Written and Pictures by TDfan10.


Total Drama X-Men is a reality show like Big Brother and The Challenge. The cast includes 20 X-Men from the Marvel Universe. There are no teams, only individual challenges, group challenges occasionally. The show is hosted by Prof. X, Eric (Magneto), and co hosted by Mystique. Each X-Man will compete in a challenge. The winner is immune and cannot be nominated. That's where the other users come in. A poll will be made for the nominations. The two people with the most votes will be nominated. There is a 2 day voting period. Then after the period, the elimination will take place. The other contestants will vote on which of the two nominees should go. The X-Man with the least amount of votes will leave the mansion and can never come back. Last one standing at the end wins.


These are 20 X-Men in the competition.



"Welcome to the new hit series: I'm Prof. X, and this is Total Drama X Men. A show will 20 mutants will compete for $1,000,000. They will have to live, eat, and face elimination together. Whoever wins the challenge cannot be nminnated, but it is up to the viewers to vote for 2 nominees. The 2 with the most votes will be able to be voted for by the other contestants. The person with the most votes will leave the mansion for good. Last one standing wins the game. So let's meet the cast." introduced Prof.X.

"First we have: Scott, Warpath, Jubilee, Hank, and Emma."

"I'm Scott Summers. And I will win this game!" Scott said as he stepped out of the limo.

"Don't be so sure, pretty boy." Warpath replied.

"OMG! OMG! I'm so excited to be here! OMG!" Jubilee screamed excitedly.

"Here's a tip: Don't eat a lot of sugar." Warpath told her. "This is extraordinary! 70 wind flows per second! Marvelous." Hank said.

"Pfft...whatever. I'm still gonna win." Scott scoffed.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, sweethart. I never lose." Emma replied.

"Our next contestants are: Aly, Bobby, Alex, Tabbatha, and Piotr."

"I'm here! Prepare to lose! I'm going to wiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!" Aly sang.

"Whazzup peeps! Just leave cause you know, losing for you, winning for me so..." Bobby said.

"Hey! I'm Alex, and I hope that I'm not out first." Alex said.

"Boom! Boom! Haha! Cling Clong Clang Clung! BOO! Hahaha! I'm TABBY!" Tabby said excitedly.

"I am Piotr. Nice to meet you." Piotr greeted in his Russian accent.

"Our next 5 are: Robert, Remy, Rogue, Liz, and Clarice.

"What's up!" Robert said.

"Hello monsieurs! Prepare to lose." Remy said as he threw a card in the air.

"Hey ya'll!" Rogue greeted.

"This is going to be a long season." Liz said.

"Hi! I'm Clarice! Nice to you meet! I mean to nice meet you. UGH! Nice to meet you!" Clarice said.

"The Last ones are: Bishop, Lorna, Logan, Ororo, and Kitty!"

"Hello! Bishop here to take all of you out!" Bishop said.

"I kinda will win. Because I'm stronger and better than all of you!" Lorna said.

"Shut up b****!" Aly sang.

Lorna glared at her.

"I'm gonna win because I will." Logan stated.

"Nice to meet you all!" Ororo said.

"Hey guys! Are you ready to have fun?" Kitty said.

"Well that's our cast! Now you go inside the mansion and get settled in." Prof. X told them.

They walked inside and were in awe. There was velvet carpets, very tall stairs, shining tiles, and a flawless fountain. "Rooms are up stairs!" Prof. X explained. They walked up stairs.

Emma walked into a room. "2 bunkbeds! No floor for me!" She jumped on a bed.

Jubilee and Aly also jumped on beds. Clarice jumped on a bed before Tabby did.

"Sorry :(." Clarice apoligized.

"Oh that's fine! I can take the ceiling! I did bring a hammock!" Tabby set up the hammock and jumped on.

"I guess the other room is for the rest of the ladies." Liz said as she walked to the other room with the rest of the girls.

The guys walked in to the two guy rooms. Alex, Bobby, Bishop, and Logan got beds and Warpath got the floor. The rest of the guys got the other room. Girls Room 1 "So girls...I was thinking we make an alliance. Of course, as me as your leader." Emma protested. "Of course!" Jubilee said. "KK!"Aly agreed. "Uhh..." Clarice mumbled.

