9 contestants from Total Drama the Abandoned Land and 2 new ones battle it out for a chance of $5 million ,who will prevail in Total.Drama.the BIG CITY


Dangerous Deadlines

Milly (The Survivor)

Hanna (The Manipulative Cheater)

Val (The Natural Leader) - new character  :Valerine is the full package, beautiful, intelligent , smart , kind ....atleast thats what she wants you to believe, really she can be a mean control freak.

Ryan (The Bad Luck Charm)

Jerod (The Stereotypical Rich Boy)

Killer Keyways

Karl (The Prankster)

Lydia (The Complainer)

Linda (The Bucket Full of Surprises)

Donal (The Nerd)

Ched (The Lovable Rogue) - new character : Ched is mischievous and daring, does what he feels and what he likes, but he's still a nice guy with a heart of gold.

Hunter (The Athletic Competitor)


1 and 2. Total Drama the Big City Part 1 and 2

The episode starts with Chris standing outside of  cruddy Hotel with a bus behindt him

"And we're back, season 2! This time we're in the BIG CITY!!!, and we have 9 compeitors from our previous season arriving from the tour bus" - Chris

The tour bus doors open and out step the 9 previous competitors from Total Drama the Abandoned Land

"BOOM, Hunter has arrived!" - Hunter "Waiiit, this can't be where we're staying" said Hunter disappointed at the pathetic accomodation.

"I know, you're giant ego won't fit in this hotel" - Hanna

"Whatever loser" - Hunter

"Try to keep your shirt on this season" smirked Karl 

"Ugh!" exclaimed Hanna covering her chest

"Woohoo!, NEW SEASON, oh we're at a dump again!, AWESOME!!" - said Linda doing a frontflip and landing on Ryan.

[Anything said in this box is a confessional, this season its in an office cubicle instead of a toilet]

[Ryan: Oh boy, I'm not looking forward to another season of this, oh cool, the confessionals changed, I won't fall in the toilets anymo- (accidently tips over office chair and falls into the nearby bin]

"According to my calculations this is an enhanced version of previous accomadations in  the previous how" - Donal

"Interesting, I mean it's in an improvement to the building last season" - Milly

"It's alright I can still win anyway" - Lydia

Awkward silence

"Who is she again" whispered Hunter to Jerod

"I dunno whats happening here but I'm calling my Dad, I cannot stay here" - Jerod

"First of all, I'm confiscating your phone, second of all, you are staying here STOP COMPLAINING, third of all say hello to one of our new competitors, Val!" - Chirs

A beatiful young girl with bright blue yes, perfect hair and a cardigan appears

"Hey guys!" - Val

"Woah!!" - All the guys impressed by her beauty

"How are you guys?" - Valerine

"Ummm... your hot!" - Karl

[Hanna : I do not trust the new girl!]

[Valerinre: This is my plan, I'll decieve these guys, and climb my way to the top whilst hiding my true intentions, and boy will it work]

[Karl : She's hot!]

"And Ched!" said Chris but no one arrived

"Ahem , CHED!" - Chris

A tall muscular guy in an opened up collared shirt appeared

"Oops sorry, I'm late , sup dudes!" said Ched high fiving all the guys and winking at Lydia

"oh hehe...." - Lydia

[Lydia : Do you think he's into me]

[Donal : I'm not a fan of the guy, he seems a worthy oponent with undying charm, kind of like the guys who disregarded my intellect in highschool]

"Ok, see us next time!" - Chris (Episode 2)

"Ok guys before we sort out teams, relax with yourselves in it, boys on room J44 and girls in room 36DD , tribute to Hanna" - Chris

"What?" - Hanna

"Go to your rooms" - Chris

(Boys Room - Ched, Hunter, Donal, Karl, Ryan and Jerod)

"Soooo, whats up guys?" - Ched

"Names Hunter, I won last season technicaly, and I'm pretty much the best at everything" - Hunter

"Sup" - Ched

"I'm Jerod, I'm rich, thats all" - Jerod

"Cool, I guess?" -  Ched

"Hi, I'm-" said Ryan before having a pillow being thrown at him by Karl

"Shut it dweeb, say do you know how I can get closer to that Valerine chick?" - Karl

