(This story takes place during Pahkitew Island, and a year before my own season of Total Drama, Mclean Island)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Ridonculous Race

Episode 1:

A voice is heard in the background while a picture of the surroundings is seen, "This is Toronto, Capital of North America, birthplace of funk, and where the Albino Panther roams free," A man with a white T-shirt and green jacket with brown hair is seen to be the unknown voice, "Beneath my manly size 18 rouges, 18 teams are arriving at this historical train station ready to embark on a race around the world, I'm your host, Don, and this is the Ridonculous Race!


Don shows up once again on the sidewalk, "Welcome to the Ridonculous Race, right now 18 teams from across the continent are readying themselves to embark on a race around the world, lets see the racing teams!"

The screen fades white then goes to two senior citizens, one male and one female, the male is balding with grey hair only on the sides of his head and is wearing a suit and the female is a little large with short curly dyed light blonde hair, "Kevin and Jean, the grandparents," Don's voice can be heard saying, "I met Jean back in grade school and we've been together ever since," Kevin started, "We've been together for fifty years, that's more than most of our opponents have lived, its our love that will win," "Awe, I love you honey," Jean said.

"Christina and Anais, Team Girl Power," Don said as the camera flashed to two teenage girls, Christina had long wavy blonde hair and glasses with a blue top and a black skirt, and Anais had short red hair with a nose ring wearing a black and purple top and shorts, "Like me and Anais have been friends since her mom dropped her off at preschool," Christina said, "Totally," Anais started, "Like my mom would not stop crying, I was like 'Get it together Melinda, this is preschool, not marriage, like gosh," "Totally" Christina said.

"Fire fighters, Bryce and Cindy" Bryce was big tall and extremely muscular wearing a white tank top and blue shorts and Cindy had no make up, and was slightly muscular with a blue tank top and black shorts, Bryce started to laugh before speaking, "These teams don't know what they're getting themselves into, me and Cindy have been in live threating situations for years, there's no way we will lose!" He exclaimed as Cindy nodded, "We have what it takes to keep going under extreme pressure, this game is ours," she said.

"The college students, Rebecca and Kimberly," Rebecca was a little on the chubby side and had a blue shirt and khakis and Kimberly was pretty tall with a green shirt and black skirt. "If we can survive 12 hours of college a day, then we can definitely survive this show," Rebecca said, "Uh huh, but like we really need more money for college, so we don't really have a choice," Kimberly said.

"The lovers, Alejandro and Heather," "UGH! I told you not to tell him to call us that!" Heather yelled, "Really Heather? Because your eyes say something completely different," Alejandro flirted as Heather blushed and then shook her head, "Look, I brought you here strictly for strategic reasons, you and I are the best in Total Drama, that's it!" Heather exclaimed "Of course you did Heather," Alejandro said as Heather got irritated and stormed off

"King and Hank, the Twins" Both King and Hank looked pretty similar, they are both tall and big, however, King was muscular big with a red shirt and blue jeans and Hank was Chubby big with a black shirt and blue jeans, "Hi I'm Hank!" King said, "And I'm King!" Hank said as they smiled and started to laugh, "Nah but for real, I'm King and he's Hank, we've had to deal with each other for 23 years now," King said, "And over those 23 years we've both managed to overcome HUGE obstacles, this game is just going to be another obstacle that we're going to overcome," Hank said.

"The Rocket Scientists, Roy and Alec," Roy is tall with short light brown hair wearing glasses, a lab coat and khakis, and Alec was average height with a jewfro, also wearing a labcoat and khakis. "When people face something hard," Roy started, "They always say, 'I can do it, it's not like it's rocket science!' Well we can do rocket science!" "Yeah, that gives us an advantage of gargantuan proportions, or for people like our opponents, it... gives.... head... start" Alec said as the two began to nerdy laugh.

"The Hardcore Rockers, Troy and Liz," Troy has black and white face make up similar to that of KISS with gauge earrings wearing a red and black shirt with its sleeves ripped off showing his toned biceps, black gloves with the fingers cut off, and ripped up blue jeans, Liz had black and red face make up on with gauge earrings, two other earrings in each ear, and a nose ring a red and black shirt with cuts throughout it and black jeans, "ROCK ON!!!" Troy screamed on the top of his lungs, "Yeah, me and Liz have been together for about 2 years now," Troy said with a scruffy voice, "His band was playing in the park and I instantly fell in love," Liz said, "I love you baby," Troy said as they started making out.

