Total drama All-stars Cartoons is a fan-fic by Desconocido123. It has twelve stars of cartoon network and two of nickelodeon



Chris- The Host


  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Ice king
  • Gunter
  • Mordecai
  • Rigby
  • Muscleman
  • Benson
  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Mr.Robinson
  • Ms.Robinson
  • Spongebob
  • Plankton


Chapters 1 - Heroes vs Villains

Heroes vs Villains
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge Find a key in the lake and push your team mate in a carriage to the spa hotel.
Reward Staying a night in the McLean-Brand Spa Hotel; shovels in the next challenge
Winner(s) read episode
Eliminated read episode
Episode Guide

Chris : Hi, I'm your host Chris MacLean, bringing the best reality show of the moment, total drama: all stars, fourteen contestants very famous series, were invited to participate in this program

the sound of a boat is heard

Chris : and there are

gumball darwin appears above

Chris : because it is mounted on you

Gumball : we want to give a grand entrance

Chris : if, if we continue. Mordecai

Mordecai : old hello, the place is not like the brochure

Chris : your only continuous

Chris : Rigby

Rigby : if, presenting the winner of the million dollars

Chris: clear, continuous. Benson and Muscle man

both they ignore chris

Chris: will not have a comment

Benson: I want to win for my fast millon

Muscle man: I thought it was for the park

Benson: If course, continuous

Both go

Chris: Finn and Jake

Finn: Let brother, I challenge you to a race

they run away

Chris: Ice king and Gunter

Ice king: go that place so strange, who will be my teammates

Chris: I'll say at a time

The ice king, leaves

Chris: Mr and Mrs Robinson


Chris: Well, now the penultimate SpongeBob

Spongebob: Wow, it's amazing to be here

Chris: and plankton

Plankton: when I win this I ...

Chris: yes, if you see with others It sees all together Chris: good guys, teams this season are according to their behavior in their series.

Finn, Jake, Mordecai, Rigby, Spongebob, Gumball and Darwin are ....

Hamster heroic


Ice King, Gunter, Benson, Muscular, Plankton, mr.robinson and mrs robinson are ...., Vuitres villains


Benson: I a villain, not happens to the producers by the brain

Mr.robinson: ok, is not because I'm on this computer

We see Essenes of MR.robinson burlandoce pain and gumball darwin

I do not know

Finn: I wonder what we will do first

End of confessions

Chris: his first challenge is jumping off that cliff, grab the key, if it is correct chris allow them to open the hotel.

Jake: Well, we win team

We see the villains plotting his strategy

Benson, muscle man, your leading the cart, the rest jump

Jake: boys I ...

Rigby: I'll take the baby shopping

Mordecai: we should not

Rigby: I do it (shouts)


Modecai: not that optimistic not only that, well lose the challenge by Rigby Muscle man: Rigby placed heroes like pushing, and they lost.

so confessions
after seeing as the six villains are thrown to alcantilado and wait their turn the heroes await Gumba

Finn: Old're the first, we need you to do

Gumball: never

Finn: Let him

the five heroes, without gumball, jump, but see that vast majority of the villains will jump again. Jake comes to Cart

Jake: pushes

Rigby: I try.

After half time the teams still do not find the key

Rigby: finally the last

Finn: and villains have gone three times ca removed one apurate

on the hill

Mordecai holds gumball

Mordecai: I'm sorry brother

mordecai gumball strip the water, grab a key, but before he could show plankton takes it off

Plankton: iva knew what happen, that would be the key to the hotel and now I will try

End of confessions

Plankton: I have the key

Muscle man and plankton, go to the hotel where plankton manages to open the hotel giving victory to the villains

Chris: vultures win, I see heroes in the elimination ceremony

and at the ceremony

Chris: can start voting.

we see the heroes voting

The first marshmallow is for finn, jake continues, mordecai, darwin and spongebob.

Chris: gumball these endangered by not throw you into the water and your Rigby by lying on your physical condition and lose the team, the last mavavisco is for ....