"Um...." - Ched

"Greetings fellow competitor, I go by the given name of Donal and as you can tell you can rely on my for intellectual guidance?" - Donal

"Um... yeah, that nice?" - Ched

[Ched: These guys are so weird]

(Girls Room - Val, Milly , Lydia, Hanna, Linda and Hanna)

"So it's nice to meet you guys" - Valerine

"Olleh M'i Adnil!" - Linda

"........"- Valerine

"Oh shes talking backwards again ignore her" -  Lydia

"Hi there" says Val to Hanna

"Ugh, whatever" - Hanna

"Don't mind her she's kind of a Mean Queen around here" - Milly

"Haha, good to know" - Valerine

[Val : Some of these girls could be potential targets of manipulation, but I've got to watch out fot that Hanna girl, she almost ruled the game last season, I don't need her in the way of my victory]

"Teams to be sorted out next episode, find out how the teens cope on Total Drama the Big City!" - Chris

3. Master Chief......or Chef?

"Okay teens today we're doing the first challenge and your going to stay in teams from now on until the merge , Val, Hanna, Milly, Ryan and Jerod, you guys are the DANGEROUS DEADLINES, meaning Hunter, Ched, Donal , Lydia , Linda and Karl are the KILLER KEYWAYS, you guys can stay in your rooms before I announce the first challenge" - Chris

(Killer Keyways)

"Yes go team!!!" - Hunter

"Woo hoo" says Lydia sarcasstically

" Ye go team!!! USA USA USA USA" says Linda randomly pulling out a massive confederate flag out of her back pockets

"Ummmm, we're Canadian though, right?" - Ched

"Precicely" - Donal

"I know that!" - Linda

"Haha you're soooo smart Ched" - Lydia

[Lydia : The new guy is sooo hot, I need to impress him!"] 

"I suppose we need to formulate tactics and maybe assign a team leader, I mean I am the most intelligent so I suggest me maybe?" - Donal

"Um go for it, I mean those big words sound like you know something" - Ched

"Fine , but as long as I can still be sports captain" - Hunter

"Yeah, while this is all soooooo interesting I really need to leave!" says Karl heading to the other teams room

(Dangerous Deadlines)

"Okay, now I don't wanna force anyone to but I suggest we have a team leader" - Val

"And it should be me" - Hanna

"Um, no. I think it should be me , I have first hand experience leading people, I'm the captain of every team in high school" - Val

"Well I'm popular!" - Hanna

"I'm sorry but I'm definatley not putting my trust in someone who got me unfairly voted of last season" - Jerod

"Hey you did that to me two!" - Ryan

"Yeah, Im with Jerod on this one, anyone over you Hanna" - Milly

Chris announces for contestants to meet in the hall for breakfast ,everyone leaves their rooms but Val stays behind to pack her stuff, only for Karl to come in the room

"Can I help you?" - Val

"Listen, I can play the game really well, and you're new lets say we form an alliance" - Karl

[Val: I watched last season, I know what Karls capable of, he's attracted to me as well, this is a perfect oppurtunity to start my plan]

"Well I am new to the game, I guess we could form an agreement, but you've got to do what I say only for this first day so I know I can trust you" - Val

"I'm listening......." - Karl

"Sabotage your teammates in this one challenge , then later we'll form an interteam alliance and ride our way to the final two" - Val

"You've got a deal" - Karl

[Karl : After Hanna betrayed me last season, I need a new ally so I'm teaming up with hot stuff, and all I have to do is mess with the team for a day?, challenge accepted!]

(Challenge Time)

"I bet you're all dying to know what your first challenge is!" - Chris

Awkward silence

"Alright settle down, one perk of living in the city is experiencing all the 5 star restaraunts and meals that you can get, but you guys aren't equipped for that kind of stuff, so you'll be simply cooking BREAKFAST, Deadlines you get to make a traditional english breakfast and Keyways you guys get to make the perfect bowl of cereal, challenge starts now GO!" - Chris

(Killer Keyways)

"Aw yeah eating challenge , I love cereal!!" - Ched

"Yeah me too!, cereal has protein in it right?" - Hunter

"Ahem, this is a cooking challenge, and the bowl needs to be perfect as well!" - Lydia

"Correct, and considering I am a culinary expert I presume leadership will be assumed onto me?" - Donal

"Whatever bozo" - Karl

"Um yeah, he can be leader for today!" - Ched

[Ched : I never know what that guys saying, but he sounds smart so!]