"The Bobs, Bob, and um... Bob?" "Go ahead and call me Robert," A tallish guy with long black hair (Not as long as it is in the Mclean Island story, this time down to his shoulders) wearing his usual red shirt with a white 4 on the back and blue jeans said, he was followed behind by Bob, a guy with red hair on the top of his head and long black hair in a pony tail wearing a red shirt with a white 2 on the back and blue jeans, "My real name is Robert, but everyone on the drumline calls me Bob, Silent Bob, because I don't talk much until I get to know whoever I'm talking to," Robert said, "And my name is actually Bob, and everyone calls me Bob because that's my name." Bob said, "I've been trying to get on a reality show since Total Drama Island auditions started, and I finally made it, it's no Total Drama, but it's awesome nonetheless!" Robert exclaimed.

"Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Matt and Sarah," Matt was a tall bigger guy wearing camo that seemed to have black hair under his camo hat, and Sarah was a petite girl with long blonde hair wearing a light blue shirt and khakis, "Me and Bae have been together for 3 months now," Matt started, "Yeah, he worked at a nearby coffee shop, and it was instant love, after I broke up wit my ex Damien anyways," Sarah said, "What happened to never bringing him up again?!" Matt exclaimed, "Oops, sorry babe," Sarah said shyly.

"Supermodels Angelica and Trixie" Angelica had long blonde hair and sunglasses with a pink top and black skirt and Trixie had long black hair with a purple top and white skirt, both had pearl earrings and were chewing gum, "So like I don't even wanna be here," Trixie started, "But our camera man said that it would be good publicity if we showed that models aren't just pretty faces, which we aren't just pretty faces!" Angelica exclaimed as she threw her fist down, "Oh no! I broke a nail!"

"Mother and Son, Cathy and Adam," Cathy was a bigger girl with a flowery blouse and blue skirt, and Adam was a little kid with green glasses a green shirt and blue jeans, "My little Adam is already 13 years old. Oh how the time flies, soon you'll get your first chest hairs and a girl friend and-" "MOM!!!" Adam yelled interrupting his mother, "Oh, I'm sorry, anyways, I just wanna make memories with my boy while I still can," Cathy said.

"The Super Fab Hairdressers, Michael and Gerry," Michael is tall and scrawny with short brown hair wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans, and Gerry was a bigger guy wearing a pink shirt and skinny jeans, "OMG so like I am totes excited about this race aren't you Ger Bear?" Michael started, "Totally, we are going to totally crush this competition!"

"The BFF...FL's? Did I say that right? Yeah okay, the BFFFL's Katie and Sadie!" "EEEEEEEEEEE!" they both exclaimed, "BFFFL" Katie started, "That's Best Female Friends For Life," Sadie finished, "And me and Sadie are the best pair," Katie said, "Awe Katie, we're only the best because of you," Sadie said, "No Sadie, you totally make this team great," Katie responded, "No way Katie you-" Sadie said before being cut off by the screen turning black and moving on to the next team.

"The Stars, Blainely and Victoria" (I'm sure you know what Blainely looks like) Victoria had bright red hair and a white shirt and black skirt, "Okay listen up world!" Blainely commanded, "Victoria and I are going to be the next Ridonculous Race winners, just you wait and see!" "As if any of the other teams stand even a chance of beating Mild- Uh I mean Blainely and I," Victoria chuckled nervously while Blainely looked angry.

"The Actors Gavin and Ryan!" Gavin was big and kind of scary looking with long black hair in a pony tail with a black shirt and blue jeans and Ryan was tall with a dress shirt and slacks, "We may not be on the big screen yet, but we are HUGE broad way stars!" Ryan exclaimed, "We're on TV now Ryan," Gavin snapped, "Oh right, yay for us we made it!" Ryan cheered as Gavin groaned.

"The Athletes, Lightning and Kobe," Kobe is a big muscular guy with short brown hair with a jersey and blue jeans, "Sha-Lightning!" Lightning exclaimed, "Sha-Kobe!" Kobe exclaimed as they posed together, "The Lightning is going to tear UP this show, Sha-Yeah!" Lightning exclaimed, "And I'm going to be helping out my main man Lightning!" Kobe exclaimed, "We're stronger and faster than all the teams combined," Lightning started, "There's no way we could lose," Kobe finished, "SHA-YEAH!" they both yelled at the top of their lungs.

