid (New guy, a pretty cool person!)
  • Chimmy (we're so alike it's not funny XD)
  • Nonny (Best Sonic Nerd Friend For Life!!!)
  • Turnertang (Cool dude!)
  • Reddude (Including my characters in a special in his story! ^^)
  • Fanfiction2010 (Good author and artist!)
  • Darkdonpatch (He's crazy, man, CRAZY!!! But always livens up a camp. XD)
  • Goldenshane (A really good author and a cool guy!)
  • User:Bocaj910 (Nice person and a fan of my stories ^^)
  • Lindsaysbiggestfan (Made a picture of me and Duncan. Need I say more? XD)
  • Koops (Awesome guy who's been my friend since early on!)
  • Gideon (Absolutely amazing author and an all-around nice guy)
  • Nad (His avatar is FLAPJACK! XD)
  • Crystal (A great author and a fellow "special" person. XD)
  • Kenny (I can't believe I didn't have him here earlier, as he's a cool guy and we've been tight for a while :D)
  • Lady Gideon (Just the most lovely of ladies! :3)
  • Mrdaimion (Bondin' over intellectual debates and random loving jabs at each other. XD)

A Bunch of Stuff I Drew

Alongside writing, I also really love to draw (as can be seen below). Along with these, more of my art can be found at my camps wiki page and in these two blog posts.

How About Some Polls?

Which of my stories is your favorite?

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Which of my characters is your favorite?

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What are you most looking forward to now that I'm back from hiatus?

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Which of my new writing endeavors are you most excited about?

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And Finally, Userboxes of Doom

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