"Ok we need to organise who's getting what, Hunter and Linda you collect honey from outside, Ched and Lydia you get cereal from Chef's secret cabinet and Karl......, wheres Karl?" - Donal

Karl is seen outside talking with Val, but then she walks away, so Karl then walks back to his team

"Hey what were you two talking about!!!!" said Linda with a crazed look in her eyes

"Nothing crazy don't worry about it" - Karl

"Alright then I'll organise proportions and find the right bowl , everyone else get the stuff" - Donal

(Dangerous Deadlines)

"Alright team, I'm part english so I know what we need to do fir-" - Val

"Hey!, why are you in charge!" - Hanna

"Does anyone else know what an english breakfast consists of?" - Val

"Can't say I do" - Milly

"Is it a type of wedgie, I think I've gotten one before" said Ryan 

"Does it consist of an edible balloon, oh wait your not rich like me, nevermind" - Jerod

"Bacon, eggs, baked beans, sausages, toast and white pudding" - Val

"Whatever list namer, I still should be the leader" - Hanna

"Hanna shut up, you do realise no one trusts you from last season" - Milly

"Bu-" - Hanna

"Okay, so Milly and Ryan can cook the eggs and bacon, me and Jerod will do the baked beans sausages and pudding and Hanna can do toast" - Val

"I'm on toast duty?, ugh no way!" - Hanna


"Fine!" - Hanna

(Hunter and Linda are collecting the honey)

"Hmmm, what makes honey again, do badgers?" - Hunter

"Ummmmm , let me see" says Linda she then brings out a spinning chart with animals on it and spins it and it lands on bees

"Ayyyyyy, bees it is, get that beehive over there" - Linda

"Yeah!, Hunter on this BA-BAM!" says Hunter he then starts punching the tree

Karl is at the top of the tree little to the knowledge of the the two , he uses a hacksaw to bring down the beehive and it lands on Hunter's head

"AHHHHHH" - Hunter

"HAHAHAA" - Linda

"hehe sabotage" whispers Karl in the tree

(Ched and Lydia in chefs kitchen , hiding in a corner , they need to get to the cabinet)

"Shhhh, stay close, I heard this guys a nutjob" - Ched

"Oh yeah, I'll stay close real close" said Lydia flirtaciously

[Lydia : Usually, I hate when guys with muscles just show off their bodies, but I kind of like how he never buttons up that shirt]

Chef is seen chilling in his chair 

"We need to distract him!" - Lydia

"I know" said Ched picking up a clump of dirt from the floor he then shouts " Hey look over there!!" 

Chef then looks only for Ched to throw a clump of dirt at Chef's face, pick up Lydia runs to the cabinet and grabs the cereal and runs out

"Hey!!!" - Chef

"YE BOIIIIII" says Ched running out with a blushing Lydia and cereal in his arms

(Dangerous Deadlines cooking in the kitchen) Everyone is peacefully cooking. Ryan and Milly making bacon and eggs with little to no difficulty except the frying oil keeps splashing an in pain Ryan. Jerod and Val doing their bit, only person to not be content with their cooking is Hanna after not doing anything for ages.

"As if I'm on toast duty, it's done now ugh!" - Hanna

"Thank you Hanna, nice to see that that task wasn't too difficult for you" said Val

The two begin to glare at eachother (Donal , Ched and Lydia in the kitchen)

"Ayyyy, I've got the cereal dude!" said Ched chucking it to Donal

"Hehe, he sure does" said a blushing Lydia

"Excellent, I've got the bowl and done the indgredients measurements, Lydia get the milk , now all we need is Hunter and Linda with that honey" - Donal

Linda runs in carrying and unconscious Hunter

"What happen to him?" - Ched

"Apparantley loads of bee stings is dangerous for you, HAHA, what do you know!" - Linda

