Meet the contestants

  1. Zoey
  2. Dakota
  3. Anne Maria
  4. Dawn
  5. Staci (16th)
  6. Jo
  7. Beth (18th)
  8. Leshawna
  9. Eva
  10. Lindsey
  11. Heather
  12. Courtney (20th)
  13. Gwen (19th)
  14. Izzy (15th)
  15. Bridgette
  16. Sierra
  17. Blainley (17th)
  18. Brick
  19. Harold
  20. Duncan

Current Teams

Fierce Fries:

  1. Jo
  2. Leshawna
  3. Eva
  4. Harold
  5. Lindsey
  6. Sierra
  7. Zoey

Cool Ice:

  1. Dawn
  2. Bridgette
  3. Brick
  4. Anne Maria
  5. Heather
  6. Dakota
  7. Duncan


Courtney (20th)

Gwen (19th)

Beth (18th)

Blainley (17th)

Staci (16th)

Izzy (15th)


Chris: Welcome to Total Fat Island. Today 20 people will become fat with this toxic I will hide in their bottles of coke(s) and fries in the cabins. They will be staying in an island with no technology and no contact with anyone outside of the island. These contestants don't know they become fat, but they and their parents signed a contract sooooo yeah.

Episode 1

Chris: Hello everyone I am your host Chris McLean. Welcome to your new home. Take a good look around you. The person in front if you might be your new best friend. While the person behind you might stab you in the back. Either way, we are just getting started. Fries will have the cabin to the left and Ice will have the cabin to the right.

*In the Fierce Fry cabin*

Gwen: Looks like we got some fries as good luck from the producers

*Heather in confession* Heather: Out of all 6 seasons and spin off there has never been a sign of good luck, maybe Chris changed his ways.

*Fierce Fries all eat fries*

Eva: What is happening to us.

*in the cool ice cabin*

Zoey: Ohh Coke.

Lindsey: we should all drink it together:

*everyone drinks their coke*

Bridgette: Why do I feel weird

Chris on speaker: Everyone to the beach

*cuts to beach*

Chris: what took you so long.

Heather: We couldn't fit through the doors because YOU made us extremely fat.

Chris: yeah yeah excuses excuses. Time for your challenge. The challenge is to eat/drink as many of your teams food/drink as possible. The team with the most calories will win

*after everyone eats*

Chris: Congratulations Cool Ice you have won the immunity Challenge

*cool Ice celebrates*

*Heather Courtney and Jo talk strategy*

Courtney: We Should form an alliance

Heather And Jo: Sure

*Heather in confessional*: Yeah right, I am playing for me.

*Jo in confessional*: No way, the money is mine.

Heather: Who are you voting for.

Courtney: I am thinking about taking Blainley out.

Heather Yeah me too

*Heather in Confessional*: Umm. No Courtney I am voting you out whether you are buying what I am selling or not.

Jo: I was thinking the same thing

Courtney: So it is official Blainley is out.

Jo: I will tell everyone to vote Blainley

*Jo in confesional*: Oh I'm going to tell everyone, i'm going to tell everyone to vote you out.

*Courtney walks away*

Heather: Of course I am voting Courtney out. She is trying to manipulate us and she is playing the game to hard to fast.

Jo: I think so to. I am going to tell everyone to vote her off.

*Jo and Heather tell everyone to vote Courtney off*

*campfire ceremony*

Chris: This is the campfire ceremony, I will call the people who got votes to come up to the logs in front of the others, and if their is not enough just sit on the floor. The two people with the most votes are Blainley and Courtney. By a vote of 9-1, Courtney you are the first camper eliminated from Total Fat Island.

Episode 2

*Feirce Fries right after elimination*

Jo: She had it coming

Gwen: I kind of feel bad

Heather: Don't worry you will get used to it, I do stuff like this back home, you know other than being fat.

*Gwen in confessional*: Seriously, you don't just blurt out that you duo stuff like this, that makes you a target. It honestly makes me want to throw the competition and vote her out.


All of the contestants are in front of a booth with 2 cards in front of them. If they think the answer is true they put up the green card, and if they think it is false they put up the red card.

Q1: one slice of domino's pizza is 277 calories

A1: The correct answer is true, sorry Jo, Duncan, Lindsey, Staci and Beth you are eliminated

Q2: McDonald's fries has 377 calories

A2: The answer is false, McDonalds fries has 378 calories, sorry Gwen, Heather, Eva and Blainley

Q3: 1 sugar cube is 9 calories

A3: The answer is true congratulations Cool Ice you have you have won the immunity challenge

*20 minutes before immunity challenge Jo and Gwen hang out in the forest*

Gwen: I think we should get Heather out if we lose the challenge

Jo: I think we should too

*Jo in confesional*: Gwen tells me that she wants to get Heather out but I have been close to Heather so I need to get Gwen out as soon as possible

*10 minutes before immunity challenge Heather and Jo are in the cabins*

Jo: Gwen told me that she wants you out because you have the most experience here.

