Chris McLean brings 18 contestants from Total Drama's original cast back for an all-new season at an-all new location... some crappy old battleground that nobody knows about! All of this year's challenges are war-themed and are all very painful and humiliating. But hey, what do you expect from Total Drama? Super safe, fun challenges? No. I didn't think so. This season insures a lot of surprises and a lot of dramatic twists. And, as always, the last contestant standing will win - One. Million. Dollars! Are you ready for Total Drama X-Treme? You are? Good. You better be. ;)









Eva (debuts midway through season, does not originally qualify to compete)













Screaming Gunfire - Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Owen, Tyler                                                 Killer Tanks - Beth, Cody, Courtney, Geoff, Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Trent


Episode 1 - "Let the Carnage Commence"

Chris - "What's up campers? It's me, Chrs McLean, tipping off yet another season of Total Drama.. right now! I've decided that in order to boost ratings, and my enjoyment (laughs), we need to kick it up a few notches this season. So, I came up with what will surely go down as the most dangerous and most entertaining Total Drama season ever - a war-themed season! Yup, it's gonna get CRAAA-ZZY! But of course, we can't have a show without our contestants, and I'm bringing back 17 former players to battle it out for One. Million. Dollars! And here they are! Say hello to... Beth!"

Beth - "Ooooh, I'm so excited to be back! I just hope nothing goes wrong... again."

Chris - "... Bridgette!"

Bridgette - "What's up?"

Chris - "...Cody!"

Cody - "The Code-miester is back, and I plan to win!"

Chris - "...Courtney!"

Courtney - "I'm going to win. No one can stop me. That, and I'm pretty much allergic to losing."

Chris - "....DJ!"

DJ - "I'm gonna win for you, Momma! I promise!"

Chris - "..Duncan!"

Duncan - "Bring it on, McLean!"

Chris - "..Geoff!"

Geoff - "Shout out to all my bros back home! I'm ready to par-tay!"

Chris - "....Gwen!"

Gwen - "I hope Courtney isn't out to get me again. I'm a nice person!"

Chris - "...Harold!"

Harold - "I wanna win the million, so I can spend it all on my lucious Leshawna!"

Chris - "...Heather!"

Heather - (to Harold) "Guess it's not gonna end well for ya, huh?"

Chris - "...Izzy!"

Izzy - "Hey, did anybody know I can speak cow? Moooooooo, I like milk!"

Chris - "...Leshawna!"

Leshawna - "Leshawna's back in the house, and I came to win!"

Chris - "....Lindsay!"

Lindsay - "Does anyone know where the mall is?"

Chris - "...Noah!"

Noah -  ( sarcastically) "Wow. I'm so excited to be back on this totally awesome show! My excitement is through the roof."

Chris - "..Owen!"

Owen - "Woooo, it's awesome to be back! WOO-HOOOO! Oh man, all this screaming is making me hungry."

Chris - "...Trent!"

Trent - "I wanna make things right with Gwen, I just hope it all goes well."

Chris - ".... and Tyler!"

Tyler - "TO THE EXTREME! (falls over) Aaaaaaaah! That's smarts!"

Chris - "Yup. It's gonna be EXTREME all right. And you won't wanna miss a minute of the action! So, without any further ado, welcome to - Total. Drama. X-TREME!!!!!"

(Opening theme song plays)

Chris - "Greetings, players. Welcome to another season. I hope you're all ready, because this season is going to be unlike anything you've ever experienced before."

Duncan - (sarcastically) "Ooooooooh, a war-themed season. That's really intimidating."

Chris - "First rule of Total Drama - NEVER underestimate me. Trust me, this season is gonna be too hard for most of you to handle, if not all of you."

Courtney - "Who cares? Let's just get on with this show already so I can take my million!"

Heather- (to Courtney) "YOUR million?!"