Karl suspiciously runs in

"Hey, I'm here to do something!" - Karl

"No honey, means no cereal though!" - Donal

"Times up!" - Chris

'(Time for Chris to test the food)'

"Deadlines your up!" says Chris

Val enters with all the plates of food and places them infront of Chris

Chris then eats the food

"Tasty!, 8.5/10!" - Chris

"Ok, Keyways lets see if you can do better" - Chris

Donal hands him the cereal , which Chris then eats

"Ummm, average at best 5/10, could do with more honey" - Chris

[Donal: (sighs)]

"Keyways, you'll have to vote off one of your teammates" - Chris

(Elimination Time)

"Today one of you will not recieve this seasons item of saftey, a moneybag and will have to leave in the Helicopter of Shame, and experience the humilation of being this seasons first person eliminated" - Chris

"Ched, Hunter  you're safe" - Chris

"YAY!" said Ched catching the money bag and the other one  hitting a still unconscious Hunter

"Lydia and Linda are also safe"

Karl and Donal are left

"And the final bag goes to............................DONAL!" - Chris

"What how did you guys know I was sabotaging you" - Karl

"We didn't" - Donal

"What?" -  Karl

"Didn't you think we may have had a problem with the fact that you skipped the challenge" - Donal

"So no one knew of my secret alliance with....." said Karl before being thrown into the helicopter of shame by Chef

"what did he say " said Hunter finaly awake

"Who know who cares, find out what I say next time on Total Drama the BIG CITY!!

4.Chill Day*

"Okay contestants, today we're not doing anything so cast your thoughts on how this new season is going in the confessionals

[Val: So far so good, I got that pathetic Karl guy eliminated and no one expects bad from me]

[Hunter: Not good, didn't make much of an impact on last challenge, I can do much much better]

[Milly : Okay I guess??]

[Hanna : Not good!, no one trusts me from last season, I know right unbelievable]

[Ryan: I mean okay, I've only being injured three times so far!]

[Linda : AWESOME!!!!!]

[Lydia: Ughhhhhhhh, well I guess Ched is alright, hehe]

[Jerod: Sweet, I'd much rather be travelling on a yacht instead]

[Donal : Exquisite]

[Ched : Epic, I feel like I'm making a connection with everyone here, excpet for that Lydia person , I don't think she likes me very much]

5.Bowling Bonanza

"Last time on Total Drama the Big City, Cooking challenge, some people did good and't?, Karl was eliminated after being played....majorly, what shall happen this time on Total.Drama. THE BIG CITY"- Chris

All of the contestants are chilling outside with their respective teams


Jerod and Ryan are busy reading a book

"How to do a push-up" reads Ryan

"Who needs exercise, I got a personal trainer to do it for me" - Jerod

"I don't think that's what a personal trainers for" - Ryan

Val is seen quietly flying a kite by herself only for it's rope to snap and the kite to land in a tall tree

"Oh great" - Val

"Oh I'll get that if you want" said Milly, she then climbed the tree in almost no time, grabs the kite and then jumps down to hand it to her.

"Um....thanks!" - Val

[Val : That Milly girl has got it all, she's athletic, she's popular, she's nice and she's a threat]

"Losers" - Hanna


Hunter and Ched are having an arm wrestling competition with Hunter clearly about to win

"Woah look over there" said Ched, when Hunter looked he used two hands to win

"Hey you cheated!" - Hunter

"Prove it" - Ched

"Um.., whatever I'm out" - Hunter

Lydia and Linda are sitting together rather awkwardly

"Um so, do you like girl stuff" said Lydia 

"Um, I don't wanna talk bye!" said Linda going to irritate Donal by poking him whilst he's doing calculations

"Stop it, stop it , stop it,stop it" - Donal

(Challenge Time) "Todays city related challenge is bowling, yep thats it bowling, um.....get to it guys!" - Chris

[Val: Great sports, a bit of sabotage should make sure Milly is prime target for elimination]


