This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
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Total Drama X: Sunset Valley takes place about 3 years after Total Drama: Pahkitew Island was filmed. Since then, the company that created the franchise went bankrupt and was bought by a larger and growing company: Kamahew Studios.

Now with the rights to the show and the demand for another season, Kamahew did the only thing they could. They greenlighted the idea for a new show and bought out an old National Park somewhere in the Western United States. After thousands of tedious auditions, fourteen were selected to be competitiors of the new season.


1. Benjamin- Benjamin is a McGiver of sorts. He is an aspiring mechanic cause of his father teaching him, and his father teaching him... And so forth. He always has his toolbox handy.

2. Holly- Holly was born in New England, and born to a very weathly family. She has no idea why she is even here, but she is. She has high standards for people, and can be snobby at times.

3. Kevin- Kevin is an all-star athlete. He plays nearly any sport you can think of. Basketball, football, rugby, golf. If he hasn't done it yet, he certainly will soon.

4. Finch- A bit underdeveloped and short, and maybe not the most athletic. However, she is decently smart and has many skills. A member of the girl scouts since she was 6, she tries to be as polite as she can be.

5. Leevi- The classic jokester that tells the most cheesiest jokes imaginable. He can never take anything seriously, and can annoy people around him quickly.

6. Susan- A bit consious about her weight, she is an awkward and shy girl. When she warms up to someone, she becomes extremley attached to them and clingy. She never backstabs anyone she trusts.

7. Robbie- He considers himself a survivalist and always has his handy tools in deck. A rope, grapling hook, and whip, he is the bravest person on the show.

8. Lauren- A sketcher and a wannabee artist. Always has her sketchbook in hand and ovbserves her surroundings. The problem is, her drawings aren't very good.

9. Norrick- Simply a hipster that is all about world-peace and such. He wishes the world were like it used to be, yet he never even lived in that era.

10. Haley- Haley is from Canada and was a fan of Total Drama ever since it was her first season. She constantly comapres the reboot to the old season, and talks quite alot.

11. Smith- From New Mexico, he knows what it is like out in the West and has become tough living in it. He is constantly giving advice to others, although he sometimes makes mistakes himself.

12. Claudia- From Minnesota, not very used to very warm weather like in the West. She is constantly asking questions and wanting to learn new things.

13. Garret- The buisness professional. He is wanting to be an entrepreneure and has the money to do so. He is trying to learn about the insides of managing a buisness, so he may give orders to others and try to be a leader at times.

14. Julie- Everyone knows she's dumb, even herself. However, she tries to keep from sounding dumb, using expansive vocabulary and methods that she came up with herself.

Episode 1- "Camp's in for Summer!" [Part 1]

Coming Soon

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