Tyler (TDATS)
Dashing Directors
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDATS: The First Day of the Rest of Your Lives"
Place TDATS: 20th
Relationship Lindsay
Family Father, Mother (names unknown)
Friends Lindsay, DJ, Geoff, Cody
Enemies None
Fear Chickens
Talent Finger Strength, Flexibility, Sports (in his opinion)
 Tyler, labeled The Jock, was a camper on Total Drama Action Take Six and was a member of the Dashing Directors.


Total Drama Action Take Six

The First Day of the Rest of Your Lives

Tyler arrived on the island and embarassed himself by failing a handspring. He was later placed on the Dashing Directors. During the first part of the challenge, he went with Leshawna, Lindsay, Bridgette, and Cody to the stage as part of Leshawna's plan. Geoff and DJ came back with the trailer last so his team had the least amount of time to prepare their scene. They also chose the wrong trailer. Tyler was chosen to be the actor. He forgot a few of his lines and then left stage early because he didn't want to fake cry on TV. He caused his team's loss so he was later eliminated. He was the first person on Total Drama Action Take Six to be eliminated.


  • Tyler was the first contestant voted off of Total Drama Action Take Six
  • He is also the first male to be eliminated.
  • He is also the first Dashing Director to be eliminated.

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