Chris - "Okay, everybody just shut it already. Since you want to get on with it so badly, let's arrange the teams. I've already assigned you to teams and chosen names. Team A will consist of Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Owen and Tyler. From now on, you will be known as the Screaming Gunfire. Team B will consist of Beth, Cody, Courtney, Geoff, Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah and Trent. You will be known as the Killer Tanks.

IN CONFESSIONAL (please note the confessional is an outhouse, however its features are very different from Camp Wawanakwa's confessional)

Harold - "Leshawna and I are on the same team! Sweet!"

Courtney - "So Gwen and I won't be on the same team. Too bad, I guess."

Heather - "I came back to take what's rightfully mine. And no one is gonna get in my way again."


Heather - (to Chris) "Hey! They have nine players and we only have eight. That isn't fair!"

Chris - "There's an odd number of players this year. You'll just have to deal with it."

Heather - "Whatever."

Chris - "Alright players. Before we begin our first challenge of the season, I have an announcement. For those of you who saw or competed in our All-Stars season, the winners of each challenge got to recline in a spa hotel, while the losers did not. That's the same deal this season. Winners get luxury. Losers get diddly squat. (laughs) Your first challenge will be a tribute to the first challenge of our All-Star season - find the key to the spa hotel. First team to find it wins. And, someone from the losing team will get voted off tonight. Chop chop."

Heather - "Since there's only eight of us, I propose we each search in pairs. Sound good?"

Duncan - "As if any of us are gonna let you give out orders."

Heather - "Arguing with me could get you voted off if we lose tonight."

Duncan - "Fine. Whatever."

Heather - "Okay. How about we go Bridgette and DJ, Izzy and Tyler, Owen and Duncan, and myself and Gwen. Fair enough?"

Screaming Gaffers (excluding Gwen) - "Alright."

Gwen - "What makes you think I wanna search with you?"

Heather - "Form an alliance with me, and I can assure you'll have my vote at all times."


Heather - "Do you really think she can count on me as an ally? You must not know me very well."


(Cut to Chris)

Chris - "Wow. Tension. Can't get enough of it. (Laughs) It's still anyone's game, but who will emerge victorious? Find out when we come back on Total. Drama. X-TREME!" (Cut to commerical break)

(End of commerical break, show resumes with Killer Tanks.)

Courtney - "Listen up guys, I nominate myself as Team Captain."

Leshawna - "Oh boy, here we go again."

Courtney - "Excuse me?"

Leshawna - "You can't just boss us around. No one's gonna listen to you."


Courtney - "If we lose this challenge, Leshawna's going to regret saying that."


Noah - (sarcastically) "Wow. Listening to girls fight. Yup, it's gonna be another long season."

Courtney - "Okay. Enough chatter. We need to find that key."

(Cut to Owen and Duncan)

Owen - "So, you and Gwen broke up, huh?"

Duncan - "Yeah, don't remind me."

Owen - "Oh, okay. You can bet that I will never again bring up the fact that you and Gwen broke up. Oops!"

(Duncan rolls his eyes)

(Cut to Killer Tanks)

Harold - "You really set Courtney off, huh?"

Leshawna - "Yeah. So? Who needs that Type-A CIT whatever she calls herself anyway?"


Leshawna - "I'm not one to talk badly about anyone, but putting up with a whole season of Courtney is gonna be hard."


(Harold finds the key in a bush)

Harold - "Hey guys! I found the key!"

Killer Tanks - (cheering)

Courtney - "What are we all waiting for?! Let's go!"

(Killer Tanks begin to run back to Chris to present the key.)

(Cut to Gwen and Heather, walking)

Heather - "Ughhh! Where is that stupid key?"

(Killer Tanks run by Gwen and Heather, Heather notices that Harold has the key.)

Heather - "The Tanks have it! Come on, let's get it!"

(Gwen and Heather begin to chase after the Tanks.)

(Harold, running with the key, sees the finish line, where Chris is waiting. Harold begins to run faster to present the key when he twists his ankle, and the key falls out of his hands.)

Harold - "Aaaaaaaaah! Gosh! My ankle! Why?!"