"And last but not least, the Winners, Kimmie and Scarlet... Why do we keep letting the teams name themselves..." Kimmie was short with long black hair and had a black shirt and black and white mini-skirt, and Scarlet had bright red hair with a black shirt and red and black mini-skirt, "Okay, so me and Scarlet and good at literally everything," Kimmie said, "Uh huh, we've already participated in LOTS of reality TV shows and have made it really far in each of them, but have yet to win one, the Ridonculous Race will be our first!" Scarlet exclaimed.

Don and all the teams are shown in front of the building, "Welcome contestants, this is the starting point for your 26 part race around the world, each part ends in a chill zone, get there fast because the last team to reach the carpet of completion might be cut from the compitition, but the first team to reach our last chill zone will win $1,000,000!" Don exclaimed as everyone cheered. "Look over here," Don commanded pointing at a robot that looked like him with a button on it's head, interupting everyone's cherring, " This is the Ridonculous Tipbox, also known as the Don Bot, press this button to recieve the travel tips to lead you through the Ridonculous Race. Ready teams? On yout mark... Get set.............. RACE!" Don exclaimed as the teams charged for the Don Bot, and Don jumped out of the way, "Not this time," he said to himself chuckling. Alejandro was the first one to get a tip, "Race on foot to Ripleys Aquariam of Canada, and find the Don Bot to get your next tip," Alejandro read as all the teams took off.

The scene flashes to show Lightning and Kobe arriving at the aquarium first, "Sha-Lightning strikes!" He exclaimed as Kobe hit the Don Bot for the travel tip, "It's an either or," Kobe read, "A what?!" Lightning asked, "An Either-Or gives the choice of two challenges, they either Walk: balance walk across an entire pool infested with man-eating sharks, or Talk: they dive into one of the tanks to find an old cell phone and bring it up. Teams must finish either task and find this local worker to recieve their next tip,"

More teams have shown up at the aquarium (Lovers, Bobs, Twins, Firefighters, Winners, and Stars) "Walk or talk?" Heather asked, "After Total Drama I have had enough sharks," "That voice..." Blainely starts, No, it can't be, Heather?!" she exclaimed, "Ew, Mildred! What are you doing here?!" Heather yelled as more teams passed them into the aquarium, "Um, Heather, maybe we should-" Alejandro started, "Hold on Alejandro, I need to deal with something," Heather snapped interupting Alejandro, "Oh so you and AL took my advice and hooked up huh? Your welcome," Blainely said, "No, it's strat-" Heather started, "HEATHER, other teams are passing us we need to get a move on!" Alejandro demanded, "See, strategy," Heather said as the camera went inside to show Lightning coming up for air on the Talk challenge, "This tank is broken, Lightning can't reach the bottom!" Lightning yelled, "There's water in the tank genius, it's not broken," Roy said as he and Alec dove into a shallower tank. Meanwhile on the Walk challenge, The Firefighters were getting across until the board beneath them began to shake, "Wh-what's going on?!" Cindy exclaimed as she looked over and saw Gavin shaking the board, and as the fell off Gavin turned to Ryan, "Look see, now everyone's off and there aren't 'too many people taking the challenge.' Let's move," Gavin commanded as he hopped on the board and grabbed Ryan and started crossing.

Confession Cams: Actors:

Ryan: Gavin tends to go a bit... Er a lot too far with these sort of things...

Gavin: Do you want to win or not Ryan?!

End of Confession Cams

Right behind them Alejandro had Heather in his arms, "Put me down Alejandro, "I wanted Talk, not Walk!" Heather yelled, "Yes but I can easily make it over this bridge with no mistakes, that is, unless you kick and scream," Alejandro said as Heather shut up. In the background teams that were on before the actors (Firefighters, Winners, and Hairdressers) were swimming for their lives from the sharks, "Good thing we won all those swimming tournaments, huh?" Kimmie said as she began to freak out and swim faster.

Meanwhile with the other challenge the Twins just completed the task, "Hah yes!" an out of breath Hank exclaimed as he struggled to get out of the tank, luckily for him, King was able to get out and help him up, "First team done! Alright!" King yelled as Blainely came up for air, "Alright Victoria, as much as I hate to say it, we can't complete this one, lets move to the other one," Blainely commanded, as her and Victoria came out of the water.

