Come Fly With Us Part One

(the camera zooms in on Chris McLean standing on a runway in an airport)

Chris: Welcome Total Drama Fans Chris McLean here to drop a continuation to season 3 of Total Drama called-Total Drama World Tour Redux!. Join me as 20 new teens journey forth to see excited destinations and to compete for one million dollars! now lets meet our players first up its...(looks at clipboard)...Jessica!

Jessica (steps off of the bus, excited): oh my gosh! this is so cool!

Chris: next we have Derrick!

Derrick: hey what's up

(Jessica giggles)

Chris: next up are...Ashley and Anthony!

Ashley: hey

Anthony: so where is the plane?

Chris (to Anthony): don't worry it'll be here (to audience) but next up are...Michael, Giulianna, Westley and Lyejhiah

Anthony (to Lyejhiah): what kind of name is Lyejhiah?

Lyejhiah (to Anthony): its noneyaese from the land of Noneyabusiness

(Anthony glares back at Lyejhiah)

Michael (to Westley): ooh tension

Westley: seriously

Giulianna (to Chris): so when do we eat?

Chris (to Giulianna): soon don't worry (to audience) our final players are Brittanaey, Rhys, Rosealynne, Blaine, Nathaneal, Rebecca, Emma, Travis, Erick, Anastacia, Marijayne and Enrique!

Rosealynne: wow this is so awesome

Blaine: I wonder if we're gonna have to sing this season

Nathaneal: I hope not I hate singing

Rebecca: i hate singing too

Emma: or maybe its a history learning season

Travis: great more unwanted school stuff

Erick: don't you mean?

Travis (to Erick): shut-up

Anastacia: I wonder what our first challenge is gonna be

Marijayne: i wonder that too

Enrique: hopefully something easy

(just than the plane rolls up slowly)

Jessica (looking at the plane): wow that's one big plane

Chris (to Jessica): its called a jumbo jet or the Total Drama Jumbo Jet

(Travis rolls his eyes)

Chef (to the contestants): now boarding

Chris: you guys heard him now lets get this season started

(Chris watches as the contestants run on board the plane)

(while inside Chris explains the interior of the plane)

Chris: oh and one more thing if you hear this chime (music sound effect: ding! ding!) than its time to sing. any objections?


Jessica: we have to sing!


Derrick: so what's next the ex contestants will appear out of nowhere and beat us up?



(music sound effect: ding! ding!)

Chris: so let's hear it

(song starts)

Jessica: Up in the sky we sing

Travis: watch as we take wing!

Rebecca: why in the world do we have to sing?

Rosealynne: cause we all heard that musical ding!

(in another part of the plane)

Derrick/Emma: Up in the sky! Up in the sky!

Nathaneal: watch us crash and die!

(in the cockpit)

Rhys: why can't Chris just be normal!

Chef: or to give you guys a rehersal!

(back to the sitting area)

Westley/Lyejhiah/Michael/Anastacia: come fly with us! come sing with us!

Marijayne/Anthony (speaking): NO!

Chris (to Marijayne & Anthony/speaking): well like I said before in order to escape instant elimination!

Brittanaey: all contestants must sing in each show!

Ashley/Giulianna/Blaine/Erick/Enrique: Up in the air we fly off to the most excited places around the world!

Chris (to Marijayne & Anthony/speaking): so guys what's in gonna be?

Marijayne (narrowing her eyes at Chris): well I'm not going home so early

Marijayne: come fly with us...come fly with us!...COME AND FLY WITH US!?

Rosealynne (to Anthony/speaking): come on Anthony....please!

Anthony: this sucks!!!!!

Everyone (minus Anthony): yeah!

(song ends)

Chef: enough singing! we're about to land in Egypt (to himself) singing...still a bad idea


Marijayne: I am not gonna go home so soon


Anthony: singing sucks



(in Egypt Pharoh Chris appears)

Chris (to contestants): if you remember the previous World Tour season where the contestants had to go either over or under the pyramid well this time around I'll decide who goes over or under

(the contestants groan)

Chris: so Jessica, Derrick, Ashley, Anthony, Michael, Giulianna, Westley, Lyejhiah, Brittanaey and Rhys you guys are going over

(Jessica, Derrick, Ashley, Anthony, Michael, Giulianna, Westley, Lyejhiah, Brittanaey and Rhys start their incline)

Chris: so for the rest of ya'll you guys are gonna go under so start now!

(Rosealynne, Blaine, Nathaneal, Rebecca, Emma, Travis, Erick, Anastacia, Marijayne and Enrique start thier decent)

(under the pyramid)

Blaine: our finely groomed host forgot to mention the various paths

Rosealynne: okay well Nathaneal and Marijayne your with me so lets go

(the others watch as Rosealynne, Nathaneal and Marijayne take the path marked with a bow and arrow)

Emma: well than I'm going left who's in?

Enrique: I am

Travis: i guess

(Rebecca, Erick, Anastacia and Blaine watch as Emma, Travis and Enrique take the path marked with a mummy)

Rebecca: so lets take the middle one

Erick: um....Rebecca that path is marked scarabs

Anastacia: do you wanna go home Erick?

Erick: no but-

Anastacia: so hush

Blaine: well than lets go

(Rebecca, Erick, Anastacia and Blaine take the scarab path in the center)

(now over the pyramid)

(Derrick, Giulianna, Michael and Rhys make the decent down to the bottom and cross the finish line first)

Giulianna: yay we made it!

Chris: cool now you 4 go stand behind the number 1 cause this time there are 4 teams!....of 5 and you guys also get...

(Derrick, Giulianna, Michael and Rhys watch as Emma, Rosealynne, Nathaneal and Marijayne run out of the pyramid)

Chris: Emma go join team one, Rosealynne, Nathaneal and Marijayne you guys start team two and you guys get...

(Lyejhiah and Brittanaey jump down the last few feet of the pyramid)

Chris:...Lyejhiah and Brittanaey go join team 2

(just than Westley, Jessica, Anthony, Travis and Enrique cross the finish line)

Chris: congradulations team 3

Westley, Jessica, Anthony, Travis and Enrique: what?

(before Chris could say anything the musical chime dings)

(Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia who are under the pyramid heard the chime and Ashley who crossed before the chime went off staring team 4 doesn't have to sing the reprise)

Chris (inside the pryamid): Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia it's time for a musical reprise

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: are you serious?

Chris: if you don't sing your out! see ya outside

(song starts)

Blaine: Win!

Blaine and Rebecca: Win!

Blaine, Rebecca and Erick: Win!

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: Win!

Blaine: never back down

Rebecca: there's too much at steak

Erick: we have to fight

Anastacia: and to sleep in first class tonight!

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: but if we don't get out of here

than we won't be up in the air

and kiss our chances goodbye!!!!

Blaine: you know what I noticed

Anstacia: I don't like this place

Rebecca: its so dark in here

Erick: but at least its cool though

Blaine: its so hot out there...oh!

Anastacia: if we don't sing this song we're out of this show!

Blaine: there is no reason for us to sing

Rebecca: but we just had to hear that stupid ding!

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: but if we don't get out of here

than we won't be up in the air

and kiss our chances goodbye!!!!

Rebecca: this is really messed up

Erick: Chris shouldn't have fessed up

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: but if we don't get out of here

than we won't be up in the air

and kiss our chances goodbye!!!!

(Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia cross the finish line)

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: we're still in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(song ends)

(Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia take their places behind the number 4 spot)

Chirs: now pick your teams names

Giulianna, Michael, Rhys, Emma and Derrick: Team Hatchet!

(than a brown logo with Chef Hatchet's face pops up)

Rosealynne, Nathaneal, Lyejhiah, Marijayne and Brittaneay: Team Venus!

(than a pink logo with the female gender symbol pops up)

Westley, Jessica, Anthony, Travis and Enrique: Team Mars!

(than a silver logo with the male gender symbol pops up)

Blaine, Ashley, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: Team Legacy!

(than an orange logo with an Emmy statuette pops up)

(Chris than walks up)

Chris: and here are your prizes for Team Legacy you guys get a camel

(the camel farts and Team Legacy looks disgusted)

Chris: Team Mars you guys get a goat!

(the goat rams into Travis than jumps into Jessica's arms)

Chris: Team Venus you guys get a seagull

(Team Venus glares at Chris)

Chris: finally Team Hatchet you guys get this (throws then a stick)

Emma (annoyed): Legacy gets a camel, Mars gets a goat, Venus get a seagull and we get a stick?

Chris: all will be explained Emma (to the camera) joins us next time on Total Drama World Tour... (singing)...REDUX!


Derrick: we may have gotten first but this guy is going to the top with of without his team mates!



Come Fly With Us Part Two

(RECAP-Chris:lasttime on Total Drama World Tour Redux, 20 new contestants braved the heat of Egypt during there first challenge and after the first challenge 4 new teams are formed find out who'll be eliminated tonight on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(the camera focuses on the 4 teams)

Rosealynne: I wonder what the next challenge is?

Jessica: I know huh?

Rosealynne: I'm sorry but I'm talking to my team mates

Lyejhiah (defending Jessica): you don't have to be mean to her

Rosealynne: whatever

Lyejhiah: you know what!-

(Chris rings a gong)

Chris: its song time!

Lyejhiah: but we didn't-

(Lyejhiah gets cut off by the musical gong)

Chris: and make this song count

(song starts)

Team Venus: oooooooooooooooooh

Derrick: there's a time for livin' and a time for dyin'

Giulianna: but there's always a time for lovin'

Everyone: just spread your wings

and fly away to where your special someone is

there's always a time for lovin'

just let the music guide you

there's always a time for lovin'

and a time for livin'

with the heart that God gave you

Derrick: its something that you can't buy in stores

Giulianna: its something that can be swept up from the floors

Team Venus: ooooooooooooooooooooh

Everyone: just spread your wings

and fly away to where your special someone is

there's always a time for lovin'

just let the music guide you

there's always a time for lovin'

and a time for livin'

with the heart that God gave you

Derrick: the music's in me

Giulianna: and its in me too

Derrick & Giulianna: it makes me crazy

to fall in love with you baby

you make me wild

even when you act like a child!

Team Venus: oooooooooooooooooooooh

Derrick & Giulianna: when its your love

you make me rise above

the rest of the people

who try to tear us apart

Everyone: just spread your wings

and fly away to where your special someone is

there's always a time for lovin'

just let the music guide you

there's always a time for lovin'

and a time for livin'

with the heart that God gave you

(Derrick and Giulianna kiss)

(song ends)

Chris: nice, now onto the challenge

(Derrick and Giulianna are the last leave with their team)

Rhys (to Derrick and Giulianna): guys (snapping) Derrick, Giulianna we're gonna lose!

(Derrick and Giulianna focus on the challenge)

Derrick: you know what he's right

Giulianna: yeah he is


Giulianna: did you guys just see that?


Derrick: hey when you got you got it if you don't than your just an Alejandro



(halfway though the challenge)

Westley: great we're lost

Travis: yeah no kidding

Jessica: hey guys I can see the Nile!

Enrique: well that was easy

Anthony (to Jessica): how did you know that?

Jessica: our goat just ran that way and I can smell water

Westley: well come on lets go

(now onto Team Venus)

Marijayne: hey guys I can't see the other teams

Brittanaey: either we're first or-

Lyejhiah:-or dead last...I blame you for this (points to Roesalynne)

Nathaneal: well at least we ahve a camel

Rosealynne: that's true (to Lyejhiah) its not my fault

(now to Team Hatchet)

Giulianna: uh...Derrick

Derrick: if its about the kiss don't worry about it

Giulianna: we were just caught up in the moment

Derrick: yeah we were

(Giulianna and Derrick turn away from each other blushing)

(and finally onto Team Legacy)

Anastacia: hey there's the finish line

Rebecca: yeah on the other side of the river

(two crocodiles jump through the air snapping their jaws)

Erick: is it too late to quit?

Chris: its not

(Team Legacy are startled to see Chris standing behind them)

Blaine: are you trying to give us a heart attack?

Chris: now why would I do that

Ashley: cause your crazy?

(the other 2 teams show up)

Chris: the second half of the challenge is to make a boat and use that boat to cross the Nile and reach the finish line and the first team to cross gets to sleep in first class and the losing team sleeps with the cargo! so get started

(Team Mars follows their goat and meets up with the other teams)

Jessica: the second part is to make a boat?

Enrique: okay lets get to work

Westley, Anthony and Travis: right!

(after the 4 teams were in the water Team Venus pulls ahead and wins the challenge)

Team Venus: we rock!

Chris: Team Venus you guys get to enjoy first class

(Teams Legacy and Hatchet crossed second and third respectivly)

Chris: Team Legacy and Team Hatchet you guys are safe but are staying in economy class

(a very tired and irritated Team Mars crosses last)

Chris: Team Mars since you guys cross last you guys are staying in the cargo hold this week oh and also you 5 are going to The Barf Bag Ceremony tonight

(Team Mars groans)

(at elimination)

Chris: so we have 5 passports set up in the bathroom confessional set up for ya'll so one at a time you guys get to vote


Westley votes off Travis

Jessica votes off Anthony

Anthony votes off Enrique

Travis votes off Enrique

Enrique votes off Westley

Team Mars' Goat votes off Enrique


(back to elimination)

Chris: so if you don't recieve a barf bag full of airline issue peanuts than you take the drop of shame

(than Chris kicks open the door)

Chris: but first a musical repirse



(Anthony straps on a parachute and jumps out)

Chris (watching Anthony deploy the parachute): well that was unexpected (to the rest of Team Mars) but you guys still have to sing

(song starts)

Jessica: because of bad sportsmanship

Enrique: and that stupid goat that made me trip

Westley, Jessica, Travis and Enrique: that's only a few reasons why we lost!

Westley: Anthony and his bad attitude

Travis: and our chances have flattitude

Westley, Jessica, Travis and Enrique: that's only a few reasons why we lost!

Westley: I wish

Westley and Jessica: that we

Westley, Jessica and Travis: had someone

Westley, Jessica, Travis and Enrique: else on our team besides Anthony!

cuase he's the reason why we lost!

(song ends)

Chris: nice now go and join the others

(away from elimination)

(first class cabin)

Rosealynne: that's why I should be the leader!

Lyejhiah: no we don't need a leader cause we're winning!

Rosealynne: we only won one challenge!

Lyejhiah: shut-up! your just lucky that we didn't switch you with someone else!

(back to Team Mars)

Westley: I can't believe we lost

Jessica: wow I wonder who was going to be eliminated

Travis: probably me

Enrique: or me I mean I did make the goat run off

Chris: actually Enrique was correct he was gonna out but thanks to Anthony Quitsalot Enrique gets to stay another day

(Jessica chuckles)

Chris: what's so funny

Jessica: oh the fact that it rhymed

Chris: o-kay (to the camera) will Team Mars ever get out the loser area? will Derrick and Giulianna be more than just competition? find out next time on Total Drama World Tour....(singing with Team Mars)...REDUX! 

Goin' Japanese

(RECAP: Chris: last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, the contestants braved the heat and one contestant thought the show wasn't for them and quit leaving that persons team with only four members but not all hope was lost because 2 competitors started a relationship but only to get caught up in the moment so find out who'll get booted out tonight on Total Drama World Tour (singing) Redux!)

(in first class)

(Marijayne and Brittanaey lounge back in their seats and sigh)

Lyejhiah (getting a back massage from an intern): I love first class

Rosealynne (getting a facial): I know right?

(Chris goes on the P.A. system)

Chris: will all competitors meet me in the common area

(all 19 competitors meet Chris in the common area)

Chris: today we are going to

(Chef bursts through the cockpit doorway wearing a ninja costume)

Everyone: Japan!

Nathaneal: awesome!

Chris: but first

(Chef slices the plane door and all 19 contestants are sucked out)

Chris: again we should've landed the plane!

Chef: stop your whining!

(Lyejhiah, Rosealynne, Emma, Michael, Nathaneal, Westley, Jessica and Erick are screaming when the musical chime rings)

Westley: seriously?

Chris (yelling down to the contestants): sing your butts off and maybe I'll save you!

(song starts)

Lyejhiah: this is really stupid!

Rosealynne: well why do you think we're falling!

Emma: with our lives flashing before our eyes!

Michael: and we're risking our lives

Everyone: Cause we're gonna die!

Nathaneal: since we're gonna die now!

Westley: maybe should fly ya know!

Everyone: Cause we're goona die!

Jessica: we're gonna go become chewy!

Erick: or splatter when we go kablooey!

Everyone: Cause we're goona die!

Team Legacy: we like to keep on living!

Team Mars: so Chris we hope your giving!

Giulianna: angel wings!

Rhys: a waterbed!

Derrick: a trampoline!

Marijayne: rocket boots!

Brittanaey: flying car!

Travis: a time machine!

Enrique: bubble wrap!

Blaine: a hot air balloon!

Ashley: a parachute?

Rebecca: a landing pad!

Anastacia: springy shoes!

Nathaneal: cuase any of those things will do!....

Everyone: Cause we ain't gonna die!


Cause there's things we gotta do!

things we gotta do!

before we die!


(song ends)

(than the cast land in a giant bowl of rice)

Nathaneal: finally Japan!

Brittaneay: actually we're in a Japanese TV studio

Lyejhiah: well things can't get any worse

(than Chris appears)

Chris: cast welcome to Japan!

Everyone: yay!

Chris: and now its challenge time!

Everyone: yay!

Chris: and its!

(a giant pinball board appears out of nowhere)

Chris: Giant Human Pinball!

(the contestants are quite)

Chris (upset): anyway (happily) now each member of the team will climb into these giant hampster balls and try to score points for your team so teams choose someone

(Team Venus argues who should do the challenge)

Westley: we choose...Jessica

Jessica: we do?

Chris: cool and here is your ball partner

(Chris than tosses a panda at Jessica)

(everyone watches as the panda beats up Jessica)

Chris: Team Legacy?

Anastacia: Chris we all debated that Ashley should go

Ashley: when did we decide that?

Anastacia: now

Chris: cool Ashley here's your little panda friend

(than a 3 ton panda walks up with Chef)

Ashley (with the panda): okay I can do this

Derrick: Chris we choose Rhys to do the challenge

Chris: awesome and Rhys don't get to comfortable cause your sharing your space with...Emma

(Emma smiles at Rhys and Rhys facepalms)



Emma: okay why?


Rhys: I mean Emma isn't bad I just don' was just....stress....yeah that's it



Chris: and finally Team Venus who did you pick?

Lyejhiah: Rosealynne's face chould use some Japanese plastic surgery

Rosealynne: shut-up Lyejhiah! (to Chris) I think Marijayne needs to do something

Marijayne: I do plenty but Brittanaey can use a hair cut

Brittaneay: but I think Leyjhiah should do it because she's totally useless

(than all four girls start to argue on who should do the challenge out of the four of them)

Nathaneal: stop arguing I'll do it!...geez!

Chris: cool and here is your panda

(Chris hands a panda to Nathaneal, which attacks him)

Chris: oh and the remaining team mates must use the paddles to keep your ball in the game so ready...set...go! (bangs gong)

(than Chef launches the 4 pinballs)


Rhys: get your elbow out of my eye!

(ding, ding, ding)

Emma: I'm not trying to!

(ding, ding)

Ashley: ow...sorry panda!

sorry panda!

sorry panda!

sorry panda!


(Jessica is screaming while the panda is attacking her)

(ding, ding, ding, ding)

Nathaneal (noticing the panda is pointing towards the posts): great idea Ching-Ching

(ding, ding, ding, ding, ding)

(at the paddles)

Lyejhiah: push harder Rosealynne!

Rosealynne: I'm trying!

Marijayne (straining): this is so hard!

Brittanaey: I know right (slurpping a drink)

(Lyejhiah, Rosealynne and Marijyane glare at her)



Lyejhiah: if we lose she is out!


Rosealynne: Britt your going down!


Marijayne: she is such a witch!



(back at the paddles)

(as Team Mars' pinball approaches)

Westley: now!

(Westley, Travis and Enrique push the paddle at Jessica's ball)

Westley: cool now onto the other paddle!

Travis/Enrique: right!

(Jessica's pinball rebounds off of the paddle)

Travis: we're gonna win!

Enrique: yeah we are!

Westley: whoo-hoo!

(Chris rings the gong as the pinballs start to slow down and stop)

(Team Venus' ball returns first)

Nathaneal: well that was fun

(Ching-Ching nods)

(Team Legacy's ball returns second)

Chris: and Ashley says...

Ashley: mama!

(Ashley faints as Chef pulls Tsing-Tsing the giant panda away)

(Team Hatchet's ball returns third)

Rhys: its all your fault!

Emma: my fault! you tried to push me out of the ball!

Rhys: well maybe if you weren't such a freak we would've won!

Emma: I'm the freak you were rubbing up against me like a male dog in heat!

(than Rhys and Emma start a shouting match)

(and finally Team Mars returns)

(Jessica steps out holding her panda in her arms as her team mates cheer)

Chris: okay and with a score of a perfect 5,000 points its Team.....

(the 4 teams wait is suspence)


(Team Mars cheer)

Chris: in second place its Team Venus with 4,290 points

in third its Team Legacy with 3,900 points

and in dead last with a score of 3,010 points it Team Hatchet

(all 4 teams along with Chris and Chef watch the Japanese promo for Total Drama World Tour Redux)

Enrique: what?

Chris: that was the Japanese promo for TDWTR

Rosealynne: why were our voices dubbed if the voices were speaking in English

Chris: it makes it cheaper

(Rosealynne rolls her eyes)

Chris: and this will inspire you for your very own Japanese promo, I call this challenge The Happy Flappy Go-Go Time Crazy Kooky Promo Challenge.....OF Determination Fun! (pings)

Emma: flappy?

Chris: so since Team Mars won they get to pick first, than Tean Venus get to pick, than Team Legacy goes next and finally Team Hatchet gets whatever is left

(the teams looks at each other)

Chris: so start now

(in the cargo area)

(Team Mars)

Jessica: ooh an ordinary school girl from America becomes a kick butt Japanese crimefighting geisha!

(the guys look at each other)

Jessica: come on the people of Japan love heroines

Westley: okay cool Jessica you can be the star

Jessica: yay! (squeals)

(Team Venus walks up)

Enrique: good'll need it

(Team Venus)

Rosealynne: okay how about a Power Rangers theme

Nathaneal: okay okay Rosealynne in red, Lyejhiah in blue, Marijyane in green and Brittanaey in yellow

Lyejhiah: and Nathaneal what will you be doing

Nathaneal (with a voice changer, deep voice): I will be the Charlie to your Angels

Marijayne: cool

(Team Legacy wlaks up)

Brittaneay: have fun guys

(Team Legacy)

(musical chime sounds off)

Chris (appears from behind a crate): oh its time for a musical reprise

Team Legacy: what?!

Chris: and make it a good one!

(Chris diappears in a cloud of smoke)

(song starts)

Anastacia: we may not've gotten first

Blaine: but this will quench our thurst to win!

Team Legacy: cause we're doin' it right!

Erick: we're not going home now

Rebecca: we're gonna win...oh I just got a good idea!

Ashley: what's you idea!

Rebecca: we should do a musical!

Anastacia: and we can call it!

Team Legacy: cause we're doin' it right!

(song ends)

(Team Legacy runs off with their box just as Team Hatchet walks up)

(Team Hatchet)

Derrick (veiwing what's left): okay we have-

Michael: nothing

Giulianna: no we have costumes, make up, props

Emma: how about a love stroy

Rhys: that's...not bad

Emma: thank you

Rhys: who's gonna be in it?

Derrick (referring to Rhys and Emma): you two

Rhys and Emma: us? are you sure?

Giuilanna: yeah are you sure?

Michael: we're gonna lose

(Chris goes on the P.A. system)

Chris: okay teams get started on your promos

(th 4 teams work on their promos for the next few hours)

Chris (rings gong): okay teams now its time to veiw your promos, first up it Team Mars

(Team Mars' promo consisted of Jessica playing an American school girl called Sarah who comes to Japan to become a geisha but becomes a crime fighting geisha. Westley plays her love interest from America named Justin, Enrique plays the villian name Nagasaki who wants to destroy Tokyo and Travis play a young police officer named Lee who tries but fails to get Sarah and Justin deported)

Chris: okay than next up Team Venus

(Team Venus' promo is Power Rangers meets Charlie's Angels all it was is alot of action and alot of 4 hot girls in skin tight costumes)

Chris: nice! next up is Team Legacy

(Team Legacy's promo was a magical musical consistic of 5 different characters who come together to give everyone a feel good time)

Chris: nice vocals on the final song

Team Legacy: thanks

Chris: and finally its Team Hatchet

(Team Hatchet's promo is a love story about two star crossed lovers who, on the outside, don't like each other but than it grows into love along the way but Emma and Rhys refused to do the kissing scene)

Chris: was awkward....(to Chef) Chef who do you think should fly first class to our next destination

Chef: Chris I would have to go with Team Legacy I don't know I just love musicals

Chris: awesome for Team Legacy now who did the worst?

Chef (pointing to Team Hatchet): those guys they stink!

(Team Hatchet looks scared)

Chef: you guys are voting someone off tonight!

(Team Hatchet gasps)

(elimination time!)

Derrick (angry): thanks alot guys!

Giulianna (also angry): you guys couldn't just kiss!

(Michael nods)

Emma: I wanted to but Rhys has big beaver teeth

Rhys: shut-up Emma!

(Chris walks up)

Chris: okay Team Hatchet is time to hack-off a teammate you guys are going to go in the confessional to vote so go and vote now


Derrick votes for Emma

Giulianna votes for Emma

Michael votes for Emma

Rhys votes for Emma

Emma votes for Rhys


(back at elimination)

Chris: okay so if you don't recieve a barf bag than you take the Drop of Shame! the first barf bag goes to...Derrick

(Derrick grabs his barf bag)


(Michael and Giulianna grab their barf bags)

Chris: the last barf bag goes to...

(Emma and Rhys both look worried)


(Rhys happily grabs his barf bag)

Chris: Emma I'm sorry but the Drop of Shame awaits

Emma: I understand bye guys!

(Emma than jumps out with her parachute)

(in the cockpit after ellimination)

Chris: okay will Team Venus tear each other apart? will Team Hatchet hack off another teammate, will Team Legacy be the unfortunate ones to sing another repirse? or will Team Mars be in first class (chuckles) tune in next time for an all new Total Drama World Tour (Chris and Chef together singing) REDUX!

Yukon Do It

(RECAP: Chris: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux Team Hatchet had to get rid Emma (it than shows Emma landing on a fishing boat) now its time for a new and exciting adverture on (singing) Total Drama World Tour Redux!

(Team Hatchet in the cargo hold)

Derrick: this sucks

Rhys: at least Emma's gone

Michael: serously

Giulianna: I wonder where we are going next?

(now onto Teams Venus and Mars)

Brittanaey (falling out of her seat): I hate these seats!

Marijayne: I wonder where the next location is gonna be?

Nathaneal: maybe some place warm

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast welocme to...

(outside in the snow)

Chris:...The Yukon!

(the remaining cast members are shivering due to the cold)

Derrick: and why are we freezing our butts off!

Rosealynne:hey why don't we get any jackets?

Chris: oh you'll get them

The Contestants: yay!

Chris: but you won't get them for a few weeks

Michael: you suck

Chris: now oonto your challenge and its called Total Drama: The Icicle!

Rosealynne: you ran out of ideas so now your makeing up past challenges

Chris: anyways get started when yopu nfinish the first part of the challenge than go to those sleds (points to 4 sleds) pick up your team mates and race to the finish line

(Team Mars)

Westley: whoever doesn't get to the sled just keep going to the fiish line got it?

Jessica, Enrique and Travis: got it

(Team Mars starts the ice floe challenge)

(Team Legacy)

Blaine: okay lets go alphabetical in order

Ashley: what?

Rebecca: he means which ever 2 make it manages the sled

Ashley: oh

Anastacia: okay lets do this

(Team Legasy starts the ice floe part of the challenge)

(Team Venus)

Nathaneal: okay lets just all go at once that way all 5 of us can be together

Rosealynne that works

(Team Venus all start the challenge together)

(Team Hatchet disbanded)

(Derrick guides his ice floe but runs right past Chris angering his team mates)


Rhys: what? we were in first place!

Giulianna: okay he's going down!

Michael: what's his problem?


Derrick: hey I've been doing the most work so Giulianna, Rhys and Michael need to hold up their ends of this team



(Ashley and Blaine are first to the motorized slde)

Blaine: aweosme

Ashley: cool

Chris: yep and guess what

Ashley and Blaine: what?

Chris: neither one of you have to pull it

(Ashley and Blaine cheer as the speed off)

(than Team Mars came in second to the first pull sled but it was still the nicer looking one)

Chris: wow all 4 of you made it so Enrique you pull (throws the hasness at Enrique) the rest of ya'll get on

Westley: come on guys lets go

(Team Mars leaves just as Team Venus runs up together and the get the traditional sled)

Chris: wow you guys all made it so Nathaneal you pull the sled and the girls will get oon

(Nathaneal rolls his eyes as he gets the harness on than they leave)

(Rhys and Gulianna run up getting the crappy sled)

Rhys: oh-no!

Chris: 'fraid so

Giulianna (putting on the harness): lets go

(they leave)

(meanwhile to Michael and Derrick)

Michael: hey D thanks for the back rub that was nice of you

Derrick: don't mention it

Michael: your a great friend

(Derrick gives an evil smile to Michael who's distracted by the falling snow)



Derrick: I have a plan and it to get rid of Michael


Derrick: nothing personal but if I can get him voted off than I can control Giulianna and Rhys I mean they are disposable all of them are including Rosealynne cuase that's what Derrick Whinchester does



Derrick: oh I can see the finish line

Michael: really where?

Derrick (knocking Michael into the pole): there!

(Michael starts to struggle on the pole)

Derrick: sorry bro bye

(Derrick runs off leaving Michael)

(Chris rides up)

Chris: whoa bro what happened to you?

Michael: Derrick knocked me into this pole with this stuff (holds up a water based oil)

(Giulianna and Rhys ride up along with Westley, Travis, Enrique, Blaine and Erick)

Chris (to Blaine): didn't I see you in a sled with Ashley

Blaine (to Chris): my plan is to gather my team mates up and to meet Ashley by the finish line

Chris: cool now Michale your gonna sing and the rest of ya'll are the chorus

(musical chime: ding! ding!)

(song starts)

(rock riff)

Michael: the strings of my heart are in a jumbled mess

Chrous: ooh mess!

Michael: its excitedly jumping outta my chest

Chrous: ooh chest!

Michael: I became friends with this fool!

Chorus: ooh what a fool

Michael: I ended up with my butt to the pole

Chrous: he got stuck

worst of luck

his butt's stuck to the pole!

Michael: I should ducked outta the way!

Chrous: ooh outta the way

Michael: I hung on to every word that he said!

Chrous: ooh said!