Clarice: I had to do something to stay in!

"Sure!" Clarice smiled. "What about you Tabby?" Emma asked. "Eh. Why not?" Tabby said.

Emma: My alliance is going to rule this game. I will win!

Challenge 1 All 20 contestants walk in. "Today's challenge is going to be easy. It's a last one standing contest. You must hang from a bar only using your hands. Last person left hanging wins immunity and cannot be nominated. So let's get this started!" explained Prof. X. They all hung on the bar. "My arms!" Alex groaned. Robert let go out of nowhere. "Robert is out!" "I'm gonna win because I'm better! Better than all of you! Better better better!" Lorna stated.

Emma fell.

"Oooff!" She grunted.

"Emma falls out!"

Alex fell.

"Alex is out!"

"I can't feel my arms!" Logan complained

"Me neither. But I'm not leaving!" Aly replied

"F***!" Bobby grunted as he fell.

"Bobby falls."

Clarice falls.

"Dang!" she said. "Clarice is out!" Scott fell. Then Kitty. Then Aly. Then Logan. Then like...a lot of other people

2 hours later... "It's down to Lorna, Hank, and Tabby." The 3 just hung there. "My arms..."Lorna mumbled. "Can't do it!" Hank said as he dropped.

"Lorna vs Tabby"

"I MUST WIN!!" Lorna screamed.

Tabby took one hand off and checked her nails.


"TABBY WINS IMMUNITY!" Prof. X announced. Everyone cheered. "So that means everyone else is open for nomination. Voting ends on July 4. GO NOMINATE!  


"The nomination results are in! With 0 votes are...











and Scott!

With only one nomination vote...






and Warpath!

That means with 2 votes Lorna is nominated. And with 4, Piotr is also nominated."

"What? Why me? What did I ever do wrong!" Piotr asked as he shed a tear.

"Yah! I didn't do anything! You better keep me because I'm better  than anyone else in the universe! Hmmph!" Lorna sceeched.

"So annyoing!" Rogue mumbled.

"Ikr." whispered Kitty.

"So get voting!"  Prof. X told them.

Emma: Lorna, you are very annoying!
Logan: Honestly, It's between a threat and a b*****, Piotr does seem more like a great ally. So Lorna!
Liz: This is when you need to think about the game and threats. Sorry, Piotr.
Robert: Piotr, you are a huge strength threat.
Clarice: This is so hard! But I need to think about the game. But I also don't want a mean person in the house. So I'm voting...

"The votes are in. The person leaving with 11 out of 18 votes is... . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

. . . .. . . . .


. Lorna. Piotr, you are safe...for now!" "WHAT?! I'M BETTER! BETTER THAN THAT WORTHLESS PIECE OF $@#%! NOOOOO!" Lorna screamed as she ran out the door. "1 down. 19 to go. Who will leave next time on Total Drama X Men!"


"Welcome back to Total Drama X Men. Last time, the mutants came in...Emma made an alliance, Lorna was being a b****, Tabby won immunity, and Lorna was voted out. So yeah...What will happen this time on Total Drama X Men!" Prof. X introduced.

Emma: Now that the b**** is gone, I need to strategize with my alliance.

"So girls...who should we vote out next?" Emma asked.   "How about Remy, I don't trust him!" Aly suggested.

"Eh, I don't know about Rogue...she seems dark and mysterious!" Tabby said darkly.

"How about a threat? Like...Hank!" Clarice suggested.

"Yes! That would be great!" Emma agreed.

"I guess..."  Tabby said.

Tabby: No one ever listens to me! I hate it! I don't really like Emma, I just need t get far then leave her!

"So I'm not sure about this. I was very scared tonight!" Piotr said.

"It's okay, dude! You'll stay in long...don't worry!>:)" Robert comforted.

Robert: He is so...annoying. I want his Russian butt gone!

"Maybe you could win the next challenge so you can stay in!" Remy suggested.