Rigby: if

Chris: is the eliminated today, takes gumball

going to the toilet

Rigby: this is disgusting

Chris: one goes here are thirteen total drama all stars

Chapter 2 - Evil Dread

Evil dread
Season 1, Episode 2
Challenge Dig up 3D puzzle pieces and use them to assemble an international landmark
Reward Staying a night at the eco-friendly McLean Spa Hotel; a head start in the next challenge
Winner(s) Read episode
Eliminated Read episode
Episode Guide

Chris: In the previous episode of total drama, contestants fourteen fought, Heroes (7) vs Villains (7), where at the end the villains left with the victory, and a hero (Rigby) had to say hello to the toilet they are missing one in thirteen here, total drama all-star

We see the hotel spa

Muscle man: go, I never want to leave here

Benson: I would also like to be always here, but that would have to win all challenges

Plankton: the heroes are losers, and now there are only six, do not see it so difficult

ice king: very good point

Chris (bullhorn): all contestants go to the beach

on the beach

Chris: Well you already are all ?. ok, your challenge is, look for pieces of a monument to the villains, the leaning tower of Pisa and heroes, the Statue of Liberty

Search begins and gumball falls into a trap, his teammates help him out

Chris: forget to tell you, there are some pitfalls

but while they dig something happens

Ice King (digging with a shovel): I feel something is a piece

will place

Chris: and villains take the lead

Villains: 1 Heroes: 0

Finn: updates the game Chris

Finn says with a piece in his hand

Chris: and heroes in less than a second equalized the score

Villains : 1 Heroes : 1

They go to commercial

Chris: after an hour both teams are still tied and the million dollar question is known. SO WHY TAKE

Plankton: chris sorry, but now is 2 to 1

Ice King: no plankton is 3 to 1

Mr.Robinson: both are wrong, really is 5 to 1


MR.Robinson: had those pieces long ago, but waited for the perfect moment

Mordecai: no, they can earn 2 times in a row, we team

so confessions

Chris: an incredible result

Villains: 5 Heroes: 1

Ice king: Increases chris result

Chris: 2 more, this challenge is made for villains

Villains 7 Heroes: 1

Muscle man: start to build

Jake: We Lost

Finn: no

dig like crazy, pulling many pieces

Chris: two, three, four, five, six, seven. Incredible tie again

Villains: 7 Heroes: 7

Finn: Start without me, I'll keep looking

both teams realize that missing a piece

Mr. Robinson: muscle man, sure you checked all sides

Muscle man: yes, the whole place

Ice King: I found the last

the spear muscle man

Finn: I also (throws it to where your team)

piece flies falling exactly where missing a piece

Chris: the heroes win, villains I see at the ceremony.

They begin to vote

Chris: In a 4-1-2, hard-fought, those who have no vote Ice king, SR and SRM Robinson and plankton, with a single vote, your Muscle man, are in danger to lose your team, and your benson for your campaign to eliminate annoying muscle man

Muscle man: that

Chris : nothing

Chris: deleted is ... Muscle man

in the toilet

Muscle man: oh no

Muscle man gets stuck, the chef will unstuck

Chris : and 2, well almost, missing twelve check who is next in Total Drama All-stars

Chapter 3 - Paint War

Paint war
Challenge(s) Choose between 2 boxes with arms (one better than another); Beat the opposing team in a war paint
Winner(s) Read episode
Eliminated Read episode
Episode Guide


" Evil dread "


" "

Chris: in the previous chapter, 13 contestants seek pieces all over the island, in the end, despite considerable "numerical advantage," villains, failed to win the challenge, and the heroes won for the first time, can the heroes continue their late blight or resurface villains, look at it in, total drama all-stars

Chris (bullhorn): campers, present in the forest

Campers arrive

Chris: his challenge today is to look for weapons, for something to be held later, the heroes have won the previous challenge advantage a minute

They run the heroes

Vemos a los villanos

Plankton: not, as it is possible we lost the last challenge

Benson: come on guys, we can still win this, time wound up in 3 ... 2..1

ice king : go

the heroes are very close to reaching, but the villains come first

Finn: impossible

Chris: villains earn heavy weapons

Benson: a cannon, what if (the firing mrs Robinson)

Sr.Robinson: these crazy

Chris: and heroes 6 villains 5

SR.Robinson: that counts

Chris: Clearly, if

we see the heroes

Finn: ok guys, we win the challenge, Gumball and Darwin, stay in the cave the rest, we will hunt

Scene changes and we see SpongeBob and plankton hiding to shoot

Plankton: time to even the score

But before that, another villain shoots

Plankton: NO

Plankton jumps to where bob and paint hits it to the

Spongebob: why you save me?