Michael: he ran away to go and find our sled!

Chrous: ooh sled!

Michael: I ended up with my butt to the pole!

Giulianna: your dumbself got stuck to this pole!

Michael: somebody go and pour some hot water on this pole!

Chorus: he got stuck

worst of luck

his butt's stuck to the pole!

His big butt's stuck to the pole!

(Westley, Enrique, Travis, Blaine and Erick pose while Rhys is pulling on Michael while Giulianna is trying to dislouge the pole from the ground)

(song ends)

(Chris claps his hands)

Chris: okay Westley, Travis and Enrique go and find Jessica and Blaine and Erick go and find your remaining team mates

(Westley, Travis, Enrique, Blaine and Erick leave as Giulianna gets the pole out of the ground)

Giulianna: there we go the pole's out of the ground

Rhys: coolio now we can find Derrick

Micheal: fine whatever

(they leave)

(scene change to Derrick running along side Jessica, Ashley, Rebecca and Anastacia)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Rebecca: seriously?

(Chris rides up)

Chris: its reprise time!

Derrick: really?

Chris: yep Michael already sang the song so now its reprise time so lets hear it

(song starts)

(same rock riff)

Derrick: the strings of his heart were a jumbled mess

The Girls: ooh mess!

Derrick: it was excitedly jumping outta his chest

The Girls: ooh chest!

Derrick: I was friends with that fool

The Girls: ooh fool!

Derrick: I got his butt stuck to a pole

Jessica: you left him stuck?

Ashley: worst of luck

Rebecca & Anastacia: he got stuck! stuck to a pole!

Derrick: well he hung on to everyone I said

The Girls: ooh said

Derrick: than I left him and went to go find my sled!

The Girls: ohh sled!

Derrick: he ended up with his butt to the pole!

The Girls: he got stuck

worst of luck

his butt's stuck to the pole!

He got his big butt stuck to the pole!

(The girls pose around Derrick who has his arms up in a victory pose)

(song ends)

(Chris claps as Teams Mars and Legasy come by and grab their team mates)

(meanwhile Team Venus are going down the incline of the mountain when Chris rings the music chime)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(Chris appears)

Chris: hey Team Venus you guys gotta sing your winning song so lets hear it!

(song starts)

Nathaneal: we got the fire!

Rosealynne: we gotta win!

Brittaneay: we gotta fight!

Marijayne: and we got the right!

Lyejhiah: to win!

Nathaneal: we got the fire!

The Girls of team Venus: so don't get burned!

Nathaneal: we got the fire!

(Team Legasy rides in next to Team Venus)

The Girls of Team Venus: so don't get burned!

(nearing the finish line)

Nathaneal: we got!...

Rosealynne: we got!...

Brittanaey: we got!...

Marijayne: we got!...

Lyejhiah: we got!...

(watches Team Legasy cross the finish line first)

Team Legasy:...SERVED!

(song ends)

(Team Venus than crosses followed by Team Mars and finally Derrick finishes without his team mates)

Chris: Team Legasy you guys get to enjoy first class Teams Venus welcome to the better side of economy, Team Mars enjoy your benches and Derrick you and your team are going to elimination tonight!

(at elimination)

Chris: Team Hatchet its time to vote someone off


Giulianna votes for Derrick

Michael with his pole votes off Derrick

Rhys votes off Derrick

but Derrick stamps 4 passports with Michael's faces on them as well as Michael's real passport


Chris (noticing Chef): hey if we're both here who's flying the plane

Chef: I put it on auto pilot

Chris: now its time to hand out the barf for Giulianna

(Chef tosses one at Giulianna)

Chris: one for Rhys

(Chef tosses one to Rhys)

Chris: and finally the final barf bag goes to...Derrick

(Chef tosses the final one to Derrick who's smiling)

(Giulianna and Rhys look shocked)

(Michael gets tossed out of the plane by Chef with his butt still stuck to the pole)

Chris (watching Michael struggle with the pole stuck to his butt with Giulianna and Rhys): maybe we should've removed the pole from his butt

(meanwhile in the cockpit)

Chirs: will Team Hatchet hack off a third team mate? will Team Legasy ever vote off a team mate? and how long can Team Mars suck at a challenge? find out next time on Total Drama World Tour (singing)...Redux!

In A New York Second

(RECAP: last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux! Derrick's plan to throw the challenge worked and poor Michael left the show with his butt stuck to a pole leaveing Giulianna and Rhys to watch their backs also Team Legacy pulled off another win but will their streak be over? find out tonight on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(Team Legacy are enjoying excellent food in first class while Team Hatchet is in the cargo hold)

Rhys: this sucks

Giulianna: seriously

Rhys: we need to win the next challenge

Giulianna: just the 2 of us

Rhys: yeah just the 2 of us

(Rhys and Giulianna lean in for a kiss just as Derrick wakes up)

Derrick: hey guys good morning

Rhys and Giulianna: morning!

(scene change to Teams Mars and Venus)

Brittanaey: this is more like it

(Marijyane leans back)

Rosealynne: yeah this awesome

Nathaneal: yeah but we should be in first class

Lyejhiah: at least we're not in the cargo hold like Team Hatchet

Marijayne (lifting up her eye mask): seriously tehy have problems

(than some nasty turbulence kicks in causing all 17 contestants to bounce around)

Chef (on the P.A. system): this is your captain speaking will everyone please go to the drop zone

(the remaining 17 contestants meet up with Chris who's in a boat)

Derrick: are we gonna free fall out of tha plane in a boat?

Chris: yep now get in

(Chris takes the controls with Giulianna seated on his right and Rhys is seated on his left Team Venus take the first 5 seats in the front of the boat while Teams Mars and Legasy take the 2 rows at the back of the baot and Derrick takes his seat behind Chris)

(the drop zone opens up and the cast lands in New York)

(in the Hudson River)

Chris: welcome to New York City!

Everyone: New York City!

Chris: yep and today's challenge is to climb to the top of Lady Liberty, grab your selected stroller, slide down a 30 ft pole and meet up in Central Park for the second part of the challenge!

Rosealynne: but first is this an elimination challenge or a reward challenge?

Chris: sorry can't tell ya

Marijayne: we all ready had 3 eliminations we're over due!

Natahneal (to Rhys): there aren't enough people for Chris to pick off one by one in every episode

Rhys (to Nathaneal): yeah it has to be a reward challenge

(on Liberty Island)

Chris: so now start the challenge!

(Team Mars starts their climb)

Westley: this is so stupid

Jessica: yeah but we gotta win this challenge

Travis: I agree

Enrique (straining): so do I

(Team Venus start their climb)

Rosealynne: come ladies

(Nathaneal clears hir throut)

Rosealynne: and Nathaneal

Lyejhiah: okay we got this

(Teams Legacy and Hatchet start thier climbs)

(Derrick swings onto Team Legacy's rope and catches Rebecca)

Derrick: hey Becks you know you look cute climbing this rope

(Rebecca blushes)


Rebecca: wow Derrick is so hot!


Derrick: Rebecca will be an easy alliance member



(now back to the challenge)

(Team Legasy finishes first)

Blaine: okay who's getting the stroller?

Ashley: I'll do it

(Team Legacy watches as Ashley grabs their stroller)

(Team Venus finshes second as team Legacy slides down the 30 ft. pole)

Marijayne: okay who's getting our stroller?

Lyejhiah: I'll get it

Nathaneal: be careful

(Lyejhiah balances herself perfectly on the part of the with their stroller as Team Mars appears)

Rosealynne: awesome lets go

(Team Venus goes down the pole screaming)

(now back to team Mars)

Westley: okay who's getting the stroller

Travis: not me

Enrique: I'm afraid of hieghts

Jessica (frustraited): I'll get you whiny babies

(the guys watch as Jessica grab their stroller and nearly falls off)

(and finally Team Hatchet appears)

(Derrick watches as Team Mars slides down the pole)

Derrick: okay so what's the plan

Giulianna: why don't we all go get it

Rhys: maybe in a chain

Derrick: that sounds like a plan

(Chris watches as the 3 man team of Team Hatchet grabs their stroller)

Derrick: and now down the pole

(Derrick pushes Giulianna and Rhys down the pole and than he follows afterward)

(meanwhile in Central Park)

Chris: now since team Legacy finished first they get the shortest path, Team Venus gets the second shortest path, Team Mars gets the second longest path and Team Hatchet gets the longest path and...

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris:...oops! its song time and after the song I'll finish announcing the second half of the second part of the challenge

(song starts)

(the melody to RENT's Seasons of Love kicks in)

Rosealynne: 17 remaining contestants

Marijayne: how can Chris tear us all apart?

Derrick: with backstabs

Rebecca: alliances

Rhys: and surprise eliminations

Westley: 17 reamaining contestants

Everyone: how do you divide up a milliom in between us?

in this season of love! in this season of love!

Brittanaey: with 17 reamaining contestants!

Everyone: in this season of love!

(Rosealynne: vocalizing)

Blaine: with bridges to burn

Erick: we can take what we learned

Anastacia: and remember it forever

Everyone: in this season of love!

its not hard to mention the tention it depends on

who we ends up as when we cross that road

Lyejhiah: how do you measure a day in the life?

Giulianna: the love that we found and the friends that we made

Derrick: the things we learn here will stay with us

Everyone: with 17 remaining contestants in this season of love!

in this season of love!

Jessica: just remember this love

(song ends)

(the contestants finally meet up with Chris)

Chris: okay now for the second half of the challenge you guys will have to dive into this pond, retreave a giant apple, and run it back to the plane...the first one to reach the plane first wins their spot in first class so go now

(Team Legacy debate who should go while Team Venus chooses Nathaneal)

Rosealynne: Nathaneal you got this

Nathaneal: yeah I can do this

(Nathaneal dives in and grabs an apple)

(Team Legacy chooses Rebecca to retreve their apple)

Rebecca: okay I got this

(Rebecca dives in and makes a grab for their apple)

(Derrick than dives in agrabs 2 apples and gives one to Team Legacy)

Derrick: here you go Becks

(Rebecca giggles)

(finally team Mars has Enrique grab their apple)

Enrique (in the water): okay I got the apple

Westley: yeah awesome

(Jessica claps for joy)

(the four teams are now running through New York with thier giant apples until the music chime rang)

Chris: oh its reprise time!

(everyone groans)

Chris: and make this one count!

(song starts)

(the melody to RENT's Seasons of Love kicks in)

Everyone: how do you divide up a milliom in between us?

in this season of love! in this season of love!

Brittanaey: with 17 reamaining contestants!

Everyone: in this season of love!

Blaine: with bridges to burn

Erick: we can take what we learned

Anastacia: and remember it forever

Everyone: in this season of love!

its not hard to mention the tention it depends on

who we ends up as when we cross that road

Lyejhiah: how do you measure a day in the life?

Giulianna: the love that we found and the friends that we made

Derrick: the things we learn here will stay with us

Everyone: with 17 remaining contestants in this season of love!

in this season of love!

Jessica: just remember this love

(song ends)

(the teams are still running through New York)

Nathaneal: hey there's the plane!

Marijayne: finally we're gonna win!

Rosealynne: yeah

(Team Mars follows in second)

Westley: no we're gonna win

(Teams Legacy and Hatchet follow close behind)

Giulianna: no we're gonna

Team Legasy: no we are!

(just than the 17 contestants fall through a hugh manhole and find 4 boats)

Chris: here is the surprising 3rd part of the challenge

(Everyone groans again)

Chris: now get in those boats and finish your race

(Chris than disappears to the surface as the teams enter their boats)

(Team Venus pull ahead)

Rosealynne (to the other teams): bye losers!

(than Team Mars pass team Venus)

Marijayne (to Lyejhiah): now how are they passing us?

(Team Hatchet rams into Team Mars)

Westley (to Derrick): hey no fair!

Derrick (to Westley): all's fair in love and war

(than Team Hatchet pulls ahead of Team Mars)

(the last team, Team Legacy are bringing up the rear than they pass Team Venus)

Rebecca (to Rosealynne): who's the losers now!

(Team Legacy pull into first place)

(Team Hatchet comes in second place)

(Team Venus latch onto third)

(and finally Team Mars scrapes into fouth)

(the 4 teams than fly out of the sewersand crash)

Chris: but who will win!

Rosealynne: we did

(Chris, Chef and the other 3 teams see Team Venus touches their apples to the hull of the plane earning them the win)

(Team Legacy earned second place and Team Hatchet glided into third and finally Team Mars got fourth)

Chris: I can finally say that this is a rewards challenge so all of ya'll are safe this week

(the contestants cheer)

(walking towards Team Venus)

Chris: okay Team Venus you guys got enjoy first class and I'll see you 5 at the rewards ceremony

(Team Venus cheered)


Derrick: well we didn't win and we didn't lose so I guess I get to "flirt" with Rebecca for a little while longer


Rebecca: well at least we got second



(meanwhile at the rewards ceremony)

Chris: so we have 4 huge apples here each one contains a prize so who wants to open an apple?

Nathaneal: I'll open the first one

Chris: cool

(Nathaneal grabs the sledgehammer and breaks open the first apple to see that there's candy inside)

Rosealynne (watching Nathaneal stuff his backpack with Candy): hey save some for the rest of us Nayte!

Nathaneal (scoffs): yeah right

(Rosealynne looks pissed off)

Chris: who's next

(Marijayne raises her hand)

Chris (hands Marijayne the sledgehammer): here you go

(Marijayne swings the sledgehammer like a softball bat at the apple and it broke apart)

Marijayne (thrilled): they're gifts from home!

Lyejhiah: seriously?

Rosealynne: aweosme

Brittanaey: yay!

Nathaneal: coolio!

(they open their gifts from home: Rosealynne got a necklace from her dad, Lyejhiah got a handmade teddybear from her grandmother, Marijayne got a mix CD from her boyfriend Ricky, Brittanaey got picturs from her friends at summer camp and Nathaneal got homemade cookies from his mom)

Chris: who wants the third apple?

Rosealynne: I will

Chris: great here is the sledgehammer

Rosealynne: I don't need it

Chris: than how are you gonna open it?

Rosealynne: with my nails

(than Chris watches as Rosealynne slices the apple up with her razor sharp nails)

Rosealynne: an electric meatgrinder?

Chris: and it even comes with an instruction manual

(Rosealynne rolls her eyes)

Chris: and finally apple number 4 goes to....Brittanaey

Brittanaey: okay I can do this

(Brittanaey can't lift up the sledgehammer she decides to find the weak spot on the apple and after hitting it reveals that it contains alot smaller apples)

Chris: wow what cool prizes

(Team Venus look happy with their prizes)

(in the cockpit)

Chris: wow what a day is Tean Legacy's winning streak over? is Team Venus gonna have an elinimation ceremony? are Team Hatchet gonna disolve by the merge? or are Team Mars cursed? find out next time on Total Drama World Tour (singing) Redux!

Sideline Chat #1: The Kiss Seen Around The World

(the camera zooms in on Geoff and Bridgette sitting on a couch)

Geoff: hey everyone and welcome to the completely new

Bridgette: Sideline Chat show!

Geoff: here at the Total Drama Action Aftermath set

Bridgette: we are also joined by the other 22 ex-contestants

(the camera pans to the other 22 ex-contestants)

Geoff: also on the show are the first 3 cast offs on Total Dram World Tour Redux

Bridgette: yep they didn't win the million but they did learn something from all of this

Geoff: lets welcome our first guest

Brigette: he was the first contestant on the show to quit

Geoff: and the 4th overall in the history of Total Drama to quit

Bridgette: so please welocme Anthony!

(the audience cheers as Anthony walks out)

(Anthony takes his seat on the opposite couch)

Brigette (to Anthony): so Anthony what did you learn from all of this?

Anthony: that I'd rather be in jail

Geoff: why?

Anthony: because jail is less torturous

(Duncan chuckles a bit)

Bridgette: our next guest had some issues with another team mate

Geoff: and for that reason was why this person got booted off

Bridgette: so please welcome Emma!

(Emma walks out and sits next to Anthony)

Goff: so Emma do you think Derrick is evil?

Emma: how else do you think I was voted off?

Anthony: because of your fight with Rhys

(Emma elbows Anthony in the arm)

Bridgette: and our final guest and I have something in common as we both got stuck to a pole

(the beginning notes to "Butt To The Pole" plays)

Geoff: so here he is....


(the audience cheers as Michael walks out)

Michael: hey guys

(Michael takes his seat next to Emma)

Bridgette: so guys how was-

(Bridgette got cut off by the musical chime)

Geoff: ooh its sining time

(Anthony, Emma and Michael look at each other)

Geoff: so Anthony, Emma and Michael let's hear it

(Anthoy, Emma and Michael groan)

(song starts)

Emma: why do we have to sing!

Anthony: this really isn't my thing

Michael: but we have to sing beacuse of that stupid ding!

(ding! ding!)

All 3: but why do we have to sing!...again!

Emma: I really hate this

Anthony: we should've expected this

Michael: but we weren't forced to

Anthony: yeah that's true

Emma: but we pulled through

All 3: but why do we have to sing!...again!

(song ends)

(Geoff and Bridgette clap)

Geoff: now onto the kiss seen around the world

Bridgette: oh you mean the kiss between Derrick and Giulianna?

Geoff: the very same

Bridgette: although it was intentional it got the blogs buzzing with romance rumors

Geoff: even though Derrick is evil

Bridgette: Giulianna's crush on him now transferred over to Rhys

Geoff: now we've got a smoking love triangle

Bridgette: and now for this

(Anthony, Emma and Michael watch as the big screen starts playing their audition tapes)

Geoff: first up let's see Michael's

[Michael's audition tape]

Michael (sitting on his bed): hey Total Drama producers I'm Michael and I wanna be famous I'm so stoked if you guys pick me for your show and here are my best qualities I'm stong, confident, I was an Eagle Scout, I makle friend easily and I'm awesome! so pick me for your show!

(end of audition tape)

Geoff (to Michael): your really confident in getting your butt stuck to a pole

Bridgette; now onto Emma's audition tape

[Emma's audition tape]

Emma (sitting at a folding table, to passing students): vote Emma as class president! (to camera) hey Total Drama producers I'm Emma and I'm gonna be president of the USA one day oh wait a moment (to passing students) vote Emma Winston for class president! (to camera) as you know every vote counts so I hope you guys vote me onto Total Drama World Tour Redux!

(end of audition tape)

Bridgette: oh great another Courtney

(Courtney glares at Bridgette)

Geoff: and finally onto Anthony's audition)

[Anthony's audition tape]

Anthony (sittng in the front seat of a cop car): hey Total Drama freaks-I mean-producers I'm Anthony and this is my dad (camera pans to a buff police officer driving the police car) (now back Anthony) yeah my dad's a cop actually my whole family are cops except for my fave cousin and I hope he never sees this

Anthony's Dad: oh you mean Duncan?

Anthony: yeah dad Duncan I was trying to avoid that until now! (to camera) okay so pick me

(end of audition tape)

(Emma and Michael look at Anthony)

Duncan (to Anthony): say hi to Uncle Richard for me

Anthony: will do

(Emma and Michael look at each other)

Geoff: and now lets see what kind of villian Derrick is?

Emma: well he got me and Michael voted off

Michael: he pretended to be my friend

Anthony: he flirted with Giulianna and Rebecca so far

Emma: he's trying to get in good with Team Legacy

Michael: he's causing Team Mars to lose

Emma: the girls and Nathaneal on Team Venus don't trust him

Anonthy: well Team Legacy trust each other more than Derrick

(the villian meter shoots up passed its highest point and surpasses Alejandro)

Geoff: so Derrick is the biggest villian on the show so far

Bridgette: so guys who do you think has the best chance to win

Emma: Team Legacy

Michael: Team Mars

Anthony: Team Venus

Bridgette: why not Team Hatchet

Emma: the antagonist never wins

Michael: and they only have 3 members

Anthony: yeah

(they than notice that Bridgette and Geoff are busy making out)

Emma (to the camera): um...form all of us here at the TDA aftermath set this is Emma,

Michael (to the camera):....Michael,

Anthony (to the camera): and Anthony!

All 3: tune in next time on Total Dram World Tour (singing) Redux!

Jamaica Me Crazy

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux!, the contestants go to New York to well do a bunch of challenges and in the end Team Venus pulled in a victory and thus breaking Team Legacy's winning streak but who'll fall out of the Drop of Shame tonight on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(Team Venus in the first class cabin)

Rosealynne: finally we won again!

Brittanaey: well its luck

(Marijayne gasps)

Lyejhiah (to Marijayne): what's up with you?

Marijayne: any team that pedicts luck always loses!

(Nathaneal glares at Brittanaey)


Brittanaey: well I guess I'm out



(the plane that jerks its way onto a runway)

(the contestants scream as Chris appears)

Chris: contestants welcome to Jamaica!

Lyejhiah: are you serious?

Chris: yep

Lyejhiah: yay I'm home!

Rosealynne: what?

Lyejhiah: I was born here

Brittanaey: really?

(Lyejhiah nods)

(Chris rings a gong)

Chris: follow me for your first challenge

(the 17 teens follow Chris to a race track)

Derrick: what's this?

(Derrick points to what looks like a luge board)

Chris: its called luge and its your first challenge

Marijayne: I thought bobsledding was the national sport of Jamaica

Lyejhiah: that ain't true

Chris: so teams pick someone to be the lugger

(the teams take a few moments to pick someone to luge)

Chris: Team Venus who did you guys pick?

Rosealynne: we pick Lyejhiah

Lyejhiah: we do?

Chris: excellent

(Chris throws luge gear to Lyejhiah)

Chris: Team Legacy who do you guys pick?

Blaine: we pick Erick

Chris: cool

(Crihs throws luge gear to Erick)

Chris: Team Hatchet who do you guys pick?

Derrick: I'll do it

(Rhys and Giulianna glare at Derrick)

(Chris throws luge gear to Derrick)

Chris: alright and finally Team Mars who do you guys pick?

Westley: we pick Jessica

Jessica: yay!

Chris: okay here you go Jessica

(Chris trows luge gear at Jessica)

(at the starting line)

Chris: which ever team crosses the finish line first get a 5 minute head start in part 2 of the challenge and automatic first class privlages

Rebecca: what's part 2 of the challenge?

Chris: bobsledding!

(everyone looks at Marijayne)

Chris: luggers ready...set...go!

(the contestants watch as their team mates race down the luge track)

(as they pick up speed Lyejhiah, Erick, Derrick and Jessica are neck and neck and neck and neck)

(and finally Lyejhiah crosses first, follwed by Jessica in second, than Erick follows in third and Derrick finishes fourth)

Chris: Lyejhiah and Team Venus you guys get a 5 minute head start

(Team Venus cheer!)

(meanwhile during part 2 of the challenge)

Chris: contestants you guys are gonna navigate through this coarse

(the contestants see the impossibly long coarse)

Chris: so contestants start now!

(only a few minutes have passed since the challenge had started until the music chime rung)

Marijyane: seriously!

Chris: sing or your out!

(Marijayne growls)

(song starts)

Marijyane: keep it up so I can win the loot

Lyejhiah: we don't wanna give someone the boot

Westley: think what you want your just a little doof

(Marijayne and Lyejhiah glare at Westley)

Erick: well when we win we'll do jig and we're finally beat Rosealynne

Jessica: that little twig

(Rosealynne gasps)

Roselynne: well go ahead and diss but if I know Chris

Rebecca: he will not stand for this

Rhys: oh yes he will

Giulianna: but who will win who will lose

Blaine: its only if you choose

Anastacia: we really should stop this racket!

(Team Hatchet wizzes by and crosses the finish line first)

Team Hatchet: so its a win for Team Hatchet!

(song ends)

(Teams Legacy and Mars cross secong and third respectivly and Team Venus crosses last)

Ashley: yay we got second place

Rebecca: but we still lost

(switch Team Mars)

Westley: well that was something

Jessica: I'll say

(swtich to Team Hatchet)

Giulianna: yay! we won!

Rhys: yeah finally

(Giulianna kisses Rhys on the lips)

Rhys: wow

Derrick: come on team mates lets hit first class

Rhys and Giulianna: yeah!

(Derrick, Rhys and Giulianna go to first class)

Blaine: well come one guys lets hit the better side of economy class

Rebecca: right

(Team Legacy go to economy class)

Jessica: well we didn't suck at this challenge

Travis: well that's true

Westley: come on guys

(Team Mars joins Team Legacy in economy class)


Lyejhiah: well we lost


Marijayne: I told them and I told them


Brittanaey: well I know I'm the one going home


Rosealynne: well I'm gonna vote off Brittanaey because this is all her fault


Nathaneal: well the best part about being the only dude is that the girls will tear each other apart


(before elimination)

Chris: Team Venus its time to vote off a team mate I can't say I'm shocked now it seems tah Team Legacy is the team to beat so go into the confessional and vote off a team mate


Rosealynne votes for Brittanaey

Lyejhiah votes for Brittanaey

Marijayne votes for Lyejhiah

Brittanaey votes for Lyejhiah

Natahneal votes for Lyejhiah


(now onto elimination)

Chris: Team Venus welcome to your first elimination ceremony

(Chef appears holding a trey of Barf Bags)

Chris: if you don't recieve a barf bag full of airline issue peanuts than you take the Drop of Shame!

(Chef grins)

Chris: our first barf bag goes to....Marijayne

(Marijayne catches her barf bag)

Chris: the next one goes to....Nathaneal

(Nathaneal catches his barf bag)

Chris: the third one goes to...Rosealynne

(Rosealynne catches her barf bag)

(Brittanaey and Lyejhiah give each other a worried look)

Chris: the final barf bag goes to....

(Brittanaey and Lyejhiah look even more worried)


(Brittanaey smiles when she recieves her barf bag)

Chris: Lyejhiah its time to go

Lyejhiah: some team

(Chef than pushes Lyejhiah out of the plane with a parachute)

Rosealynne (watching Lyejhiah fall): bye Lyejhiah!

Nathaneal: happy landings

(while she's falling)

Lyejhiah: I'm gonna have my revenge!

(back to the plane this time in first class)

Derrick (eating a cookie): see this is how a team needs to relax

Rhys (sitting across from Derrick on the couch): yeah

(Giulianna is busy getting a full body massage from an intern)

Derrick: see and if we keep this up we can be in the final 3!

Rhys: I for once agree with you

(Derrick gets up)

Rhys: where are you going?

Derrick: I'm gonna go get Rebecca

Rhys: why?

Derrick: because I like her

Rhys: dude that's sweet of you

Derrick: BRB

(Derrick leaves to go get Rebecca)

(now onto the cockpit)

Chris: ooh love's in the air for Derrick

Chef: or is it?

Chris: well lets wait and see next time on Total Drama World Tour (singing) Redux! 

Dancing Down Under

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux!, for the first time ever Team Venus lost a challenge and they had to eliminate poor Lyejhiah (than the camera shows Lyejhiah floating safely down to Earth) find out tonight who gets the boot tonight on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(Team Hatchet in the first class cabin)

Rhys: this is awesome

Giulianna: yeah it is

Derrick: and we're gonna keep it this way

(now onto the economy class)

Jessica: we lost

Westley: yeah but we still have everyone

Travis: that's true

(on the opposite side)

Ashley the next challenge we have to win

Anastacia: seriously

(now onto the cargo hold)

Rosealynne: this sucks

Nathaneal: i know

Marijayne: we lost

Brittanaey: and its all Derrick's fault

Rosealynne: yeah we need to get rid of Derrick

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast welcome to....

(Giulianna looks out the window)

Team Hatchet: Australia!

Chris: yes the beautiful country of Australia

Chef: we will be landing shortly

(back Team Legacy)

Blaine: cool Australia

Rebecca: aweosme I've never been to Australia before

Anastacia: me niether

Erick: this gonna be fun

Ashley: yeah it is

(now back Team Hatchet)

Derrick: okay so our plan is to win

Giulianna: okay so what's the plan

Rhys: yeah

Derrick: okay the plan is

(Derrick whispers the plan to Giulianna and Rhys)

(now landing in Australia)

Chris: cast welcome to the Australian Outback!

Ashley: seriously?

Chris: yes Ashley

(Ashley looks worried)

(Rebecca raises her hand)

Chris: yes Rebecca your mom told me about your allergies and to keep you healthy here's an epi-pen

(Rebecca tries to take it)

Chris: I can't give it to the one who has the allergies so who wants to hold it

Erick: I will

Chris: cool here you go Erick (throws the EpiPen at Erick)


Erick (play with the EpiPen): I know Rebecca trusts me


Rebecca: I totally trust Erick



(Chris and the cast arrive at a jungle)

Chris: cast this is the destination to our first challenge of the day

(the cast look at the jungle)

Chris: you guys are gonna trek through the jungle to find an artifact and to bring it back here and the first team to arrive get automatic first class privlages

(the cast cheers)

Chris: so cast get started....

(Erick raises his hand)

Chris: and yes Erick you guys are gonna camp out at night in the jungle and finish your hike in the morning

(Erick lowers his hand)

Chris: so ret ready, get set.....GO!

(the cast runs off into the jungle)

(noticing 2 different path ways)

Rosealynne: great that finely groomed dijorido forgot to mention there are 2 paths

Nathaneal: well lets go left

Brittanaey: are you sure

Marijayne: the left path is shorter

Rosealynne: so we all agree

Nathaneal/Marijayne/Brittanaey: left!

(Team Venus takes the left path)

(Team Mars now)

Jessica: lets follow Team Venus

Westley: right come on lets go

(Team Mars follows Team Venus)

Derrick: come on guys lets go left

Rhys: agreed

(Team Hatchet takes the left path with Teams Venus and Mars)

Rebecca: well we're gonna go right

Blaine: why?

Erick: because its longer

Anastacia: and it hooks upward

Ashley: so we can spy on the other teams

Rebecca: so do we agree?

(the other members of Team Legacy nod)

Rebecca: so the right path it is

(Team Legacy goes right)

(now onto the other 3 Teams)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Rosealynne: are you serious

(Nathaneal, Rebecca, Westley and Rhys find walkie talkies)


Chris: teams its time to sing

Rebecca (to Blaine): do we have to sing to

Chris (to Rebecca): nope this one's gonna be sung by Teams Venus, Mars and Hatchet

Rosealynne (to Chris): seriously!

Chris: yep so lets hear it Chris is over and out!


(song starts)

(melody similar to Beyonce's "Irreplacable" plays)

Rosealynne: we went left! we went left!

Marijayne: we just had to take the path on the left!

Brittanaey: now Team Legacy's gonna win again

Nathaneal: because

Derrick: we went left! we went left!

Rhys: we just had to take the path on the left!

Giulianna: at least we're closer and first class so please don't touch!

Westley: we went left! we went left!

Jessica: we just had to take the path on the left!

Travis: look at Team Legacy their looking at us!

Enrique: cause we!...

Teams Venus, Mars and Hatchet: we went left! we went left!

cause we had to tak the path on the left!

Travis: yeah!