Courtney - "Forget that and give him that key!"

(Heather picks up the key)

Heather - "Suckers!"

(Heather presents the key to Chris)

Chris - "And in a shocking turn of events, and an ankle (laughs), the Screaming Gunfire win!"

Heather and Gwen - "Yes!"

Chris - "Killer Tanks. You have royally blown it. I'll be seeing you tonight, for our first elimination ceremony of the season. Vote wisely."


Courtney - (screams) I can't believe a stupid twisted ankle cost us the win! Harold's gonna get it!"

Harold - "It really sucks that I blew the challenge, I hope my team isn't mad at me."

Gwen - "Wow. We really stole that one. Literally."


(Harold and Leshawna are seen talking.)

Leshawna - "Hey, don't worry about that silly ankle thing. Accidents happen."

Harold - "Yeah, I guess." I'm probably gonna get voted off for it, though."

Leshawna - "Well, you can definitely count on my vote. My vote was locked up before you twisted your ankle."

Harold - "Who for? Courtney?"

Leshawna - "Pretty much, yeah."

(Cut to commerical break)

(End of commerical break, Killer Tanks are at elimination ceremony)

Chris - "At ease, soldiers. One of you is about to get dismissed. Permanently. So get voting."

(Killer Tanks are seen in the confessional, voting.)

Chris - "This season, players that are safe will recieve these. (Presents a badge with Chris's face on it.) A genuine McLean brand Chris badge. This represents the players that don't get their hineys booted off the show. Now, the following players are safe: Geoff."

Geoff - "Party on, dudes!"

Chris - "...Cody, Beth, Trent, Noah, Lindsay, and Courtney!"

(Leshawna is in disbelief upon discovering that Courtney is safe from elimination.)

Chris - "Only one badge remains and it goes to.............."

(Harold and Leshawna look at each other in disbelief)

Chris - ".....Leshawna! Harold, you are dismissed! Now, go!"

Harold - "Ughhhhh, ok. I'll miss you, Leshawna. Win for us!"

Leshawna - "I promise, sugar! You don't need to worry." (looks at Courtney)

Chris - "Killer Tanks, you get to watch Harold be the first to ride our new elimination device for this season...."

(Cuts to Chris and Harold)

Chris "Behold! The Cannon of Shame!"

Killer Tanks - (gasp in awe)

Harold - "See ya guys. It was..."

(Chris pushes a button and Harold is blasted out of the cannon.)

Harold - ".... fun while it lastedddddddddddddddddddd!"

Chris - (laughs) What a way to start a new season. And, it's only gonna get better. Who's next to get blown away? Literally. Find out next time, right here on Total. Drama. X-TREME!"

(Fade to black, ending credits and music play)

Episode 2 - "Tank Wars"

Chris - "Last time on Total. Drama. X-Treme. I welcomed back 17 former players for another shot at One. Million. Dollars! Their first challenge? Find the key to the McLean Spa Hotel. Just as the Killer Tanks were about to claim victory, Harold twisted his ankle in what will surely go down as the greatest blunder in Total Drama history. Smooth move, bro! (laughs). As you can well imagine, the Screaming Gunfire were able to literally steal the win. And, as you can also well imagine, Harold became the first player to demonstrate how to use our brand new elimination device - The Cannon of Shame! Who will get blown into Loserville next? Find out right now on Total. Drama. X-Treme!

(Opening theme song plays)

(McLean Spa Hotel, Screaming Gunfire players are eating breakfast)

Heather - (exhales in relaxation) "This is the life.

Owen - (eyeing food). "Yeah. It surrrrreee is."


Owen - "Being in the spa hotel is probably the coolest thing ever. I mean, look at the FOOD!" (laughs) (farts)


Heather - (to Owen) "Owen! Stop eyeballing the food like that. You'll make me barf!"

Owen - "How could staring at all this delicious food make anyone wanna barf? This is beautiful!"

DJ - "He does have a point. This place is sweet!"