Plankton: because it eliminates you be me

Chris: Plankton disqualified

Spongebob run

Ice king: Silly

We see how goes hunting benson

confessional Benson: I will be who wins by the team

End of confessions

Benson takes it (shoot finn)

Chris: heroes 5, villains 4

Gumball: oh no


Gumball: because I worry if we are winning is because we removed the ammunition, and divided among themselves, so if eliminate them, the challenge was just

end of Confessional

We see 3 villains

Sr.Robinson: we are all

Ice king: Benson seceded but who cares

Jake: my (Jake and shoot and disqualify mordecai 3)

Mordecai: win

Benson: I do not think so (and jake runs ,shoot mordecai)

Benson: and now the cave


Benson: If I know the plan, so go there and look, another special weapon submachine gun with this baby shall gain

End Confessional

Benson reaches the cave

Benson: are out, shoot submachine gun

Gumball: no

Gumball darwin used as a shield, jake arrives and destroys the submachine

Benson: Silly

Jake grabs, loading

Jake: Endgame (shoot benson)

Benson: Nooooo

At the ceremony

Chris: Four votes will not lie, you're out benson, but before I will make a change of team ,Today, a hero behaved like a villain and a villain as a hero, Gumball and plankton change teams

All : Whats

Chris: We're going fast

Plankton and Gumball shift

in the toilet

Benson: Noooo

It gets stuck

Chris : go 3 (almost) missing 11 here in total drama all-stars cartons

Chapter 4 - Olympic drama

Olympic Drama
Challenge(s) beat the other team in a football game; in a 1 vs 1 win an obstacle course; Beat the other team in a race
Winner(s) Read episode
Eliminated Read episode
Episode Guide


" Evil dread "


"Monn madnes"

Chris: in the previous episode 12 contestants fought in a 6 v 6 in war paint, in the end a villain could not win the challenge and was eliminated, there were 2 changes, the villains will return to win? how long the equipment change? checks in total drama all-stars

Chris (bullhorn): all contestants in the dining room at 6 am

It is 10 am and arrives chris

Finn: We promised a challenge 4 hours ago

Chris: are crazy, I have a life. Anyway, prepared for the first "Drama Olympics"

ALL : What

Chris: as heard, he will be the first sport (reaches into a bag) football depart out preparing

the chef sits, we see plankton exchange for heroes, starts the game

the villains take, sr.robinson passes to Ice king, he happens to almost all heroes, Ice robinson king returns, the kicks and grabs a goal
Villains 1 - Heroes 0

Sr.Robinson: incredible, gumball is archer

take the heroes, finn passes to jake (who plays goalkeeper), jake kicks hard, gumball not grab the balloon marker equals
Villains 1 - Heores 1

The villains go, but takes it off finn, finn runs to the opponent's court and scores
Villains 1 - Heroes 2

the villains take, finn steal it again, this time passes to darwin, which kicks and scores
Villains 1 - Heroes 3

The villains take, mordecai steals, kicks and goal ago
Villains 1 - Heroes 4

take the villains, jake leaves the bow, kick but the cap, sponge bob, he shoots and goal
Villains 1 - Heroes 5

(He gave me too lazy to write more so) Chris: ends the game
Villains 1 - Heroes 345

there is a point for heroes and finn medal for best player, we go for the second game : obstacle race

we see finn, and Mr. robinson, fighting for victory


Sr.robinson: somo was thinking and said the villains vultures, let us show what we are
End of confessional

Mr. robinson hits finn, and stays with victory

Jake is cheating

Chris: are villains, villains win

Mordecai: that's unfair

Plankton: up and that I was wrong

Spongebob: cheater

Darwin: it is not worth

Gumball: Tie

Ice king: incredible, continue

Chris: For the tiebreaker, the two teams together must complete a track meet

the race begins, the heroes take the lead as gumball begins, gumball falls and slips, all of his team makes you angry, comes the turn of mordecai (which is in very bad physical condition) finally runs the ice king , reaches the other side, heroes and tied villains, so until the last part, Mr. robinson takes advantage to finn, but before passing sees gumball and stops, remember what gumball to done in one day on the computer, finn overcomes