(melody fades)

(song ends)

(now onto Team Legacy)

Rebecca: we got off kinda lucky

(Anastacia gasps)

Ashley (to Anastacia): what?

Anastacia: any team that predicts luck always looses

Blaine: oh come one we've been winning challenges

Erick: I agree

Rebecca: yeah and I didn't mean it like that I meant that we didn't have to sing yet

(just than the ground breaks and Team Legacy falls through)

(Team Legacy screams until the fall on a raft)

Rebecca: now that was lucky

Erick (notices the EpiPen is stuck on Rebecca's butt): um....Rebecca?

Rebecca (to Erick): what?

Anastacia: the EpiPen is stuck to your butt

Rebecca (to Anastacia): are you serious?

Ashley: yeah she is

Blaine: we're so gonna lose

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(Team Legacy groans)

Chris (on walkie talkie): Team Legacy its your turn to sing!

(song starts)

(Spanish guitars start playing)

Ashley: we should've just gone left or we wouldn't be in this mess

Anastacia: I said so too but than Beck landed on her EpiPen

Blaine: now if she gets bitten

Erick: than her death certificate is written

Ashley: should of just gone left or we wouldn't be in this mess

Blaine: I thought it was a possibility

Anastacia: but its gonna end in an autopsy

Blaine: cause

Erick: we should've just gone left

Blaine: we wouldn't be

Ashley: in this mess

Anastacia: I've been saying so too

Rebecca: but I landed on my EpiPen

Ashley: Ana said so too

Rebecca: except I landed on my EpiPen

(bongo drums start to play)

Erick (rapping): siitng on this raft is so daft

Rebecca trusted me and now I think I should flee

Rebecca (rapping): and if we do lose its not like we can choose

cause than we can vote out the loser lout

(Spanish guitars start to play again)

Blaine:...than I'm out

Ashley: ou-ut ooh yeah yeah yeah

Blaine: than I'm out....

Ashley: ooh ooh yeah yeah ye-ah

(song ends)

(just than Team Legacy crashes on the shore next to the finish line)

Rebecca: we're gonna win...we're so (than falls asleep)

Erick: wow that EpiPen knocks you out cold

Blaine: come on lets cross

Anastacia: but guys we didn't get the artifact

Chris: actually you did

Ashley: what?

(Chris than points out the raft as the artifact they needed to find)

Ashley: cooley lets get it across the finish line

(Erick and Ashley drag the raft across the finish line just as the other 3 teams arrive)

Derrick: we lost

Rhys: we should've gone right

Rosealynne: really?

Marijayne: no duh

Jessica: that wasn't fair

Travis: what?

Jessica: that the raft was the artifact we had to find

Chris: cast you guys camp out here and tomorrow morning we'll do part 2 of the challenge

(Chris and Chef float away on the raft leaving behind supplies for each team and a caravan for Team Legacy to sleep in)

(in Team Venus' tent)

Rosealynne: I hate this

Natahneal: at least we didn't get lest place

Marijayne: yeah we tied second with Team Mars

Brittanaey: and Team Hatchet

Rosealynne: well that was a small victory

Marijayne: what tying with Team Mars or Team Hatchet?

Rosealynne: I mean Team Hatchet

(in Team Mars' tent)

Jessica: well we didn't lose

Travis: well we didn't win either

Westley: at least we crossed the finish line

Enrique: that is true

Travis: so do we have a plan?

Westley: yep to follow Team Legacy

Jessica: oh I get it

Enrique: you do?

Travis: that's a good plan

Enrique: can someone explain it to me?

Jessica: look if we follow Team Legacy

Westley: than we'll win

Travis: or at least finish second place

Enrique: that is a good plan

(in Team Hatchet's tent)

Derrick: okay well this stinks

Giulianna: I guess your plan didn't work Derrick

Rhys: yeah we still lost

Derrick: we tied for second place

Giulianna: yeah but Team Legacy gets to sleep in a beautiful caravan all night while we get to sleep in this tiny tent

Rhys: well at least we don't have to worry about losing more members

Derrick: or worrying about losing members for the second half of the challenge

Rhys: you mean the whol challenge in Australia

Giulianna: he meant part 2 of the challenge

(Derrick nods towards Giulianna)

Giulianna: see I'm right

(in Team Legacy's caravan)

(Rebecca finally wakes up)

Rebecca (yawning): did we win?

Erick: yeah we won

(Rebecca notices that they are in a caravan)

Rebecca: are we in a motorhome?

Erick: its a caravan

Rebecca: what's the difference?

Erick: a caravan is smaller

(Anastacia, Blaine and Ashley crash Erick's and Rebecca's party)

Ashley (to Rebecca): oh your awake

Anastacia: Rebecca I'm sorry

Rebecca (to Anastacia): its okay at least we won the first half of the challenge

Blaine: yeah and we have this caravan

Ashley: at least for now

Anastacia: yeah

(the next morning Chris leaves a map for each team and than Team Mars waits for Team Legacy)

Anastacia (walking out of the caravan): okay come on guys lets get a move on

Blaine (walks out): ready

(Ashley and Rebecca walk out rubbing the sleepies out of thier eyes)

Ashley: ready

Rebecca: man, its early

(Erick walks out last wide awake)

Erick: okay ready

Anastacia: lets hit it

(Team Legacy leaves first followed by Team Mars)

Anastacia: hey guys Team Mars is following us

Erick: maybe they wanna win too

Rebecca: but where are Team Venus?

Ashley: or Team Hatchet?

Westley: hey guys I hope you don't mind us running with ya

Blaine: its okay

Anastacia: and atleast its just the 9 of us

(meanwhile back at camp Team Hatchet and Team Venus find their maps)

Derrick: Rhys, Giulianna, lets get a move on

Rosealynne (along with the rest of her team): and we are outta here

Marijayne: bye losers

(Derrick watches as Team Venus runs off)

(Rhys and Giulianna emerge from their tent)

Rhys: sorry we took so long'

Giulianna: yeah it took us alot or time to get dressed

Derrick: whatever let's go

(Team Hatchet runs along side Team Venus)

Rosealynne: well now that the 7 of us are together we...

Rhys: are gonna lose

(before Rosealynne could react Derrick, Giulianna and Rhys take a different path)

Brittanaey (to Rosealynne): and where are they going?

Derrick (shouting up at them): taking a short cut

(back to Team Venus)

Marijayne: lets keep going straight

Nathaneal: agreed as long as we stick together

Brittanaey: yeah cause the outback is a huge place

Rosealynne: no duh

(a few hours later)

Chris: Team Legend I mean Team Legacy you guys are first but where is Team Mars

Westley: we're bringing up the rear

Chris: cool now onto the second part of the challenge you guys are gonna race on these emus (shows 4 emus with each teams colors on each one) all the way to Hanging Rock

Weslty: isn't Hanging Rock where those teenage girls were killed?

Anastacia: oh that's just an urban legend

Westley: yeah but still

Anastacia: are you scared Wes?

Westley (defensive): I am not scared

Chris: anyways so get going cause first class is on the line

(both Team Legacy and Team Mars get on their emus and depart from the starting line)

(a few moments later Teams Hatchet and Venus arrive)

Chris: cool now onto the second part of the challenge you guys are gonna race on these emus

(shows 4 emus with each teams colors on each one) all the way to Hanging Rock

Derrick: awesome lets go guys

(Giulianna and Rhys mount their emu with Derrick and run off)

Rosealynne: okay Nayte you and Britt get on first than Mari you get on next than I'll get on last

(Nathaneal, Brittanaey and Marijayne mount their emu)

Nathaneal: come on Rose

(Rosealynne squeezes in front of Marijayne)

(Chris watches as Team Venus races off)

(halfway towards Hanging Rock the music chime rings)

(the cast groans as well as the emus)

(song starts)

(the emus grunt and groan rhythmically)

Derrick: the music of Australia

Blaine: it sticks to your soul

Erick: its a memory

Anastacia: that lasts forever

Everyone: cause we're dancing down under!

and we're gonna hang at Hanging Rock

cause we're dancing down under

and we're gonna rock 'n roll all night!

Rhys: its the land of love

Giulianna: and the land of mystery!

Derrick: because!

Everyone: cause we're dancing down under!

and we're gonna hang at Hanging Rock

cause we're dancing down under

and we're gonna rock 'n roll all night!

Rosealynne: and we gotta know

Marijayne: we gotta see

Brittanaey: who's gonna win!

Everyone: cause we're dancing down under!

and we're gonna hang at Hanging Rock

cause we're dancing down under

and we're gonna rock 'n roll all night!

Everyone: cause we're dancing down under!

and we're gonna hang at Hanging Rock

cause we're dancing down under

and we're gonna rock 'n roll all night!

Traivs: ye-ah!

(song ends)

(just than the cast can see the finish line at the top of Hanging Rock)

Derrick: there's the finish line

Blaine: who's gonna win

Rosealynne: we're all neck and neck

Jessica: its going to be

(just than Rebecca jerks her teams emu to go faster and Team Legacy crosses first)

Chris: and Team Legacy wins! followed by Team Mars in second and Team Hatchet in third

(Team Venus' emu collapses and they lose the challenge)

Nathaneal: we lose

Rosealynne: shut-up Nayte

(Chris appears)

Chris (to Team Venus): well well well Team Legacy gets to enjoy first class, Teams Mars and Hatchet get to enjoy economy class while you losers get to enjoy the cargo hold and vote off a team mate

(Team Venus glare as Rosealynne)


Rosealynne: okay so we lost but its not my fault


Nathaneal: see I know that Britt and Mari won't vote me off


Brittanaey (sitting next to Marijayne): well we're gonna vote off Nathaneal

Marijayne (sitting next to Brittanaey): yeah and it'll be just us females



(at elimination)

Chris (holding up 3 barf bags full of airline issue peanuts): okay Team Venus its time to vote


Marijayne votes for Nathaneal

Brittanaey votes for Nathaneal

Rosealynne votes for herself

Nathaneal votes for Rosealynne


(now back to elimination)

Chris: if you don't recieve a barf bag you get to take the dreaded Drop of Shame

(camera swithches to Team Venus looking worried)

Chris: the first barf bag goes to....Brittanaey!

(Brittanaey grabs her barf bag)

Chris: the second one goes to....Marijayne!

(Marijayne grabs her barf bag)

Chris: and the last one goes to....

(Rosealynne and Nathaneal look at each other nervously)

Chris: ....Rosealynne!...Nathaneal its time to go!

(Nathaneal gasps in horror as Rosealynne grabs her barf bag)

Nathaneal: I'm....out?

Chris: 'fraid so

(Chris than pushes Nathaneal out of the plane with a parachute)

(Rosealynne, Brittanaey and Marijayne watch as Nathaneal floats safely to Earth)

(now to Chris in the cockpit with Chef)

Chris: will Team Legacy finally go to the elimination ceremony? will Rosealynne find out about Marijayne's and Brittanaey's alliance? will Team Hatchet win another challenge? and will Traivs ask Jessica out on a date? tune in next time on Total Drama World Tour!...(singing)...REDUX! 


(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux!, the cast danced down under and a case of "good" luck from Rebecca and her team gave them a win for both parts of the challenge but will that streak continue? find out now on an all new Total! Drama! World! Tour! REDUX!)

(Team Legacy in the first class cabin)

Rebecca: well we won again

Erick: yeah it feels nice to win

Ashley: yeah lets keep it that way

Blaine: seriously

Anastacia: even though Rebecca said good luck

Rebecca: shut-up Anastacia

Blaine: look we're winning isn't that all what matters

Rebecca: yeah but I refuse to work with somone who gives me attitude

Ashley: did your momma tell you that?

Rebecca: no my brother told me

(Anastacia rolls her eyes)


Anastacia: look I'm still hung up on what Rebecca said last week


Anastacia: I mean we won and that's good but everyone else forgot about the bad luck she had


Anastacia: maybe I'm just being witchy but its still true


(END OF CONFESIONALS) (meanwhile in economy class)

(Team Hatchet's side)

Derrick: this sucks!

Giulianna: at least we didn't lose

Rhys: yeah I mean at least we didn't lose a team mate

Giulianna: so its a small victory

Derrick: I guess so

Rhys: look your plan worked

Giulianna: yeah so cheer up a little

Derrick : whatever (looks away)

(now onto Team Mars' side)

Jessica: this is awesome

Westley: well for now anyway

Travis: yeah lets not get full of ourselves

Enrique: agreed

Jessica: I was just saying...oh nevermind

(now to Team Venus in the cargo hold)

Rosealynne: we lost

Brittanaey: no duh! Rose

Marijayne: at least we'll still together

Brittanaey: that's true

Rosealynne: its pretty awesome

Marijayne: now we really are Team Venus

Brittanaey: and its gonna stay that way

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast welcome to India!

Cast: INDIA!

Chef: we will be landing shortly

Chris: so everyone brace yourselves

(the plane lands not so smoothly and nearly crashes in front of the Taj Mahal)

(the cast fall out of the plane)

(CHris appears out of nowhere)

Chris: cast welcome to Agra, India the home of...

Team Venus: the Taj Mahal!

Chris: yep the Taj Mahal is the basis for your challenge today

Chef: and the whole challenge

Everyone: awesome

Chris: and the winning team gets a special message from home form your parents!

(the cast cheers)

Chris: now onto the challenge

(scene change to the contestants, Chris and Chef walking into the main room of the Taj Mahal)

Chris: for today's challenge locate the tombs of the emperor and his wife who built the Taj Mahal hidden deep inside of this old building the first team to find the tomb with the correct path wins the prize, get to stay in first class and gets a traditional Indian feast tonight and the losing team...

The Contestants: goes to elimination, votes off a team mate and takes the dreaded Drop of Shame, we know already!

Chris: right so start the challenge!

(the contestants until the realize the 4 different paths)

Marijayne: so Chris McLame forgot to mention the 4 different paths

Blaine (to Rebecca): which path should we take?

Rebecca (looking at the paths): the middle left

Anastacia: are you sure Rebecca?

Rebecca: yeah middle left defenatly

Erick: okay

(Team Legacy takes the middle left path)

Derrick: well we're taking the midle right path come on team

Giulianna: okay

Rhys: fine by me

(Team Hatchet diappears down the middle right path)

Rosealynne: girls we should take the...

Marijayne: left path

Brittanaey: yeah the left path looks good

Rosealynne: so the left path than

Marijayne: yep

Brittanaey: yeah lets go

(Team Venus takes the left path)

Westley: so I guess we get the path on the right

Jessica: it sure looks like it

Travis: so if we lose who'll get the boot?

Enrique: who knows

Wesltey: so lets go

(Team Mars takes the right path)

(now onto Team Mars)

Westley: man, this path is long

Jessica: yeah its very long

Travis: and twisted

Enrique: and it really drains your energy

(Team Mars turns a corner to see-)

Jessica: the floor is missing

Travis: great now we're gonna lose

(Enrique notices the ledge on the side)

Enrique: no we aren't look

(Enrique points out the ledge)

Westley: Enrique your a genius!

Enrique: I know I am

Jessica: so how do we cross?

Travis: probably very carefully

Westley: so lets go

(Team Mars cross the ledge as we focus on Team Venus on the left peth)

Rosealynne: this hallway is so beautiful

Marijayne: yeah look at all of the artwork

Brittanaey: yeah but it looks like the eyes follow you

Rosealynne & Marijayne: your just being silly

(Brittanaey rolls her eyes)

(now lets check on Team Hatchet)

Derrick (running ahead, looking back at Rhys and Giulianna): guys keep up so I can win!

Rhys (yelling back): we're trying

Giulianna: we're so gonna lose

(Rhys glares at Giulianna)

(just than a laser field appears in front of the 3 of them)

Derrick (stopping): guys hold up

(Rhys and Giulianna see the laser field)

Rhys: great how are we supposed to get by without being fried?

(Giulianna shrugs)

Derrick: Giulianna your skinnier than Rhys and I so you can cross first and turn off the lasers

Giulianna: okay fine whatever

Rhys: good luck Giulianna

(Giulianna approaches the laser field)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Giulianna (tangled up in lasers, angry): seriously!

(song starts)

Derrick: hurry up!

Rhys: we gotta win!

Gulianna: I'm trying!

Derrick: well hurry up!

(scene change)

Rosealynne: hurry up!

Marijayne: come on Britt!

Brittanaey: I'm trying!

Rosealynne: we gotta win!

(secen change)

Westley: hurry up!

Jessica: come Travis we gotta win!

Enrique: so hurry up!

Travis: I'm trying!

(scene change)

Anastacia: hurry up!

Rewbecca: hurry up!

Ashly: hurry up!

Erick: come Blaine we gotta win!

Blaine: I'm trying!

(scene change to everyone)

Everyone: hurry up! we gotta win!

and we're trying to sing!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

hurry up! we gotta win!

and we're trying to sing!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

and nothing's gonna stop us now!

ain't nothing's gonna get in our way!

so! hurry up! we gotta win!

and we're trying to sing!

(scene change to Team Mars)

Jessica: here we are we finally crossed

Westley: finally lets go and find the tomb

Enrique: lets hurry up cause we gotta win!

Travis: finally can we stop singing now?

(scene change to Team Venus)

Team Venus: running through these long hallways

(scene change Team Legacy)

Team Legacy: seeing all of the beauty always for all days

(scene change to Team Hatchet)

Team Hatchet: eating curry with all of the hussle bussle

(scene change to Team Mars)

Team Mars: and they have pretzel stands for all us pretzel lovers

(scene change back to everyone)

Everyone: hurry up! we gotta win!

and we're trying to sing!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

hurry up! we gotta win!

and we're trying to sing!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

we gotta win!

and nothing's gonna stop us now!

ain't nothing's gonna get in our way!

so! hurry up! we gotta win!

and we're trying to sing!

(song ends)

Blaine: look we reached to tomb

Ashley: and we're first

Rebecca: what makes you say that?

Anastacia: cause look

(Anastacia points out 4 blank color in maps on a table)

Erick: cool lets take one color in our path and head back to Chris and Chef

(Team Legacy reached the tomb first and draw out their path on one of the four color maps than they ran back on their before Team Hatchet appear)

Derrick: hey look color in maps of the Taj Mahal

Rhys: but there are only 3 of them

Giulianna: one of the other teams have been here

Rhys: well lets take one color in our path and head back

Derrick: agreed

(Team Hatchet reache the tomb second and draw out their path on one of the three color maps than they ran back on their before Team Venus appear)

Rosealynne: the 2 other teams have been here

Marijayne: what makes you say that?

Brittanaey: because there are only 2 color in maps are sitting here

Rosealynne: cool lets take one and race back to meet up with Chris

(Team Venus reached the tomb third and draw out their path on one of the two color maps than they ran back on their before Team Mars appear)

Jessica: great we lost

Travis: we did?

Westley: yeah look!

(Westley points out only one color in map is left on the table)

Enrique: great lets grab it color in our path and race back to the main room

(Team Mars reaches the tomb last and draw out their path on the last color map than they ran back)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(song starts)

Derrick: we're gonna win!

Rosealynne: and sing this reprise!

Giulianna: we gotta win!

Marijayne: and sing this reprise!

Jessica: come on guys

Enriuqe: oh-no! we're losing!

Travis: lets run faster

Westley: lets go!

Brittanaey: gotta win!

Rhys: wanna see our famalies!

Derrick, Rosealynne, Giulianna, Rhys, Marijayne, Jessica, Enrique, Travis, Westley and Brittanaey: and to sing this reprise!

Derrick, Rosealynne, Giulianna, Rhys, Marijayne, Jessica, Enrique, Travis, Westley and Brittanaey: we gotta win!

Giulianna: but wait something just occured to me!

The other 9: what is it now?

Giulianna: where are Team Legacy?!

(song ends)

(Team Legacy crosses in first place)

Chris: excellent Team Legacy go and enjoy first class where your video messages from home are waiting

(Team Legacy cheer)

(Team Hathcet crosses second followed by Team Venus in third place)

Chris: Team Hatchet you guys get to sit on the better side of economy class while Team Venus gets to sit on the crappy side of economy class

(finally Team Mars cross)

Westley: its a good thing we took Team Venus' path

Travis: yeah but we lost

Chris: and you get to join me at elimination tonight

(meanwhile Team Legacy sits in first class eating their traditional Indian feast and they watch their video messages from home)

(first up its Ashley)

(the video starts with a woman in a business suit and a younger boy sitting on a couch)

Ashley's mom: hey Ash your brother Brody and I miss you so much

Brody: yeah I hope you have a boyfriend now

Ashley's mom: Brody!

Brody: anyways make the Hillcrest name proud!

Mrs. Hillcrest: good luck Ashley

(Ashley's video ends)

(second up its Blaine)

(the video starts with an older man and a younger version of the older man sitting on a couch)

Mr. Johnson: hey Blaine its your father here along with...

Mitchell: your big bro Mitchell here

Mr. Johnson: we just wanted to say how much we miss you

Mitchell: and to win! which looks like your doing a good job with that

Mr. Johnson: once your mom gets back from visiting your aunt she'll be happy to know that your doing great

Mitchell: later bro

(Blaine's video ends)

(third up its Rebecca)

(the video starts with a woman and a man sitting on a leather couch)

Mrs. Mooney: hey Rebecca I hope your seeing this cause your step father Charles and I miss you so much

Charles: yeah we do and so do your sisters Cristina and Elizabeth and your borther Harley too isn't that right Cindy

Cindy: yep and we hope your having fun

Charles: and judging by what we've been seeing you've made alot of friends

Cindy: so keep up the good work

Charles: we believe in you

Cindy: and we miss you!

(Rebecca's video ends)

(Rebecca sniffles a bit)

(fourth up its Erick)

(the video starts and we see a woman sitting alone with a box of tissues next to her)

Mrs. Maynclovitich: hey my little Erick mommy misses you I wish I can kiss you good night I've been watching and it looks like you made a little friend I like that girl what's her name

Erick's brother (off screen): her name's Rebecca!, mom!

Mrs. Maynclovitich (yelling back): thanks hon! (back to the camera) I hope you win the money! and if not I can give you hugs and kisses by little Erick! see you soon!

(Erick's video ends)

(both Erick and Rebecca look embarrassed)

(last up its Anastacia)

(the video starts and we see to seemingly normal nerdy looking parents and a jock lookng guy)

Mrs. Richardson: hey Ana we miss you

Mr. Richardson: I hope your having fun!

Anastacia's twin brother: are you kidding of course she's having fun she gets to travel around the world and she gets to sing too!

Mr. and Mrs. Richardson: Alexander!

Mr. Rchardson: say something nice to your sister!

Mrs. Richardson: and that's an order mister!

Alexander: good luck sis!

(Anastacia's video ends)

(Team Legacy finish their meal and talk about their families)

Rebecca: your mom's pretty cool Erick

Erick: thanks but you mom's pretty cool too

(Rebecca blushes)

Anastacia: my brother's gonna get it

Blaine: my dad's embarrassing

Ashley: your brother's pretty hot

(Blaine face palms)

(now to Team Mars at elimination)

Chris: Team Mars welcome to your second elimination ceremony you guys know the drill now go and vote off of a team mate

(CONFESSIONAL VOTING) Westley votes off Enrique

Jessica votes off Enrique

Travis votes off Enrique

Enrique vites off himself


(back to elimination)

Chris: now Team Mars I have 3 barf bags full of airline issue peanuts and for one of you its time to take-

Team Mars: the Drop of Shame!

Chris (annoyed): anyways lets get thus over with Westley, Jessica you 2 are safe

(Chris throws barf bags at Westley and Jessica who catch them)

Chris (still annoyed): now Travis and Enrique for one of you the journey ends and the final barf bag goes to....Travis

(Travis grabs his barf bag)

CHris (happily): Enrique its time for you to go

Enrique: but I-

(before he can say anything Chris pushes Enrique out of the plane with his parachute)

(now in the cockpit)

Chris: another thrilling episode down and another one will be up next week

Chef: so tune in next week for an all new

Chris and Chef: Total Drama World Tour!....(singing)....REDUX!

Greece Lightning

(RECAP: last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux!, the cast went to India where a taskful challenge left the remaining teens a little bent out of shape (scene shown: Giulianna tangled up in lasers) in the end it was Team Mars who had to discharge a member of their team (scene shown: Enrique landing safely in the heart of India) so find out who gets the boot tonight on an all new Total Drama World Tour Redux!

(Chris and Chef in the cockpit)

Chris: hey Chef i've noticed something

Chef: what?

Chris: Team Legacy haven't lost a single team mate yet

Chef: and that surprises you?

Chris: a little

Chef: well they do work we together

Chris: that's true but they only win when its an elimination challenge

Chef: and?

Chris: they get like 2nd at the rewards challenge in New York

Chef: who cares really

Chris: I guess your right

Chef: when haven't I been right?

Chris: well there was that one time-

(Chef places his hand over Chris' mouth)

(now onto Team Legacy in first class)

(Rebecca and Erick sitting on the couch)

Rebecca: hey can I ask you something?

Erick: sure what?

Rebecca: are you a momma's boy?

Erick: well yeah I guess I am why does it bother you?

Rebecca: no I was just asking

Erick: oh ummm....Rebecca can I ask you something?

Rebecca: sure what?

Erick: Rebecca-

Rebecca: you can call me Becca if you want

Erick: okay Becca, my...uhhhhh....girlfriend?

Rebecca (shocked): of course I will!

(Rebecca leans in and kisses Erick on the lips)

(Ashley and Anastacia go awwww)

(Blaine rolls his eyes)

(now onto Teams Hatchet and Venus in the economy class)

Rhys: well this isn't bad

Giulianna (uncomfortable): but it isn't good either

Derrick: no comfort for losers remember

Rosealynne: at least you guys have soft chairs to sit in

Marijayne: so stop complaining Giulianna

Brittanaey: yeah seriously

Rhys (to Giulianna): they have a point ya know

(Giulianna glares at Rhys)

Derrick: okay calm down "G" at least we're not in the cargo hold like Team Dorks I mean Team Mars

(Rosealynne, Marijayne, Brittanaey, Rhys and Giulianna grumble in agreement)

(now onto Team Dorks, I mean Team Mars)

Travis: well this sucks

Westley: well now its just the 3 of us

Jessica: and with our low member count we might actually win a challenge

Travis: might being the obvious word in that sentence

Westley: Travis stop being so negative

Jessica: yeah I mean at least we're here I mean who knows where Anthony, Enrique, Lyejiah, Nathaneal, Michael and Emma ended up after they got eliminated

Travis: well as true as that is I was just saying that we shouldn't hope to win and end up losing another member of our team remember what happened to Team Victory last time

Westley: that was DJ's fault

Jessica: no it wasn't it was all Alejandro's fault

Travis: look if we don't hope to win than we will win

Jessica: wow

Westley: that actually made sence

Jessica: good job Travis

(Travis grins)

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast please meet me in the dropzone in 5 minutes

(5 minutes later the cast meets Chris at the dropzone)

Chris: cast for today's exciting destination I've decided-

Derrick: to let us enjoy a day for a change?

Chris (annoyed): easy there padre and don't interupt (happily) as I was saying I've decided to let you guys guess where we are by simply dropping you guys into the country

The Contestants: what?

(the bottom of the dropzone opens up and the contestants fall through)

Chris (yelling at the contestants): I'll see you guys in a little bit!

(the contestants scream as they fall into the mystery country)

Giulianna (looking down): hey guys we're in Greece!

Marijayne: the movie?

Rhys: no simple she said we're in Greece you know the country

Marijayne: oh cool

(Rhys rolls his eyes)

(just than the contestants land safely inside of The Colloseum)

Derrick (recovering): awesome!

Rosealynne: not really

Westley: at least we're alive

(just than a pack of lions appear around the contestants)

Giulianna: oh no!

Erick: hey these fellas look harmless

(Erick reaches out to pet one but it snaps its jaws at him)

Rebecca (sarcastic): yeah so adorable

Brittanaey (to Rebecca): easy there sarcastic

(Chris appears and the lions run towards him at full speed and as the terrified cast look onward the lions mysteriously disappear out of thin air)

Rhys & Travis: what the-?

Chris: cast follow me

Rhys: Chris where did the lions go?

Chris: sorry can't tell you

Travis: why not?

Chris: its an old Greek secret

Brittanaey: what a trapdoor?

Chris (to Brittanaey): who told you?

Brittanaey (to Chris): I just took a shot and you caved

Chris (annoyed): anyways cast for your challenge (less annoyed) you guys are going to race chariots!

Travis: in here?

Chris: nope you guys are gonna start here, race throught Greece and finish here

(the contestants notice the starting line say finish on the opposite side)

Chris: the first team to cross wins first class and a very special prize

(the contestants cheer)

Chris: the losing team votes off a teammate tonight so good luck

(Chris than disappears in a cloud of smoke)

Chris (reappearing): but first you guys will have 30 minutes to build your chariots and to be ready at the starting line and again good luck

(Chris disappears again in a cloud of smoke)

(the contestants get started working on their chariots)

(30 minutes later)

Derrick: okay Rhys put that big wheel on that axel and Giulianna you hammer it on and we'll be done

(Rhys places the wheel on the axel and Giulianna hammers it on just before Chris appears)

Chris: contestants please go on the starting gate

(the 4 teams mount their chariots and line up on the starting line)

Chris (holding up a checkered flag): ready....set....GO!

(Chris watches as the 4 teams blast out of the starting line)

Derrick: come on guys move faster!

Rhys: we're trying!

Giulianna: yeah and why do have to pull the chariot?

Derrick: because you 2 haven't done anything since day one of this stupid show

(Rhys and Giulianna glare at Derrick)

Marijayne: this is easy!

Rosealynen: keep it up Britt

Brittanaey (panting): okay

Westley: yay we're in fist place!

Jessica: whoo-hoo!

(Travis raises his arms in victory)

Ashley: at least we're second

Rebecca: yeah we are

Blaine (to Erick): dude pick up the pace

Erick (yellign back): okay!

(Erick jets forward causing Blaine, Rebecca, Ashley and Anastacia to fall over but are still in chariot)

(at the halfway mark Chef waves a reverse checkered flag to signify the checkpoint)

(at this point the music chime rings)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(the contestants here the chime)

Erick, Rhys, Giulianna, Brittanaey and Travis (angry): seriously!

(Chris races next to the teams on his own chariot being pulled by Chef)

Chris: if your pulling the chariots you don't have to sing this one!

(Marijayne, Rosealynne, Derrick, Westley, Jessica, Ashley, Anastacia, Blaine and Rebecca groan while Giulianna, Rhys, Brittanaey, Erick and Travis cheer)

Chris: so lets here it and don't hold back!

(Chris and Chef pull ahead and disappear out of sight)

(song starts)

Rebecca: racing around the track!

Derrick: with the wind in our hair!

Blaine: with the taste of dispair in the air!

Ashley & Anastacia: we're going faster!