"I guess I could!" Piotr agreed.

Remy: Robert wants Piotr gone so I need Piotr to win and make Robert looks bad so he could be nominated. So please do *winks at camera*

Logan threw a bag of chips in the air and sliced it with his claws."Scliced. Just the way I like it!" he said as he ate the chips.

"Ugh! This soda is too warm!" Bobby complained. He froze it then broke the ice around and drank."Oh god, this is cold!"

The other laughed.

"This is fun! Hopefully we all stay in next nomination." Hank said.

Day 4

"Good morning!" Ororo greeted.

"Mornin'!" Logan grunted as he got cereal.

"By the end of this shoow, you may be really fat if you keep eating cereal!" Kitty told Logan.

"Maybe!" Logan said.

Piotr came in a made some eggs.

"Good morning Ororo, Logan, and Kitty!" Piotr greeted.

"Good morning!" Ororo and Logan said.

Kitty blushed and looked away smiling. "Morning." she said.

"You know what we need? We need a freakin' pool! That would be awesome!" Tabby suggested as she walked in the kitchen.

"Actually not a bad idea!" Ororo said.

"How bout' we make it tomorrow?" Logan said.

"Sure!" Tabbatha said.


Remy came into the hallway.

"What are you wearing? Take it off! It's disgusting!" Emma commanded.

"Okay!" Remy said.

He took off his clothes.

"I DIDN'T MEAN INFRONT OF ME!! EW EW EW!" Emma screamed.

"Be more specific next time, cher." Remy said as he walked away.

Emma: As much as he disgusts me, I need a secret alliance to definitely keep me in!
Remy: She wants me.

"Hey, Kitty! Do you wanna prank someone? I'm kinda bored." Rogue asked.

"Sure!!" Kitty agreed.

Warpath was going to take a nap.

Kitty phased up from the ground behind him and put her hand through him.

He screamed like a girl.

"You know. I think we should make an alliance. We're strong, we're smart. We'll dominate!" Logan said to Bishop, Warpath, and Ororo.

"I don't see why not!" Warpath said.

"I'm in!" Bishop said.

"Let's do this!" Ororo responded.

"Whooo!" Logan said.

Logan: The alliance is going good! So it's me, Ororo, Bishop, and Warpath. We'll be running this game!

Day 5

Tabby: So today we're making the pool. Colossus will make the hole. Storm will make it rain for the water. Warpath, Rogue, Hank, and Bishop are making the stone. Scott and Liz flattening it. And I make the hot tub. One fling over my explosives and boom! Instant heat!

Once all that was done, the remaining 19 had a pool party.

Challenge 2

"Come on in! Welcome to today's immunity challenge. Your challenge: There are 300 chests in that field. Only one has the ticket to immunity, 34 have out tickets. If you open a chest that has an out ticket, you are out. Last one still going wins or first to find the immunity ticket wins. And there are prizes in some, food, and one is a clue to the hidden idol that is hidden very hard somewhere in the mansion. Some hurt, literally. All you have to do is grab one key and run to the field and unlock it. Oh! Almost forgot. To mark your stuff, take the flags and stick it in the chest or leave it be. GO!

And they were off. Warpath was the first to grab a key. He unlocked the first one he saw.

"A dollar...perfect..." he said sarcastically.

It was hours. Kitty got 6 boxing gloves to the face.

Soo..tired...!" she grumbles as she fell down in pain.

"What! NO!" Emma said as she got an out ticket!

"Emma is out!"

Tabby blows up a chest and got 20 dollars.

2 hours passed.

Warpath, Remy, Clarice, Jubilee, and Logan got out tickets.

Kitty got up and unlcoked the chest, giving her another punch in the face.

Rogue opened a chest and put a flag on it.

Scott marked his.

Another hour passed.

"It's down to Kitty, Piotr, Scott, and Rogue!"

Scott got a punch in the face.

Kitty again got  punch in the face.

Piotr received $100.

Rogue opened to see an out ticket.

Kitty opened one, and got a plate of lobster.

Kitty: Finally something that's not a punch in the face!

Scott got a punch in the face.

