This is the elimination table and voting for Total Drama X Men.


Contestant Jury Finish Challenges Votes
LornaX 1st Voted Out

Day 3

0 18
RobertX 2nd Voted Out

Day 6

0 16
JubileeX 3rd Voted Out

Day 9

0 8
AlexX 4th Voted Out

Day 12

1 8
AlyTDX 0 7
BishopTDX 0 0
BobbyTDX 2 1
ClariceTDX 0 0
EmmaTDX 0 0
HankTDX 1 0
KittyTDX 1
LizTDX 1 0
LoganTDX 0 0
OroroTDX 1 0
PiotrTDX 0 6
RemyTDX 0 8
RogueTDX 1 0
ScottTDX 0 0
TabbathaTDX 1 0
WarpathTDX 0 0

Voting Table

Ep. # 1 2 3 4
Contestant LornaX RobertX JubileeX AlexX
Aly Lorna Robert Jubilee Nominated
Bishop Lorna Robert Jubilee Alex
Bobby Lorna Nominated Remy Aly
Clarice Lorna Robert Remy Alex
Emma Lorna Bobby Remy Alex
Hank Lorna Robert Jubilee Alex
Kitty Lorna Robert Remy Aly
Liz Piotr Robert Remy Aly
Logan Lorna Robert Remy Alex
Ororo Lorna Robert Jubilee Alex
Piotr Nominated Robert Jubilee Aly
Remy Piotr Robert Nominated Aly
Rogue Lorna Robert Jubilee Alex
Scott Piotr Robert Remy Aly
Tabbatha Lorna Robert Jubilee Aly
Warpath Piotr Robert Jubilee Alex
Alex Lorna Robert Remy Nominated
Jubilee Piotr Robert Nominated
Robert Piotr Nominated
Lorna Nominated

Color Coding

     Was not nominated and received no votes to be nominated.

     Received nomination votes but was not nominated

     Was nominated and got the most votes to leave.

     Was nominated but did not receive enough votes to leave.

     Won the challenge and could not be nominated.

     Got 3rd place in the whole game.

     Got 2nd place in the whole game.

     Got 1st place in the whole game.

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