Meanwhile, as King and Hank ran out with the tip, the Actors and Lovers finished crossing the board and they cheered as Alejandro put Heather down, "Hold on," Heather said as she turned around and started beating on the board causing it to shake and making the teams on it (Girl Power, BF+GF, Hardcore Rockers, and Stars) "What is she-?" Liz started before falling in, "Hold on babe, I'm coming!" Troy yelled as he jumped in, "Heather!" Blainely yelled while trying to maintain her balance, "You better not be doing what I think you're doing you son of a-" Blainely yelled as Heather finally succeeded in taking the bridge down as the Firefighters finally came out of the water followed closely behind by the Winners, while the Hairdressers were getting close to the end, "Alright, lets move," Heather commanded.

Confesion Cams: Lovers:

Alejandro: Oh, I love it when you get evil

Heather: Oh shut up!

End of Confession Cams

Outside of the aquarium, King was reading the tip, "Alright, so we have to hang glide to the airport and book a flight to Egypt," Whoo!" I always wanted to hang glide!" Hank exclaimed as they grabbed the hang glider, "H-hang glide?" Ryan nervously said, "You're doing it Ryan," Gavin commanded. "I'm sure you'll look beautiful with wind blown hair," Alejandro said to Cindy, who was blushing, "But, what about you and Heather?" she asked, "It's simply strategy, now MOVE!" Heather commanded angrily grabbing Alejandro and the hang glider.

Meanwhile, other teams were completing the challenges, and while the Bobs and the Rocket Scientists were happily running outside, the Athletes were still having problems, "Stupid tank, give Lightning the phone!" Lightning commanded, "Have you tried doing a smaller tank?" Adam asked as he came up with a phone, "The Lightning doesn't need a small tank!" Lightning exclaimed as the BFFFL's came in, "Oh no Sadie, we showed up last!" Katie exclaimed, "It'll be alright, we'll just use that kid's advice and look in a shallow tank," Sadie said, "Lightning just use the small tank, the College Students just made it Sha-out!" Kobe demanded, "Fine!" Lightning exclaimed as he dove into a small tank and instantly brought up a phone, "See told you that tank was broken, "The Lightning can get things done no problem!" Lightning exclaimed.

Don was outside of the airport, "Teams will be booking one of three flights to Egypt, the first flight will get there first giving a distinct advantage, however, the last flight, well, lets just say they'll have some difficulties making through this race, the first flight includes: Twins, Actors, Lovers, Firefighters, Winners, and Hairdressers, the second flight will have: Rocket Scientists, Bobs, Hardcore Rockers, BF+GF, Mother and Son, and College Students, while the last flight will have Stars, Girl Power, Athletes, Grand Parents, Supermodels and BFFFL's. Who will win the first jaunt in out race tune in next time to find out, the Ridonculous Race is to be continued!"

Episode 2: Egypt


"12 teams are already on their way to Egypt," Don's voice can be heard, "6 are at the airport, waiting anxiously," The camera then shows the 6 teams waiting (Stars, Girl Power, Athletes, Grand Parents, Supermodels and BFFFL's) Blainely is seen pacing back and forth, "Who does she think she is?!" she exclaims, "Blainely please, calm down, don't let her get the best of you, show her up by completely destroying her from here on out," Victoria said with a smirk as Katie and Sadie jumped up between them, "OMG Blainely!" Katie exclaimed, "It's us Sadie and Katie!" Sadie shouted as the Supermodels just rolled their eyes in the background.

Confession Cams: Supermodels:

Angelica: Is this really what our opponents are like? If so this should be a cake walk once we reach Egypt.

Trixie: Yeah, those other guys won't last 2 seconds.

End of Confession Cams.

The scene flashed to show Lightning flexing and Kobe doing push ups with the Grand Parents and Team Girl Power in the background, "We can't stay behind like this," Kobe said, "No worries, the Lightning will win! Sha-Lightning!" Lightning exclaimed, "Oh what I would give to have energy like that again..." Jean started, "But that was years ago," "Like it's totally not cool that we're behind," Anais said, "Yeah we were doing great," Christina replied, "I told you we should've done the talk challenge but NOOOOO," Anais complained as the picture flashes to show Don in front of a few pictures, "Egypt, Land of the Pharoah, known for it's pyramids and deserts. Flight #1 has just landed. Now the teams need to find the next Don Box and collect their next travel tip," Don said as the Twins, Actors, Lovers, Firefighters, Winners, and Hairdressers ran out of the airport, "The Pyramid," Scarlet read, "And look, it's an all in!" "An all in requires that both team members take part in, in this case, each team must climb up the pyramid and find an ancient relic with their next tip, some are small, but some are as big as them, teams will have to take a board and slide down the Pyramid for their next tip," Don explained

Meanwhile, back at the airport the teams were reading the tip, "It says we have to climb up the pyramid!" Ryan exclaimed, "Then grab a relic," Hank continued, "Which holds your next travel tip, let's go!" Alejandro exclaimed as the teams ran off and found taxis to the pyramid.