Piotr got punched.

Kitty opened the chest and got the immunity ticket.

"Kitty wins immunuty!!"

"Yes!" Kitty said. Then she fell down.

"That means everyone else is up for elimination. Vote on the poll below to nominate two contestants.

Elimination 2

"Everyone but Bobby, Tabby, Rogue, Robert and Liz are safe.

The only peole with one vote were

Rogue and


With 2 votes and last person safe....
















Tabby! Bobby and Robert are nominated.

Go vote!"

  • everyone votes*
Remy: You will not backstab Colossus. Good-bye Robert!

The votes were very close, actually, 1 to 16. So the person leaving is...























Robert! Bobby, you are safe! Good-bye Robert."

"VHAT! How? Why! NOOOO!" he screamed. He got his stuff and walked out into the limo.


"Previosly on Total Drama X-Men, 20 mutants came out to getn one million dollars. Some people already made alliances that probably won't last. But after a shocking win, Kitty was safe. And due to his scheming, Roberto was sent home. Who will go next, and who will get win this long game. Find out this time on Total Drama X-" Charles said, but then a bag went over his head and he was dragged off. "X-Men..." continued another voice.

Kitty: The fact that Roberto is gone is great! He was a schemer, and he could've gone to the top.

"So one of us would have to win in order to keep our alliance alive." Bobby said . "Obviously." Kitty said, rolling her eyes. "What do you think Rogue?" Piotr asked.

"Uhh... We should take out the threats. First, like, uh, Jubilee?" Rogue said unsurely. Everyone paused. Then they laughed. "That's a good one! But threats out first,got it!" Kitty agreed.

Rogue left the room and walked off.

"Psst. Rogue!" Logan whispered.

"What the? Logan? Why-" Rogue began and was pulled in to another room. Ororo, Logan, Bishop, and Warpath were in it. "Rogue, you're young and we could be the dominant alliance if you joined. You could hang with us and go to the top 5!" Logan said. "Well..." Rogue said.

Rogue: Don't get me wrong, Bobby Piotr, and Kitty are cool. But I think I will stay in longer if I stay with the adults.
Logan: Rogue is great, she's the strongest girl, besides Ororo. Plus she's really smart. The only bad thing is that she already made a few friends, so that will definately hurt her social game. But hey, whatever keeps me in!

"You in or not?" Logan asked.

Rogue felt nervous and finally stated...


"Great then! Welcome to the- wait we don't have a name yet." Logan said.

"How about... Team Oxygen!" Hank suggested.

"Uh. No." Logan disagreed. "Let's get back to it."

Everyone agreed.

Rogue: Now that we have our five... I feel safe. I just don't know how it's gonna play out right now. But I'll find away
Gambit: All de ladies in dis house are so into me. And they're all attractive! Eider way would be good.

"Hey Emma!" Gambit greeted.

"Go away!" Emma said as she passed him in the hall.

"Hey Clarice!" Gambit greeted again.

"No." Clarice said as she went down the stairs.

"Hello Rogue!" Gambit said seductively as he passed her on the stairs.

" Hi?" Rogue greeted.

"Here's da plan! You and me, under the moonlight, with the champaigne and-" Gambit went on.

"No thanks." Rogue said.

Gambit: Maybe I was wrong? Hehehe.

Challenge 3

Everyone walked out into the backyard. There was a red mat and a blue mat. "Welcome to your challenge!" Prof X. said. "Here's how it works: I will split you into 3 teams of 6. On my go, one teammate will scoop and cup of water run with it all the way to anther teams bucket. You can choose which team to take out. Once one teams bucket is overflowed, that team is out. The team that overflows the other teams buckets wins. Those 6 people will not be up for elimination. Okay. Red team: Alex, Bobby, Hank, Liz, Ororo, Rogue.

Blue team: Aly, Clarice, Jubilee, Logan, Piotr, Scott.

Yellow team: Bishop, Emma, Kitty, Remy, Tabby, Warpath.

Let's GO!"

Aly, Emma, and Liz went our for their teams. Emma tripped and spilled most of her water. Aly struggled to take hers over. Liz was breezing through. Liz came back.

