·James ·Aubrey ·Charles ·Jakez ·Savannah ·Garia ·Juan ·Kimora ·Marylin ·Ashley ·Gavin ·Evan ·Kayla ·Jamiya ·CJ ·Corey ·Kenya ·Valena ·Ben ·Isaiah ·Xavier ·Ma'lajah ·Mac ·Myah

team order

Team Raw Captain 1:Evan Team Smack Captain 1:Kenya

Raw:Xavier Smack:CJ Raw:Myah Smack:Kimora Raw:Ben Smack:Mac Raw:Ashley Smack:Valena Raw:Juan Smack:Corey Raw:Gavin Smack:Charles Raw:Savannah Smack:Ma'lajah Raw:Iasiah Smack:Jakez Raw:Jamiya Smack:Garia Raw:James Smack:Kayla Raw:Aubrey Smack:Marylin

EPISODE 1 The contestants were in line when Mike,the host,welcomed them to Total Drama Slammed. He drew the Raw and Smack tribes.12 were in Raw and 12 were in Smack.In the Raw tribe,Gavin walked to Ashley.

Gavin:Heyyyyyyyyyy...How are you doing? Ashley:Fine.Are you excited that there is our first challenge? Gavin:Yeah.I heard it's going to be a race. Ashley:I hope Raw tribe wins. Mike:Contestants, Come to challenge 1 grounds!!!

The contestants walked to challenge 1 which was the start of a waterfall.

Challenge 1:The captains pick 3 of their tribe members.The first pick jumps in the waterfall with a patton.They have to swim to the wooden pad and give the patton to the second pick who paddles to land and give the patton to the final pick.They have to run all the way to the finish line and press the Slammed button.

Raw tribe picked Myah,Juan,and Ben.Smack tribe picked Jakez,Garia,and Kimora.The bell came on and Jakez and Myah jumped and swam to the pad.They gave the pattons to Juan and Garia.They pattled fast and gave it to Kimora and Ben.They ran super fast but Ben won challenge 1 to win for Smack tribe.

In Smack tribe,Corey,Mac,and Garia sat with a glass of coke.

Garia:Did you see how Ben ran?that was sooooooo fast. Mac:Yeah and you were fast too.You rode that paddle fast. Garia:I know.What's wrong Corey? Corey:I...I just wanted our tribe to win. Garia:It's okay.We always got a next challenge. Mike:Smack tribe,come to the campfire. Mac:Here we go.

Smack tribe came to the campfire.Mike gave the first marshmallow to Kimora,the second to Charles,the third to Garia,the fourth to Jakez,the fifth to Kayla,the sixth to CJ,the seventh to Marylin and the eighth to Mac.Kenya,Corey,Ma'lajah and Valena didn't get a marshmallow yet.The ninth goes to Kenya,the tenth to Ma'lajah and the eleventh to Corey. ELIMINATED:VALENA

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