The camera flashes to the inside of the Firefighter's taxi, "Climbing up a nonburning building?" Cindy asked, "Hah, that'll be done easy!" Bryce exclaimed. The camera flashes to the Actor's taxi, "That was actually my first time flying, it wasn't as bad as I thought," Ryan said as Gavin looked over to him, then looked at the camera, "Yeah, same for me," Gavin answered surprisingly calmly. The camera flashes to the Hairdressers Taxi, "OMG Ger Bear, we are actually going to see the pyramids!" Michael exclaimed holding onto Gerry's arm, "I am totes excited," Gerry said.

"Meanwhile the teams on flight #2 are preparing to land," Don said as the picture shows the 6 teams on flight 2 (Rocket Scientists, Bobs, Hardcore Rockers, BF+GF, Mother and Son, and College Students) The Rocket Scientists are talking strategy, the Bobs are sleeping, the Hardcore Rockers are listening to music, BF+GF are checking the magazines, Cathy is combing an irritated Adam's hair, and the College Students are snacking on peanuts.

Confession Cams: College Students:

Kimberly: Free food?! We'll definately take it.

Rebecca: We're so used to living on a budget, that we almost never eat, so we're taking advantage of it while we still can.

End of Confession Cams

"Meanwhile some of the teams from flight one have reached the Pyramids," Don said as the Lovers, Twins, and Winners run out of their taxis, "I guess it's time to get moving," Kimmie said as King and Hank charged up the side of the Pyramid, "Ladies first," Alejandro said as Kimmie and Scarlet started to climb blushing, while an irritated Heather looked on, "Are you going to start climbing or not?!" Heather exclaimed as Alejandro shrugged and started climbing and the Actors run out of their taxi. "Let's move Ryan," Gavin commanded as King and Hank slid down the Pyramid, "Man, that's steep!" King exclaimed as the two teams charged up the side.

"While the teams from flight 1 battle the Pyramid, flight 2 has just landed," Don said as the six teams ran out and entered taxis, "And flight #3 has finally taken to the air," The picture shows BFFFL's squeling, "OMG Egypt!" Sadie exclaimed, "It was such a bummer not being on Total Drama World Tour, but now we're still traveling the world with our new BFF Blainely!" Katie exclaimed as she grabbed an hugged an irritated Blainely.

Meanwhile the Firefighters and Hairdressers were starting their climb, "OMG this is so hard!" Michael said as Bryce gasped, "Other teams are arriving!" he exclaimed as they looked down and saw the Bobs, Rocket Scientists, and Hardcore Rockers start climbing, "We need to move!" Cindy commanded as she sped up, "As more teams start their climb, flight #3 has finnaly arrived in Egypt," Don said as the picture shows the 6 teams from flight 3 running out and finding taxis, "They will need to hurry if they want to catch up to any of the teams that have already started their climb,"

The camera flashes to show Scarlet and Kimmie struggling to keep their lead over Alejandro and Heather, "Come on Alejandro, hurry up!" Heather yelled, "Coming Heather, I was just distracted by your beauty," Alejandro replied as Heather blushed growled and then kept climbing and Alejandro smiled, but not far below them King and Hank were charging up next to Gavin who was holding Ryan, "Gavin, let me go!" Ryan commanded, "No way Ryan, we HAVE to win this one, and you were slowing us down," Gavin answered as he slipped and caught himself, but lost his shoe in the process, "My shoe," Gavin called, "Oh well," he said as he started climbing again. Meanwhile the Figherfighters were beginning to catch up to the other teams, that is until a random shoe hit Cindy on the head causing her to start falling, but luckily for her, Bryce caught her, "Come on partner, we gotta keep moving!" Bryce commanded as the Hairdressers and Bobs passed them, "Keep going, we're almost there!" Bob yelled as the Bobs passed the Hairdressers.