Heather: I see why she would want me out but at least she could tell me about it.

Jo: I know right.

*Leshawna walks in*

Leshawna: Hi, what are you doing

Jo: just talking about who to eliminate

Heather: we are thinking about voting Gwen out, are you in

Leshawna: totally, just now she told me to vote you out Heather like she controls who people vote for. She did'nt even give me a reason

Jo: Really, if you are going to tell someone to vote someone off, give a reason.

Heather: we should tell people to vote her off.

*Gwen in confessional*: My plan is in motion everyone is voting Heather off. This season is going pretty well considering the fact that my team lost both challenges.

*campfire ceremony*

Chris: Second time in a row, pretty disappointing. The people with votes are Gwen and Heather. By a vote of 8-1, Gwen you have been eliminated from Total Fat Island.

Episode 3

*Anne Maria and Eva are hanging out on the beach.*

Anne Maria: I am pretty sure that there is an alliance

Eva: With who?

Anne Maria: I think the alliance is Leashawna, Jo, and Heather

*Heather comes*

Heather: What was that about me

Anne Maria: Nothing, you have Must've misheard

*Anne Maria in Confessional*: Of course she didn't mishear, I just need to get her on my side

*Heather in Confessional*: Of course I know she was lying, I am a lie master.

Heather: Well who did you say then

Anne Maria: Blainley

Heather: OK

*Heather in DR*: NOT


Chris: In front of you are Skittles, M&Ms, Chocolate donuts, Doritos, and Oreo's. I will ask about one of those foods. If you guess correctly, you remain in the game, and if you guys wrong you are out. There will also be true and false cards.

Q1: Which of the five I just named is a flavor of something instead of it having multiple flavors

A1: The correct answer is Chocolate Donut everyone got it correct

Q2: which one of these has a root beer flavor

A2: The correct answer is Oreo sorry Brick, Zoey, Heather, Izzy, Sierra, Dawn, Staci, and Beth you have been eliminated

Q3: how many calories are in the chocolate donut

A3: The Answer is 128 Sorry Duncan Blainly Eva, Dakota

Q4: This question will be a number, How many calories are all food combined (Nacho cheese for Doritos, Original for M&M, Skittles, and Oreos, Chocolate for Chocolate donut)

A4: The answer is 801 calories congratulations Fierce Fries you have won the challenge and are safe for the week.

*Bridgette in confessional*: Beth and Lindsey have been coming too close, so I need to make an alliance to get these people out.

*Dawn, Brick, Zoey and Bridgette hang out*

Dawn: Do you all want to form an alliance

Brick Zoey and Bridgette: yeah

Zoey: what should we name the alliance

Bridgette: since we are all fat how about "The Global Food Federation".

Dawn: I like it.

Zoey: me too.

Brick: sure.

Dawn: Who should we eliminate?

Bridgette: I think we should get Lindsey or Beth out since they are a duo.

Zoey: Yeah if they get far hey will be in the final 2.

Brick: So which one should we eliminate?

Bridgette: Lindsey is the stronger one, in the Trivia comps Beth keeps going out early.

Dawn: Wouldn't we want the stronger one so we can keep winning challenges.

Bridgette: Your right, We will get Beth out then when the merge comes we will get Lindsey

*Dawn and Lindsey in the cabin*

Dawn: I think Bridgette is getting on to us.

Lindsey: She is going to try to start an alliance.

Beth: We have to get her out.

*Campfire ceremony*

Chris: The people who got votes are Lindsey Beth and Bridgette. With 2 votes Bridgette you are safe. By a vote of 5-3 Beth you are eliminated from Total Fat Island.

Episode 4

Chris: Everyone meet me at the beach

Chris: There are 17 boxes in front of you. If you get a Yellow buff, you will be on the fierce fries. If you get a light blue buff you will be on the Cool Ice. One of you will have the red buff. This person will not compete in the challenge but will join the losing team. But there is a twist. At the elimination ceremony the person with the red buff will choose who gets eliminated. Any Questions

Bridgette: Can whoever gets the red buff sleep in there old Cabin?

Chris: Yes


Cool Ice:

  1. Anne Maria
  2. Heather
  3. Dakota
  4. Duncan
  5. Brick
  6. Bridgette
  7. Staci
  8. Dawn

Fierce Fries:

  1. Lindsey
  2. Sierra
  3. Izzy
  4. Zoey
  5. Jo
  6. Leshawna
  7. Eva
  8. Blainley (eliminated by Harold) (17th)

Red buff: Harold (Fierce Fries)

Chris: That means Harold you will determine who's dream of winning $500,000 will end

Challenge: You must hang on to your disk as it lift's you off of the ground. If everyone from your team falls off the other team wins and Harold could vote you out of this game.