Marijayne, Rosealynne, Derrick, Westley, Jessica, Ashley, Anastacia, Blaine and Rebecca: cause we're breaking through that wall of sound! even though our feet aren't touching the ground! we're breaking through that wall of sound! even though our feet aren't touching the ground!

Chris: roll call!

Marijayne: Marijayne!

Rosealynne: Rosealynne!

Derrick: Derrick!

Westley: Westley!

Jessica: Jessica!

Ashley: Ashley!

Anastacia: Anastacia!

Blaine: Blaine!

Rebecca: Rebecca!

Chris: don't mess with them or they will hurt ya!

Marijayne, Rosealynne, Derrick, Westley, Jessica, Ashley, Anastacia, Blaine and Rebecca: cause we're breaking through that wall of sound! even though our feet aren't touching the ground! we're breaking through that wall of sound! even though our feet aren't touching the ground!

Westley: so not to compare!

Jessica: cause this is where we fare!

Marijayne: we're the ones not to take lightly!

Rosealynne: just you wait and see!

Ashley & Anastacia: we're going faster

Marijayne, Rosealynne, Derrick, Westley, Jessica, Ashley, Anastacia, Blaine and Rebecca: cause we're breaking through that wall of sound! even though our feet aren't touching the ground! we're breaking through that wall of sound! even though our feet aren't touching the ground!

Ashley: and its getting pretty scarily!

Anastacia: in this fierce competition!

(Team Mars pull ahead to the rhythm)

Westley & Jessica: cause Team Mars has won!?!

(Team Mars reaches and croses the finish line first followed by Team Legacy in second than team Venus in third place again and Team Hatchet who's chariot fall apart as the cross last)

CHris: team Mars well done you guys are safe from elimination tonight

(Westley, Jessica and Travis cheer)

Chris: Team Legacy you guys got second place

(Team Legacy cheer)

Chris: Team Venus de Milo got third place again

(Team Venus cheer)

Chris (disappointed): and Team Hathcet you guys lost and have to eliminate someone tonight

(Derrick, Rhys and Giulianna glare at each other)

Westley (to Chris): so what's our prize?

Chris: thanks for reminding me Team Mars your prize is to sit and enjoy Team Hatchet's elimination tonight from where me and Chef stand

Jessica: awesome

Travis: sweet!

Giulianna (to Chris): that's totally unfair

Chris (to Giulianna): and does it look like I care?

(Giulianna glares at Chris)

Chris: so Teams Hatchet and Mars I'll see you guys at Team Hatchet's elimination tonight

(meanwhile Team Mars gets situated at the elimination with Chef)

Westley (to Chef): if your here than who's flying the plane?

Chef: I got it covered

(the camera than shows an inflatable Chef navigating the plane)

(the camera than switches to Chris and Team Hatchet)

Chris: okay Team Hack-Off I mean Team Hatchet its time to vote off a teammate


Derrick votes off Giulianna

Rhys votes off Derrick

Giulianna votes off Rhys


Chris: okay so if you don't get a barf bag then-

Team Mars: you take the dreaded Drop of Shame!

Chris (to Team Mars): shut-up! (back to Team Hatchet): now the first barf bag goes to...Rhys!

(Rhys grabs his barf bag)

Chris: the last barf bag goes to....

(suspenceful music plays as Derrick and Giulianna both look worried)


(Derrick happily grabs his barf bag)

Chris: Giulianna its time to go!

Giulianna: fine by me bye Team Mars and Rhys

Rhys: bye "G"

(Rhys and Giulianna kiss)

Giulianna: okay I'm ready

(then Chef pushes Giulianna out the plane with a parachute)

(Chris and Chef leave as Team Mars, Rhys and Derrick watch as Giulianna falls to the Earth)

(now in the cockpit with Chris and Chef)

Chris: another thrilling episode down

Chef: and alot more to come on

Chris and Chef: Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

Running With The Bullies

(RECAP: last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, the teams went to Greece to race chariots where one contestnats drive to win broke on ecouple up and in the end por Giulianna took the Drop of Shame find out who'll be joining her tonight on an all new Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!)

(Team Mars in the first class cabin)

Travis: yay we won!

Jessica: so what now?

Westley: we keep winning

Jessica: yeah but how?

Travis: make an alliance

Jessica: with Derrick?

Travis: no with Rhys

(Westley nods)

Jessica: I don't think that's such a good idea

(now onto Teams Legacy and Venus in the economy section)

Rosealynne: this still sicks

Marijayne: yeah but we're still together

Brittanaey: true that

Marijayne: at least we're not Team Hatchet

Brittanaey: agian I say true that

Rosealynne: yeah but still

Blaine: its so nice to be second place in a challenge

Rebecca: yeah

Anastacia: yeah but we shouldn't be so lucky

Erick: yeah cause the last time that happened

Rebecca: I know but we still won and I learned my lesson

Ashley: good now we can focus on what's important

Rebecca: yeah the merge is coming up soon anyway

(Chris appears)

Chris: actually there will be no merge for you guys

Teams Legacy and Venus: what?!

Chris: yeah no merge not this time

(Chris disappears)


Rosealynne: no....merge!


Marijayne: is he serious?!


Brittanaey: so that means....


Rebecca: Chris can eliminate an entire team


Blaine: just like Team Victory last time


Ashley: this sucks monkey butt!


Erick: oh wow


Anastacia: so I guess its alliance time


(Chris appears in the first class cabin to tell Team Mars the news)

Team Mars: you can't be serious!

Chris: yep I'm serious

Westley: so your gonna let a whole team be destroyed one at a time?

(Chris nods)

Jessica: so we have to fight extra hard

Travis: well I think to be fair you should tell Team Hatchet


(than Chris, Westley, Jessica and Travis laugh)

Chris: okay I'll see you guys later than


Westley: well that was funny


Jessica: Team Hatchet is so screwed


Travis: okay even though it was a good laugh I was being serious


(now onto Team Hatchet)

Rhys: we're not really a team anymore

Derrick: I know but we're still Team Hatchet

Chris (appears from behind a crate): more like a duo

Derrick (annoyed): so when's the merge?

Chris: oh yeah about that

Rhys: there isn't gonna be a merge this season?

(Chris grins)

(Derrick glares at Chris)

Rhys: so if we lose the next challenge will you move one of us to one of the other teams

Chris: nope ther isn't gonna be-

Derrick: at least move one of us to another team!


(Chris leaves as Derrick and Rhys look at each other)


Derrick: great so I've been nice to Rhys for nothing?!


Rhys: if we lose again I can see Giulianna again


(just than the plane thrusts and lands)

Chris (on the P.A. system): cast welcome to.....SPAIN!


Chris: maybe you guys didn't here me cast welcome to Spain!

(more silence)

Chris: fine! just meet up with me when we land so I can announce the challenge

(Jessica was about to say something when everyone else glares at her to be quiet)


Derrick: Chris can kiss my ass!


Rosealynne: all of us should just quit


Jessica: I wanted to say something but I didn't want everyone to be mad at me


Rhys: Chris should told all of us that when we first landed in Egypt


Marijayne: Chris is such an idiot


Brittanaey: the challenge will probably suck


Westley: the song will be stupid


Travis: maybe if we're lucky the producers will cancel the show


Ashley: well Team Legacy has survived this long with no merge on the horizon?


Rebecca: at least if I go home I can tell my brother about it


Blaine (yells out profanities at Chris)


Erick: well at least I can go see my momma after this nightmare is over


Anastacia: great! now a full team will be erased because Chris is too cheap!


(the remaining contestants mmet up with Chris after the plane lands)

Chris: cast welcome to Spain!

Rosealynne: you already said that before

Derrick: yeah twice!

Chris: oh so all of ya'll did here me


Chris (angry): anyways (less angry) lets go onto the challenge

(the cast sees a pack of bulls, a race track and the finish line)

Chirs: cast today you guys are gonna doing the age old Spanish tradition of running with the bulls

(the cast stands silent and shocked)

Chris: so racers to the starting line, get ready....get set....

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris:....and sing I mean and sing!

(song starts)

(upbeat Spanish bass rhythm)

Derrick: running with the bulls

Rosealynne: trying to get away

Marijayne: into the night and day

Anastacia: with the hot Spanish heat

Blaine: and the cool Spanish nights

Derrick: cause we're-

Team Legacy: running with the bulls!

Team Venus: trying to get away

Team: into the night and day!

Rhys: ooh ooh yeah yeah

Derrick: trying to get away!

Erick: never really knowing

where this challenge is going

cause we got the thirst

to win this challenge first!

Derrick: cause we're-

Everyone: running with the bulls

trying to get away

into the night and day

Anastacia: time's a wasting

Erick: the challenge is ending

Rebecca: the finish line is getting closer!

Blaine: not gonna lose

Ashley: gonna get there first!

Team Legacy: cause we got the thirst!

(Team Leagacy crosses the finish line first)

Derrick: come Rhys just pick up the pace

Rhys: I'm trying to make it

Derrick: no your faking it!

Rhys: fine

(Rhys catches up and they cross second)

Rosealynne: ooh ohh

Marijayne: ohh ooh

Brittanaey: ooh ooh

Team Venus: casue if you wanna get there first

you gotta have that thirst

(Team Venus crosses third yet again)

Travis: this sucks!

Jessica: we lost?

Westley: I can't believe it!

Travis and Jessica (to Westley): and this is all your fault!

(Team Mars crosses dead last)

(end of song)

(Chris appears)

Chris: okay Team Legacy nice! you guys get a special prize

Rebecca: what is it?

Chris: you 5 get a traditional Spanish dinner tonight

(Team Legacy cheer)

Chris: Teams Hatchet and Venus you guys are all safe from elimination

(Derrick and Rhys hug while Team Venus squeal for joy)

Chris: Team Mars I'll see you guys tonight for elimination

(Travis and Jessica glare at Westley, who looks nervous)

(before elimination)

(Rhys is sitting in the common area while Derrick uses the bathroom)

Jessica: hey Rhys

Rhys: hey Jessica

Travis: what's up dude?

Rhys: not much

Westley: so Rhys I wanna ask you something?

Rhys (suspicious): what?

Jessica: do you wanna be in an alliance with us?

Rhys: but Chris said-

Travis: Chris says alot of things

Westley: he said that you can't move to another team

Jessica: but he didn't say anything about an alliance

Travis: so what do ya say?

Rhys: I don't know

Jessica: look Derrick really doesn't like you right?

Rhys: yeah but-

Travis: but what?

Rhys: well-

(Chris and Derrick both appear at the same time)

CHris: Team Mars follow me to elimination

Derrick: come on Rhys lets enjoy economy class with Team Venus

(meanwhile at elimination)

CHris: okay so you guys voted and now its time to see which one of you is going home

(Chris holds up 2 barf bags)

Chris: the first one is going to....Jessica

(Jessica catches her barf bag)

Chris: and the last barf bag goes to....

(Westley and Travis sit in silence)

Chris:....Travis....Westley its time for you to take the Drop of Shame!

(Westley gets up and straps on a parachute)

Westley: but can I say something first

Chris (grinning): nope

(Chris than pushes Westley out of the plane)

(Travis and Jessica watch as Westley finally opens his parachute)

Travis (shouting to Westley): bye Wes!

Jessica (also shouting to Westley): no hard feelings!

(finally to the cockpit with Chris and Chef)

Chef: that was a shocking elimination

Chris: yeah but will next week's elimination be better?

Chef: I don't know

Chris: neither do I so tune in next time for an all new Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

(than the outside of the plane is shown as a bird crashes into it and falls out of the sky)

(Westley hits the ground)

Westley: you know what I'm not gonna go to some stupid aftermath I'm going home! where I belong! and nobody is gonna stop me!

Surf's Up-Sidedown

(RECAP: last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, the cast went to Spain and with no merge on the horizon the teams worked extra hard to make an alliance in which case Team Mars better work on a better stragety to get Rhys to go against Derrick and since they lost Team Mars had to vote off Westley but find out tonight if they survive elimination yet again on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(in first class)

Blaine: how great is first class?

Erick: seriously

(Ashley and Anastacia sigh in agreement while being massaged)

Rebecca: yeah we should keep winning challenges

Blaine: we already had 8 eliminations so I think our next stop is a reward

Erick: I hope so

Rebecca: yeah

Ashley: I feel bad

Anastacia: for what?

Ashley: that we're the only team to keep winning or coming in second in all of the challenges

Erick: seriously

(now onto economy class)

Derrick: well its not terrible

Rhys: it terrible

Derrick: why?

Rhys: cause I'm sitting next to you!

(on the other side)

Rosealynne: smooth move Derrick

(Marijayne chuckles)

(Brittanaey is shown to be lightly snoring next to Marijayne)

Derrick (to Rosealynne): look keep your opinion to yourself (to Rhys) right Rhys?

(Rhys rolls his eyes at Derrick and looks out the window)

(Rosealynne gives a snide smile at Derrick)

(Derrick groans at Rhys)


Rhys: this whole being mad at Derrick thing is really working


Derrick: I can't stand Rosealynne!


Rosealynne: I'm getting closer and closer to exposing Derrick for who he really is


(now onto Team Mars in the cargo hold)

Travis: well at least we survived

Jessica: yeah I know

Travis: and since Westley's gone

Jessica: we can actually focus on the challenges

Travis: yeah and since we have a low member count

Jessica: if the next challenge is to find our team mates than

Travis: we just have to find each other and

Jessica: cross the finish line first

Travis: so Team Legacy will become Team Losers

Jessica: and they'll probably vote off Ashley that amazon freak

(Travis leans in and kisses Jessica on the lips)

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast throw on your board shorts and bikinis cause we're gonna land in Hawaii!

(the cast minus Jessica and Travis cheer)

Chris: we will be landing soon so hold on tight

(than Chef suddenly lands the plane on a black sand beach)

(Chris is annoyed at Chef for not landing the plane on a runway)

Chris: there are 2 airport runways in the state and you miss both of them!

Chef:hey I'm a cook not a pilot!

(Chris and Chef glare at each other)

Rosealynne: um excuse me but what's the challenge?

Derrick: or we can keep watching their little bromantic break up

(Chris, Chef and Rosealynne glare at Derrick)

Chris: okay now onto the challenge you guys are gonns look for buried treasure on that island (points to a lone island a few miles off shore)

Chris: you guys will have to row your way to that lone island and find the treasure using these maps (holds up for treasure maps)

Chris: so get started and I'll see you guys on the island in a few moments

(Chris and Chef leave as the 12 remaining contestants scramble for a good row boat)

(Team Hatchet)

Derrick (grabs a row boat farthest to the left): lets take this one what do you think Rhys?

Rhys: whatever

(Rhys leaves to go grab an oar)

(Team Venus)

Rosealynne: let's take the boat next to Team Hatchet's

Marijayne: why?

Rosealynne: so we can tail gate them so they can lose

Marijayne: that's....clever


Marijayne: that's not clever


(Team Mars)

Travis (grabs the boat to the closer right): lets take this one

Jesica: cool

(Travis smiles)

(Team Legacy)

Ashley: so the one on the farthest right is ours than

Blaine: looks like it

Anastacia: great so lets grab the oars and win already

Erick: I agree

Rebecca: yeah lets go

(the 4 teams hit the water at the same time but Team Legacy pulls ahead)

Ashley: yay we're winning

Blaine: no we're just pulling ahead

Anastacia: yeah we didn't win yet

Erick: but we will

Rebecca: cause we're awesome!

Derrick (noticing Team Legacy's pulling ahead): come on Rhys we both have to row this boat

Rhys: sure fine

(than Team Hatchet pulls along side Team Legacy)

(a little farther back with Teams Venus and Mars)

Jessica: well this is relaxing

Travis: it sure is

(Jessica and Travis kiss as Team Venus rows up)

Marijayne and Brittanaey: awwwww

Rosealynne: oh get a room!

(Jessica and Travis stop kissing)

Jessica: fine

(than Team Mars pulls ahead leaving Team Venus in dead last)

Marijyane (as Team Mars disappears): and....we're hosed

(Brittanaey nods in agreement)

Rosealynne: oh come on at least we don't have to sing yet

(a few hours later)

(Chris waves as Team Legacy reaches the shore first)

Chris: okay Team Legacy go grab your map from Chef and happy hunting

(Blaine grabs Team Legacy's map and head off)

(now back to Teams Mars and Hatchet)

Jessica: where are Team Venus?

(Rhys shrugs)

Derrick: so guys do you guys wanna be in an alliance

(Jessica and Travis stare at each other)

Travis: nah thanks

(than Team Mars pull into second place and hit the shore)

Chris: okay Wonderful Twins grab your map from Chef and go find that treasure!

(Team Mars grab their map from CHef and head off on the same path as Team Legacy)

(Team Hatchet reach the shore third)

Chris: Hatchet Duo go grab your map from Chef and get the move on

(Team Hatchet grab their map from Chef)

(now back to Team Venus)

(Team Venus looks up and see the music symbol)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(Chris rides up on a jet ski driven by Chef)

Chris: okay Venus Trio lets here you guys sing

Marijayne: but what about the others?

Chris: the other teams are already on part 2 of the challenge so row and sing your little hearts out!

(Team Venus watch as Chris and Chef turn back around towrds the island)

(song starts)

(traditional Hawaiian drums play)

Rosealynne: sifting through these open waters

Marijayne: riding the waves just like our fathers

Brittanaey: relaxing with this cool ocean breeze

Marijayne: riding through the water with eaze

Rosealynne, Marijayne and Brittanaey: so surf's up! just go with the flow

so surf's up! just let you troubles go!

so surf's up! feel that nice ocean breeze running through your hair!

so surf's up! and hang 10 with flair

Brittanaey: listening to these island drums

Marijayne: it really makes us wanna shake our bums

Rosealynne: practicing our sweet hula moves

Marijayne: swaying with along with the palm tree's grooves

Rosealynne, Marijayne and Brittanaey: so surf's up! just go with the flow

so surf's up! just let you troubles go!

so surf's up! feel that nice ocean breeze running through your hair!

so surf's up! and hang 10 with flair

Marijayne: oh my I can see the shore!

Brittanaey: great cause this song is such a bore!

Rosealynne: so all's a shore

Marijayne & Brittanaey: who's going to shore!

Ropsealynne: yeah!

(drums fade as Team Venus reaches the shore and takes their map from Chef)

(song ends)

(a few more hours later before the sun sets all 4 teams all meet up with Chris)

Chris: cast welcome to part 2 of the challenge you 12 are gonna dig for the treasure which is buried on this beach and the first team to bring it to me gets whatever the treasure is, so get started now!

(the 4 teams start digging on all 12 x's avalible)

(and when the sun sets Chris makes Chef light up tiki torches so the cast get see what they're doing)

Rosealynne (digging): this is too hard

Derrick (in the hole next to Rosealynne's): maybe I can help

Rosealynne (upset): oh yeah how?

(than Derrick comes out of the wall between their 2 holes)

Derrick: like that

(Rosealynne rolls her eyes and continues digging)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris (sliding down to Rosealynne and Derrick): its time to sing-

Rosealynne and Derrick: a reprise?

Chris: nope

(Rosealynne and Derrick looked shock at each other)

Derrick: just the 2 of us?

Chris: yep so sing or be out!

(Chris leaves)

(song starts)

(electric guitar plays)

Derrick: look I know you like me

Rosealynne: hold up what did you say?

Derrick: look I know you like me

Rosealynne: no your just insane

Derrick: well-

Rosealynne: look I know you like me

Derrick: wait what?

Rosealynne: you don't have to be embarrassed

Derrick: your just crazy

Rosealynne: like I know you are

Derrick: why are you being silly?

Rosealynne: oh no that's you

Derrick: look I know you like me

Rosealynne: I'm not in love with you

Derrick: I didn't say love

Rosealynne: but that's what you implied!

(guitar solo kicks in as the other 10 contestants shovel in rhythm to the song)

Derrick and Rosealynne: I'm not gonna get caught up in pretending that you mean something to me when you don't if we were to go out and than break up I will with every fiber of my being...destroy oyu to no end!

Derrick: I'm not gonna tell you

Rosealynne: how I really feel cause

Derrick and Rosealynne: cause I know you like me

look I know you like me

and your to shallow to tell me the truth!

(tempo slows down to an acustic guitar)

Rosealynne: I'm not gonna let you know

Derrick: that I feel the same way

Rosealynne: cause my heart is telling me

Derrick: what I should be saying to you

Rosealynne: that maybe I like you

Derrick: but it feels more like love

Rosealynne: rather than hate

Derrick: so I hope its not to late

Rosealynne: to fall in love

Derrick and Rosealynne: with you!

(Derrick and Rosealynne kiss as the tempo slows down and fades)

(song ends)

(just Marijayne and Brittanaey grab the treasure and bring it to Chris, followed by Team Leagacy with a treasure chest, than Team Mars and finally Team Hatchet)

(by this time the night has fallen and Chris lets Chef rent a motorized boat to transfer the contestants back to the plane but first has to announce who won the challenge)

Chris: and the winners are....Team Venus!

(Team Venus cheer)

Chris: now open your treasure chest

(Team Venus open their treasure chest to find alot of goodies)

Roselynne: jewelry!

Marijayne: baked goods!

Brittanaey: and beautiful sun dresses!

(Team Venus squeal in happiness)

Chris: Team Legacy you guys came in second place

(Blaine opens their treasure chest to find 5 invites to join Chris at a traditional hawaiian luau)

Rebecca: we get to go to a luau

Chris: have you gone to one before?

Rebecca: yeah my family and I vacationed in Hawaii when I was like 11

Erick: cool

Rebecca: yeah I love being on an island

(Erick smiles at her)

Ashley: that's awesome

Anastacia: but we have to go with Chris so that's why its the second place prize

Chris: so Team Mars what do you guys get?

(Travis opens up the chest and Jessica finds pineapple flavored popcorn and a stack of surf movies)

Travis: so we get to watch-

Chris: and keep-

Jessica: these surf movies?

Chris: yep while Team Venus is in first class enjoying a hula lesson, while Team Legacy gets to join me at a luau and while Team Hatchet is help Chef in the galley....

Rhys: wait than that means?

Chris: this was a reward episode!

(the 12 contestants cheer as Chef pulls up)

Chris: so lets all return to the mainland

Chef: come on let's get a move on

(the 12 teens and Chris board the boat and enjoy their rewards except Team Hatchet who didn't get a reward cause they finished last)

(back to the plane in first class after Team Venus' hula lesson ended)

Brittanaey (sitting down): that was so much fun!

Marijayne: I know right

(Rosealynne than brings the girls a drink)

Rosealynne (holding up her glass): to us for surviving another week!

Marijayne and Brittanaey: go Team Venus!

(the three girls cheer)

(meanwhile Team Legacy enter the econmy section after thanking Chris for takign them to the luau)

Chris (to Team Legacy): don't mention it

(Chris goes to the cockpit)

Ashley: that was nice of Chris

Erick:yeah it was

Rebecca: boy am I stuffed

(Rebecca sits down next to the window)

Blaine: so am I

(Blaine sits next to Rebecca)

(Erick takes a seat across from Rebecca)

Anastacia: too much pork

(Anastacia takes a seat next to Erick)

Ashley: did you guys notice how creepily close Chris was to us?

(Ashley takes the last seat next to Anastacia)

Erick: well he was worried aboput us

Blaine: more like some sick crush

Rebecca: yeah it was scary

Ashley: you mean how he pulled out Blaine's and Erick's chairs for them?

Anastacia: now that was creepy

Blaine: yeah it was

Rebecca: I think it was the tropical air

Erick: or there's something in the water

Anastacia: or Chris is creepy in general

(now onto Chris and Chef in the cockpit)

Chris: wasn't this a nice episode

Chef: what's up with you?

Chris: nothing's up I was just thinking about my "date" with Team Leagacy

Chef: it wasn't a date it was a prize for finishing second place in the challenge

Chris: yeah but still I did enjoy it

Chef: and you do realize that you were kinda creepy at the luau

Chris: really how?

Chef: well you flirted with basically all 5 of them at different times

Chris: so what's your point?

Chef: well there all under age and there are 2 dudes on the team!

Chris: so its not like i kissed any of them good night

Chef: you almost did to Ashley

Chris: I did not

Chef: whatever

(Chris glares angrily at Chef)

Chris (to camera): will Team Venus win again? will Team Hatchet avoid the cargo hold? will Team Mars try to win first place? or-

Chef (to camera): will Chris continue his very creepy relationship with Team Legacy?

(Chris glares at Chef again)

Chris (to camera): tune in next week on Total Drama World Tour!....

(the camera switches to Team Legacy)

Team Legacy (to camera, singing): REDUX!

(the camera switches back to Chris and Chef in the cockpit)

Chris: tune in next week for an all new thrilling episode!

(than a group of geese flying in a V shape flying under the plane going east)

Sideline Chat #2: Of Rhythm Vs Rhyme

(the camera zooms in on Geoff and Bridgette sitting on a couch)

Geoff: welcome to an all new

Bridgette: Sideline Chat show!

Geoff: today we have the latest cast offs on Total Drama World Tour Redux

Bridgette: yep today we have Lyejhiah,...

(a camera shows some of Lyejhiah's best moments)


(a camera shows Nathaneal's best moments)


(a camera shows Enrique's best moments)


(a camera shows Giulianna's best moments)

Bridgette:...and Westley....

(a camera shows Westley's best moments)

Geoff: first up lets say a quick hello to the first 3 losers from the season

Bridgette: welcome back Emma , Anthony and Michael!

(the camera pans to Emma, Anthony and Michael waving to the audience)

(than the camera moves back to Bridgette and Geoff)

Geoff: now her's our first guest of the episode

Bridgette: she swore her revenge on her team mates on international TV

Geoff: please welcome Lyejhiah!

(Lyejhiah walks out and takes a seat)

Bridgette: so Lyejhiah what did you gain from this show?

Lyejhiah: alot actually

Geoff: really?

Lyejhiah: yeah I learned never to trust any lying, no good, two faced, punk wannabe like Rosealynne!

(Geoff looks shocked at Lyejhiah)

Bridgette (to camera): okay than please welcome our next guest

Geoff: he was the only dude on a team full of girls

Bridgette: so put your hands together for Nathaneal

(Nathaneal walks out, sits next to Lyejhiah and gives her a kiss on the cheek)

Geoff: so Nayte what did you gain from the show?

Nathaneal: well I have a girlfriend

Bridgette: really who?

(Lyejhiah grins)

Bridgette (to Nathaneal and Lyejhiah): you two? are together?

(Nathaneal and Lyejhiah both nod)

Geoff: next up we have Enrique

Bridgette: a quiet guy with a great singing voice

Geoff: the dude was nearly voted off once before Anthony quit

Bridgette: so please welcome Enrique

(a Spanish guitar plays as Enrique walks out and sits next to Nathaneal)

Bridgette: so Enrique did you learn anything since being on the show?

Enrique: well I did learn alot about the world

Goeff: cool

Bridgette: so has anything changed for you since you were voted off?

Enrique: not really everything is still the same although I got alot of fan mail

Goeff: awesome now for our next guest

Bridgette: she entered the competition the daughter of farm people

Geoff: she ended up having a boyfriend

Bridgette: Rhys and Giulianna grew closer when the shared the same hatred for Derrick

Geoff: so here she is Giulianna

(Giulianna walks out and sits next to Enrique)

Geoff: hey Giulianna

Giulianna: hey guys what's up?

Bridgette: nothing much but what did you learn from being on the show?

Giulianna: I learned alot since I fell in love with Rhys

Bridgette: that's so sweet

Geoff: so are you and Rhys still gonna be close when the show is over?

Giulianna: I sure hope so

Bridgette: and now for our last guest

Geoff: he's a gentle giant who may look a little scary

Bridgette: but get him upset and he's like a hurricane

Geoff: so please welcome Westley

(cricket sounds)

Geoff: I said so please welcome Westley!

(more cricket sounds)

Goeff (angry): where is Westley?

(an intern runs out and whispers to Geoff that Westley isn't there)

Geoff: Westley went AWOL?

(everyone gasps)

(Bridgette looks at the camera shocked than regains herself)

(Lyejhiah, Nathaneal, Enrique and Giulianna look up at a big screen playing thier's and Westley's audition tapes)

Bridgette: now lets see some audition tapes and first up its Lyejhiah!

[Lyejhiah's audition tape]

Lyejhiah (sitting on her bed listening to 'Jamaican reggae music): hey Total Drama producers Lyejhiah Montgumery here and you should have me on your show cause look at me a calm chilled island girl like me will be useful in any if not all challenges so pick me....OR ELSE!

(end of audition tape)

(Lyejhiah looks away in embarrassment)

Geoff: so your just one big bowl of island fun

Bridgette: next up its Natahaneal

[Nathaneal's audition tape]

Nathaneal (playing a song on a grand piano, stops playing): hey guys I'm Nathanael Davis and I would be good on your show I can use my intellect, my nerve and my raw talent to get me far in the competition so pick me! (continues playing his song on the piano)

(end of audition tape)

Bridgette (to Nathaneal): you got nerve?

Nathaneal: hey that was before I was on the show

Geoff: next up its Enrique

[Enrique's audition tape]

Enrique (sitting on the front porch of his house): hey Total Drama producers I'm Enrique and this is my house (the camera pulss away to show a massive villa) (the camera than focuses on Enrique)

yeah being the nephew on a diplomat does have some advantages-so anyway pick me and I will bring so Latin flavor to your show

(end of audition tape)

Bridgette (to Enrique): wow-wee!

(Geoff glares at Bridgette)

Bridgette (still lost in Enrique's eyes): so next up its...ummmm

Geoff (upset): Giulianna

Bridgette (to Geoff): oh yeah thanks babe here's Giulianna's audition tape

[Giulianna's audition tape]

Giulianna (sitting on her bed): hey producer people I'm Giulianna and you should have me on your show and here's why: I'm strong, I'm athletic, I can speak 7 different languages, I have an IQ of 189 and I only have my eyes on the prize or the million which ever comes first so pick me!

(end of audition tape)

Geoff (to Giulianna): so is the prize Rhys' heart?

Giulianna: maybe it is

Beirdgette: awww how sweet

Geoff: now last up we have Westley

Bridgette: and since he's not here

Geoff: we're gonna show it anyway

[Westley's audition tpae]

Westley (sitting on his bed, playing giutar with his feet proped up): hey guys I'm Westley and I'm a pretty relaxed guy so if you don't pick me for your show I won't go on an emotional rampage or throw a tantrum and if you pick me (stops playing guitar, puts it down and stands up) I was use my freakishly tall body will be useful in challenges as well as my strength so pick all 6'8" of me!