Chris : heroes ganan

in the cabin of the villains without gumball

Ice king: you were winning, because you let yourself win

Mr. Robinson: I just thought, in everything he did gumball, I went crazy and almost missed, it is time to remove

at the ceremony

Chris: I'll be honest, it was not incompatible, no votes Mr. robinson, Sra.robinson, Gunter, and with four votes is eliminated (suspenson music 'is heard)' Gumball

Gumball: no, I demand a recount, he was not just fixed (crying)

Chris: chef

the chef grabs him and shoves it down the toilet, but when chris makes the toilet is empty, trapped his head

Moon Madness
Challenge(s) catch team members who go crazy
Winner(s) Read episode
Eliminated Read episode
Episode Guide


"Olimpy drama"


" "

Chris: not again, is 4 now, here are 10 total drama all-stars

Chapter 5 - Moon Madness

Chris: In the previous episode, the 11 contestants participated in the "drama Olympics", where there were winners and losers, but in the end a camper said goodbye, can the villains emerge? Or the heroes win again, here in checks, total drama all-stars

Chris (bullhorn): all contestants, introduce yourself in the forest

we see the contestants in the forest

jake: that will be the next challenge

Finn: I do not know, but we must win

Chris (bullhorn): good campers, the reason for bringing him here to the forest is simple, at this time of year a phenomenon strange call comes "Blue Moon", which drives them crazy animals, team members who are not crazy. must catch the others before the end, the team with more contestants, according to the number that are winning the challenge. This phenomenon will occur in 3 .... 2 ... 1

nothing happens everyone laughs, but after a few seconds all the animals go crazy, unaffected (Finn, Ice King, MR and Mrs Robinson) run for their lives, finn manages to hide, but the villains are persecuted by gunter.

Finn: I must devise a ... (feel something bites foot) is plankton

Grabs it and puts it in the cage, it turns out, the meter it again, but this time tied with tape so that does not leave

Finn: right now to look for darwin (after a cut, we see fishing, an aggressive fish (not darwin) the kicks appears) not only my friends, all animals have gone mad (returns fishing and leaves darwin, the causes pursues, until he puts his foot and darwin falls to cage) good there are 2

Chris: the hero, takes 40%, the villains nothing

MR Robinson (running gunter): this will be a long episode

Finn: now looking for the rest of my team

After an hour we see finn, jake in his arms tucking into the cage

Finn: Well, now to the last, to the trees

Meanwhile the villains

MR Robinson (running gunter): guys, and if we run in the opposite direction, and we locked ourselves with the beast

SRA Robinson (running gunter): these crazy kill us

Ice King (running gunter) have to try
Dirreccion villains change, change of scene we see finn in the trees

Finn: at any time

We see a mordecai with a blind rage, attacking everything that is crossed (in this case Finn), collide and starts a fight, for more attempts finn, fails metero to the cage, the villains come and enclose with gunter, which is still chasing, finn hits mordecai, but in a second chris announces the end of the challenge, all back to normal

Plankton: untie me

Mordecai: what happened to my eye

Chris: heroes, you lose

Finn: I caught 4

Chris: Yeah, but I said that his team has more secu those who are transformed, they have 100%, but you have 80%

Finn: no!

Mordecai: at least we know the deleted

in the cabin without mordecai

Finn: We must eliminate mordecai

Spongebob: because, you were the one who Hiz lose us

Finn had to catch a 5 not to 1, the fault was it, vote for the

5 meet your hands and say by mordecai, exept spongebob who thinks a little

At the ceremony

Chris: star to vote

we all vote

Chris: no votes Spongebob, Plankton, jake, darwin

Chris: and in a 3v2, is deleted

Mordecai (tells finn) were eliminated

Finn: That's for Verce

Chris: finn, gets the last marshmallow 

Mordecai: no, can not be

and in the toilet

Mordecai is cheating (he says while being dragged down the toilet)

and 5, there are nine in total drama all stars

Chapter 6 - the last man standing

the last time total drama all-stars cartoon, the remaining 10 clashed among themselves, a challenge that where the villains had not succeeded, I would have given this team worth.

