The heroic hamster, is 1 of the 2 teams faced in, total drama all stars (the other are the villains vultures), consists of 7 members (all men) originally gumball, was this team but changes with plankton in the episode 3


  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Gumball :changes teams in episode 3
  • Darwin
  • Rigby : He was eliminated in Heroes vs Villains when there are 7 people on the team
  • Mordecai : It was eliminated when there are 6 people in the team
  • Spongebob

additional members

  • Plankton : changes teams in episode 3 with gumball. Return to the vultures villains in episode 6

Rank Eliminate of




Merge Episode of


Reason of


Rigby 14° Not Heroes vs Villains he lied about his physical condition
Mordecai 10° Not Moon Madness Finn convinces the team to remove it
Spongebob Not all you can eat Finn convinces his teammates to remove him
Finn Yes Race boats  Plankton learns of the alliance he wanted to form and convinces the ancient vultures to eliminate it


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