(end of audition tape)

Lyejhiah: wow

Giulianna: he's really that tall

Nathaneal: no wonder he's the leader of his team

Enrique: he remind me of DJ almost

Lyejhiah, Nathaneal and Giulianna: yeah he does

(DJ looks upset)

Bridgette (to DJ): its okay DJ we all love you

(DJ than smiles)

Geoff: and now

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(Lyejhiah, Nathaneal, Enrique and Giulianna glare at Geoff)

Geoff: so come on lets hear it

(but just before they pummle Geoff he holds up their contracts)

Lyejhiah: fine lets get this over it

(song starts)

Enrique: just when you think that this show couldn't suck anymore

Nathaneal: when we walked through the stage door

Giulianna: we gotta sing some more

Lyejhiah: all because of Chris

Enrique: so lets make it a diss

Giulianna: and no we're not goona dismiss

Nathaneal: what Chirs did to us!

Giulianna: we had to sing our hearts out

Enrique: than we got voted out

Lyejhiah: so that makes us losers

Nathaneal: but we're not beggars or choosers

Giulianna: so lets make it a diss

Lyejhiah: but at least Giulianna got her first kiss

Enrique: yeah on TV

Nathaneal: no on national TV

Lyejhiah: its international TV

Giulianna: cause Total Drama is seen all over the world

Nathaneal: so this song is a diss

Lyejhiah: for that idiotic Chris

Giulianna: and that's why we made it a diss

(song ends)

(Lyejhiah, Nathaneal, Giulianna and Enrique collapse on the couch)

Giulianna (out of breath, to Geoff): there ya happy

Geoff: I am now

Lyejhiah (to Geoff): I would hate you but I just don't have the energy

Nathaneal: I agree with Lyejhiah

Enrique: me too

(than the four of them pass out from all of their singing that they did)

Geoff: so from all of here at the TDA aftermath set

Bridgette: tune in next week for an all new

Geoff and Bridgette: Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

Chinese Not Whispers

(RECAP: last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux!, the cast hanged 10 in Hawaii! love's were missed (a scene shows Rhys crying to a picture of Giulianna) some love was to be found (a scene shows Derrick and Rosealynne kiss) and Team Venus pulled in a win while Team Legacy got second and Team Mars got third which help give Travis a date with Jessica but Team Hatchet lost and had to help Chef out in the kitchen ( a scene shows Rhys and Derrick doing dishes) so tune in tonight for an all new all dramatic Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(Chris talking about Team Legacy in the cockpit)

Chef: okay enough already! look there are 2 dudes on the team!

Chris: I know that its just-

(Chris gets cut off when Chef thrusts the plane a little to the left)

Chris: dude seriously!

Chef: hey it got you from shutting up about Team Legacy

(Chris glares at Chef)

(scene change to Team Venus in first class)

Rosealynne: this is so awsome!

Marijayne: yeah and if we win again it'll be even more awesome

Brittanaey: yeah what could be better

(just than the plane juts left)

(scene change to Teams Legacy and Mars in economy class)

Rebecca: this sucks

Erick: why?

Rebecca: because we're sitting on benches

Erick: well Chris had to sell the seats to pay for fuel

Rebecca: I know but-

(Erick kisses Rebecca on the lips)

Anastacia (sarcasticlly): so cute

Ashley (to Anastacia): easy sarcastic

(now onto Team Mars)

Jessica: those surf movies were fun to watch

Travis: yeah they were

Jessica: and it was even better with you there

Travis: yeah you too

(Travis and Jessica kiss as the plane juts left)

(Travis and Jessica than fall off of the bench)

(and now finally onto Team Hatchet)

(Rhys is sitting on a crate petting a rat while Derrick draws out a battle plan on the floor)

Rhys (petting a rat): what are you doing?

Derrick (frazzled): okay so if we win which we will than (growls) no no no we have to win! (sighs) we're never gonna win again and

(Derrick starts to ramble on and on getting even more frazzled until Rhys slaps him across the face)

Derrick (rubbing the side of his face): thanks I needed that

Rhys: no thank you

Derrick: Rhys what are we gonna do?

Rhys: oh so now its "we"

Derrick: of course it was always "we"

Rhys: well first stop going all Izzy-Sierra on us and focus on the win

(the rat that Rhys was holding than jumps off of Rhys' shoulder and disappears into the darkness)

Rhys: wierd I wonder why he-

(Rhys was interupted because the plane jutted left)

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast today's destination is....China!

(the contestants cheer)

Chris (to Chef, off of the P.A. system): China? really? didn't we already do that?

Chef: no fool we went to Japan last time remember?

Chris: not really

(Chris jumps back on the P.A. system)

Chris: so prepare for landing

(than the plane divebombs and the cast scramble to hold onto something)

(when they landed they found Chris standing on a bridge)

Chris: cast welcome to Beijing! the sight of the Olymics 2 years ago

Rosealynne: oh yeah I watched that

Chris: so now we are gonna have our challenge based on the Olympics called Total Drama: The Olympics!

(most of the cast groan while others look happy)


Derrick: awesome! finally a challenge I can win!


Rosealynne: cool I've always wanted to compete in the Olymics well this is a close second


(the cast than follow Chris into a stadium)

Chris: and here are the sports ya'll are gonna play: hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis and wrestling

Derrick: awesome!

(Rosealynne rolls her eyes at Derrick)

Blaine: so what happens next

Chris: ya'll are gonna pair off and since Teams Mars and Hatchet are both duos someone from Team Legacy will have to pair up with someone from Team Venus

(Team Legacy and Team Venus look at each other)


Rosealynne: okay if I'm the odd one out than I would partner up with Rebecca


Rebecca: I hope that I don't have to partner up with Rosealynne


Derrick: Team Legacy are so screwed

(END OF CONFESSIONALS) Chris: now lets see who's partnering with who

(Chris than pulls out a clipboard)

Chris: of course Travis is paired up with Jessica and Derrick is paired up with Rhys

(flips through to the next page)

Chris: okay so Blaine your paired up with Anastacia, Marijayne your paired up with Brittanaey, Rebecca your paired up with Erick and Ashley your lucky self is paired up with Rosealynne

(Ashley and Rosealynne look at each other)

Chris: so let's get started

(Chris and the cast arrive at the first event)

Derrick: wait there are six duos and only 5 events

Chris: yeah I know

Derrick: so what's the last event

Chris: you'll see

(Chris disappears for a minute than re-appears with hockey gear)

Chris: okay Team Venus and Team Mars you guys got this event

(Chris throws hockey gear to Marijayne, Brittanaey, Jessica and Travis)

Chris: so get started

(Marijayne, Brittanaey, Jessica and Travis hit the ice)

Chris: the first team to score wins gold for their team

(marijayne and Brittanaey face off against Jessica and Travis)

Chris: and begin!

(Marijayne passes the puck to Brittanaey than Brittanaey passes it off to Marijayne but Travis swoops in and steals the puck to Jessica who scores a goal)

Jessica: yeah! we won

Travis: whoo-hoo!

(than Travis gives Jessica a hug)

Chris: score one for Team Mars!

(Rosealynne glares at Marijayne and Brittanaey)

Chris: onto event number 2, soccer! with Team Hatchet vs Team Legacy!

(Blaine, Anastacia, Rebecca and Erick look at each other)

Chris: and from Team Legacy doing the challenge are Blaine and Anastacia

(Blaine and Anastacia glare at Derrick and Rhys)

Chris: so lets get started!

(Chef fires off of an airhorn to let the 2 teams know that the challenge started)

Anastacia: okay lets get this over with

Chris: but first if you guys know who ever scores first gets a gold medal

(just than Blaine kicks the ball and it whizzes past Anastacia who takes off running for it followed by Rhys who knocks her down)

Blaine: hey he cheated!

Rhys: Chris didn't explain any rules

(Blaine growls)

(Anastacia recovers and steals the ball back from Rhys and kicks it into Team Hatchet's goal giving Team Leagcy a win)

Chris: okay so now its 1 point for Team Mars, 1 point for Team Legacy and none for Teams Venus and Hatchet now onto to our 3rd event volleyball with Ercik and Rebecca facing off against Rosealynne and Ashley

(scene change to Erick, Rebecca, Rosealynne and Ashley on a volleyball court)

Chris: so whoever knocks the ball out out of bounds automatically loses and the gold metal goes to the winning team)

(before Chris can start the challenge Rosealynne hits the ball to Rebecca who rebounds it to Erick who spikes it to Ashley who nearly knocks it outta bounds until Rebecca hits it to Rosealynne who knocks it to Ercik who keeps hitting frantically cause Rosealynne and Ashley to crash into each other than Rebecca scores the winning spike and wins a gold metal for her team)

Chris: now lets look at the score board


Team Mars-1

Team Venus-0

Team Legacy-2

Team Hatchet-0

(now onto Teams Hatchet and Venus in a wrestling ring)

Chris: everyone get ready to wrestle! just kidding now its time for tennis!

(scene change to the 4 teams on a tennis court)

Chris: now Derrick and Rhys you guys are the front team whil Marijayne and Brittanaey you guys are the back team whoever scores first gets

the 4 teams: a gold metal!

Chris: so guys get started

(Rhys hits the ball in the middle of Marijayne and Brittanaey who both hit it at the same time and it rebounds to Derrick who back hits it to Marijayne who nearly hits the net and Rhys hits it back but Brittanaey rebounds it and Rhys hits it back to Marijayne than she hits it to Derrick who almost missed it but it was Brittanaey who made the winning move by hitting to Rhys' right and they won another gold metal)

Chris now onto the scoreboard


Team Mars-1

Team Legacy-2

Team Venus-1

Team Hatchet-0

(now Team Hatchet vs Rosealynne and Ashley for wrestling)

Chris: ladies and gentlemen its time for real to wrestle! but instead of Derrick and Rhys vs Rosealynne and Ashley its goona be Team Hatchet vs a three members of Team Venus

(Ashley is than replaced by Marijayne and Brittanaey)

Derrick: wait 3 against 2 that's not fair

Rosealynne: all fair's in love and war

Derrick: oh so now you love me?

Rosealynne: I didn't say that

Derrick: yes you did

(Chris than rings a gong)

Chris: now for this event a gold metal will be handed out to the winning team

Chef: you know Chris I've been thinking instead of 2 against 3 how about Teams Hatchet and Venus team up and go against Team Legacy?

Chris: oh I like that idea

(than Chef guides Team Legacy to the wreslting ring)

Chris: last team standing wins!

(after announcing the challenge Team Lagacy pounces on Teams Hatchet and Venus)

(Blaine got Rhys in a head lock while Derrick was being double teamed by Anastacia and Ashley)

Rosealynne tries to get Rebecca off of her back while Erick bodyslams Brittanaey and Marijayne)

Travis (watching the challenge): oh this is so brutal!

Jessica: yeah it is

Chris: Team Mars follow me

(Team Mars follow Chris on a bridge)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris: now its time to sing!

(Travis and Jessica groan)

(song starts)

Travis: look where we are

Jessica: its so beautiful

Travis: see all the colors that dance in the wind

Jessica: its so beautiful

Travis: seeing all of the nature

Jessica: walking in the flowers

Travis: looking at these tall towers

Jessica: maybe we can run away to stroll along the Wall of China

Travis: its so beautiful

Jessica: and what makes it even better

Both: cause I'm with you in this beautiful city full of rich history

Travis: cause being with you

Jessica: makes me feel so secure

Travis: and since I'm here

Jessica: where you rather be

Travis: lying in the grass

Jessica: in your arms

Both: its so beautiful

cause I'm with you

in this city of color

Jessica: I can't belive that we

Travis: get to be a couple

Jessica: of lovers

Travis: walking hand in hand

Jessica: forever bound together

Both: its so beautiful

just to be with you

walking hand in hand

into forever

with you

Travis: I wanna ask you something

Jessica: what is it baby?

Travis: will we still be together when this show is over?

Jessica: of course we will

Both: cause I'm with you in this beautiful city full of rich history

its so beautiful

cause I'm with you

in this city of color

its so beautiful

just to be with you

walking hand in hand

into forever

with you

Both:if I can be with you

until our time is through

than we can live together

in Paris by the Eifel Tower

with some lovely flowers

Jessica: I wanna know if this is true

Travis: if I can be with you

Jessica: if our love is pure enough

Travis: to make it through the storm

Jessica:it so beautiful

Travis: to be with you

Both: until forever is over

(Travis and Jessica kiss)

(song ends)

(just than the bell dings and Team Venus won getting 3 metals, Team Hatchet gets up too and win 2 metals and Erick stands up to win a metal for Team Legacy)

Chris: now lets check the scoreboard


Team Mars-1

Team Venus-4

Team Legacy-3

Team Hatchet-2

(Chris happily smiles)

Rosealynne: while are you so happy

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris: you 12 have to sing and the contestants who sing the most solos get a metal so start sing ing and also don't get disqualified)

(song starts)

Everyone: nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can get in our way

nobody nobody

nobody nobody

will get in our faces

cause we're going places


nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can tell us we're wrong

not even Chris!

Erick: we're gonna win a metal

Rebecca: so we can win

Ashley: we ain't gonna lose

Blaine: and its what we choose

Anastacia: and first class here we come!

Everyone: nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can get in our way

nobody nobody

nobody nobody

will get in our faces

cause we're going places


nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can tell us we're wrong

not even Chris!

Rosealynne: you guys are delirious

Marijayne: now its time to get serious

Brittanaey: yeah or else we're going down!

Derrick: we can't lose

Rhys: we gotta win

Derrick: so lets keep singing solos

Rhys: or else we'll be loners

Jessica: this isn't fair

Travis: we sang already

Jessica: lets keep singing

Travis: so we can win a metal!

Everyone: nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can get in our way

nobody nobody

nobody nobody

will get in our faces

cause we're going places


nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can tell us we're wrong

not even Chris!

Jessica: we gotta win

Travis: while the others lose

Blaine: gotta fight

Anastacia: gotta be alright

Rosealynne: cause we're not backing down!

Ashley: yeah!

Marijayne: we're never gonna stop

Brittanaey: until we win!

Mnarijayne: gotta get the gold

Rosealynne: and first class here we come

Everyone: nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can get in our way

nobody nobody

nobody nobody

will get in our faces

cause we're going places


nobody nobody

can stop us now

nobody nobody

can tell us we're wrong

not even Chris!

(song ends)

(the 12 reaming contestants stay in their poses until Chris tallies up the final score)

Chris: and now onto the scoreboard


Team Mars-5

Team Venus-13

Team Legacy-11

Team Hatchet-6

(Teams Venus and Legacy both look happy while Teams Hatchet and Mars look nervous)

Chris: and the winners are Team Venus!

(Team Venus cheer)

Chris: in second place its Team Legacy!

(Team Legacy hug each other)

Chris: in thrid place its Team Hatchet!

(Derrick hugs Rhys tight)

Chris: and in last place its Team Mars

(Team Mars look sad)

Chris: but fortunatly this is another reward episode and all 12 of you get to compete again another day!

(the 12 teens all cheer)

Chris: so Team Venus go to first class

(Team Venus runs past Chris)

Chris: Teams Legacy and Hatchet enjoy economy class

(Team Legacy and Team Hatchet walk past Chris)

Chris: and Team Mars you 2 get to have a private time in the cargo hold

(Team Mars sulk past Chris)

(Chris evilly chuckles)

(scene change to Chris and Chef in the cockpit)

Chris: another thrilling episode

Chef: many many more to come

Chris: so tune in to an all new episode of Total Drama World Tour...

Chris and Chef (singing):...REDUX!

Once Bitten, Twice Deseved

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, we hit China where Team Mars lost again and had to spend the night together again so who do you think will leave tonight on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(Team Mars in the cargo hold)

Travis: we lost

Jessica: yeah but at least we're together

Travis: that's true

Jessica: man wasn't it messed up of Chris to make us sing again?

Travis: yeah it was

Jessica: so do you think its an elimination challenge?

Travis: I hope not

Jessica: yeah

(now onto economy)

Anastacia: this sucks!

Ashley: I know

Rebecca: we all know this sucks Ana so shut-up about it!

(Derrick gives Rosealynne a snide smile)

Anastacia (to Derrick): not one word!

(Rhys snores in agreement)

(Derrick lightly rubs the top of Rhys' head)

Ashley: so I wonder what Team Legacy is doing?

Rebecca: I wanna know that too

Derrick: probably having fun

(now onto first class)

Rosealynne (sipping a drink): how great is this?

Marijayne (getting a back rub): agreed

Brittanaey (getting a massage, vibrating): uuuuuuuh-huuuuuh

Rosealynne (putting her drink down): you know what we should do

(the 2 interns leave after giving Marijayne and Brittanaey massages)

Marijayne: what?

Rosealynne: we should form an alliance with Travis and Jessica

Brittanaey: oh a numbers advantage over Team Hatchet

Marijayne: and to compete with Team Legacy

Rosealynne: yep

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris (in a fake vampire accent): cast velcome to Romania!

(Derrick laughs)

(Marijayne and Brittanaey look at each other)

(Team Legacy look hapy)

(Jessica and Travis kiss)

(Rosealynne rolls her eyes)

(Rhys snores)

Chris (in a normal voice): we will be landing soon

(back to economy)

Erick: awesome Romania

Rebecca: my brother's not gonna believe this

Anastacia: this is so cool

Blaine: yeah it is

Ashley: but the question is who's going home tonight?

(Team Legacy look at Derrick who's gently waking up Rhys)

Rhys (groggy): where are we?

Rebecca: Romania

Rhys (to Rebecca, yawning): really?

(Rebecca nods at Rhys)

(just than the plane makes a free fall)

Chris (screaming): dude!

Chef (also screaming): what? this is more fun!

(the contestants scream as the plane levels out landing next to a castle in the heart of Romania)

Chris: cast welcome to Romania!

(the contestants cheer)

Chris: now follow me and I'll explain the challenge

(the contestants and Chef follow Chris into the front room of the castle next to the grand staircase)

Chris: for today's challenge you guys will have a scavenger hunt! you guys will have to navigate this big dark castle in search for 5 items that are in your team's color: a hand mirror, a small motorized fan, a book about Dracula, a GPS device and a picture of myself

(the contestants each get a list which has each item in a different order than what the other teams have)

Chris: the first team to gather all 5 items in the order that's on your list gets a leg up in part 2 of the challenge

Chef: and why am I here?

Chris (to Chef): you'll know why soon enough

Chris (to the contestants): so the challenge starts now!

(the 12 contestants run past Chris and each team splits off)

(Team Venus in the kitchen)

Rosealynne: what's the first item on our list?

Marijayne: a small motorized fan

Brittanaey: found it

(Marijayne and Rosealynne watch as Brittanaey holds up a small motorized fan in pink)

Marijayne: cooley what's next on our list

Rosealynne (looking at the list): a book about Dracula

Brittanaey: to the Library!

(Team Venus head off to the Library)

(Team Hatchet in the dining room)

Rhys: okay we need to find a photo of Chris

Derrick (sarcastic): yay!

Rhys: now if I was a photo of Chris where would I be

Derrick: found it

(Rhys sees that Derrick found the photo in a brown frame taped under a chair)

Derrick: okay so what's next?

Rhys (looking at the list): a small hand mirror

Derrick: so lets search the bedrooms

(Derrick and Rhys head off upstairs)

(Team Legacy in the basement)

Anastacia: so what are we searching for again?

Ashley (looking at the list): a GPS device

Rebecca: in orange

Erick: okay so where is it?

Blaine (running up withy an orange GPS device): hey look what I found

Rebecca (to Blaine): where did you find that?

Blaine: (pointing over by some crates): over there

Erick (over by the crates): along with a photo of Chris in an orange frame and an orange hand mirror

Ashley (looking at the list happy): hey guy we found the first 3 things on our list!

Anastacia: what's next?

Ashley (looking at the list): a small motorized fan

Rebecca: lets search upstairs

Erick: agreed

(Team Legacy runs upstairs)

(Team Mars in the back of the castle)

Jessica: okay we need to find a small silver hand mirror

Travis: I think I found it

Jessica: cool where is it?

Tavis: upstairs

Jessica: cool lets go get it

(Jessica and Travis run upstairs and grab their mirror

Jessica (holding the mirror): so what's next?

Travis: a small motorized fan

Jessica: lets check the bathroom

Travis: right

(in the bathroom Travis finds the small silver motorized fan)

Jessica: cool so we have 2 things on our list

Travis (looking at the list holding the fan): a Dracula book

Jessica: so to the Library?

Travis: yep

(now onto Team Hatchet in the front room)

Derrick: I can't believe we found a small hand mirror, A GPS device and a Dracula book in only a few hours

Rhys (crossing those items off): I know right now all we need is to grab is a smll motorized fan and than we win part 1 of the challenge

Derrick: right

Rhys: so lets try the basement

(Derrick and Rhys run off to the basement)

(Team Legacy leaving 2 of the towers at the sametime)

Erick: okay so Rebecca and I found the small motorized fan

Anastacia: and Blaine and I found our Dracula book

Ashley (crossing those items off of their list): guys we have all 5 items quickly lets go find Chris

Rebecca: he's in the south rose garden

Blaine: let's go get him

(Team Legacy run to the south rose garden)

(now onto Team Mars and Team Venus in the Library)

Jessica: Travis I found our book

Traivs: cool (to Rosealynne) do you guys need help?

Rosealynne (to Travis): actually yes

Travis: try that bookcase over there (points to the only bookcase without any books on the floor)

Rosealynne (to Travis): thanks Travis

Jessica (to Travis): Trav I found a photo of Chris and our GPS device!

Travis (to Jessica): really? awesome

Jessica: yeah so now lets go to the south rose garden to find him

Travis & Rosealynne: how do you know that?

Jessica: because I over heard Rebecca and she said that him and Chef are in the south rose garden

Travis: great lets go

(meanwhile Team Mars running to the south rose garden)

(Travis grabs Jessica's hand and the run off to join Team Legacy who already finished the challenge along with Chris and Chef who look very happy)

Chris: Team Mars go over there and join Team Hotties I mean Team Legacy and wait for the other 2 teams

Jessica (hugging Travis): yay! we didn't come in last

(now back inside of the castle)

Derrick (running into the Library to find Rosealynne): hey Rosealynne what are you doing?

Rosealynne (looking down, crossing Dracula's book off of her team's list): getting our second item

Derrick: you do realize that Teams Legacy and Mars already finished the challenge

Rosealynne (looks up shocked): what! are you serious!

(Marijayne runs in carrying a photo of Chris in a pink frame and a small pink hand mirror)

Marijayne: okay Rose I found our next 2 items now all we need is our GPS device and than we'll win

Rosealynne (crossing off the next 2 items on their list): cool (notices Brittanaey is gone) hey where's Britt?

Marijayne: I think she went to find our GPS device

Derrick: you guys are gonna lose

Rosealynne (to Derrick): okay Hot Shot where's Rhys?

Derrick: looking for our motorized fan like a smart good boy

Marijayne (to Derrick): okay your creepy bromance a side you dorks are gonna lose

(scene change to Brittanaey and Rhys in the drawing room)

Rhys (to Brittanaey): hey Britt thanks for helping me find our motorized fan

Brittanaey (to Rhys): don't mention it Rhys oh and thanks for helping me find our GPS device

Rhys (to Brittanaey): don't mention it

Briitaney (to Rhys): okay


Brittanaey: Rhys is so nice and smart to


Rhys: Brittanaey is really nice you know when she's away from Marijayne and Rosealynne


Derrick: I don't have a "bromance" with Rhys (looks away)


Rosealynne: I hope we win first class again


(Derrick, Marijayne and Rosealynne watch as Rhys and Brittanaey run into the Library)

Derrick (to Rhys): finally

Rhys (to Derrick): sorry I had to find our fan

Rosealynne (crossing out GPS on their list): okay come on girls lets bounce

Marijayne: seriously

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(song starts)

(haunting melody starts)

Derrick: here we are

Rhys: in a castle

Marijayne: its so scary

Brittanaey: and so creepy

Rosealynne: lets find our way out

Rhys: so we don't get voted out

Marijayne: its a crazy game

Brittanaey: that we gotta play

Derrick: or else we'll be shoved out the plane

Rosealynne: oh man that would be lame

Rhys, Derrick, Rosealynne, Brittanaey and Marijayne: its a crazy game

that we're forced to play

we gotta keep holding on

or else we'll be voted out

and to get shoved off of the plane

it's a crazy game

that we got to play

or else we'll be voted off

and shoved out

Derrick: but Team Legacy had already won

Rhys and Brittanaey: part 1

Marijayne and Rosealynne: of tonight's challenge!

Derrick: hey there's the exit!

Rhys: and I can see Ashley's head

Rosealynne: come on girls lets run!

Brittanaey: because!

Rhys, Derrick, Rosealynne, Brittanaey and Marijayne: its a crazy game

that we're forced to play

we gotta keep holding on

or else we'll be voted out

and to get shoved off of the plane

it's a crazy game

that we got to play

or else we'll be voted off

and shoved out

(haunting melody ends)

(song ends)

(Team Hatchet pull ahead and slide into 3rd place while Team Venus loses the first part of the challenge)

Chris: now lets move on to part 2 of the challenge you lucky 12 are gonna do a relay to put together a detailed stained glass picture of your team's logo and the first team to complete the relay and finish their masterpiece gets to enjoy first class and since 2 of our teams are down to duos the 3 losing teams all get to enjoy economy class from here on out)

(the 12 contestants cheer)

Chris: so lets get started on part 2 of the challenge

(the contestants see a zig-zag path of tombstones)

Chris: the relay will be one member of each team will run the relay at a time and if you get a piece of stained glass tag the next member of you team while the last member puts the pieces together and since Teams Hatchet and Mars are each down to 2 players each Derrick and Travis will do the relay for their teams while Rhys and Jessica will put the picture together so teams ready, get set and go!

(Rosealynne, Derrick, Erick and Travis start the relay)

(Derrick runs to the 3rd tombstone and runs back to Rhys)

(Travis finds 2 pieces and brings them to Jessica)

(Rosealynne finds 3 small pieces and tags Marijayne)

(Marijayne heads off just as Erick tags Ashley to go)

(Rebecca places her pieces into Team Legacy's picture all 5 pieces)

(Brittanaey puts the 3 small pieces into place)

(Jessica puts the 2 pieces Travis found and the 4 more pieces he just gave her)

(Ashley gives Rebecca 5 medium pieces for their picture)

(Derrick gives 3 medium pieces to Rhys to put into their pieces)

(Team Legacy needs only 6 pieces, Team Venus needs 7 pieces, Team Hatchet needs 9 pieces and Team Mars needs 8 pieces to complete their pictures)

(Marijayne tags Rosealynne as Marijayne gives Brittanaey 2 more pices)

(Derrick gives Rhys 6 pieces and runs off again)

(Anastacia gives Rebecca 4 pieces and than tags Blaine)

(Travis gives Jessica 7 pieces and runs off to find the last piece)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Jessica (to Chris): seriously!

Chris: yep but only to the ones doing the relay currently and whoever was tagged

(Rosealynne, Marijayne, Blaine, Anastacia, Travis and Derrick groan)

(song starts)

Derrick: not giving up

Marijayne: gotta find those pieces

Rosealynne: gonna sleep in first class tonight

(Marijayne tags Rosealynne and gives Brittanaey 3 pieces)

Traivs: gonna hold Jessica close after we win

Derrick: only in your dreams

(Travis gives the last piece to Jessica as she trys to put it in)

(Derrick than gives 2 pieces to Rhys than runs back off)

Blaine: not giving up

Anastacia: not losing again

Blaine: gonna hang out in first class

Anastacia: instead of being last class

(Anastacia gives a piece to Rebecca and tags Blaine)

Blaine: can't give up

Rosealynne: not giving up

Travis: not backing down

Derrick: not losing

Blaine: never giving up!

(Travis runs to help Jessica but accidentally knocks some of the glass pieces out)

Travis: oh-no!

(Derrick gives Rhys the last piece and help Rhys put it in but than some of the pieces come out)

(Blaine gives the last piece to Rebecca who than runs it to Chris fully in tact)

(Marijayne gives the last 2 pieces to Brittanaey who follows Rebecca to get to Chris)

Bl;aine: run Rebecca run!

Anastacia: yay! we're gonna win!

Derrick: hurry up Rhys

(Rhys follows Brittanaey and Rebecca)

Travis: and done! run sweetie run!

(Travis pushes Jessica towards Chris' directition

Derrick: not giving up!

Derrick & Rosealynne: not losing this time

Derrick, Rosealynne & Marijayne: not being in loser class

Derrick, Rosealynne, Marijayne & Blaine: not going home tonight

Derrick, Rosealynne, Marijayne, Blaine & Anastacia: not letting our team mate lose

Derrick, Rosealynne, Marijayne, Blaine, Anastacia & Travis: beause we're not giving up! and voing off anyone from our team!

(Rebecca finishes first, followed by Brittanaey in second, than Rhys is in third and Jessica finishes last)

(song ends)

Team Legacy: Legacy rules!

(Rosealynne and Marijayne hug Brittanaey)

Derrick: way to go Rhys!

(Derrick and Rhys high five)

(Jessica looks sad as Travis gives her a sympathy hug)

Chris: so Team Legacy go and enjoy first class

(Team Legacy look happy and begin to walk off)

(but Chris tells Team Legacy to camback)

Chris: but first since Team Mars is down to 2 members we're gonna take a look back at the challenge just now and see which one should be eliminated right now

(the other 10 gasp in shock)

(after reviewing the challenge Chris made his choice)

(now onto elimination)

Chris: Team Mars only one of you will remain

Jessica: why are the other 3 teams are here

Chris: so they can say good-bye to whoever gets voted off between the 2 of ya

(an intern holds up one barf bag)

Chris: and this final barf bag goes to....

(Jessica and Travis hold each other's hand)

Chris:....Jessica your safe

(Jessica gives a releved sigh as she catches her barf bag)

(Travis looks down sad)

Chris: Travis time to go

Jessica (to Travis, sad): bye Travis

Travis (also sad): bye Jessica

(Travis and Jessica kiss good-bye)

Erick: bye dude

Blaine: laters

Rhys: bye Travis

Brittanaey (happily): group hug!

(everyone gives Travis a big hug as Chris gets Chef to push Travis out of the plane)

Jessica (yelling to Travis as he's falling): good luck Travis!

(now onto the cockpit)

Chris: a sad ending for Jessica and Travis won'tcha say Chef?

(Chef sniffles)

Chris: Chef are you okay?

Chef (holding back his tears): they were so good together

Chris (to the camera): tune in next time for an all new Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

(and as the credits roll a montage of Travis and Jessica's best moments as a couple to the song "Its So Beautiful", a song they sang in China until the screen fades to black)

Jessica & The Giant Peach

(RECAP: last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux!, a team lost (Jessica and Travis look sad), 2 unlikely contestants started a friendship (Rhys and Brittanaey smile at each other), one contestant's attempt at an alliance doesn't work out (Rosealynne looking angry at Derrick being all buddy-buddy with Travis and Jessica) but in the end we had to say good-bye to Travis (Travis and Jessica kiss good-bye and Travis is pushed out of the plane) leaving Jessica as the only surviving member of Team Mars so find out if who gets the boot tonight on an all new episode of Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(Jessica sitting alone in economy sad)

Derrick (sitting next to Jessica putting his arm around her shoulder): hey Jess

Jessica (to Derrick): hey Derrick

Derrick: I'm sorry you lost

Jessica: thanks

(on the other side of economy class)

(Rosealynne stares sternly at Derrick and Jessica)

Marijayne (noticing Rosealynne glaring at Derrick): okay look I know your upset but you can still work on you alliance with Jessica

Rosealynne (realizing): you know your right I still can!