Tyler - "Yeah, this is how the top athletes relax - in glory!"

Heather - "Please stop talking. I would like to finish my breakfast - before Owen does!"

(Owen is seen eyeing Heather's food)

(Cut to Killer Tanks, found in a crappy old bunker, which is where losing teams sleep each week.)

Courtney - "Gahhhhhhhhhh! This isn't fair. If it wasn't for Harold's stupidity, we wouldn't even be here right now!"

Leshawna (groans) "Come on, girl. Just get over it, okay? This stuff happens."

Courtney - "Well it shouldn't. Not to me anyway. I'm not supposed to be a loser. That isn't how I roll."


Leshawna - "If we lose another challenge, Courtney has got to go!"


Beth - "Come on, guys. Can't you two just talk it out normally?"

Courtney - "Not with the teammates I have to put up with."


Leshawna - (angrily) "Oooooooooooh!" That is it!"


Chris - (over ,loudspeaker) "Attention players! Meet me at the base of the battleground in 5. Over!"

(Cut to base,)

Chris - "Good morning, players! At least it's a good morning now. Once you're done with today's challenge, you probably won't think so. (laughs)"

Heather - "What could possibly have in store that'll intimidate us?"

Chris - "Today's challenge is a tank war."

Heather - "Whatever."

Duncan - Yes! That's what I'm talking about."


Duncan - "Just the kind of challenge that turns me on. This is gonna be a walk in the park."


Chris - "The goal is simple. each team has a tank that they will use to try to demolish the other teams' tank. Once you destroy a tank, you have to capture the players inside. First team to do that wins. And of course, one team will watch one of their players take a painful ride to Loserville. (laughs) One player will drive, steer, and control the tank. One player will stand on top of the tank and direct cannon fire at the other team. The rest of the players on that particular team will just have to ride inside the tank. You have one minute to assign roles - starting now!"

(Screaming Gunfire)

Heather - "I'll drive!"

Duncan - "I'll fire the cannon!"

Tyler - "And I'll take it to the extreme!"

Owen - "Guess the rest of us will just sit in the tank, right?"

DJ - "Works for me."


DJ - "As long as don't hurt anybody or anything, I'm just fine."


(Killer Tanks)

Courtney - "I'll drive. Cody, you fire the cannon. The rest of you, just stay out of my way."

Cody - "Sweet!"


Cody - "If I help us win, I can show Gwen what the Code-miester is all about!"


Chris - "One more thing before you guys start. Once a tank is destroyed, the teams will abandon their tanks, and use these bad boys here to capture the competition. (shows several nets) These babies open up on contact. Exhibit A. (Throws a net at an intern, who immediately gets entangled in the net) (Chris laughs) Two teams. Two tanks. And a whole lot of laughs. Who will come out on top? Find out, after the break, on Total. Drama. X-Treme!"

(Commerical break)

Chris - "Okay, teams. Your challenge starts.... now!"

Heather - "Duncan! Fire the cannon!"

(Duncan fires the cannon, hitting the side of the other team's tank, which tilts sideways.)

(inside tank)

Courtney - "Cody! Fire now!"

(Cody fires at the Gunfire's tank)

Leshawna - "Nice job, Cody!"

Courtney - "Ummmm, hello. I'm trying to work here!"


Leshawna - "I'd hate to let my team down, but I think we should just throw this challenge so we can get Courtney out of here!"

Courtney - "Why did I have to be on a team full of losers?"


(Duncan fires again)

Leshawna - "Gahhhh! This is the stupidest challenge ever!"

Beth - "This is so bad!"

Courtney - "Shut up already! I want to win!"

(Tanks' steering wheel experiences technical difficulties)

Courtney - "Come on, you piece of garbage! Work!"

(Courtney tries to pry wheel back into place, which causes her to break it)

Courtney - "NO!"

(Tank spins out of control and tips over backwards)

Chris - "Okay, since the Killer Tanks no longer have a tank to use, we can get to the good part of this challenge. Teams, exit your tanks and gather your nets, Pronto!"

