Welcome to Total Drama World Tour Returns

Episode 1

Egypt Musical Challenge(s) Sing a song to enjoy the gods, row across a river to the finish
Winner(s) Team Victory
Eliminated click to find out
Episode Guide


" N/A "


"Japan's Oversized Drama "

Chris's Jumbo Plane was right in front of the contestants. "Are contestants are... Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Owen, Gwen, Lightning, Duncan, Brick, Heather, Courtney, Izzy, Noah, Tyler, Lindsay, Harold, Ezekiel" said Chris.

We all followed Chris into the Drop of Shame room, Then into first class, then the crappy second class. "Ew this room stinks!" said Cameron "Where are the toilets" "Over to the left" Chris explained. Cameron walked into the bathroom (Confessional) "What the bathroom has a camera, I need privacy! Back at first class, Chris told the contestants that we were going to Egypt!

When we landed at Egypt, Chris made two teams. "Team A, You will be Mike, Zoey, Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Brick, Heather and Izzy! Team B, You will be Courtney, Lightning, Cameron, Noah, Tyler, Lindsay, Harold, Ezekiel!

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