Zoey falls off

Eva falls off

Bridgette falls off

Jo falls off

Heather falls off

Dakota falls off

Blainley falls off

Staci falls off

Anne Maria falls off

Leshawna falls off

Lindsey falls off

Duncan falls off

Sierra falls off

Brick falls off

Chris: There is 1 person left on each team. Who will win and who will be the reason that their team will be in jeopardy of losing it all

Izzy falls off

Chris: Congratulations Cool Ice you are safe. Fierce Fries one of you will be going home tonight.

*Lindsey and Izzy in cabin*

Lindsey: I am worried about tonight.

Izzy: why?

Lindsey: Because Harold could take one of us out because we were on his team and he might want to even it the numbers on this team.

*Campfire Ceremony*

Chris: Harold as the person with the red buff you must send one of the fierce fries home who will it be

Harold: You are all amazing people I wish I didn't have to do this so I asked everyone individually so I don't rock the boat with means Blainley I'm sorry I have to evict you.

Chris: It is official Blainley You are eliminated from Total Fat Island

*Harold in confessional*: Blainley if you are watching I am sorry and I want to get to know once this is over.

Episode 5

*Eva in confessional*: I dodged a serious bullet last night by being the most hated person on my team and everyone on the island being asked who should be eliminated.

*flashback from episode 4* Harold: Blainley I'm sorry I have to evict you


*Eva in confessional*: hopefully I can keep on dodging bullets.

*Jo Heather and Leshawna in forest*

Heather: I miss you two so much

Jo: we miss you too

Leshawna: If you get the chance get Staci out I think that someone laying that low has to mean something.

Heather: Who will you vote out if you lose

Jo: Eva, she is a hothead and nobody in the camp likes her

Leshawna: I agree

*Staci eavesdrops* *Eva eavesdrops from other side*


Chris: This competition is called "more or less" I will ask you who do you think would gain weight more. If you get it wrong you are eliminated. But don't answer your opinion, answer what you think the majority of you will answer.

Q1: Who do you think would gain more weight. A for Harold and B for Jo. The majority of you said Jo sorry Jo, Leshawna and Heather you have been eliminated.

Q2: Who do you think would gain more weight. A for Leshawna and B for Heather. The Majority of you said Heather sorry Brick, Izzy and Dakota you have been eliminated.

Q3: Who do you think would gain more weight. A for Zoey and B for Brick. The majority of you said Brick sorry Harold, Lindsey, and Sierra you have been eliminated.

Q4: Who do you think would gain more weight. A for Bridgette or B for Anne Maria. The majority of you said Anne Maria sorry Anne Maria, Duncan and Dawn, you have been eliminated.

Q5: Who do you think would gain more weight. A for Dawn or B for Izzy. All of you said Izzy all of you move on

Q6: This question will be a number. You will win for your team if you get the closest without going over will win it for their team. If you all go over the person with the closest will win for their team. How many pounds did Lindsey gain when she drank the Coke at the beginning of the game.

Bridgette says: 435 pounds

Staci says: 567 pounds

Eva says: 536 pounds

The answer is 545 pounds congratulations Fierce Fries you are safe

*Staci in confesional*: I need to convince the others that Heather is a big threat.

*campfire ceremony*

Chris: The people who got votes are Heather and Staci. By a vote of 7-1 Staci you have been eliminated from Total Fat Island.

Episode 6

*Eva in confessional*: Now I know that I am the biggest target in my camp.

*Jo in confessional*: Me and my alliance mate Heather are on different teams and I don't know what to do about it.

*Heather in Confessional*: Jo is on the other team but at least I know that Eva is the biggest threat there

Challenge: Your challenge today is each one of you will start at a large tub of coke and you have to use a scooper to transfer it down your slippery lane into a container that has a ball in it. The first person to get the ball will win for their team.

Bridgette wins for the cool ice

elimination ceremony:

Chris: the people who got votes are Eva Jo and Zoey. With 2 votes Zoey you are safe. We have a tie 3 voted for Jo and 3 votes for Eva. There will be a revote Jo and Eva will not vote and you can only vote for Jo or Eva.

Chris: There is still a tie. Now you all will have to come up with a unanimous decision if you don't everyone except Jo and Eva will draw rocks and odd rock out will leave.

Chris: We will draw rocks. Either Leshawna, Harold, Lindsey, Sierra, Izzy or Zoey will leave this game. Izzy you have the odd rock you will leave the game.

Episode 6

Eva in confessional: That was crazy

Leshanwa in confessional: I voted for Jo because if Eva is a target, that will have the spotlit off of me.

Challenge: There are figures of your skinny selfs and you must get the figures as fat as possible.


  • The alliance with Jo Heather and Courtney is the first alliance In the History of Total Fat Island
    • "The Global Food Federation" that consists of Zoey, Brick, Bridgette and Dawn, is the second with the only difference is that "The Global Food Federation" has a name and has more people.

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