Meanwhile, Mother and Son were about to climb, but Cathy was putting alot of padding on Adam, "No way am I gonna let my baby climb up unprotected," Cathy said as the Athletes started running up the pyramid, "Sha-yeah! This will be a cakewalk for the Lightning!" Lighning exclaimed as he fell off, "Stupid pyramid must be broken!" he yelled as the other teams from flight 3 arrived and started their climb.

Meanwhile at the top, Alejandro was handing a relic to Kimmie, "A beautiful relic for a beautiful girl," he said as she accepted it and swooned, then Heather grabbed a relic grabbed Alejandro as she threw him onto the board and took the lead, "Kimmie lets go!" Scarlet exclaimed as Kimmie shook her head and jumped on the board and started sliding down as well, "Alright Kimmie what does it say?" Scarlet asked as Kimmie searched the relic, but couldn't find the tip, "I can't find the tip!" Kimmie shouted, meanwhile infront of them Alejandro was chuckling with two travel tips in his hand, "Oops, I guess I must've forgotton to hand them the tip," he said.

Meanwhile at the bottom the Grand Parents are the last to arrive and they are breathing heavily, "Maybe this show wasn't such a good idea," Jean said as she sat down and Lightning fell off the Pyramid again, "Stupid Pyramid!" Lightning called, "Let's move, we can still win this hon," Kevin said grabbing Jean's hand and started climbing with her.

Meanwhile at the other side, the Lovers reached the bottom of the pyramid, "Alright, according to this tip, the next challenge is a botch or watch, Return the Relic," Heather said, "Race on foot to a local museum and then one of you must return the relic, be on guard however, there are lasers and if the security guard catches you, you're in BIG trouble," she finished as the two ran off and Kimmie and Scarlet hit the ground, "Did you hear that?" Scarlet asked, "Yeah, local museum, lets move!" Kimmie answered as the two started running. Meanwhile at the top the Twins finally reach the top, followed closely behind by the actors, "Let's grab the biggest one! That way we could maybe get extra points for our strength!" Hank suggested, "Did you hear that Ryan? We can't let them show us up!" Gavin exclaimed as he and Hank picked up the two biggest relics and started their slide down the pyramid, and because of the added weight, they moved really fast and hit the bottom in no time and started running towards the museum.

Meanwhile the Athletes seem to have things going again as they pass up the Grand Parents, BFFFL's and Rocket Scientists, "Sha-Yeah!" Lightning exclaimed, "While the Athletes dig themselves out of last place more teams are reaching the top," Don said as the Bobs, Firefighters, Hardcore Rockers, and Hairdressers each start their slide down the pyramid, "And some are reaching the museum," he said as the Actors and Twins join the Winners and Lovers at the door, "Okay, so I'll do this challenge," Alejandro said as he walked in the museum doors and hid along with Kimmie, King, and Ryan, "Ryan might not be the most athletic, handsomest, smartest, or... Wait what was my point again? Oh right, but he's still a pretty great person," Gavin said as the Bobs, Firefighters, Hardcore Rockers, and Hairdressers arrived at the museum, "Good thing we grabbed a small one," Bryce said pointing at Ryan who was having problems with his big relic and a security guard saw him and yelled at him, which allowed Kimmie to run up and put her relic back, run out and cheer with Scarlet, "Alright, let's get a move on!" Kimmie exclaimed as Cindy, Troy, and Michael each entered, the Bobs, however were not having luck on picking who would compete, "I'm more athletic and flexible," Bob pointed out, "Yeah, but I'm more quiet, stealthy, and I got mad skills," Robert said as he ran in and hid as well, meanwhile Gavin was shouting at the security guard, trying to buy Ryan some time and Alejandro makes his way through the lasers, grabs the relic and runs out with Heather, who also run for the chill zone, "How am I supposed to make it through these?" King asked, "Like this," Robert answered as he manuevered his way through the lasers and grabbed the relic and runs out, "Good luck!" Robert exclaimed as the security guard turned around and saw King, Cindy, Troy, and Michael each with their relics and started chasing them as BF+GF, Supermodels, Girl Power, College Students, Stars, and Athletes arrive at the museum, "Let me show you how it's done," Trixie said as she walked in, "Oh Mr. Security Guard! I have to return this relic, but the big bad lasers won't let me, won't you help me, pretty please?" she said as she batted her eyelashes and the security guard turned off the lasesrs, "Yes!" she said as her and Angelica started running for the chill zone, "Lightning can do that too!" Lightning exclaimed as he walked up to the security guard.

