Total Drama at the Beach is a competition fanfiction written by up-and-coming writer Anonymous.


Aaron: The Jock
Aaryn: The Type A
Angus: The Country Hunk
Avalon: The Rebel
Bernadette: The Party Animal
Dani: The Shy Girl
Daniel: The Gamer
Eric: The Irresistible Flirt
Fallon: The Blonde
Jessie: The Beach Babe
Jon: The Intelligent Athlete
Julian: The Animal Crossing Nerd
Liz: The All-star
Luke: The Surfer
Michael: The Enigma
Olivia: The Queen Bee
Samson: The Rat
Taryn: The Laid-back Swimmer


Chapter One: Into the Sun

Elimination Chart


  • Aaryn's base is Courtney. The two act similarly and even have plot similarities.
  • Angus, Julian, Olivia, and Samson are all based off of characters from the Animal Crossing series, with Julian's stereotype mentioning that. Avalon is the name of my starting character (chosen with a name randomizer) in New Leaf.
    • They are all based off of characters with the same name.
    • Angus and Olivia are more-so based off of their counterparts.
      • Samson's character is more jock-esque and Julian's is more feminine.
  • Aaron, Bernadette, Dani, Daniel, Eric, Fallon, Jessie, and Jon all have a basis on people I know in real life.
    • Taryn is named after a boat I saw the day I decided to write this fanfiction.
  • Luke is based off of a character with the same name in the MySims series.
  • Liz and Michael are the only two based off of nothing in particular.

Chapter One

  • Into the Sun was the original title of the fanfiction.

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