Ulrich, The Flamboyant, was competing on Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Baritones and The Cute Little Bunny Rabbits.

Ulrich (TDPS)
Team Baritones

Cute Little Bunny Rabbits

Merging Survivors

Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Animal Distraction"
Place 5th
Relationship William
Family Mother, Father, Grandparents and Baby Sister
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Victoria and Chris
Fear Being Deaf
Talent Computer Skills


Ulrich is the first boy in his high school class to be openly gay as well as being deaf which doesn't bother him. His deafness however gained him alot of enemies in school since he gets special treatment. Ulrich hates getting special treatment and wants to be treated fairly he also hates taking sign language classes and having to wear a hearing aid when he's in his P.E. class. Ulrich lives with his parents and grandparents as well as a baby sister which makes him happy. Ulrich doesn't date since he's afraid to reveal that he's deaf to other guys but is willing to be friends with them like other girls. Friends of Ulrich's often help him with his schoolwork only if he needs it and they also help him out in P.E. when it comes to hand eye corrdination. Ulrich filled out the application to Total Drama Pop Stars online and sent it in. Ulrich hopes the money will help him regain the hearing he lost in a car accident when he was a baby.


Meet The Singers: When Ulrich arrives after Victoria he calls Chris beautiful and kisses Chris on the cheek. Ulrich told Victoria she had a nice personality which caused her to glare at him. During the challenge Chris hits Ulrich with the giant ball which made him and Victoria upset. After the challenge Ulrich glares at Nina and Jessica for losing the challenge and makes fun of Victoria for being the weakest link which was his reason for him to vote for her.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Ulrich was than showed concerned when Sam revealed his OCD and laughed when Sam told Victoria she's full of germs. When Sam quit Ulrich told Victoria that the other team will have to sit someone out which caused Chris to tell hime he's wrong. Ulrich faced off and won his fight againt Xavier when Xavier was distracted.

Wild It Up: After it was revealed that Xavier quit Ulirch asked Chris if he meant the smart guy and Chris nodded as a responce. Ulrich was the only guy okay with his new team name as were Avalon and Tia when Nina decided the team name. Ulrich hugged William after William admitted that he's homeschooled and has never been to a circus before. Ulrich was ne of three contestants to get a marshmallow first at their first campfire ceremony. It is possible that Ulrich voted for Avalon since he seemed to like Nina's choice of team name.

Hide 'N Shrink: Ulrich is first seen running out of his cabin shocked that they're the size of bugs and was terrified when the interns nearly stepped on them. Ulrich is than seen being kidnapped by Chris and taken back to Chris' tent and seems to be enjoying himself. When William is annouced as the winner Ulrich is seen hugging him while the rest of the team cheers.

Fear Fabrication: Ulrich was seen running to see what Victoria was screaming at until Priscilla Joanne was shocked to see the blood. Ulrich was than seen taking part in his fear which was reliving the car accident that took his hearing. He showed concerned and seemed to like William alot more when he told everyone that he's gay. When William asked to leave Ulrich kissed him good-bye and wished him luck and got kissed by William as a thank-you.

Blah Blah Land: Ulrich was seen during the challenge but quit it when he kept thinking about William which caused Priscilla Joanne to follow him. He revealed to her that he harmed himself stating he does that when he's depressed. He also tod her to keep is a secret and he was happy she got voted off since she still kept his secret.

Screw Balled Up: Ulrich tells Chris that red wasn't his color when the latter walked up dressed as a mounty for the challenge. Ulrich is seen rowing along with Eriq while Nina told them to row faster but it didn't work and they went to their final dinner. Ulrich confided in Nina and told he told her that he voted off Tia and Eriq and defended himself when he was called a racist. Nina and Ulrich were seen happy when they made it to the final six with The Stealing Racoons.

The One With The Big Merge: Ulrich is shown playing volleyball and is seen colliding into Nina in a playfull way and wasn't mad at her for it. When Gennifer asked what Chris was typing on his computer Nick said the Chris was talking to his boyfriend (meaning Chef). Ulrich is seen to be mad at Nick which made Nick apologize to him Nina and Victoria noticed this and concluded that Ulrich misses William. During the surfing challenge Ulrich got fifth place and was still safe since Gennifer got last place. At the elimination ceremony Ulrich was the first to be declared safe and was happy to not be eliminated.

Animal Distraction: Ulrich was surprised at the new location and was the first to use the new confessional where he question going home next. He was later seen doing the mini challenge where he tied with Richard and lost. During the main challenge Ulrich found a snake was on his way to complete the challenge and lost the challenge to Nina. At the elimination ceremony Ulrich was voted off by the other contestants since he was a nice guy to be around.


  • Ulrich is the only contestant to be openly gay
  • Ulrich is also the only contestant to be deaf

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