Meanwhile at the chill zone, the Winners were nearly there, and no other team was in sight, "Whoo! We made it!" Kimmie cheered, "Winner's you are the first team to arrive!" Don started, "However, you did not grab a travel tip from your relic and left it with Alejandro, so you get a 30 minute penalty!" "What?!" Scarlet exclaimed, "Oh isn't that unfortunate," Alejandro said as he and Heather made it to the chill zone.

Confession Cams: Winners:

Scarlet: That rat!

Kimmie: I'm sure he didn't mean it *chuckles*

Scarlets: *looks at Kimmie angrily* *Starts slapping Kimmie* Open up your eyes Kimmie!

End of Confession Cams

Meanwhile back at the museum Anais, Matt, Troy, and Rebecca finished the challenge because the security guard was busy tasing Lightning, "Don't worry mama! Lightning's winning the Superbowl!" Lighning said as he passed out. The security guard smiled as he randomly gets hit in the back of the head by a board, "See Ryan, now he's unconcious and there's no lasers, put the relic back and let's go!" Gavin exclaimed as King, Michael, Blainely, Cindy, Kevin, Roy, and Ryan completed the challenge and the BFFFL's finally reached the museum and Katie hurried to put her relic back.

Meanwhile back at the chill zone, the Bobs made it to the carpet of completion, "Bobs, you come in second place! Winners, your time limit is up and so you're in third!" Don exclaimed as the two teams walked over to meet with Alejandro and Heather. "Supermodels fourth, Hardcore Rockers fifth, BF+GF sixth, Twins seventh, College Students eighth!" Don exclaimes as each respective team makes it to the carpet of completion and the Actors cross, "Actors, you are the ninth team here, however, it was a botch or watch challenge, so only one of your was allowed to do something, and Gavin that wasn't you, 30 minute penalty!" Don said as Gavin growled and Ryan patted his back, "Girl Power ninth, Firefighters tenth, Stars eleventh, Hairdressers twelth, Rocket Scientists thirteenth, and Grandparents fourteenth!" Don exclaimed as back at the museum Mother and Son finally arrived at the museum, "I do not want to show my baby that this kind of behavior is excepted!" Cathy exclaimed as Lightning started to move, "But if he covers his eyes, I'll do it and we can get a move on!"

Confession Cams: Mother and Son:

Adam: We are in last place because someone wouldn't let me climb the pyramid!

Cathy: I did too, once you had enough padding

Adam: And us having to climb down instead of sliding?

Cathy: Sliding down would've been far too dangerous! I'm not about to let my baby break his neck sliding down a pyramid on a board!

End of confession cams.

Meanwhile back at the chill zone Don was standing next to the Actors, who still had 5 minutes left on the clock, "Here we have the Actors, and with only three other teams left their fear is greatly earned!" Don exclaimed, however, Gavin wasn't scared at all, in fact, he looked kind of angry. The BFFFL's and Mother and Son have completed the task and are currently racing to the finish line, Mother and Son look like they're beginning to catch up, but a shout is heard from afar, "SHA-LIGHTNING!" Lightning's voice can be heard as he and Kobe start running and the Actors clock hits 0, "Actors, your in fifteenth!" Don said as Gavin turned to Ryan, "Pick it up," He commanded as he walked off to join the other teams. Meanwhile the three teams were beginning to reach the finish line, "Athletes, your in sixteenth!" Don exclaimed as the Athletes overtook the two teams and passed the carpet of completion, and shortly after him, Mother and Son were close to overtaking the BFFFL's however, they just weren't quite fast enough and the BFFFL's made it first, "BFFFL's your in seventeenth, Mother and Son, this race is about alot, but it's definately NOT about safety, I'm sorry, but you're out, but even had you have caught up with the BFFFL's, you would've still had a penalty for not sliding down," Don said as Katie and Sadie screamed and hugged eachother.

Flashbacks of their performance begins to appear, "First one out, well that sucks," Cathy started, "And while I didn't get to spend alot of time with my son like I wanted, I still had alot of fun, right Adam?" "Yeah mom, I got to do alot of things I never thought I'd get the chance of doing, would definately try again if we get the chance!" Adam responded, "Oh no, never going to happen again, these shows are much too dangerous!" Cathy exclaimed.

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