32 pokemon have signed up for an experience like non-other. To live together on an island, and voting each other off until only 1 remains. Who will win, who will give in to the drama, and who will backstab their best friends. Find out this season on Total Pokemon Island!


Male Female
Bonsly Axew
Eevee Bulbasaur
Flabebe Cherubi
Litleo Cyndaquil
Litwick Dedenne
Misdreavus Fennekin
Murkrow Honedge
Oshawatt Lickitung
Pichu Mareep
Pinsir Pineco
Riolu Piplup
Skrelp Seviper
Throh Shellos
Trapinch Snorunt
Treecko Venipede
Zangoose Zubat

Chapter 1 "Race to the start"

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