Duncan - "Ahh, yeah, this is gonna be good!"

Chris - "For each player you capture, you get a point. First team to eight points wins. The hunt starts... now!"

(Heather throws a net at Courtney, who dodges it)

Courtney - "Let's go, team! Hustle, hustle, hustle!"

(Courtney throws a net at DJ, who gets entangled)

DJ - "Aaaaah! I'm stuck!"

(Izzy throws a net, which ends up entangling Owen and Tyler)

Owen and Tyler - "Help! We can't get out!"

Chris - "That's one two points for the Tanks, and zero for the Gunfire!"

Heather - "But Courtney only got DJ!"

Chris - "Friendly fire. Enough said."

Izzy - "Sorry."

Heather - "Whatever."

(Heather gets hit by a net from Leshawna)

Heather - "Aaaaaah! What's wrong with you people?!"

Leshawna - "Yes!"

Chris - "Make that three to zip."

Geoff - "Sweetness!" (high fives Leshawna)

Heather - "Ugggggh!"

Gwen - "Guess it's up to me."

(Gwen throws a net at Noah)

Noah - (sarcastically) "Awesome. My happiness is through the roof."

Chris - "The Gunfire manage to get a point, but the Tanks still lead by 2."

(Duncan hits Cody)

Cody - (groans)

Chris - "The Gunfire score again."

Lindsay - "I've got this." (Throws net in the air, lands on herself.)

Chris - "And with that, we have a tie game."


Heather - "Good thing Lindsay's not on our team."


Trent - (to himself) Okay, I'm gonna try not to hit Gwen."

(Trent hits Duncan)

Duncan - "Ahhh, man! Why?"

Trent - "Yes!"

Chris - "And the Tanks regain the lead!"

Gwen - (to Duncan) "You okay?"

Duncan - "As if you care."

Gwen - "Just trying to be nice. Not many people around here are."

Heather - "She's got a solid point."

Gwen - "Don't worry, guys. I got this." (hits Beth)

Bridgette - "Great shot, Gwen." (hits Geoff) Sorry, babe!"

Geoff - "It's cool."


Bridgette - "Ugggh! Now I feel awful!"


(Izzy hits Gwen and Bridgette)

(Gwen and Bridgette groan in pain)

Izzy - "Oops."

Chris - "Two more points, and the Tanks win."

(Gwen and Bridgette escape from the net)

Bridgette - "Since Gwen and I escaped, do we get those two points back?"

Chris - "Nope, but you can still play."

Bridgette - "Fine." (hits Leshawna)

Leshawna - (screams)

Chris - "6-5 Tanks."

(Courtney breaks out of the net and hits Bridgette)

Chris - "The Tanks need one more point."

(Izzy throws net, hits Gwen)

Gwen - "Uggggggggh!"

Chris - "And with a final score of 8-5, the Killer Tanks win!"

(Killer Tanks cheer)

Lindsay - "Yeah, we get to go to the spa hotel! Isn't that great, Tyler?"

Tyler - "We're not on the same team remember?"


Heather - (to Izzy) "Nice job, crazy girl."

(Commerical break)

(Elimination ceremony)

Chris - "Screaming Gunfire, one of you is gonna get blown away. Literally. It's voting time!"

(Gunfire players are seen in confessional voting.)

Chris - "The votes are in, and the following players are safe - Owen, Duncan, Gwen, Bridgette, Tyler, and DJ!" Only one Chris Badge left. Heather and Izzy, you're on the chooping block. Izzy for sabotaging her teammates. Heather for being annoying. And the last Chris Badge goes to..................Heather! Izzy, time for you to take a ride that's as crazy as you are!"

(Cut to Cannon of Shame)

Chris - "Any final words?"

Owen - "I'll miss you, Iz."

Heather - "I won't. (teammates glare at her) What? Honesty."

Izzy - "I just wanna say........."

