Team B
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Being Rejected
Talent Stalking
"The Stalker", Umi wasn't too happy when her boyfriend suddenly ended their relationship. After being told that she was too "clingy", Umi set out to prove that she could be looser, right after she got her boyfriend to agree to forgive her. That's how Umi ended up in the McLean Correction Facility, where she was chosen to have a shot at redemption.

Total Drama: Second Chance


  • The picture on Umi's shirt is of her ex-boyfriend exiting the shower with a towel on that she took from outside his window.
  • In chapter two it is revealed her ex-boyfriend, (or at least of of them) is named Antonio.

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