• Trent: Last time on Total Drama, Gwen went behind our backs to kiss Duncan. I even went crazy because of it. To make matters worse, she started getting closer and broke up with me because of my paranoia towards her. Even Courtney knows about Gwuncan, after my elimination, and the following season. Courtney?
    Courtney: Yeah. I agree with Trent. They also made me act crazy enough to team up with Trent and take them down. At least we would trust Alejandro, our unstoppable friend. He even revealed their kiss and got them in trouble with us. Roll the revenge tape, Trent!
    (Trent rolls the tape; first tape shows Gwen eating the pizza she dropped from the ground, which is covered in worms, dirt, and toenail clippings; second clip shows Gwen trimming her toenails with a powertool; final clip shows Gwen letting out her gut and then burping and farting at the same time, breaking the screen in the process)
    Trent: Geoff was right; if you burp and fart at the same time, you have no soul.
    Courtney: I forvige and agree with you. You're not a loser; Gwen is a soulless loser.
    Trent and Courtney: Take that Boyfriend Kisser!


  • Gwen receives her payback for making Trent crazy in TDA.
  • Trent and Courtney trust Alejandro for getting Duncan and Gwen expelled from "Total Drama World Tour"

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