Bobby went out and flew through the course. Aly dumped her water and came back. Scott went out. Bobby came back.

Alex went out. Emma finally came back. Bishop went out as fast as he could. Scott came back. Alex came back. Ororo and Clarice went out.

Red team bucket: 3 out of 8

Blue team bucket: 1 half

yellow team bucket: 3 out of 8

The blue bucket was filling up rapidly. 

Ororo came back, Hank came out. Hank came back. Rouge went out. The red team was controlled yet speedy. Logan went out, trying to take out the red team.

Red Team bucket: 5 out of 8

Blue team bucket:  8 out of 9

Yellow team bucket: 1 half

Rogue overflowed the blue team bucket. "BLUE TEAM IS OUT! It's down to red and yellow!" Prof. X. announced. Liz is back. Red team went back and forth. Yellow team struggled. Kitty's cup phased through her hand. Tabby's exploded. Hank's 3rd turn overflowed the yellow team bucket. " RED TEAM WINS!" Prof. X. announced.

Elimination 3

"I have the results. Jubilee, with 1 vote, you have been nominated. And with two votes... Remy, you have been nominated. Well then. Get to voting."

Alex: Remy, man. I'm sorry but uh, you gotta go.
Ororo: I just can't trust you. To me, you're a silent mastermind.
Emma: You're very horny. Very very horny. Gambit, go to hell!
Warpath: I really have no preference on this vote. But you have to earn your way into this house.
Aly: Listen, hunny. I'm gonna be the only one in this house with fireworks. Deal with  it.

"I have the votes... In a vote of 8 to 6... .
































"Wow! Okay then." Jubilee said as she gathered her things. She glared at Remy, then left.

"And That is that! Jubilee is out come back next week for some for Total Drama X Men!"

Coollogo com-7600843
Emma: I can't believe that Jubilee is out! But now that our alliance  is down one, we need to get a new member! And that new member is...

"Uhh... sure?" Liz responded to Emma's request.

"Great then! We're having our next meeting tomorrow!" Emma said as she walked back dwn the hall into her room.

Liz: I don't trust her one bit. Once I expose her alliance, she'll be out next. But she's a snake. The under-cover villain. The wolf in sheep's clothing.
Alex: I don't know why, but I miss Lorna! Like there's no excitement anywhere! And she was kinda... you know... ANYWAY! I think that I could cause some action.

Alex and Scott were talking in one of the rooms.

"So I heard from Clarice that heard from Tabby that heard from Bobby, who heard from Remy who said he saw Logan hitting on Emma." Alex lied.

"WHAT?! I'm gonna kill him!" Scott yelled as he ran out off the room.

Scott: How could Logan do that! He knew I liked Emma! Ugh!

"Hey Scott!" Logan greeted as he walked in. Scott grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him up the stairs into a room. "What the hell, Scott!" Logan yelled.

After that there was a lot of screaming and thumping. "I. DIDN'T. DO. ANY. THING!" Logan yelled every time he hit the wall.

"YES. YOU. DID!" Scott said every time he thumped Logan against the wall.

Logan: I have no idea what I did! He's insane! Scott freakin' Summers is insane.

Logan pulled out his claws and lightly sliced Scott's arm. He screamed. Logan quietly got up and sneaked out of the room. He went downstairs to the kitchen and fell on the table.

"What happened to you?" Ororo asked.

"Scott." Logan grunted as he fell off the table.

"Hmmm..." Ororo mumbled as she sipped her coffee.

Ororo: I have been watching the actions of my fellow houseguests and I've started to piece together what's happeneing. And I think it points to-
Tabby: LIZ! UGH! I can't stand her! I also can't believe Emma replaced Liz with Jubilee! I'm hating the game right now!

"So... Roll call! Emma! here, of course! Aly?" Emma announced.

"Here!" Aly said.

"Clarice?" Emma asked.

"Here!" Clarice said cheerfully.

"Tabby?" Emma asked.

"PRESENT!" Tabby screeched.

"Not so loud! This is a secret alliance!" Emma whispered angrily.

