Trey (TDIOT)
Team B
Gender Male
Hair color TBA
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends Hannah
Enemies TBA
Fear TBA
Talent Movie Maker

Trey labeled The Ambitious Filmier is a contestant on Total Drama Isle of Terror.


Hollywood is the place of everyone's dreams, including Trey's. Trey constantly tries to make movies above ametuer level and constantly stays inside to edit them. Due to this, he doesn't seem to get along with others yet still takes everyone's opinion of him seriously and could get depressed at negative ones.

Audition Tape

The camera was at a street showing people playing, then the camera cut to a house, and then a room. A silhouette of a small teen was seen in the middle of the room. "This season..." The camera went to a view of the streets. "A new competitor..." The camera cut to a school "Will rule the school... Will win the contest... this contestant is..." The screen went black then revealed a picture of Trey. "Trey Domwell. Watch him win, November 2014."

Total Drama Isle of Terror



  • Trey is the first serious male character that has a dream of a job.

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