Lydia is to bowl first

"I like bowling" - Ched

"Oh I see" - Lydia

Lydia hits 10/10 pins "Do you like me now?" - Lydia

"Oh cool, my turn!" said Ched before hitting 7/10 pins

Next Hunter's turn

"BOOYAH!" said Hunter hitting 10/10 pins

"HAHA , YEAH BOOYAH!" said Linda she hits 7/10

Donal then shoots and only gets 2/10

"My specialities and main qualities do not reside in the realm of sport" - Donal

"BOOOOOOO" - Ched and Linda

"The Keyways get 36/50" - Chris


Val bowls and gets 10/10

"Great work" said Milly

"Yeah I know" - Val

Ryan bowls next but then he slips up on accident and only hits 2'/10'

[Val: That gives a simple yet effective idea]

Jerod hits 10'/10'

[Jerod : My mom owns a bowling company]

"Bowling really, yeah 7th grade called it wants it's brithday party back" - Hanna

"just do it" - Milly

Hanna gets 7'/10'

"To win, Milly needs to get a score 8/10

"Easy" said Milly, she then makes a run up up until she slips under another bowling ball, the ball she's holding flys in the air and lands on Chris's head

[Val: Oops, I dropped it]

(A Few Minutes Later)

"What happend" - Chris

"Milly hit you on the head with a bowling ball" - Val

"Oh yeah, Deadlines lose and Milly is eliminated for doing this!" - Chris

"Um shouldn't there be a vote?" - Milly

"GET THE F*CK OUT!" - Chris

Later that day Milly rode the Helicopter of Shame

"Um.........see you next time" - Chris

6.Rollercoaster Derby

"Last time on Total Drama the Big City, bowling, ow my head....anyway Milly left us for causing me plenty of PAIN, anyway what's gonna happen this time on Total Drama the Big City!" - Chris


"Woah, Milly's elimination was kind of unfair right?" - Val

"Don't even play dumb, we know you did that on purpose" - Hanna

"Excuse me?" - Val

"Why would she do that, if anything it makes our team much worse, I mean look at Ryan" - Jerod

"Hey!" said Ryan before falling through the floor

"He's got a point but I don't trust you still!" - Hanna

"Well that's your business isn't it" - Val

[Hanna : One day I WILL expose her]


"So.... you like movies?" - Lydia

"Um... no, please go away" - Ched

"Lydia, leave him alone and stop boreing him" - Hunter

"Yeah you're boring Lyndigo!!!" - Linda

"I am not boring!" - Lydia

Awkward silence

"You're not boring" - Donal

"Thank you" - Lydia

"The correct words would be dull, tedious and uninteresting" - Donal

"Dude those are fancy words for boring!" - Hunter

"True" - Ched

[Lydia: I'll make Ched love me.......and I'm not boring!!"]

(Challenge Time)

7.The Ultimate Loser Show!*


9.Festival Festivals


11.The Ultimate Loser Show!!*




15.The Ultimate Loser Show!!!*

16. Buz Tour

17.Soooo What Do We Do?*

18.The Ultimate Loser Show!!!!*

19.Pets Parks and Party Poppers

20.Tour De Land: A Biking Adventure

21.Final 3 Analysis*

22. Total Drama Revenge of the Abandoned Land

23.Final 2 Analysis*

24.The Final is Coming....

24½.The Final is Coming....Loser Show Edition!!!!!

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Merged? Episode Out  Numbers of episodes in competition(inlcuding Season 1)
13th Karl   Killer Keyways    Non-Merged          3 23   FAIL 
12th/8th Milly   Dangerous Deadlines    Non-Merged  5 , 10 31   PASS 
11th Lydia   Killer Keyways    Non-Merged  6 15   FAIL 
10th Ryan   Dangerous Deadlines    Non-Merged  8 24   PASS 
9th/6th Hanna   Dangerous Deadlines    Merged  9 , 14 33   PASS 
7th Linda   Killer Keyways    Non-Merged  12 24   PASS 
5th Donal   Killer Keyways    Merged  16 22   FAIL 
4th Hunter   Killer Keyways    Merged  20 44   PASS 
3rd Jerod   Dangerous Deadlines    Merged  22 28   PASS 
2nd Val   Dangerous Deadlines    Merged  24 24   PASS 
1st Ched   Killer Keyways    Merged  24 24   PASS 

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