(Cannon goes off, Izzy is heard screaming)

Chris - "Believe it or not, I'm actually surprised she got the boot this early. But the drama's only gonna get better. So, don't miss it, right here on Total. Drama. X-Treme!"

(Fade to black)

Ep.3 - "Dumb vs Dumber"

Chris - "Last time on Total. Drama. X-Treme! The players engaged in an EXTREMELY humiliating tank war, which was followed by an even more humiliating game of Capture the Loser. Izzy ticked off all of her teammates by netting them instead of netting the other team. And Izzy got the royal boom. Which team will gain the upper hand today? What's up with Gwen and Duncan? Find out right now on Total. Drama. X-Treme!"

(Opening theme song plays)

(McLean Spa Hotel)

Courtney - "This is the life."

Leshawna - "It's nice to hear you say something good for a change."

Courtney - "What? I haven't said anything wrong or annoying. I'm the team leader!"

Noah - (sarcastically) "And you're doing an outstanding job with that."

Courtney - "I am! If it wasn't for me, you guys would've lost yesterday's challenge."

Leshawna - "I think we would've done just fine. Izzy did all the work for us."

Courtney - "True. Well, I'm sure you're gonna realize that you need me eventually."


Leshawna - "You see, this is what I'm talking about."


(Screaming Gunfire girls, in crappy old bunker)

Heather - "Well, we totally blew it yesterday. I'm hoping it won't happen again."

Gwen - "Don't flatter yourself. It's not like you were any help yesterday."

Heather - "And here I thought you and I were allies."

Gwen - "Once again, don't flatter yourself."


Heather - "I need an ally. But nobody on my team wants to be one, and I don't feel like waiting until the teams merge. DJ and Tyler might be interested. But they won't get me very far."


(Gunfire guys bunker)

(Owen notices Duncan has an unhappy look on his face)

Owen - "What's wrong, Duncan?"

Duncan - "What? Oh, it's nothing."

Owen - "You can tell me."

Duncan - "Uggh, it's Gwen! She broke up with me, then yesterday, she was acting all concerned when I got caught in that net. I think she might be trying to gain my trust, and then boom! I'm gone."

Owen - "Maybe she really cared."

Duncan - "Yeah, right."

Tyler - "I know how you feel, man. I get that way when I'm away from my Lindsay for too long. (begins doing jumping jacks, falls over doing so) Aaaah! Ah, man! That sucks!"


Duncan - "Normally, I would've found that hilarious, but I'm not in the mood."


Chris - (over P.A.) "Listen up, players! Meet me outside in ten minutes! McLean out!"

(Cut to outside)

Chris - "Good morning, everyone! Sleep well?"

Courtney - "I did."

Heather - "I didn't."

Owen - "I'm hungry."

Chris - "Yeah, I don't really care. Anywoo, since yesterday's challenge was a tank war, today's challenge will be a water war!"


Heather - "It sounds simple. But knowing Chris, there's probably gonna be a few surprises."


Geoff - "Where's the water, man?"

Chris - "I'm so happy you guys are in a hurry to embarass yourselves. Follow me!"

(Cut to swimming pool behing McLean Spa Hotel)

Chris - "Since's there's no running water near this battleground, you guys will just have to use the Spa Hotel Pool. The goal is simple. Compete in diiferent events one-on-one. Since there's an odd number of players, one player will have to sit this challenge out. And trust me, it hurts me to say that. Not as much as competing in the challenge would hurt you, but it still hurts. Killer Tanks, who's sitting out?"

Courtney - "I will."


Courtney - "Perfect. I'll just sit back and let those losers get embarassed."

DJ - "I don't want to hurt anybody. Momma wouldn't like it. I wish I could sit out."

Tyler - "It's time for me to take it to the EXTREME! (falls over) Aaaah, crap!"


Chris - "Okay. I've assigned the matchups. And here they are! Heather vs Beth, Lindsay vs Tyler, Owen vs Noah, Bridgette vs Geoff, Gwen vs Trent, Leshawna vs

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