But in the end if they won, and now have nine here in total drama all stars cartoon

Chris (bullhorn): all campers stay in your cabins, the challenge is very easy, just have to stay awake, the last one standing wins the challenge for his team, start


Finn: Delete Mordecai, and now you just have to be awake to win the challenge, it could not be easier

End of confessions

it is 6 pm and neither team has a participant asleep

in the cabin of the heroes

Finn: The hotel spa is waiting for us

SpongeBob SquarePants as you know

Jake: It's bedtime for the Ice King

In the hotel spa

MR. Robinson: I can not believe the lies at this hour of truth

SRA.Robinson: me, me, me, me, me

Gunter (makes a sound Penguin)

MR. Robinson: without the ice cream king'm alone on this team

9 pm

Cottage heroes

Finn: boys have to endure

Darwin: as you do not yawn

Finn: easy darwin, jake and I are prepared for all kinds of things, no matter where or what time, stas me jake

We see that jake is sleeping like a log (refer to pokemon)

Finn: rays

Spa hotel

Mr. robinson is asleep, there are only gunter and Mrs. robinson

we see a room in which this is chris watching episode

Chris: I think we better just the heroes, say gunter not speak and Mrs. robinson just says "me me"

3 am

We see the heroes

Finn: I'm going crazy, why not end the challenge, when finished, will not be

Darwin: we have to fight against sleep as Plankton

Plankton: That's right guys I never sleep (falls down to sleep)

Finn: we are lost

Volvemo to the observation room

Chris: oh no I fell asleep, I think everyone is asleep

Chris sees the cameras and go all the heroes asleep, but in the hotel spa still awake Sr.robinson

Chris: villains win

At the elimination ceremony

Chris: Today the heroes were very vague and one goes home

Plankton: I, I'm giving up

Spongebob: Why?

Plankton: I can not stand more, I'm not a hero, and I have to be with the bad

Chris: Good for you Plankton removed because the hero is the villain today tomorrow

Plankton: if

Chris: nobody was not today, but see who is eliminated in the next chapter of Total ... Drama ... All-stars ... Cartoon

Chapter 7 - all you can eat

Chris: In the previous episode, nine contestants fought against sleep, only one I succeed, then sleeping follows the breakfast, exact last nine as a final test will have competition for food, find out who wins, Total ... Drama ... All-stars ... Cartoon

We see the villains gathered in his hotel spa

Ice king: Plankton your return, we return to the numerical superiority, we must be close together

Plankton: You know, this episode is midseason, maybe there is no team in the next episode

Sr.Robinson: perhaps we must accept that some day we would have to separate

Chris (bullhorn): all contestants in the yard now

and in the yard

Chris: Put on your swimsuits, because today fished another food

Jake: who

Chris: You'll know

in the lake

Chris: swim and bring the biggest fish they see

All contestants: OK

Finn: rays, did not want to swim

Darwin: I can take quiet

Darwin goes to the bottom of the lake and brings all the sins that you cross

Darwin: win

All heroes: if

Chris: lack even do not win the second half and finished the villains

Ice king: I have it, "Gunter" (comes gunter) vomits your breakfast

Gunter vomits the breakfast, which was more than 7 fish

Chris: ok that counts

they go to the dining room

now the chef cooked fish will have to eat the opposing team

Villains: Yes

Heroes: Yuck

Finn: Lets start

Darwin: I can not cannibalism

Spongebob: what others may think my friends at home

Finn: We are alone jake (not jake)


Finn: those stupid fools, fools hate sweep away all

End of confessions

at the table of the villains

SR Robinson: ice king, it is not for nothing, but heroes carry 85%

Finn vomits and goes down to 75%

Finn: I have to eat my vomit

Chris: if

SR.Robinson: 75% good, we must begin

Ice king: 75% and eats gunter

Gunter eat 3 fish and villains rise from 0% to 75%

Finn: no

Finn eats very fast, reaching 99% percent, but gunter fish eaten before that

villains win

Finn runs to the bathroom to vomit


Finn: Spongebob and Darwin did not help me and jake disappeared, someone kicked tonight anger

Jake: I hid not going to eat fish spewed superheated

In the cabin

Finn: vote for darwin

Spongebob: because, you you took us to defeat

Finn: if you are not with me, these against me

At the ceremony

Chris: the votes were counted, the only one who did not receive votes was jake, takes

Chris: see the votes

Finn: If you think that sponge fails to eliminate this more than me wrong

Spongebob: Finn, we are not villains heroes must not eliminate people that way

Darwin: vote for me, I could not eat fish

Chris: Before you go, take your marshmallow darwin, because the eliminated is ...