(Rosealynne sits next to Jessica and takes Derrick's arm off of her)

Rosealynne (to Jessica): hey Jess do you wanna come join us for some girl talk?

Jessica (to Rosealynne): sure that sounds like fun

(Rosealynne lets Jessica sit with her, Brittanaey and Marijayne)


Derrick: I know what Rosealynne doing she's trying to make an alliance with Jessica


Rosealynne: Derrick thought he was so smart but I got to Jessica first


Derrick: she's going down-I mean Rosealynne not Jessica


Rosealynne: Derrick's going down


(Jessica starts to cry again)

Brittanaey (hugging Jessica): no don't cry its okay

Marijayne (helping Brittanaey): yeah Travis would want you to win

Jessica (with tears in her eyes): you right

(Rosealynne gives a cocky smirk to Derrick)

(Derrick replies by blowing Rosealynne a kiss)

(Rhys rolls his eyes at the 2 of them and continues reading his book)

Marijayne: so do feel better Jessica?

Brittanaey: yeah do you?

Jessica (wiping her tears away): yeah I'm okay

(now onto Rosealynne and Derrick)

Rosealynne (to Derrick): you think your so slick

Derrick (to Rosealynne): well that's coming from a pretty girl

Rosealynne: the flattery thing yeah its not your thing!

Derrick: well I respect your opinion

Rosealynne: stop it! your just weird!


Rosealynne: man, he is good I mean getting lost in his beautiful eyes (realizes what she said)


Rosealynne (angry): GIVE ME THAT TAPE! I WANT THAT TAPE! ugh! how do you open this thing!?!

(END OF CONFESSIONALS) Marijayne: so Jessica do you want an alliance

Brittanaey (to Marijayne): your asking that now?

Marijayne (to Brittanaey): I should since Rosealynne is busy with Derrick

Brittanaey: well if you think its a good idea than I'll support you

Marijayne (to Jessica): so Jess?

Jessica: I don't know as of right now I don't want an alliance with anyone

(Rhys smiles at Jessica's reply)

(Chris on a P.A. system)

Chris: cast welcome to Germany!

(the cast looks out of the windows to see The Alps)

Chris: the plane will be landing shortly so hang on to something

(the plane lands with a loud thud causing an avalanche on the next mountain)

Chris: cast welcome to The Alps!

Rosealynne: why are being so loud isn't this avalanche country?

Blaine: on that mountain it is so we're safe

Chris: Blaine's right we're actually in safe territory and here is the base for our first challenge which is to make a sausage!

(the cast watches as 3 hand powered meat grinders and one electric meat grinder are shown)

Chris: and since Jessica is a team of one she gets the electric meat grinder

(Team Legacy group complain to Chris)

Chris (angry at Team Legacy): SHUT IT! (calmer) now after you make your giant sausage your gonna race it down that hill (shows the hill they're gonna race down) and the first team to cross the finish line at the end of the hill gets a leg up in part 2 of the challenge

(the teams take to their meat grinders)

Chris: and here are your sausage casings

(throws a sausage casing to each team)

Chris: okay are they all secure?

(Jessica nods)

(Derrick and Rhys give a thumbs up)

(Marijayne and Brittanaey squeal in delight once they get their's on)

(Erick and Blaine high five after their casing is on)

Chris: good now the challenge can start!

(Chris uses a racing gun to signify the start of the challenge)

(Team Leagcy each take turns in making their sausage)

Ashley: okay Erick and Rebecca you 2 hold the casing as the meat is grinded through

(Erick and Rebecca take their place)

Ashley: Anastacia you turn the handle

(Anastacia rolls her eyes and takes her place at the handle)

Ashley: okay Blaine when I shovel the meat to you make sure you put it in the grinder

Blaine (calling down to her): got it

Ashley: awesome

(Ashley starts shoveling meat to Blaine who feeds it to the grinder)

(Anastacia turns the handle while Erick and Rebecca hold onto the casing)

(now onto Team Venus)

Rosealynne (looks over to Jessica): hey Jess do you need a hand?

Jessica (holding her casing): kinda

Rosealynne (to Marijayne): Marijayne your in charge

Marijayne: really?

(Marijayne turns around and sees Derrick running after Rosealynne)

Marijayne (to Rosealynne): Rose watch out for Derrick

(Rosealynne turns to see Derrick following her as she picks up her pace)

Rosealynne (to Derrick): what are you doing?

Derrick (to Rosealynne, smiling): the same thing your doing helping Jessica

Rosealynne: well I'm helping her

(Rhys runs up and notices Jessica finishing her sausage)

Rhys (to Derrick and Rosealynne): uh guys

(Derrick and Rosealynne brush Rhys off)

(Rhys watch as Jessica drags her sausage to the starting line)

Rhys (angrier): guys!

Derrick and Rosealynne (to Rhys): what?! Rhys: where's Jessica?

(Derrick and Rosealynne watch as Jessica gets a head start on the race)

Rosealynne (calling to Marijayne): Marijayne! is our sausage done yet!

(Derrick and Rhys watch as Rosealynne scrambles to get her team's sausage done)

(just as Derrick and Rhys get back to their sausage they watch as Team Legacy start the race following Jessica)

(ironically, Teams Hatchet and Venus finish their sausages at the same time and race along side the other 2 teams)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(unfortunatly Team Legacy cross the finish line first so they don't have to sing)

Chris (on a jet pack): okay Team Hatchet, Team Venus and Team Jessica you guys get to sing this time and remember if you don't sing your out!

(Chris disappears)

(song starts)

Derrick: we're heading down the really steep hill

Rhys: to the finish line below

Rosealynne: we're finally gonna get an alliance with Jessica and there is nothing Derrick can do!

Marijayne: it seems kinda funny that we can glide across this snow

Brittanaey: but wait why is Derrick and Rhys talking to Jessica!

Jessica: this may come in handy cause this ain't a sea shanty

Rhys: but its starting to sound like one!

Brittanaey: this ain't a sea shanty but it so darn catchy

Maijayne: we gotta get closer to Jessica

Rosealynen: but we gotta see who it'll be

Derrick: it ain't a sea shanty

Jessica: that's a good point but I'm gonna cross first just you wait and see

Rhys: actually first place went to Team Legacy

(Jessica than speeds up in anger)

Rosealynne: nice job Rhys!

(Team Venus pulls into 3rd place)

(Derrick hits Rhys in the back of the head)

Teams Venus & Hatchet: and no you can't catch me with your sea shanty!

(song ends)

(Jessica crosses second, Team Venus crosses third and Team Hatchet finish last)

Chris: okay now onto part 2 of our challenge

(the contestants see 4 posts standing above a vat of chocolate)

Chris: you guys are gonna fight over a vat of German chocolate while using these (holds up 4 long foam batons) each member of you team is gonna have to fight for first class and the losers vote someone off so guys pick one member from your team

(now onto the contestants)

Ashley: I think Blaine should do it

Anastacia: are you sure?

Blaine: I can do it

Derrick: so Rhys can you do it?

Rhys: maybe you should do it

Derrick: really?

Rhys: yeah you want an allance with Jessica right?

Derrick: oh yeah I can throw the challenge and than get Jessica on an alliance when I lose

(Rhys nods in agreement)

Rosealynne: okay I'm doing the challenge

Marijayne: you?

Brittanaey: why?

Rosealynne: so I can get my revenge on Derrick

Marijayne: and to stop him from getting in an allance with Jessica

Rosealynne: exactly

(Chris appears)

Chris: so teams who did you guys pick?

(Rebecca and Erick point to Blaine)

(Rhys pushes Derrick next to Blaine)

(Rosealynne steps forward)

(Jessica stands next to Rosealynne)

Chris: so guys follow me

(Rosealynne, Jessica, Derrick and Blaine follow Chris)

Chris: so its Derrick vs Jessica and Rosealynne vs Blaine so guys take your places so I can start the challenge

(Derrick and Jessica take their places while Rosealynne and Blaine take their places too)

Chris: so the challenge starts now!

(Chris fires off his starting gun)

(Rosealynne and Blaine keep countering each other while Derrick keeps dodging Jessica)

(Blaine knocks Rosealynne off of her post giving her team third place)

(Jessica than knocks Derrick off of his post when he was distracted by Rhys giving his team second place)

Chris: now its crunch time the winner and their team get first place while the losing team gets last place and votes a member off so its finally Blaine vs Jessica

(Blaine and Jessica take their places)

Chris: and begin!

(Chris fires off his starting gun)

(Blaine and Jessica are both doing fine until Ashley blurts something out that she shouldn't have)

Ashley: come on Blaine! you can't let Derrick and Rosealynne use Jessioca anymore!

Jessica (distracted): what?

(than Blaine knocks Jessica out getting her eliminated)

Chris: and Team Legacy win!....again!

(Ashley, Anastacia, Erick and Rebecca cheer as Blaine jumps off of his post and rejoins his team)

Jessica (upset, to Derrick and Rosealynne): you guys used me!

Derrick: no we-

Rosealynne: see what happened was-

(Jessica puts her hand up signaling the 2 of them to be quiet)

Chris: well come on Jessica its time for elimination

(now onto elimination with Jessica)

(Marijayne, Brittanaey, Rhys and Team Leagacy say their good-byes whil Derrick and Rosealynne sit in the economy section)

Chris: since Jessica your the only member of our team your automatically voted off sorry

Ashley (to Chris): no your not

Chris (smiling): I know

(Chef than escorts Jessica to the door, gives her a parachute and pushes her out)

(Rhys, Marijayne and Brittanaey watch as Jessica scream as she falls to the Earth)

(now onto the cockpit with Chris and Chef)

Chris: finally a long suffering contestant is finally voted off

Chef: yeah about time

Chris: only 3 teams remain find out who'll get the boot next time on Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

Super In Sweden

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, Team Mars was finally destoried when Jessica was voted off and since Team Mars is gone only 3 teams remain willTeam Legacy retain all 5 members? will Team Venus win another challenge? or will Team Hatchet finally be reduced down to one player? findout tonight on Total Drama World Tour REDUX!)

(in first class)

Anastacia: so are we gonna finally merge soon?

Ashley: I sure hope so

Rebecca: yeah cause there are only 3 teams left

Erick: yeah and the fact that we're the only full team left

Blaine: yeah we dodged elimination for like 16 episodes

Rebecca: he's right

Anastacia: yeah he is

Ashley: so where are we going next?

(Erick and Blaine shrug)

Rebecca: hopefully some place tropicl

Anastacia: that would be so cool

(economy class)

Derrick: this sucks!

Rhys: yeah with its quiet with Jessica gone

Derrick: yeah but its a little too quiet!

(Derrick and Rhys notice Team Venus are gone)

Rhys: where are Team Venus?

Derrick: I don't know

Rhys: do you think they quit?

Derrick: I hope not cause I would miss...

(Derrick covers his mouth)

Rhys: you'd miss? who?

Derrick: not Rosealynne that's for sure!

(Rhys gives Derrick a cocky smile)

Derrick: don't say anything!

(now onto cargo with Team Venus?)

Rosealynne: so now we have to win!

Marijayne: okay how?

Rosealynne: why do you think?

Brittanaey: so you can kiss Derrick goodbye?

(Rosealynne gets angry and throws a crate at Brittanaey knocking her out)

Marijyane (to Rosealynne): what was that for?

Rosealynne: what she deserved it

(Brittanaey stands up rubbing her head)

Brittanaey: wow that hurts

Marijayne: lets go back to economy class

(Team Venus walk back to economy just as Chef lands the plane)

(outside in the snow)

Chris: cast welcome to Sweden!

(the 10 contestants are shown freezing)

Rosealynne: where are the jackets you promised?

Chris: oh yeah those I guess I forgot to order them The other 9: what!

(Rosealynne growls at Chris)

Chris: now lets see what the first challenge is gonna be

(the cast sees a table with 10 chairs)

Chris: you 10 will be scarfing down 10 large Swedish meatballs that Chef has made the first team to finish gets a leg up in the next part of the challenge!

Ashley: teams?

Anastacia: so that "no merge" thing is true?

(Chris nods)

(the 10 contestants look shocked)

Chris: so the challenge starts now!

(the 10 contestants take their seats)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

The 10 contestants: SERIOUSLY!?!

Chris: sing or

The 10 Contestants: or be disqualified! WE KNOW!?!

(Chris growls angrily and walks off)

(song starts)

Rosealynne: how lame is this

Brittanaey: that Chris will make us do this!

Rosealynne: maybe quitting is not too late

(Rosealynne notices Marijayne glaring at her)

Rosealynne: what?

Marijayne: I still remember you throwing a crate at Brittanaey's head

Rosealynne: can't you just let that go!

(the song starts to fade)

(the song picks back up again)

Blaine: I don't think this is fair

Rebecca: to be forced to compeat

Ashley and Anastacia: or face dispair

Erick: and be shoved out of that plane door!

Team Legacy: all because we yelled at Chris!

Team Hatchet: all because we yelled at Chris!

Team Venus: all because we yelled at Chris!

Derrick: we should at least be thankful

Rhys: or to be careful

Derrick: that we lasted this long!

Rhys: boy, I hope your not wrong!

(the song fades again)

(than picks back up again)

Ashley: we made a mistake

Anastacia: for something I wish we can erase

Marijayne: before we even signed up for this show!

The 10 contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

Derrick: I wish we can take it back

The 9 contestants: all becuase we yelled at Chris!

Rosealynne: so he can cut us some slack

The 8 contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

Ashley: well we wanted was some space!

The 7 contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

Blaine: and if we apologize than we will be in first place!

The 6 contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

Anastacia: lets sing this song fast!

The 5 contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

Rebecca: than we'll be in first class!

The 4 contestants: all because we yelled at CHris!

Brittanaey: more like last class!

The 3 contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

Erick: I think I'm gonna be sick!

The 2 contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

Marijayne: oh I think I'm gonna be sick too!

(Marijayne and Erick both vomit)

Rhys: and I finally win!

The other 9 loser contestants: all because we yelled at Chris!

(song ends)

(Rhys cheers after he ate his 10 meatballs)

(Brittanaey and Rebecca help Marijayne and Erick up after they vomited)

Chris: an excellent song for an excellent host and by the way I accept your guys' apology

(the 10 contestants look happy)

Chris (to Rhys): so Rhys, my man, you win this!

(Chef pulls away a piece of the scenery to reveal a viking ship that's already been built)

Chris: an already built viking ship for you and Derrick enjoy guys

(Chris turns to Team Venus and Team Legacy)

Chris: you lucky losers are gonna be building your own viking ships

(Team Venus and Team Legacy glare at each other)

Chris: so get building!

(Chris leaves as Team Legacy starts to build)

Rosealynne: great Derrick and Rhys are gonna win

Marijayne: Chris didn't mention that its an elimination challenge

Brittanaey: he didn't say it was a reward either

Rosealynne: Team Legacy, what do you guys think?

Brittanaey: Team Legacy?

(Marijayne notices that Team Legacy are gone)

Marijayne: guys Team Legacy are already in the water!

(Rosealynne and Brittanaey both look shocked)

Derrick: so how does it feel to be losers?

(Rosealynne turns Derrick's face towrds Team Legacy)

Marijayne (to Derrick): you were saying?

(Rhys finally got his team's boat to the water until Brittanaey hijacked it)

Brittanaey (calling to her team): Rosealynne, Marijayne get in!

(Rosealynne and Marijyane climb in and start to set sail)

(Rhys and Derrick climb into the boat too)

Derrick: hey you guys tried to steal our boat!

Rosealynne: we nothing Brittanaey stole your boat not me or Marijayne

Rhys: you guys are on the same team!

Rosealynne: for now

Derrick and Rhys: more like forever!

(Marijayne starts to navigate the boat)

(Derrick, Rhys and Rosealynne all start to argue with each other)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris (riding up on motor powered boat with Chef): well I told you guys to build your own boats but since your sharing one you 5 get to sing now thanks to Brittanaey

(Rhys, Derrick, Rosealynne and Marijayne glare at a scared Brittanaey)

(song starts)

Rosealynne: thanks alot Brittanaey!

Marijayne: you just had to be so witchy!

Rosealynne and Marijayne: by trying to steal Team Hatchet's boat

Derrick and Rhys: Team Legacy is in first place!

Marijayne: there goes first class

Rosealynne and Brittanaey: Team Legacy is in first place

Derrick: we should've did this fast

Rhys: but there goes first class

Team Venus: Team Legacy is in first place!

Team Hatchet: and they're hammering in our final nails!

Brittanaey: because!

Both Teams: Team Legacy is in first place

Rosealynne: oh-oh-yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!

Brittanaey: Team Legacy is in first place!

Marijayne: yeah yeah yeah yeah!

(song ends)

(Brittanaey thrusts their boat past Team Legacy and hits the shore first)

Brittanaey: girls lets go!

Marijayne: alright

Rosealynne: cooley!

(Team Venus run to the finish line)

(Team Legacy hit the shore next than race to the finish line)

(Team Hatchet recover and race to the finish line)

Brittanaey: girls run faster!

Rosealynne: we're trying

Marijayne: yeah slow down

Ashley: you guys are going down

Rebecca: yeah!

Erick: we're gonna win again!

Blaine: finally

Anastacia: yeah and Team Hatchet is so far behind

Derrick: I would count on it!

Rhys: yeah we're still in

(Chris and Chef watch as all 3 teams are neck and neck...and neck)

Chris: and the winners are...

(Team Venus and Team Legacy pick up their speeds)

(while Team Hatchet are trailing behind)

Chris: and the winners are!....

(team Venus cross the finish line first

Chris: Team Venus win!

(Team Legacy cross the finish line second)

Chris: Team Victory (record scratches) I mean Team Legacy are safe at second

(finally Team Hatchet cross last out of breath)

Chris: finally Team Chef Is Really Really Really Really Out Of Shape Hatchet finish last)

(Chef glares at Chris)

Chris: unfortunatly this isn't an elimination challenge

Anastacia: you mean?

Chris: yep and this is our final rewards challenge in teams

Anastacia: does this mean?

Chris: yes Anastacia next week you 10 will finally merge together!

(the 10 contestants cheer)

Chris: so Team Venus go off and enjoy first class with your prize

Derrick: which is?

Chris: Team Venus you guys get genuine Swedish massages!

(Team Venus cheer)

Rhys: of course

(Derrick facepalms)

Chris: but wait there's more for Team Legacy you guys are gonna enjoy some traditional Swedish food made by our resident Chef and finally Team Hatchet get nothing!

(Teams Venus and Legacy walk off to the plane)

(while Team Hatchet sits in the economy section Team Venus are enjoying their massages while Team Legacy enjoy their dinner made by Chef Hatchet)

(in economy)

Derrick: this sucks!

Rhys: well at least next week is the first individual challenge

Derrick: not if we form an alliance

Rhys: an alliance?

Derrick: yes so are you in?

Rhys: sure I am

(Derrick and Rhys shake hands)

(at dinner)

Ashley: hopefully none of this changes next week

Rebecca: well it might

Erick: so none of us will be friends after this?

Anastacia: well my brother told me that when your in a realty contest you can't really expect to hold on to anyone who's close to you

Blaine: well than I guess that means Erick and Rebecca are in trouble

Erick and Rebecca: shut-up Blaine

Ashley: we're already falling apart

Anastacia: see this is how it starts

Ashley: and it ends in heartbreak

(in first class during their massages)

Rosealynne: this is awesome!

Marijayne: since next week's the big merge we have to end our "friendship"

Brittanaey: we're friends?

Marijayne: totally

Rosealynne: yeah and its gonna continue

Brittanaey: really?

Rosealynne: no doubt

Marijayne: yeah and thanks to you we won

Brittanaey: I know

Rosealynne (to Brittanaey): have you ever ben arrested before?

(in the cockpit)

Chris: so now the tension will mount next week

(Chef nods)

Chris: find out who will be on top on an all new Total Drama World Tour! (singing) REDUX!

Sideline Chat #3: Outta This Place?

(The focuses on Geoff and Bridgette....and Blaineley)

Geoff: what's up I'm Geoff

Bridgette: and I'm Bridgette

Blaineley: and I'm

Geoff (to Blaineley): no one cares

(Blaineley glares at Geoff)

Bridgette: lets say hello to our newest members of the peanut gallery!

(the camera switches to the peanut gallery)

Geoff: Anthony!

(Anthony waves)

Bridgette: Emma!

(Emma waves)

Geoff: Michael!

(Michael gives a thumbs up)

Bridgette: Lyejhiah!

(Lyejhiah smiles at the camera)

Geoff: Nathaneal!

(Nathaneal smiles and waves)

Bridgette: Enrique!

(Enrique grins)

Geoff: Giulianna!

Guilianna (to camera): Rhys I miss you!

Bridgette: and we finally found him so please welcome back....Westley!

(Westley gives the "hang loose" sign)

(switch back to Bridgette, Geoff and Blaineley)

Blaineley: today we have some special news

Bridgette: that's right Blaineley Total Drama World Tour Redux has finally reached the merge episode!

Geoff: but first we have 2 very special guests

Blaineley: as you all know thses 2 were the last members of their team and fought to stay in the game

Bridgette: vut their feelings for each other were so strong

Geoff: that they both lucked out on the million bucks

Blaineley: so lets bring them out

Bridgette: he got the boot in Romania

Geoff: and she lost all hope in Germany

Blaineley: but that didn't stop Derrick and Rosealynne from trying to form an alliance with her

Bridgette: but it was Ashley who hammered in the final nail and that got poor Jessica eliminated

Geoff: so please welcome to the stage....

Blaineley: the last 2 surviving members of Team Mars...

Bridgette: Travis and Jessica!

(the audience cheers as Enrique, Anthony and Westley greet their team mates)

(after getting hugs from Westley, Anthony and Enrique Travis and Jessica take their seats as do Westley, Anthony and Enrique)

Bridgette (to Travis and Jessica): so guys how was it being on the show?

Travis: kinda fun

Jessica: yeah kinda

Geoff: so are you 2 bummed that you guys won't be in the merge?

Travis: we were at first

Jessica: but than we got over it

Blaineley: so what advice to you have for the final 10

Travis: well don't get a big ego when you think your gonna win

Jessica: yeah and don't join any alliances cause its gonna bite you in the butt

Sierra: that is great advice

Cody: I wish I'd listened to you earlier Sierra

Sierra: its okay

(Sierra hugs Cody as the camera switches back to Bridgette, Geoff, Blaineley, Travis and Jessica)

Geoff: now lets look at our final 10

Bridgette: first up its Team Hatchet

Blaineley: otherwise known as Derrick and Rhys

Bridgette: Derrick is the male antagonist who got his own team mates eliminated!

Michael: yeah don't remind us

(Emma and Giulianna also glare at Bridgette)

Bridgette: while Rhys used his brains to get him far

Geoff: he also knows not to trust the villian

Blaineley: but along the way our Smart Guy found love

(the moniter shows Rhys and Giulianna kissing)

Bridgette: now onto our girl power team

Geoff: Team Venus!

Blaineley: the team was originally 4 girls and 1 boy

Geoff: but now they are 3 girl powered wrecking crew

Bridgette: yep Team Venus won every rewards challenge in this show

Blaineley: now that their in the final 10 together who do you think will make it far

Geoff: down to Earth Marijayne

Bridgette: pretty and smart Brittanaey

Blaineley: or that evil witch Rosealynne

Duncan: not Rosealynne I can tell you that

Bridgette: and finally our last team

Blaineley: they make up half of the final 10

Geoff: known as the team to beat

Bridgette: and they never went to an elimination ceremony once!

Blaineley: they also got 1st and 2nd in most if not all challenges

Geoff: we're of course talking about

Bridgette and Blaineley: Team Legacy!

Heather: more like Team Butt Kissers

Geoff: Ashley, Blaine, Anastacia, Rebecca and Erick make up this perfect combination

Bridgette: they've been on Chris' good side since day 1

Blaineley: and now that the teams are destroyed will these 5 last?

(camera switch to Team Mars and Geoff)

Geoff: and now Team Mars is gonna sing a song on why they lucked out on the million

(Team Mars groans)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

(song starts)

Anthony: I quit the show and you guys lose!

Enrique: I'm voted off and you guys lose!

Westley: you guys tested my leadership you guys lose!

Travis and Jessica: no, its not our fault that karma got you back

its not our fault that karma got you back

Anthony: I'm glad that I am off the show

Enrique: well I envy you cuase I'd rather be on the show

Westley: at least we still get to see each other

Anthony: but we all gotta remebr who's fault it was

(Anthony points to Travis and Jessica)

Travis and Jessica: no, its not our fault that karma got you back

its not our fault that karma got you back

Enrique: well its not my fault

Westley: its not mine either

Travis: well don't blame me

Jessica: lets blame Anthony

Enrique, Westley, Travis and Jessica: cause its his fault that karma got us back

Anthony: its not my fault!

Enrique: cause karma got you back!

Jessica: it not my fault!

Westley: cause karma got you back!

Travis: its not my fault!

Anthony: cause karma got you back!

Enrique: its not my fault!

Jessica: cause karma got you back!

Westley: its not my fault!

Travis: casue karma got you back!

Team Mars: its not our fault!

cause karma got us back!

(song ends)

Bridgette: now lets see some audition tapes of Travis' and Jessica's

Geoff: so lets see Travis' tape first

[Travis' audition tape]

Travis (sitting on his living room couch): hey Total Drama producers I'm Travis and as of now I'm a free man if you wanna know why is because I just got out of juvy and after I got out I grabbed a flier for the show so now here's a few reasons why I should be on your show I'm strong, I'm fast and I'm incredibly smart the best thing I hope to get out of the show is, other the money, to have a stable and I do mean stable as in sane, girlfriend

(end of audition tape)

(Jessica gives a light giggle)

Jessica: so cute

Travis: cute as in?

Jessica: dangerous

Travis: really?

(Jessica kisses Travis on the lips)

Geoff: now onto Jessica's audition tape

[Jessica's audition tape]

Jessica (standing on a stage in her school's auditorium, singing):

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine, you guys are on my mind. You asked me what I wanted to be And now I think the answer is plain to see. I wanna be famous. I wanna live close to the sun So pack your bags cause I've already won Everything to prove, nothing in my way I'll get there one day Cause I wanna be famous! na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!' Jessica (speaking): so pick me for your show cause I have the right amount of engery to with stand anything you guys can throw at me!

(end of audition tape)

(Jessica looks slightly embarrassed by her audition tape)

Travis (smiling): awww cute!

Jessica (to Travis, smiling): really?

Travis: yeah you have a great singing voice

Jessica: thanks

(Travis and Jessica kiss)

(switch to Geoff, Bridgette and Blaineley)

Geoff: and with that see you guys next time on an all new Sideline Chat show

Bridgette: hopefully we'll have more guests

Blaineley (to Geoff and Bridgette): guys where did Anthony go?

(Geoff and Bridgette glace over to the peanut gallery and notice that Anthony is gone)

Geoff and Bridgette: he's gone!

(everyone gasps)

Can't Speak French...Canadian

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, our final team challenge pulled in a victory for Team Venus and one competitor questioned if we were gonna merge soon and it turned out to be true and now that the teams a dissolved its every man and woman for themselves find out who'll win tonight on an all new Total Drama World Tour (singing)...REDUX!)

(in the first class cabin)

Marijayne: wow the merge I'm so excited!

Brittanaey: me too!

Rosealynne: ladies we need to talk

Brittanaey: about what?

Marijayne: yeah what?

Rosealynne: we should form an alliance

Marijayne: really?

Brittanaey: are you serious?

(Rosealynne nods)

Marijayne: okay than I'm in

Rosealynne (smiling): really?

Brittanaey: me too

Rosealynne (happy): awesome now Derrick will be out numbered

(Marijayne and Brittanaey look at each other with concerned looks)

(in economy class)

Blaine: wow we really are lucky

Rebecca: told you so

Anastacia: yeah who knew Rebecca'll be right

Erick: yeah we're probably the only team in Total Drama history to have all of the team make it to the merge

Ashley: yeah the closest second was Team Amazon from last season

Blaine: and now we'll all be going solo from here on out

Rebecca: yeah

(Erick places his arm around Rebecca's shoulder)

Erick (to Rebecca): don't worry your not alone

Rebecca (to Erick, smiling): really?

(Erick answers by kissing Rebecca on the lips)

(now onto the other side of economy class)

Rhys: man, the merge I can believe it!

Derrick: I know it seems like yesterday there was 20 of us and now there are only 10

Rhys: yeah the final 10

Derrick: you know Rhys we should form an alliance

Rhys: really? against them? (points to Blaine, Anastacia, Ashley, Rebecca and Erick)

Derrick: no against Rosealynne

Rhys: seriously?

Derrick: yeah you in?

Rhys: yes I am

Derrick: excellent!

(just than the plane starts to decend)

Chris (on the P.A. system): cast welcome to the beautiful province of Quebec and we will be landing in the equally as beautiful city of Montreal!

(the final 10 cheer as the plane lands)

Chris (greeting the cast): cast welcome to Montreal

Anastacia: wow this place is amazing

Chris: cast follow me for the first part of your challenge

(the contestants follow Chris and see 10 boats)

Chris: cast for the first part of your challenge you guys are gonna paddle your own boat down this river until you reach Lake Ontario than you'll paddle to a marker that has a flag with you face on it bring it back here and if your the first person to reach the finish line you'll recieve a leg up in part 2 of the challenge so get in your boats and set sail!

(Chris fires off his starting gun)

(the cast race to their boats)

(in the water)

Marijayne: this is easy

(Brittanaey appears)

Brittanaey: speak for yourself

(Blaine, Rhys and Anastacia also appear from behind)

Blaine: who knew paddling was so hard

Rhys: yeah especially since we have paddle solo

Anastacia: yeah

(Rebecca and Erick appear)

Rebecca: this is so much fun

Erick: and surprisingly easy

Rebecca: easy-ish you mean

Erick: yeah that's what I meant

(Ashley appears)

Ashley: hey where are Derrick and Rosealynne?

(back at shore)

Rosealynne: move it or lose it weirdo!

Derrick: nah I'm gonna sit right here

Rosealynne: dude! look how far ahead everyone else is!

Derrick (shrugs): don't care

(Rosealynne growls and throws Derrick out of her way and starts paddling)

Rosealynne (to herself): finally alone at last

(Derrick appears)

Derrick (to Rosealynne): yeah we're finally alone

Rosealynne (turns to see Derrick making kissy faces at her): God! your such a weirdo!