"Am I late?" Liz asked as she walked in.

"No. Just take a seat." Emma said. "So... I think we need to take out Logan! He's strong, competitive and I don't trust him! Anyone else agree?"

Everyone agreed.

"It's settled then. We'll take out Logan."

Liz: Emma's lying. She feels that everyone else is so dumb because she knows that if she goes to the top 5 with Aly, Clarice, Tabby, and I, she'll win. Which is why I need to tell the girls and tell Logan.
Emma: Liz is trying to play me, but it's not working! She knows my plan, and I know hers. It's simple... You can't
Liz: Trust...
Emma: Another...
Liz: Psychic!
Emma: Simple enough!

Challenge 4

The contestants all walked into the backyard. They say a new man standing there. "Who are you?" Tabby asked.

"I am Erik! I will be hosting for a little while!" he announced.

"Where's Prof. X?" Tabby asked.

"He's on a business trip!" Erik said angrily.

"Do you like pineapples?" Tabby asked.

"STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!" Erik snapped. "Now here is the challenge! It's simple. Everybody will have three flags strapped on. On my go everyone will try and pull each others flags. Once you have all three flags pulled, you're out! Last person left standing wins!"

Everybody strapped in their flags.

"ON YOUR MARK! GET SET! GO!" Erik shouted.

Everybody started running randomly.

Bobby: It's a good thing I played flag football in middle school!

Bobby started targeting Emma. In one run he grabbed all three of her flags.


"WHAT THE F***, BOBBY!" Emma yelled.

Emma: I'm never going to win anything.

Bobby also got out Aly, Tabby, and Kitty in one swoop.

Hank targeted Warpath and got two of his flags. Bobby came in and got the other flag.


Clarice pulled one of Liz's flags. Liz turned around to see who got her. Clarice pulled another flag. Liz turned. Clarice pulled the third flag and leaped away.


Scott went for Logan. Logan dodged all three of his grabbed. Scott was about to pull one of Logan's flags right when Hank pulled all three of his flags, pulling Scott to the ground.

"Scott is out!"

Alex watched this, turned away laughing and ran into Piotr. Alex literally looked up to him. There was a girlish scream and a thump.


Bobby came over and pulled two of Piotr's flags and ran off.

Clarice tiptoed like a ninja and pulled Piotr's last flag.


Rogue and Ororo were fighting to get each others last flag. But in foul swoop, Clarice grabbed both of their flags.


Bishop was running away from Remy. Bishop ran into Logan and fell.

"Uh oh!" Bishop muttered.

Bishop ducked and Logan stripped Remy of his flags.


Clarice jumped on Hank, jumped off  of his head, front flipped in the air landed on Logan, scowered on him like a roach and pulled all of his flags.


Clarice then turned Hank and took a leap towards him. She was in mid air when he knocked her down and pulled her flags.

Bobby then pulled Hank's flags.


Everyone came out to congratulate him.

Elimination 4

"Only three people received votes. They were Alex, Aly, and Warpath. And based on a random name generator......







Warpath you are safe!"

"YES!" Warpath sighed.

"That just leaves Aly and Alex. Everyone get voting!"

Emma: This is such an obvious choice, tonight. Sorry not sorry, Alex.
Scott: Aly, I'm very sorry, but Alex revealed Logan's plan so... yeah.
Bishop: If you think you can get away with stealing my beef jerky, you got another thing comin'!
Liz: Nothing personal, just trying to take Emma's alliance out. That's all.
Ororo: You can't be trusted! That little stunt you pulled there, is not going to happen again.

"I have received all the votes. In a vote of 8 to 7. . . . . . . . ..
























Aly! You're safe! That means Alex, you're eliminated." Erik said.

"WHAT?! NO WAY!" Alex shouted, obviously in shock.

"Can't  trust traitors!" Ororo stated.

"Pfft. Whatever! I'm out of here!" Alex scoffed as he opened the door and left.

"That's four down and 16 to go! Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on Total. Drama. X Men!!!"

Elimination Table and Voting

To prevent spoilers, it is on a separate page here

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