Jake: SpongeBob

Chris: you ruined my surprise

We see bob on the toilet

Chris: soon

Vaja bob lever and is sucked down the toilet

Chris: and 6 and went down the toilet, left over 8 here at Total ... Drama ... All-stars ... Cartoon

Chapter 8 - Race boats

Chris: In the previous episode, the last 9 campers had to hunt their lunch, but not theirs the enemy, in the end the ferocious appetite of gunter led the villains to win third consecutive and fourth overall, are 8 campers here at Total ... Drama ... All-stars ... Cartoon

Chris: campers leave their cabins. I have something special for you

ice king: that is so special

Finn: You better be good

Jake: that is

Chris: so the team. No more hamster or vultures, from this day forward each camper on your own

Darwin and which will first challenge

Chris: carrra boat

Plankton: I can not drive a boat

Chris: Incidentally, in the spring there is one toy for you

Sr.Robinson: run

all campers run with all his might


Finn: If the teams finished, this will be interesting

mr.robinson: with dissolved this team will be much more fun

sra.robinson: me, me, me

King ice cream comes first

Ice king: let gunter, make the game more interesting

The ice cream king destroys a boat and goes with gunter

then arrive robinson

sr.robinson: up to vote

they 2 go

then comes plankton that puts her, running toy boat

and finally the heroes

Finn: one is that raft

Jake: we have to go three

Darwin: Well no problem

and on the raft

Finn: boys make an alliance

Darwin: an alliance

Finn: If an alliance is called, "alliance HEROES"

Jake: I like the idea

Finn: Well guys, we must eliminate the villains, we outnumber

They keep talking about it knowing that they are heard by plankton

We see the race, the ice king comes first and wins immunity, after a while appear all campers

Chris: ice cream king wins, and can share the spa hotel with one of you

Ice king: and I have decided, is gunter and just

Chris: I see them in the campfire

We see the villains assembled

Plankton: in short the eliminated one by one

Ice king: we will do

Plankton: A villainous alliance

sr.robinson: by whom will vote

Plankton: by ......

At the ceremony

chris: good guys the votes were counted, the first marshmallow is for, ice king, because he has immunity, now no votes without immunity, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Gunter, Darwin, Jake. Is a marshmallow and two campers the first eliminated from the second phase is ............ Finn

Finn: but as

Plankton: lets say I have a good ear

Jake: what will happen with the alliance

Finn can not break without my

They go to the toilet where this finn

Finn: I can not, keep the alliance

Chris: and that is 7, foul 7 here in Total ... Drama ... All-stars ... Cartoon

Chapter 9 - Hidden in the forest

Chris: In the previous episode, the 8 finalists ran across the lake with their boats two alliance was formed, but only one will survive the end of this episode here at Total ... Drama ... All-stars ... Cartoon


Jake: The previous episode was very difficult, arrived last and although we created an alliance, we eliminated the creator, even so we did not break the alliance

Darwin: I can not believe it, as is possible tomammos not consider that a gossipy listening to us

Plankton: Yesterday guys, we did something great our alliance will take us to the top five

Ice King: I do not know plankton, I believe we are many. What are we when it's time to eliminate us?

Mr.Robinson: It has a good point, this alliance is too big, if there were 10 or 11 finalists would be a good idea, but there are less than 8 exactly 7. This alliance is a bad idea.

Plantkton: But boys, you do not see Mrs. Robinson Complaining, nor Gunter

Ice King: Mrs. Robinson only says "ME" and Gunter does not know how to speak


Plankton: they are idiots or that, we can eliminate all the Heroes and they do not listen to me, I hate them


End of confessions

Jake: The numerical advantage that leads us is giant

Darwin: I know, if we want to reach even the best 3, and I mean that only one arrives we need something more than luck

Chris: Guys and girl, report in the woods

(All reach the forest)

Chris: Everyone will have a GPS

Chef: Chris does not reach for everyone, there are only 3

Chris: Well, Jake and Darwin, they'll have one, Gunter and Ice King have one, and those that are missing (Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Robinson with Plankton). Use the gps will take you to your challenge

(3 hours have passed and teams are very far from their huts.Chris enters panic)

Chris: that happens to me to give a gps to some animals, how silly I have been

Chris (megaphone): Guys, since none of you know how to use a GPS, the new challenge is to go back to the camp, Fuck the original challenge was to eat sugar candy until I can not, but I can not do that

(We see Plankton with Mr Robinson and Mrs Robinson)

Plankton: how I hate that chris

Mr Robinson: I agree and your love

Mrs. Robinson: Me me meme me

SR Robinson: What's up, I think it means something


Plankton: oh no, she listened when I said stupid to my alliance members. If they find out I'm out

End of confessions

Jake: Well Darwin, we're on the same team, you better start with this challenge, you do not believe

Darwin: Yes, but where are we going?