Derrick: that you love

Rosealynne (to Derrick): I don't love you! I love-

(Derrick grins at her happily)

Rosealynne (upset): I mean I hate you!

Derrick: no I heard you

Rosealynne (furious): you heard nothing!

(Rosealynne frantically paddles away from Derrick)

(now back to the others)

Anastaica: hey guys there's Lake Ontario!

Blaine: yeah we all gotta row faster before-

(the music chime cuts Blaine off)

Blaine (groaning): before the music chime rings

Chris (on a much bigger boat): you 8 are now gonna sing and make it good!

(song starts)

Anastacia: gotta focus

Blaine: gotta stay in control

Rebecca & Erick: gotta forget about friends

Ashley & Marijayne: cause we gotta win!

Brittanaey: grab our flag and race to the finish line

Rhys: before its too late

All 8: we gotta go faster!

yeah we're goin' faster!

than humanly possible!

gotta pull ahead and win!

yeah we're goin' faster!

so we can win!

Rhys: before its too late!

Brittanaey: ye-ah!

Blaine: gonna win this thing!

(Blaine pulls ahead)

Ashley: I need that advantage for part 2

(Ashley is neck and neck with Blaine)

Marijayne: before Rosealynne appears to steal the win!

Erick: or before Derrick finally arrives!

(Rebecca pulls ahead and grabs her flag)

Rebecca: I'm gonna win this thing for my brother!

(Rebecca passes the others)

Anastacia: we gotta stop Rebecca from winning!

(Blaine and Ashley grab their flags and race after Rebecca)

Blaine: finally I'm gonna be on top!

Ashley: yeah on top of the bottom1

(Anastacia, Rhys, Brittanaey, Marijayne & Erick grab their flags)

All 8: we gotta go faster!

yeah we're goin' faster!

than humanly possible!

gotta pull ahead and win!

yeah we're goin' faster!

so we can win!

(Rosealynne and Derrick appears just as the song starts to ends)

Marijayne, Brittanaey & Rhys: you guys are late and in last place!

hurry up and grab your flags and join us in the race

before Rebecca wins that advantage you 2 wanted to fight for!

(song ends)

(Rosealynne starts to paddle to her marker)

Rosealynne: I gotta win before Rebecca does!

Derrick: you know your cute when your angry

Rosealynne: what?

Derrick: look I love you too

Rosealynne (surprised): what!

Derrick: I mean I know you love me too

Rosealynne: have you lost your mind!

(Derrick leans in and kisses Rosealynne on the lips)

(Rosealynne gives in to the kiss and forgets to grab her flag)

(Derrick pulls away from the distracted Rosealynne and drifts the 2 of them to thier shared marker)

(Derrick grabs his and Rosealynne's flags and races back to the others)

Derrick: bye bye babe!

(Derrick paddles off)

Rosealynne (to herself, smiling and blushing): wow-wee! (notices that Derrick is gone) hey he left me here (freaking out) I'm gonna lose!

(Rosealynne frantically paddles and raches everyone else)

Marijayne: finally Rose hey why are you blushing?

Rosealynne: I am not!

Brittanaey: yeah you are

Rosealynne: its just make up

Derrick: no she just admitted that she loves me

Rhys (smiling): seriously?

Anastacia (also smiling): yeah seriously?

(Rosealynne growls and pulls ahead)

Blaine: awww who knew that you and Derrick would be a couple

Ashley: yeah an evil couple

Rosealynne (Blaine and Ashley): shut it!

(Chris standing at the finish line)

Chris: and the winner of part 1 is....

(Rebecca jumps out of her boat first and gives Chris her flag)

Chris: Rebecca!

(Blaine, Anastacia and Rosealynne cross next)

Blaine: Rebecca won!

Anastacia: that sucks!

Rosealynne: at least I'm away from Derrick

Derrick (running up): did someone call me

(Rhys, Marijayne, Erick and Brittanaey finish 6th, 7th , 8th and 9th respectivly)

Rhys: wow Rebecca won

Marijayne: yeah who knew

Brittanaey: I did

(Ashley appears last)

Ashley: oh man I lost?

Chris (to Ashley): and your last too

(Ashley sighs in disappointment)

(Chris walks up to Rebecca)

Chris: for winning part 1 of the challenge you get to skip half of part 2 of the challenge!

(Rebecca cheers while the others groan except for Erick who also cheers for Rebecca)


Rebecca: yay! I don't have to the first half of part 2!


Erick: I'm happy that Rebecca won part 1 of the challenge


Rosealynne: stupid Derrick for making me lose! but at least thanks to that amazon freak Ashley I got like 4th


Derrick: it was a matter of time until Rosealynne would finally admit that she loves me

Rosealynne (outside of the confessional): I DON'T LOVE YOU!?!

Derrick: she wants me


(back to the challenge)

Chris: cast except for Rebecca here is part 2 of the challenge you guys are gonna take a test!

(most of the cast groan while Marijayne, Blaine and Rhys cheer)

Chris: on Canada's history!

(now all of the cast groans except for Rebecca who is smiling)

Chris: also your scores determine if you move on to the second half with Rebecca so start now!

(the other 9 take thier seats and start on their tests)

(Blaine finishes his test first)

(Marijayne follows second)

(Rhys finishes third)

(Anastacia and Ashley finish fourth and fifth)

(Brittanaey finishes her test sixth)

(Rosealynne finishes seventh)

(Erick finishes eighth)

(and finally Derrick finishes in ninth place)

Chris: now I'll tally up your scores












Chris: so joining Rebecca are Blaine, Anastacia, Ashley, Rhys and Marijayne!

(Blaine, Rhys, Anastacia, Ashley and Marijayne cheer)

Chris: that means Brittanaey, Rosealynne, Erick and Derrick you 4 are out of the challenge

(Brittanaey and Erick look sad while Rosealynne angrily glares at Derrick who is smiling)

Chris (to the other 6): the rest of ya follow me

(Rebecca, Rhys, Marijayne, Blaine, Anastacia and Ashley see a table with ceramics clay)

Chris: for the second half of part 2 you lucky six are gonna sculpt a mini statue of yours truly

Anastacia (unimpressed): wow conceated much?

Chirs (placing his hand over Anastacia's mouth): so get started oh and the winner gets to fly first class with your ex team mates!

(Rebecca, Rhys, Marijayne, Blaine, Anastacia and Ashley all cheer)

Chris: and to make it fun

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Rebecca, Rhys, Marijayne, Blaine, Anastacia and Ashley (upset): seriously!

(Rebecca, Rhys, Marijayne, Blaine, Anastacia and Ashley take their seats)

(song starts)

Rhys: sitting here

Marijayne: sculpting like the wind

Anastacia: trying to win

Blaine: it getting alot harder

Ashley: now that we're in hot water

Rebecca: can't believe I made it this far

Rhys: sitting here

Anastacia: trying to win

Rebecca: sculpting like the win

Ashley: trying to win

Blaine: it getting alot harder

Marijayne: now that we're in hot water

(Ashley places her mini Chris in the kiln)

(Blaine follows after Ashley)

Rebecca: so gonna lose!

Anastacia: well last time we got lucky

Rhys: but now we're sitting here

Marijayne: trying to win this sing

(Rebecca finishes her mini Chris 3rd)

(Marijayne follows Rebecca in 4th place)

(Anastacia finished in 5th place)

Rhys: and now we're gonna see who wins first class!

(Rhys finally finishes in 6th place)

(song ends)

(after an hour in the kiln Chris pulls out the first mini Chris without looking)

Chris: and the overall winner of the challenge is!...Ashley!

(Ashley cheers)

Chris: Ashley you and your ex team mates get to enjoy first class together

(Erick, Rebecca, Anastacia and Blaine also cheer)

Chris: oh and also this week was a rewards challenge

(the final 10 except for Rosealynne cheer)

Chris: so lets get back to the plane and take off to our next exciting destination

(Chris and the final 10 go back to the plane)

(back in the plane, in first class)

Ashley: how great is this! me and my former team mates

Rebecca; yeah this is awesome

Erick: yeah the 5 of us together again

Anastacia: just like old times

Blaine: yeah a couple of weeks ago

Erick: I hope this keeps up

Rebecca: until the final 5

Anastacia: yeah

Blaine: hopefully

Ashley: if we stick together anything's possible

(now onto economy class)


Rhys: so today was surprising

Marijayne: yeah it was

(more silence)

Brittanaey: so are you guys surprised that Ashley won?

Rhys: yeah it was shocking

Marijayne: not as shocking as you know Rosealynne and Derrick liking each other

(even more silence)

Rhys: well at least there wasn't an elimination this week

Brittanaey: yeah but what about next week?

Marijayne: yeah maybe Rosealynne can vote Derrick off

(silence follows as Rosealynne and Derrick enter in economy class)

(Rosealynne sits next to Marijayne as Rhys moves to sit next to Derrick)

(Rosealynne gives Derrick a confident smile as Derrick makes a kissy face at Rosealynne)

(Marijayne, Brittanaey and Rhys give each other a worried look)

(now in the cockpit)

Chris: oh tention I love it! find out if "Derrilynne" will last and if Marijayne, Brittanaey and Rhys can survive the relationship find out next time on Total Drama World Tour....(singing)....REDUX!

A Land Divided

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, with the teams gone it was everyone for themselves! while most faired well in the challenge (scene 1: Rebecca winning part 1 of the challenge/scene 2: Ashley winning part 2 and first class) others found some romance (scene: Derrick's and Rosealynne's kiss) but in the end it was Ashley who cam out on top and won the first immunity challenge and invited her old team mates to first class! so find out who'll get the boot right now on an all new Total Drama World Tour Redux!!)

(in first class)

Ashley: I wonder who'll go next what do you think Rebecca?


Ashley (noticing that Rebecca didn't answer): Rebecca?

(more silence)

Ashley (turns to see Rebecca watching TV): Rebecca!

(Rebecca turns around, startled)

Rebecca (to Ashley): yeah?

Ashley (joining Rebecca): what are you watching?

Rebecca (happily): Total Drama College

Ashley: say what?

Rebecca: its a show

Ashley: I know that but wait if Chris is there than how can he be here

Rebecca: it was filmed before this show started

Ashley: really?

Rebecca: yeah

(just than something happens on the TV that catches both girls' attention)

Rebecca (excitedly): ooh Crissie just slpped Charolette

Ashley: wow

Rebecca: yeah I know but Charolette deserved it

Ashley: she reminds me of someone sels we love to hate on this show

Rebecca: yeah

Ashley/Rebecca (annoyed): Rosealynne

(switch to economy class)

Rosealynne (angry): no we didn't!

Derrick (happily): yeah we did

Rosealynne: no we didn't!

Derrick: well I think we did

Rosealynne: well I think your stupid to think what we did was right

(Rhys, Marijayne and Brittanaey give each other confused looks)

Derrick: so that proves what we did was right?

Rosealynne: I didn't say that!

Derrick: yes you did

(Rosealynne screams in anger and storms off)


Rosealynne: I hate that jerk! I mean he kissed me! you guys watching saw that right?


Rosealynne: I mean if I wanted to fall in love with someone I wouldn't pick Derrick I have 3 other options to choose from


Rosealynne: okay, okay I'm wrong my only other option is Blaine I mean Erick's with Rebecca and Rhys is still hung up on Giulianna so I guess I could ask Blaine out


Rosealynne: one last thing I will never ask Derrick out I mean seriuosly the guy's way too self centered


(back to first class)

Blaine (to Erick): hey Erick did you see what happened last week?

Erick (to Blaine): yeah Derrick and Rosealynne kissing

Blaine: man, I feel so sorry for Derrick

Erick: well I guess he's man enough to love all of that

Blaine: yeah I mean look at her other options

Erick: what other options I mean I'm with Rebecca

Rebecca (shouting): you got that right!

Erick: and Rhys is with Giulianna

Blaine: yeah so the only guy that's left is....

(Anastacia joins in on their conversation)

Anastacia (sitting down next to Erick): you Blaine

Blaine (surprised): me? really?

Erick: yeah there are only 4 guys left and your the only single guy left

Anastacia: yeah but you have alot of other options to ask any of the reamining girls out (notices Erick glaring at her) other than Rebecca of course

Erick (happier): thank you

Blaine: that is true I do have more options but I don't want a girlfriend at this stage of the competition

Anastacia: oh yeah cause of the million

Erick: oh yeah I forgot about that

Anastacia: well now we each have a 1 in 10 chance at the million

Blaine: yeah

Erick: and knowing Derrick he'll do anything to make an alliance with any one of us

Anstacia: agreed

Blaine: man, do I feel sorry for Rhys

(back to economy class)

(Rosealynne returns and ignores Derrick)

Marijayne: hey Rose where do you think we're going next?

Rosealynne: I hope a small island that we can leave Derrick behind

Brittanaey: we think that-

Rosealynne: or somewhere with a huge volcano that I can push Derrick into

Brittanaey: Rose that's kinda-

Rosealynne: I mean wherever we go I hope the local military capture Derrick

Brittanaey: yeah but-

Rosealynne: I don't wanna talk about how stupid and ugly Derrick is and-

(Brittanaey slaps Rosealynne)

(Rhys and Marijayne look shocked while Derrick is seen smiling)

Rosealynne (rubbing the spot where Brittanaey slapped her): what was that for?!

Brittanaey: you interuptted me 3 times!

Rosealynne: than why did you say anything than?

Brittanaey: I tried you idiot!

(Marijayne slides away from Rosealynne and Brittanaey)

Rosealynne (angrily, to Brittanaey): what did you just call me!

Brittanaey (angrily, to Rosealynne): you heard me!

Rosealynne: how dare you call me an idiot!

Brittanaey: it's not my fault your acting like one!

Marijyane (to Brittanaey and Rosealynne): girls calm down

Rsoealynne and Brittanaey (to Marijayne): stay out of this!

Brittanaey (pushing Rosealynne): don't yell at her!

Rosealynne (pushing Brittanaey back): don't push you Amazon!

Brittanaey (shoving Rosealynne to the ground): what are you gonna do about it shorty!

Rosealynne (getting up): you did not just call me shorty!

Brittanaey (pushing Rosealynne again): what are you gonna do about it?!

(just than Rosealynne pouces on Brittanaey and the 2 of them start fighting)

Derrick (excited): whoo-hoo! catfight!?!

(Ashley, Rebecca, Erick, Blaine, Anastacia and Chris go to see what all the unwanted noise was about)

(Chris sees Rosealynne and Brittanaey cat fighting and Marijayne trying to get inbetween them)

Chris: what's going on?

Derrick (to Chris): they're fighting over me

Rosealynne and Brittanaey (shocked): what!?!

Derrick (to Chris): yeah they both love me

Rosealynne (to Derrick, angry): no way!

Brittanaey (to Derrick, also angry): only in your warpped dreams!

Marijayne (to Derrick): you sir are twisted!

Derrick (to Chris): I was wrong all 3 of them love me

Rosealynne, Brittanaey and Marijayne: WHAT!?!

Chris (to Derrick): you are one lucky man (to the other contestants): cast we'll be landing soon so buckle up!

(Chris goes back to the cockpit)

(in the cockpit)

Chef: what was all that about?

Chris: Rosealynne and Brittanaey were fighting

Chef: over what?

Chris: over Derrick

Chef: seriously?

Chris: yep

Chef: is that true?

Chris: who cares it just makes good TV

Chef: true that

Chris: so where are we landing?

Chef: hell if I know

Chris: well our GPS says Tunisia

Chef: where's Tunisia?

Chris: its a small country west of Lybia

Chef: really?

Chris: yeah and we should tell the contestants that we'll be landing soon

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris (over the speakers): cast hold on tight cause we're landing in beautiful Tunis, Tunisia!

Rhys: awesome!

(the plane lands hard in the sand)

Chris (a little dazed, to Chef): you could've landed in an airport like a normal person?

Chef: could I? maybe will I? never!

(Chef goes back onto the plane)

Chris (noticing the cast getting out of the plane): cast welocme to Tunisia!

Rhys: again I say awesome!

Chris: cast today's challenge

Derrick: football as in what we play in America?

Chris: nope football as in what we in America call soccer

Rosealynne (snorts): what's next a thrilling game of cricket?

Marijayne: or water polo?

(Brittanaey lightly chuckles)

Chris: so you guys follow me!

(the cast follow Chris into a sports arena)

Chris: cast welcome to our challenge for the day you lucky 10 will be divided into 2 teams of 5 and you guys will be playing against each other the first team to score 5 points wins and the MVP from your team wins first class and that person gets to invite only one person to first class also both are immune fromelimination later on tonight so our first team captain is (Chris throws a small rock and it hits Rebecca) Rebecca! excellent and our other team captain is (this time Chris closes his eyes, throws the small rock and it hits Erick) Erick! awesome you 2 choose your teams for the challenge!

(now onto Rebecca and Erick)

Rebecca: I guess I pick....Blaine

Blaine: you will not be sorry

Erick: I pick Ashley

Ashley: yay!

Rebecca: I pick Anastacia

Anastacia (surprised): really?

Erick: I pick Marijayne

Marijayne: sweet! I'm great at soccer

Rebecca: I pick Brittanaey

Brittanaey: thanks Rebecca

Erick: than I pick Rosealynne

Rosealynne: what a relief

Rebecca: I pick Derrick

Derrick: saving the best for last

Erick: so Rhys your on my team

Rhys (to Derrick): actually your the second best

Chris: excellent but first

(music chime: ding! ding!)

The 10 contestants: seriously?

Chris: go on and sing!

(song starts)

(heavy jazz riff)

Derrick: come on guys lets win!

Rebecca: we gotta win!

Blaine: and if we don't!

Anastacia: than we're totally hosed!

Brittanaey: and someone's going home!

(heavy jazz riff)

Erick: let's play to win!

Marijayne: let's fight to win!

Rosealynne: not gonna get last place!

Ashley: never gonna run away and cry!

Rhys: and no one's going home!

(Chris fires off his starter gun and the challenge starts)

(metal guitar riff)

Rebecca: fighters!

Anastacia: its what we are!

Erick: gonna destroy the competition!

Rosealynne: fighters!

Marijyane: its what we are!

(Erick's team scores first)

Ashley: fighters!

Blaine: come on guys double time!

Rebecca: its what we are!

Anastacia: can't wimp out now!

Derrick/Rosealynne: can't back down now!

(Derrick scores a point for Rebecca's team)

Marijayne: re-grouping!

Rosealynne: getting ready!

Rhys: to fight again! cause!

(Marijayne, Rosealynne and Rhys charge with the ball)

Derrick: fighters!

Rebecca: never back down!

Blaine: gonna win this thing!

(Blaine, Derrick and Rebecca charge at the ball and score for their team)

Anastacia: fighters!....

Ashley: never back down!

(heavy metal guitar solo kicks in)

(during which Erick steals the ball and scores for his team which brings the score to 2 a piece than Rosealynne steals the ball away fro Derrick and scores again bringing the score 3 to 2 but Rebecca swipes the ball from Marijayne and passes it to Derrick who scores tying with Erick's team again than Blaine steals the ball from Marijayne and scores again bringing the score as 4 to 3 but just before the giutar solo is finished Derrick giving his team the winning goal blowing Erick's team out of the water with the total score being 5 to 3!)

(heavy metal guitar solo ends)

Rebecca, Derrick, Blaine, Anastacia and Brittanaey: fighters! always win!

(song ends)

(Chris claps his hands)

Chris: congrats to Team Rebecca you guys win!

(Rebecca and her team cheer)

Chris: so who's your MVP?

Rebecca: Derrick

Derrick: really?

Blaine: yeah you did the most work

Brittanaey: yeah and you scored the winning goal

Anastacia: yeah I agree with them

Derrick: wow thanks guys

Chris: and Derrick since you won first class which one of these losers are you gonna bring with you to first class?

Derrick: I pick (scanning who's left): Rhys

Rhys: finally!

Chris: so Derrick and Rhys are immune from elimination

(Derrick and Rhys cheer)

Chris: so I'll see the rest of ya'll at elimination in an hour

(inside the plane, which is in the air)

Marijayne: the nerve of those idiots

Brittanaey: yeah Derrick's immune

Rosealynne: and so is Rhys

Marijayne: so who do we vote off?

Brittanaey: Rebecca?

Rosealynne: or Erick?

Brittanaey: I think Rebecca should go

Marijayne: why?

Brittanaey: remember way before she and Erick got together she liked Derrick

Rosealynne: yeah liked as in she "did" like him

Marijayne: yeah but what about Erick?

Brittanaey: he was your guys' team captain

Rosealynne: yeah that's true

Chris (on the P.A. system): cast please join me for the elimination ceremony

(the final 10 follow Chris to the common area)

Chris: cast you know the drill go into the confessional and vote off one contestant


Anastacia votes for Erick

Ashley votes for Erick

Blaine votes for Erick

Brittanaey votes for Erick

Derrick votes for Rebecca

Erick votes for Rebecca

Marijayne votes for Rebecca

Rebecca votes for Derrick

Rhys votes for Erick

Rosealynne votes for Derrick


Chris: cast I only have 9 barf bags full of airline issue peanuts if don't recieve a barf bag than you take the dreaded Drop of Shame and the first barf bag goes to...Derrick

(Derrick catches his barf bag)

Chris: the next 2 goes to...Rhys and Rosealynne

(Rhys catches his barf bag)

(Roseaylnne catches her barf bag)

Chris: the next 2 go to...Marijayne and Brittanaey

(Marijayne and Brittanaey catches their barf bags)

Chris: the next 2 go to...Blaine and Ashley

(Blaine catches his barf bag)

(Ashley catches her barf bag)

Chris: the next barf bag goes to...Anastacia

(Anastacia catches her barf bag)

Chris: Erick, Rebecca (holds up the final barf bag) this is our final barf bag for this elimination round and the final barf bag goes to...

(Erick and Rebecca hold each others hands)

Chris: Rebecca

(Rebecca grabs her barf bag)

Chris: Erick its time to go

Erick (gets up and sighs): alright (to Rebecca, smiling) win for us

Rebecca (also getting up, smiling): okay I will

(Erick and Rebecca kiss)

Erick (to Chris): okay I'm ready

Chris (throws Erick a parachute): here you go dude

(Erick puts on his parachute)

Erick (to Chris): okay I got it on (to everyone else): good luck to the rest of you

(just than Chris pushes Erick out of the plane)

(in the cockpit)

Chris: it was sad to see Erick go

Chef: but it'll help Rebecca focus more

Chris: yeah maybe it will

Chef: so what now?

Chris: its time to sign off

(Chris and Chef look towards the camera)

Chris: tune in next time for an all new episode of-

Chef: Total Drama World Tour!-

Chris (singing): REDUX!

Do You Like Waffles?

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, In Tunisia it seemed like the biggest threats were Erick and Rebecca since they were in an a relationship so Erick was voted off leaving Rebecca sad but find out who'll be eliminated tonight on an all new Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(in first class)

Rhys: so Derrick are you and Rosealynne in love?

Derrick: yeah we are only she doesn't wanna admit it

Rhys: seriously?

(Derrick nods)

Rhys: so who do you think is gonna go next?

Derrick: Brittanaey

Rhys (gives Derrick a confused look): really?

(Derrick nods again)

Rhys: only to get closer to Rosealynne?

Derrick (to Rhys): you can read minds can't ya?

(in economy class)

Rosealynne: this sucks! stupid Derrick!

Marijayne: yeah Rose we know how much you hate him

Brittanaey: seriously

Rebecca: yeah Rosealynne

Ashley: everyone even Chris knows how much you hate him

(Ansatacia and Blaine nod in agreement)

Rosealynne: well its true

Marijayne and Brittanaey: we know!


Rosealynne: okay maybe I was overeacting a tad bit


Marijayne (groans): Rosealynne is getting on my last nerve

Brittanaey: you and I both

Marijayne: I wish we can get back at her

Brittanaey: yeah but how?

Marijayne: we push her and Derrick together

Brittanaey: are you sure that's gonna work?

Marijayne: I'm positive

Brittanaey: or she can find out and we'll both be going down

Marijayne (places a hand on Brittanaey's shoulder): well than good luck with that than

(Marijayne leaves the confessional)

Brittanaey (calling back to Marijyane): wait what!

(Brittanaey runs out of the confessional)


Derrick: with me distracting her Rosealynne will go down!


Rhys: okay the first I need to do is protect Brittanaey from Derrick's scheme


Rosealynne: I can't let Derrick and his stupid (swooning) perfectly shaped head and those strong buldging muscles under his tight shirt (realizing what she's doing) I mean he is going down!


(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast for today's destination we are going to Belgium!

Rosealynne (unimpressed): seriously?

Rebecca, Ashley and Brittanaey (cheering): awesome!

(Blaine and Rhys both smile)

Derrick (to Rosealynne): maybe the challenge will be drawing the face of your loved one on a chocolate heart what do you think?

Rosealynne (to Derrick): I think you should stop watching The Suite Life on Deck

Derrick (smiling, to Rosealynne): so you watch it too?

(Rosealynne sarcastically rolls her eyes)

Anastacia (sarcastically): well this should be fun

(Chris appears in a puff of smoke)

Chris: it is gonna be fun!

(Anastacia gives Chris a startled look)

Chris: so get ready to land!

(Chris leaves in a puff of smoke causing Anastacia to cough)

Ashley (fanning the smoke away): was that really needed?

Anastacia (coughing): no it wasn't

Rhys (to Marijayne): what's the first challenge gonna be?

Marijayne (to Rhys): I don't know probably something hard

(after they land Chris meets up with them in front of a factory)

Chris (in a fake Belgian accent): cast welcome to Belgium!

(the cast give Chris a confuesd look)

Chris (in his normal voice): today's challenge is based off of the critically famed Roland Dahl book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

(Rebecca, Ashley, Blaine, Rhys and Brittanaey look happy while Derrick, Rosealynne, Marijayne and Anastacia couldn't care less)

Chris: but there is a twist to this challenge

Anastacia (annoyed): what's the twist?

Chris: the twist will be that after each stage there will be a challenge elimination similar to what's used in a book

Derrick (questioning): which is?

Rebecca: I think what he means if we do poorly he'll ask us who's the waekest link and we'll be escorted back to the plane

Chris (to Rebecca): what are you some kind of mind reader?

Rebecca (to Chris): I've seen both movies

Chris (to the other contestants): lets go inside

(while inside Chris makes the contestants sign insurence wavers)

Anastacia (handing Chris her waver): I thought we signed wavers at the beginning of the show?

Chris (to Anastacia): you did (holding up all 9 new wavers) thses just tell the Belgian government that I wasn't responsible for anything that happened to you guys while visting Belgium

(Anastacia glares at Chris)

Chris (handing Chef the wavers): now lets get this challenge started! (to the contestants) for this task you guys will have to find a Chris McLean chocolate bar with a golden ticket inside there are only 8 so one of you will be out of luck and will be excorted back to the plane by Chef (Chef gives the cast an evil grin) each stage will require you to find and bring to me a golden ticket which is easy also don't get disqualified along the way meaning if you break a rule during the challenge than your stuck on the plane with no chance at first class speaking of which the last contestant standing will get to bring 2 friends into first class and share the prize which I'll reveal later

(the contestants except Anastacia cheer)

Chris: so get!

(the contestants run to the first stage of the challenge)

Anastacia (stopping the others): our greatious host failed to mention how big this room is

(the camera pans the entire room from left to right)

Ashley (complaining): this isn't gonna be easy at all!

Blaine (following everyone else): this is so lame!

Rhys: yeah fully lame

Rebecca (annoyed): how are we gonna find 8 golden tickets in this whole place

Derrick (sing-song): found one!

(the other 8 see Derrick holding up a gold ticket)

Derrick (noticing Rosealynne trying to snatch his gold ticket): nice try beautiful

Rosealynne (annoyed): that's not fair!

Marijayne (realizing): hey if Derrick found one than that means that there are 7 left!

Brittanaey: so instead of standing here like freaks why don't we go and find them

(Marijayne and Brittanaey head off to the west)

Anastacia: I agree with Marijayne lets go find those tickets

(Anastacia, Blaine, Rebecca and Ashley go towards the east)

Rhys (grabbing Rosealynne's wrist): come Rosealynne lets go find those tickets

Rosealynne (straing a bit): fine but let go of my wrist Rhys

(Derrick was about to step down and join them but Chris steps in)

Chris (grabbing Derrick's wrist): wher edo you think your going, hoss?

Derrick: I was gonna help them

Chris: no way bro you have to stay put make sure you tell the others when they get back

Derrick: but-

Chris: or do you wanna be disqualified?

Derrick (sighing): no I'll stay here

(Derrick sits down on the second landing of the stairs)

Chris (petting Derrick on the head): good boy

(Chris leaves just as Derrick is left to watch his fellow contestants)

(on the east side of the room)

Ashley: this is lame!

Anastacia: and for once I agree

(Blaine comes out of the bushes holding 3 chocolate bars)

Blaine: look what papa brought!

Ashley (thrilled): Blaine you didn't!

Anastacia (impressed): nice thanks dude

(Rebecca appears holding up a golden ticket)

Rebecca (happy): guys look at what I found!

Blaine: nice!

Anastacia: great job Rebecca

Ashley: I'm so happy for you

Rebecca: I'm gonna show this to Chris

(Rebecca leaves to show her golden ticket to Chris)

(at the stairs)

Rebecca (to Derrick): hey where's Chris?

Derrick (looking up at her smiling): so you found a golden ticket too?

Rebeeca (proudly): yep it was super easy

Derrick (giving her a serious look): well have a seat since we're both out the challenge

(Rebecca gives Derrick a confused look)

Derrick: if you don't believe me ask Chris

(Chris walks up behind Rebecca)

Chris: that's right Rebecca you and Derrick are gonna watch as your competition finish this part of the challenge

Rebecca (sighs): seriously?

(Chris nods)

Rebecca (annoyed): fine!

(Rebecca sits down next to Derrick just as Anastacia and Blaine run up)

Anastacia (holding up her golden ticket to Chris): guess I'm moving on to stage 2

Blaine (also holding up a golden ticket): so am I

Derrick (to Anastacia and Blaine): well join the club

Blaine (confused): what do you mean?

Rebecca (looking up to Blaine): well until the other 4 are found we have to sit here and wait

Anastacia (annoyed to Chris): you didn't say that earlier

(Ashley runs up with her golden ticket)

Ashley (thrilled again): I get to move on to stage 2 (seeing Derrick, Rebecca, Blaine and Anastacia sitting down) why are you guys sitting?

Chris: oh because they're out of the challenge and by the looks of it so are you

Ashley (to Chris): wait what

(Chris forces Ashley to sit down next to Anastacia)

(now onto Rhys and Rosealynne)

Rhys: so what's the real reason you hate Derrick?

Rosealynne (while searhing through the bushes): well you know why because he's a dumb, vain concieted jerk!

Rhys (sarcastically): wow, don't hold back (rolling his eyes)

(Rosealynne growls at Rhys)

Rhys (hoisting himself into one of the candy trees): well what I meant was you constantly bag on Derrick when your just like him

Rosealynne (offended): I am not!