Jake: I do not know

Darwin: What I feared, we can not return if we do not know where we are going. One moment you can not stretch yourself

Jake: I would not be cheating and would be disqualified.

Darwin: I do not like it

Jake: I know, it's horrible, but I can use my super nose to find the camp

Darwin: Do It

(Jake begins to sniff, but falls to the ground as if struck)

Darwin: What happened?

Jake: I sniffed lunch.

Darwin: that's bad

(We went to see Ice King and Gunter)

Ice king: well gunter, I'm all mixed up if I use a gps, so I see, this is no longer the challenge, do not eat more cotton candy, you understood me


Ice king: you really can not talk, because you've come so far

Gunter: (sounds of penguin)

Ice king: just walk in that direction, 3 hours, that boring

(We changed to see Mr Robinsons with Plankton)

SRa Robinson: meme meme me me ME

Plankton: You do not find it very annoying

Mr Robinson: I never thought I would say this, but yes, I find it very annoying, rather than gumball or darwin

Plankton: I could not stand another episode with her

SR robinson: You're right, it's enough if we do not win the elimination of the competition

(Let's see jake and darwin)

Jake: We're getting closer.

Darwin: If we spent so much time, we arrived ... Wait what?

Chris: Last, but quiet are not out (even), still have to go to the ceremony, preparence, Ice king gains immunity

(Moments before the ceremony)

Mr. Robinson: I'm sorry, but you're out.

Mrs. Robinson turns on a computer, goes to the gugol translator, writes what she has been saying and translates ..

(At the ceremony)

Chris: You made decisions, and that's what brings us here, at the end of the ceremony, the one who does not have a marshmallow will be eliminated, they heard

Ice king: Begins

Chris: Ok, the ice king has the first one (the ice king gets up and grabs the marshmallow), and Darwin, Jake and Sr robinson, have no votes against (everyone gets up and picks up his marshmallow) Gunter either (this time , Chris throws the marshmallow) and the total drama eliminated All stars is ....

Plankton: give me the marshmallow

Chris: no, Plankton has been deleted

Plankton: It's impossible

(in the toilet )

Chris: Bye!

Plankton: Nooooo, I will be back

Chris: will not do it, there are not enough episodes, who will be next? Will the Ice King return to win challenge? Will Gunter finally be eliminated? Discover it in the next episode of total drama All star Cartoons


order of elimination

contestant Team series       state    Place. Merge
Rigby heroic hamster Regular show 1ª eliminate
en Héroes vs. Villanos
14ª No-Merge
Muscle man Vultures villains 2ª eliminate
en Evil dread
Benson 3ª eliminate
en Paint War
Gumball TAWOG 4ª eliminate
en Olympy drama
Mordecai heroic hamster Regular show 5ª eliminate
en moon madnes
SpongeBob Spongebob 6ª eliminate
en all you can eat
Finn Adventure time 7ª eliminate
en Race boats
Plankton Vultures villains Spongebob 8ª eliminate
en Hidden in the forest

Elimination table

Elimination Table
place competitor EP1 EP2 EP3 EP4 EP5 EP6 EP7 EP8 EP9 EP10 EP11 EP12 EP13
TBA° SR.Robinson Win CONT. risk CONT. Win Win Win CONT. CONT.
TBA° Ice king Win CONT. CONT. risk Win Win Win Win Win
TBA°  SRM.Robinson Win CONT. CONT. CONT. Win Win Win CONT. risk
TBA° Gunter Win CONT. CONT. CONT. Win Win Win CONT. CONT.
Plankton Win CONT. CONT. Win CONT. risk Win risk OUT
Finn CONT. Win Win Win risk CONT. risk OUT
Spongebob CONT. Win Win Win CONT. CONT. OUT
10° Mordecai CONT. Win Win win OUT
11° Gumball risk Win Win OUT
12° Benson Win risk OUT
13° Muscle man Win OUT
14° Rigby OUT

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