(Rosealynne than forcfully pulls Rhys down)

Rhys (rubbing his butt): look all I'm saying is you are just like him your vain and concieted too!

(now onto Marijayne and Brittanaey)

Marijayne (to Brittanaey): so do you have the note ready?

Brittanaey (holding it up): uh yeah I'm not an idiot

Marijayne (reveiwing the note): excellent

Brittanaey (looking down): hey Marijyane look what I found!

(Marijyane turns around to see Brittanaey holding up 2 gold tickets)

Marijayne (excited): you found them! come lets go back and show them to Chris!

(Marijayne and Brittanaey run to meet up with Chris just as Rhys and Rosealynne run up)

Chris (happily): congrats to Derrick, Rebecca, Blaine, Anastacia, Ashley, Marijayne and Brittanaey for maikg it to stage 2 (sadly) unfortunatly, for Rhys and Rosealynne one of you will be eliminated from the challenge at that person is....

(both Rhys and Rosealynne open their chocolate bars)

Chris (notices a gold ticket in Rosealynne's bar):....Rosealynne congrsts your moving on to stage 2!

Rosealynne (thrilled): are you serious?

(Chris nods)

Chris (to Rhys): sorry Rhys but the jumbo jet awaits!

(Chef walks in and carries Rhys away just as everyone boards a boat)

Chris (to the reamining 8): cast this factory is the largest in Brussels and it also has a notorious history of worker related deaths in its history

(Rebecca and Brittanaey give each other scared looks while Anastacia smiles)

Chris (continues): the biggest accidents happen here in this chocolate river where boats will sometimes crash especially in that tunnel (Chris than motions the boat to the long deep tunnel)

that tunnel also has a lot of worker related deaths because of its rollercoaster like design and that's where we are headed

(the other 8 look concerned)

(suspenceful music plays as the boat makes its way through the tunnel and finally levels off)

Anastacia (regaining herself): that was so much fun!

Ashley (rubbing the back of her head): speak for yourself

Blaine (holding down his vomit): that was something

Rebecca (holding onto Derrick): that was nuts!

Derrick (also holding onto Rebecca): tell me about it

(Chris than guides the cast to a room with golden eggs)

Chris: for stage you soon to be lucky 7 will have to break these eggs to find a golden ticket in order to advance onto stage 3 so get started now!

(Chris goes back to the boat)

(back inside)

(Rosealynne runs up ans starts breaking every egg that drops)

(Ashley and Anastacia follow and break eggs too)

(Derrick waits as every missed egg rolls his way)

(Rebecca, Blaine and Rhys decided to relay eggs)

(Marijayne and Brittanaey on the other hand decided to start their plan)

Marijayne (to Derrick): hey Derrick I found this note for you

Derrick (taking the note from Marijayne): really? who's it from?

(Marijayne shrugs)

(meanwhile Brittanaey walks up to Rosealynne)

Brittanaey (to Roselaynne): hey Rosealynne I found this note and its for you

Rosealynne (stops breaking eggs): really? who's it from?

Brittanaey (shrugs): don't know maybe from a boy

(back to Marijayne and Derrick)

Derrick (after reading the note): I can't believe it Rosealynne really really really likes me!

Marijayne: yeah who knew

Derrick: than why does she insult me all the time?

Marijayne: oh um girls are crazy like that

Derrick: wow thanks Marijayne

(back to Brittanaey and Rosealynne)

Rosealynne (after reading the note): I can't believe this!

Brittanaey: your not mad right?

Rosealynne: no I just didn't know that Derrick has any real feeling towards me I just thought he was playing me

Brittanaey: wow who knew right?

(Rosealynne gives a friendly hug to Brittanaey)

Rosealynne: thanks Britt I so owe you for this

Brittanaey (playing it cool): don't mention it

(split screen)

Marijyane/Brittanaey: maybe you should spend sometime together


Derrick/Rosealynne: maybe your right!

(end of split screen)

(after Derrick and Rosealynne sit on the sidelines of the challenge)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris (popping in): song time!

(Ashley, Rebecca and Blaine groan)

(song starts)

Anastacia: breaking these eggs

Blaine: takes alot of work

Ashley: trying to find those gold tickets

Rebecca: you gotta be strong in order to deal with this

Marijayne: this will take alot of work!

Brittanaey: breaking these eggs?

Marijayne: no, well yes, but what I meant was keeping Derrick and Rosealynne together

Brittanaey: oh that's what I thought you meant!

Blaine: you gotta be strong!

Rebecca: you gotta be fast!

Anastacia: you gotta be smarter!

Blaine, Rebecca and Anastacia: in order to survive in this challenge

Ashley (rapping): breaking these eggs is getting harder

trying to move alot quick is getting tougher

maybe if we work together

than we'll be alot stronger

(Blaine, Rebecca, Anastacia and Ashley start to rhythmically break eggs)

Brittanaey: maybe we should focus on the challenge so we won't be eliminated

Marijyane: you do that while I'll deal with them (points to Derrick and Rosealynne)

Derrick (picking up a golden ticket): here Rose I want you to have this!

Rosealynne (taking the golden ticket): thank you baby I'll go find you one too!

(Rosealynne starts to break some eggs)

Derrick: wait for me baby!

(Derrick runs off)

Brittanaey: well how about that! who knew our plan will work

Marijayne: well never doubt me I know alot about love!

Blaine: you gotta be strong!

Rebecca and Ashley: you gotta be fast!

Anastacia: you gotta be smarter!

Marijayne: in order to!

Brittanaey: survive this challenge!

(Rosealynne picks up a golden ticket and gives it to Derrick)

Derrick: it looks like our love'll continue in stage 3

Rosealynne: yeah and I can't wait!

(Derrick and Rosealynne kiss)

(song ends)

(after a few hours)

Ashley (throwing an egg against a wall than noticing a gold ticket): awesome! I'm in stage 3!

Anastacia (holding up a gold ticket): so am I

(Ashley and Anastacia both high five)

Marijayne (picking up a gold ticket): yes! I get to keep our plan going what about you Brittanaey?

Brittanaey (holding up a gold ticket): yep me too

(Blaine smashes his final egg and a gold ticket appears)

Blaine: it looks like I get to be in the 3rd stage

Rebecca (sadly): I guess I'm out

Blaine: I'm sorry Rebecca

Ashley: yeah sorry

(Chris walks in)

Chris: congrats to Derrick, Rosealynne, Ashley, Anastacia, Blaine, Marijayne and Brittanaey you guys get ready for stage 3

(the 7 remaining contestants walk out followed by Chris and Rebecca)

Chris (to Rebecca): I'm sorry to say it but your out Rebecca go and keep Rhys company in the plane

(Chef grabs Rebecca and they both sail off in the boat)

Chris (to the other 7): cast follow me

(Chris leads the 7 contestants to a nut sorting room)

Chris: for this stage you guys will have to search through the nuts in order to find a gold ticket so you guys know the deal 6 advance and 1 joins the other 2 in the plane

(Chris leaves as the remaining 7 start the challenge)

Marijayne (to Brittanaey): so we have to focus on Derrick and Rosealynne (notices Brittananaey isn't there) Britt?

(Marijayne sees Brittanaey searching through one of the piles of nuts and finds the first gold ticket)

Brittanaey (happily): yay! I'm going to stage 4!

(Marijayne snatches it out anger and than rips Brittanaey's ticket in half)

(just than an alarm goes off)

Chris (angrily): Marijayne you are disqaulified from the challenge!?! (calmer to Brittanaey) you get an automatic pass to stage 4

(the other look on in shock as Chef drags Marijayne out)

(Blaine holds up a gold ticket)

Blaine: I guess I'm going onto stage 4 too

(Bliane joins Brittanaey at the cat walk next to Chris)

Anastacia (throwing some walnuts out of her way): this is getting ridiculous

Ashley (searching through some cashews): no it's not cause-(Ashley than pulls out a gold ticket) yay! I'm in stage 4 (to Anastacia) see ya sucka!

(Derrick and Rosealynne both hold up a ticket signaling that the 2 of them move on to stage 4)

(out of anger Anastacia bangs on a pile of peacans and sees the 6th and final golden ticket)

Anastacia (slightly annoyed): finally!

(while outside of the room)

Chris: cast follow me to stage 4

(Chris motions to a room with a huge rockclimbing wall)

Chris: the objective for stage 4 is to reach to the top and grab one of the 5 gold tickets at the top of the cliff than hit the button to signal that you got your ticket and the last person to grab one is automatically out of the challenge so yeah start now!

(the 6 start to climb)

Ashley (straining): this is hard

Brittanaey (coming up from behind): yeah it is

Blaine (passing by): it really isn't

Anastacia (annoyed): what is he part mountain goat?

(Blaine reaches the top first and hits the button)

Blaine (victorious): stage 5 here I come!

(Brittanaey climbs up along with Ashley and Anastacia and all 3 girls hit the button at the sametime)

(meanwhile Derrick and Rosealynne both start to climb together)

Derrick: I think you should move on to stage 5

Rosealynne: really?

Derrick: yeah because if you win you can invite Brittanaey and Marijayne to first class since they set us up together

Rosealynne: yeah I owe it to them

(Rosealynne kisses Derrick on the cheek)

Derrick (calling up to Rosealynne): win for us!

Rosealynne (calling down to Derrick): I will!

(Derrick hits the floor just Rosealynne gets the last gold ticket and hits the button)

Chris: Derrick dude your out

Derrick: I know

(Chef appears than carries Derrick off)

Chris (to the final 5 in the challenge): congradulations for making it this far now open the trapdoor above you and I'll you guys up stairs

(the cast opens the trapdoor to reveal a white room)

Anastacia (looking around the room): I wonder who uses this room?

Brittanaey: The Beatles?

(the other 4 glare at Brittanaey)

Brittanaey: what?

(Chris appears)

Chris: well Brittanaey your close this is the Resize Room this is the room where a big chocolate bar is sliced and re-sliced to be made smaller and also the sight of your next stage

(the cast stand silent as Chris continues)

Chris (points to 5 black boxes): in those black boxes lies a golden ticket your task is to open those boxes with these keys (Chris holds up 5 tiny keys) you guys will use these small keys to find their much larger counterparts and only 4 get to move on to our 6th and final stage so start now!

(the final 5 race to find their keys)

Ashley (straining again): is it me or are the stages getting harder

(Anastacia rolls her eyes)

(Blaine quickly stands up with his key and opens his box)

Blaine (overly thrilled): YES! I'm going onto stage 6!

(Blaine than joins Chris by the doorway)

Ashley (to Anastacia): how does he do that?

Anastacia (to Ashley): that's actually a good question

(Brittanaey stands up and runs, with her key, up to her box)

Brittanaey (opening her box): please let there be a gold ticket! (holds up a gold ticket) yay! I'm going onto stage 6!

(Rosealynne holds up her gold ticket)

Rosealynne (to Brittanaey): hey me too!

(Ashley and Anastacia both open their boxes only yo find them both empty)

Ashley (annoyed): seriously?

Anastacia (more annoyed): is this some kind of joke?

(Chris walks up)

Chris: sorry girls but you 2 are both out for constantly complaining

(before either one of them can respond Chef comes in a carries both girls off)

Chris (to the final 3): guys follow me for the final stage!

(Rosealynne, Blaine and Brittanaey see 3 glass elevators)

Chris: for our final stage its called "The Great Glass Elevator Race!" its pretty self explanitory you 3 will have to go into those glass elevators and race to the top the person to grab an envelope and bring it back here with the final golden ticket wins first class so start now!

(right after Chris starts the challenge the 3 of them are already racing to the top)

Brittanaey (looking around): man, this is so cool!

Blaine (thrilled): this is just like the movies!

Rosealynne (to herself): get to the top!

(Blaine reaches the top first and grabs his envelope)

(Brittanaey follows second and Rosealynne in third)

(at the bottom Chris and the eliminated contestants watch as all 3 reamining contestants touchdown at the sametime)

Chris: its time now to open those envelopes!

(Blaine, Brittanaey and Rosealynne open their envelopes at the sametime)

(Brittanaey looks disappointed that she lost)

Chris: so now its up to Blaine and Rosealynne

(Blaine looks thrilled about seeing a gold ticket but soon finds out that its a fake)

Blaine: its fake!

Chris: so that means

(Rosealynne rips open her envelope and finds the final gold ticket)

Roselynne (excited): I won! yay! I won!

Chris (to Rosealynne): so Rosealynne which 2 are you bringing into first class?

Rosealynne (points to Marijayne and Brittanaey): those 2 my best friends ever!

Rhys: why those two backstabbers?

Roselaynne (to Rhys): what?

Rhys: I overheard Marijayne's and Brittanaey's plan they wanted to push you and Derrick together so they can win first class together

(evryone glares angrily at Marijayne and Brittanaey)

Rosealynne (to Marijayne and Brittanaey): I'm waiting

Marijayne: it was all Brittanaey's and Derrick's idea I had nothing to do with it

Derrick and Brittanaey (angrily at Marijayne): what?!

Chris: cast lets head back to the plane for elimination


Rosealynne (heartbroken) votes for Derrick

Derrick (angry) votes for Marijayne

Brittanaey (even angrier) votes for Marijayne

Marijayne (worried) votes for Brittanaey

Rhys (annoyed) votes for Derrick

Blaine (also annoyed) votes for Brittanaey

Anastacia (unimpressed) votes for Brittanaey

Ashley (sympathetic) votes for Derrick

Rebecca (pissed off) votes for Brittanaey


(at the elmination ceremony)

Chris: you guys know the drill I only have 8 barf bags and the first 3 go to Rosealynne, Blaine and Anastacia

(Chris throws them their barf bags)

(Rosealynne catches her barf bag)

(Blaine catches his barf bag)

(Anastacia catches her barf bag)

Chris: the next 2 barf bag goes to Rebecca and Ashley

(Chris throws them their barf bags)

(Rebecca catches her barf bag)

(Ashley catches her barf bag)

Chris: the next one goes to Rhys

(Chris throws a barf bag to Rhys who catches it)

(Marijayne notices the cold glares coming from Brittanaey and Derrick)

Chris: the second to the last barf bag goes to Marijyane

(Marijayne happily catches her barf bag from Chris)

Chris: Derrick and Brittanaey for you this wonderful journey comes to an end and for the other one well lets just say you get another chance and this barf bag goes to.....Derrick

(Derrick catches the final barf bag)

Chris: Brittanaey its time to go

Brittanaey: I understand but first can I say something

Chris: go ahead

Brittanaey: Rosealynne don't be mad at Derrick he had no part in any of this and Rhys is right Marijayne and I were behind getting you and Derrick together and if your mad at me I'll understand oh and Marijayne I have one this to say to you

Marijayne: and that is?

Brittanaey: you are such a lying! vain! manipulative! evil! B-I-T-C-

(before Brittanaey could continue Chef tosses her out of the plane with a parachute)

(everyone listens as Brittanaey screams until Chris closes the door)

Chris (to Rosealynne): since Brittanaey's out you need to pick a second person to join you in first class so who's it gonna be?

(Rosealynne started to think)

Rosealynne (points to Derrick): Derrick

(everyone looks surpirsed)

Rosealynne (to Marijayne): sleep with one eye open tonight, friend

(Derrick nods in agreement)

(Marijayne is left looking scared)

(in the cockpit, Chris and Chef watch what just happened between Rosealynne and Marijayne)

Chris (happily): ooh! it looks like Marijayne's karma is gonna get her back after all (to camera) will Marijayne get payback for her actions? will Derrilynne survive another challenge? will Anastacia finally smile for more than 2 seconds? find out next time on an all new Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

It's Always Sunny In Los Angeles?

(Chris: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, the cast went to Belgium and experinced things they never saw back home in America also thanks to Derrick's plan, Brittanaey got the boot but not before Rhys blabs Marijayne's and Brittanaey's plan to get both Derrick and Rosealynne distracted with each other which failed which utimately lead to Brittanaey's elimination fron Total Drama for good find out which one of the reaming contestants will get the boot next on an all new Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(in first class)

(Chris comes in)

Rosealynne (angrily, to Chris): hey, where is our prize?

Derrick (annoyed): yeah what is it?

Marijayne (also annoyed): or where is it?

Chris: oh that um well you three don't have to sing the next song at our next exciting destination

Rosealynne (happy): really?

Derrick (chuckling): it'll be nice to not sing for a change

Marijyane (annoyed): that's our prize?

Chris (to Marijayne, ticked off): oh I'm sorry do you want something better how about this why don't you three you and sit in the cargo hold all day than get you three butts disqualified! is that good enough for you!

Marijayne (scared): yay! no singing!

Chris: that's better

(Chris leaves)

Marijaye: well a prize is a prize (gives a nervous chuckle)

(Rosealynne and Derrick glare at Marijayne)

Marijayne (noticing the glares): what?


Rosealynne (annoyed): I'm still not over what Marijayne did to Brittanaey!


Derrick (also annoyed): Marijyane is going down!


Marijyane (facepalms): I'm toast!


(now onto economy class)

(Rhys sighs)

Rebecca (to Rhys): are you okay Rhys?

Rhys (to Rebecca): yeah I'm fine no I'm thrilled finally Derrick's done breathing down my neck

Rebecca: really?

Rhys: yeah now that he and Rosealynne are a couple I can finally relax and focus on the challenges

Rebecca: speaking of which (looking away) where are we going next?

(Rhys shrugs)

Ashley: I hope somewhere tropical

Anastacia: we've already been to the beach enough this season

Blaine: I agree with Anastacia we need to go some place where a war happened

Rebecca: like Gettysberg?

Ashley: or Austria?

Blaine: yeah something like that

(Anastacia rolls her eyes)

Rhys: well wherever we go I'll win at the challenge

Ashley (sarcastically): yeah sure you will

Rebecca (to Ashley): easy there sarcastic save it for Chris

(Chris on the P.A. system)

Chris: cast for today's destination prepare to be houned by paparazzi!

Anastacia (shocked): he doesn't mean?!

Chris: yep the every so beautiful.....

(split screen: silence gathers as the reamining 8 contestants wait for Chris)

Chris: Los Angeles!

(split screen: the contestants cheer!)

Chris: we will be landing soon

(Chris signs off of the P.A. system)

(economy class)

Ashley: LA! that's where the stars are!

Blaine: yeah and where all of those action movies are filmed!

Rebecca: my brother's gonna be so jealous!

Rhys: finally a place where I fit in!

(Anastacia rolls her eyes again)



Anastacia: seriously how many more episodes are there?



(first class)

Marijayne: yay! Hollywood here I come!

Derrick (to Rosealynne): hey Rosealynne Hollywood's pretty romantic for a perfetly evil couple like us don't you think?

Rosealynne (to Derrick): yeah I like the sound of that

Marijayne: so when are we landing?

(just than the plane makes a quick landing)

(on the ground)

Chris (angry at Chef): you miss the most famous airport in LA and land in this one!

Chef (angry at Chris): hey you said to land the plane! you didn't say where to land it!

Anastacia (to Chris and Chef): hey Mr. Rock and Mr. Spade do you guys mind we're trying to focus on the challenge

Chris (under his breath): I don't know why I hired that freakish cook

Chef (out loud): I heard that!

Chris (to Chef): go back on the plane!

Chef (to Chris): no I've had it with you! I QUIT!?!

(the contestants gasp)

Chris (angry at Chef, holding back his tears): fine than quit you big baby!

Ashley (to Chris): Chris are you okay?

(Chris turns back to the contestants)

Chris: cast follow me for today's challenge

Rhys (to Rebecca): we need to get Chef back

Rebecca (to Rhys): yeah good luck with that

(Rhys gives Rebecca a look of disappointment)

(Chris shows the cast a tram)

Chris (to the contestants): cast please enter the tram so I can explain the challenge

(the cast enters the tram: Rebecca sits next to Rhys, Anastacia sits next to Ashley, Blaine sits next to Marijayne and Derrick sits next to Rosealynne)

Chris (driving and talking into the mini P.A. system): cast today's challenge has to do with monster movies

Anastacia (to Chris): didn't you already do that for like Total Drama Action?

Ashley (complaining): yeah its there something else we can do?

Chris (to Anastacia and Ashley): do you 2 wanna go home?

Anastacia: no

Ashley: not really

Chris: than hush! (to the other contestants) now if your the last one standing than you get to bring 3 friends to first class with you

(the contestants cheer)

Chris: oh yeah and since she won Rosealynne's prize is that she doesn't have to sing this weeks song along with Derrick and Marijayne so ou remaining 5 (pointing to Blaine, Anastacia, Ashley, Rebecca and Rhys) are gonna be forced to

(the tram stops suddenly as thunderous footsteps are heard)

Ashley (terrified): what is that?

Chris: oh I sold the real monster last season to help pay for fuel so all we have is a giant robot!....

(than a giant Duncan appears)

The Final 8: DUNCAN!?!

(Ashley screams and runs off)

Rebecca (looking up at Monster Duncan): I agree with Ashley! RUN!

(Rebecca along with Rosealynne, Rhys, Derrick, Anastacia, Marijayne and Blaine run away from Monster Duncan)

Monster Duncan (roaring): THIS IS MY WORLD NOW NERDS!

(Blaine and Anastacia head off to one of the studios)

(Rebecca and Rhys head off in the other direction)

(while Rosealynne, Derrick and Marijayne head off to the model Western Town)

(meanwhile Ashley decides to hide in one of the horror movie sets)


(Blaine and Anastacia)

Blaine (panting): quick lets hide in here!

Anastaica (out of breath): works for me!

(Blaine and Anastacia both hide in a foxhole)

(Rhys and Rebecca)

(hiding in a crator as Monster Duncan passes over head)

Rhys (whispering to Rebecca): so if we make it out of here alive do you wanna split first class right down the middle?

Rebecca (also whispering to Rhys): you mean like sharing the win and each one of us picking a friend to first class

Rhys (whispering): yeah or if Chris decided to do a tie breaker we can pick each other to go to first class plus 2 other people

Rebecca (whispering): okay I only got like half of that but I'm in

(Rhys and Rebecca hug just as Monster Duncan places one of his giant sneakers in the Western Town Rosealynne, Derrick and Marijayne are hiding in)

Rhys (whispering): do you think they're okay?

Rebecca (whispering): I'm sure they're fine

(just than they hear Marijayne screaming)

(Rhys and Rebecca poke their heads out only to see Monster Duncan holding Derrick, Rosealynne and Marijayne in his fist)

Rhys (out loud): figures!

Rebecca (to Rhys): dude!

(Monster Duncan than picks Rebecca and Rhys up in the same fist as Derrick, Rosealynne and Marijayne)

Rebecca (in Monster Duncan's fist to Rhys): nice going!

Marijayne: where is he taking us?

Derrick: if he's anything like the real Duncan

Rosealynne: than we'll probably end up in a cage

Rhys: or worse

Rosealynne: what could possibly be worse?

Rebecca: we could be placed in his sneakers under his very rank feet

Derrick: or in his underwear

(than the 5 of them scream)

Ashley (from out of nowhere screams and bumps into Monster Duncan's giant sneaker): ow! okay that hurt

Monster Duncan (lifting up his giant sneaker): TAKE THIS YOU STUPID HOT BUG!

(Ashley screams and jumps out of the way as Monster Duncan slams his giant sneaker down)

Rebecca (yelling down): Ashley are you okay?

(Rebecca starts to feel like she's slipping)

Rebecca (slipping): oh crap! oh crap!! (loses her grip) oh crap!!!

(Rebecca falls out of Monster Duncan's fist)

Rhys (screaming): REBECCA!?!

(Derrick, Rosealynne and Marijayne watch in shock as Rebecca begins to fall)

(meanwhile on the ground Ashley watches in horror just as Blaine and Anastacia walk up)

Blaine and Anastacia (to Ashley): what are you looking at?

(Ashley turns their faces to Rebecca falling)

Blaine (screaming): someone help her!

Anastacia (yelling): CHRIS!

(Chris rides up in a golfcart)

Chris: did someone call me?

(Anastacia turns Chris to the direction of Rebecca falling)

Chris (screaming): SOMEONE SAVE HER!

(Anastacia slaps Chris)

Anastacia (to Chris): snap out of it! your the host you do something!

(just Chef swings by on a vine and catches Rebecca)

Chef (landing on the ground with Rebecca in his arms): are you okay?

Rebecca (hugging Chef): thank you!

Chef (brushing Rebecca off): its okay

Chris (to Chef): are you kidding me that was awesome!

Chef: really?

Chris: how would you like to have your old job back?

Chef: I quit remember

Chris: I'll double your pay!


Chef: okay fine (noticing Monster Duncan) what are we gonna do about that!

(Anastacia walks up and turns off the giant Duncan robot and gets the intern out of the motion suit)

Anastacia (in the motion suit setting Rosealynne, Derrick, Marijayne inside of a cage and Rhys safely on the ground): like that!

(Anastacia walks out as Chef and a few interns put the Monster Duncan robot into storage)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris: now that is good timing!

Rebecca, Anastacia, Rhys, Ashley and Blaine: are you kidding me!

(song starts)

Rebecca: after surviving a vicious fall like that

Anastacia: and getting a thrill for slapping Chris

Rhys: and giving me a heart attack

Blaine: and to cut Chef some slack

Ashley: only to have him come back

All 5: its only what Hollywood can provide

so if you live before you died

than bring your friends down to Hollywood

and be in your very own movie

your very own movie

Blaine: never thought I'd be so lucky

Rhys: to still be in the running to win the money

Rebecca: wanna be on the cover of magazines

Anastacia: wanna have paparazzi going through your trash

Ashley: ohh-ohh!

All 5: its only what Hollywood can provide

so if you live before you died

than bring your friends down to Hollywood

and be in your very own movie

your very own movie

Rebecca: seeing your name in lights

Blaine: clubbing it every Friday nights

Anastacia: only to wake up

Ashley: and do it all over again

Rhys: this time with the press following you!

All 5: its only what Hollywood can provide

so if you live before you died

than bring your friends down to Hollywood

and be in your very own movie

your very own movie

Rebecca: no matter what the cause

Anastacia: or the effects

Blaine: the only thing that matters

Ashley: is that who your real friends will be

Rhys: even after all that glitters will reamin gold

All 5: its only what Hollywood can provide

so if you live before you died

than bring your friends down to Hollywood

and be in your very own movie

your very own movie

(song ends)

(Chris claps his hands and after freeing Derrick, Rosealynne and Marijayne annouces the winner of the challenge)

Chris: and the winner of the challenge is...Anastacia! for taking charge when even myself didn't even know what to do!

(Anastacia smiles)

Anastacia: I won!

Chris: so now pick 3 friends to enjoy first class with you

Anastacia: I pick....


Anastacia: Rebecca, Blaine and Ashley!

Derrick: what why Ashley!

Rosealynne: she didn't do anything but scream

Marijayne: yeah what idiot would do that at the sight of a giant hot monster?

Anastacia, Derrick and Rosealynne (to Marijyane): you did that too!

(Marijayne was going to say something but decided to keep it to herself)

Rhys: well whatever as long as its not an elimination ceremony I'm fine with it

Chris: oh which reminds me since Chef's back there will be an elimination ceremony tonight

(the final 8 groan)

(back in the plane Chris told the contestants to vote someone off)

Chris: and I'll you guys at the elimination ceremony


Rosealynne votes for Ashley

Derrick votes for Ashley

Marijayne votes for Ashley

Rhys votes for Derrick

Anastacia votes for Derrick

Rebecca votes for Derrick

Blaine votes for Ashley

Ashley votes for Marijayne


(now onto the elimination ceremony)

Chris: cast I was gonna use 7 barf bags full of airline issue peanuts but I decided to use these instead (Chris drops the barf bags full of peanuts and holds up a trey of 7 Guilded Chris Awards)

Chris: the first Guilded Chris Award goes to....Anastacia!

(Anastacia catches her arward)

Chris: these next 2 Guilded Chris Awards go to...Rebecca and Blaine!

(Rebecca and Blaine catch their awards)

Chris: the fourth Guilded Chris Award goes to...Rhys!

(Rhys catches his award)

Chris: the fifth and sixth Guilded Chris Awards go to....Rosealynne and Marijayne

(Rosealynne catches her award annoyingly and Marijayne excitedly catches her award)

Chris (to Derrick and Ashley): I only have one Guilded Chris Award left whoever doesn't it walks down this red carpet (shows them a red carpet) and leaves Total Drama World Tour Redux forever! and this last award goes to.....


Rosealynne: just give it to Derrick already!

Chris (to Rosealynne): don't rush me! (back to Derrick and Ashley) and this final award ever goes to....Derrick!

(Derrick his award)

Chris (to Ashley): Ashley, the Drop of Shame awaits

Anastacia: bye Ashley!

Rebecca: bye Ash

Rhys: land safely

Blaine (happily): group hug!

(the reaming 7 contestants give Ashley a big hug before she jumped out of the plane)

Chris: and...hug's over Ashley its time

(Ashley puts on her paracute and jumps put)

Chris (to Anastacia): and since Ashley is gone you have to pick a third person to go into first class with you (turns Ashley to the other 6 contestants) so who do you pick?

(slience as Anastacia picks)

Anastacia (points to Derrick): Derrick! as an apology for voting for him

Derrick (to Anastacia): thanks Anastacia

Anastacia: don't mention it

Blaine: come on lets go to first class!

(Anastacia, Rebecca, Blaine and Derrick head off to first class)

Chris (to Marijayne, Rhys and Rosealynne): and economy is where you losers are going

(Marijayne, Rhys and Rosealynne sulk to economy)

(in the cockpit)

Chris (to Chef): did I mention how awesome it was that you saved Rebecca's life?

Chef (to Chris): yes every five minutes

Chris (to Chef): I just can't believe how awesome it was that you did that

Chef (to Chris): yeah I know I used to have a girlfriend who was like Rebecca and I guess I was releaving the past

Chris (wiping his tears away, to camera): tune in next time for more of Chef's heroics on an all new Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

Sideline Chat #4: Where In The World Is Anthony?

(the camera focuses in on Geoff, Bridgette and Blaineley sitting on a couch)

Geoff: hey everyone I'm Geoff

Bridgette: and I'm Bridgette

Blaineley: and I'm-

Geoff: tonight we have 3 very special guests

Blainely: and also-

Bridgette: we find out what happened to Anthony after he went AWOL on us

Geoff: but first let's say a quick hello to our peanut gallery!

(the camera switches over to the peanut gallery waving)

(than the camera switches back to Geoff, Bridgette and Blaineley)

Geoff: before we bring out our 3 guests let's check out their audition tapes

Bridgette: first up its Rebecca's arm candy

(Blaineley was about to speak but Geoff put his hand over her mouth)

Geoff: Erick!

[Erick's audition tape]

Erick (sitting in his game room): hey Total Drama producers I'm Erick now here's a few things about me you would like to know I'm strong, I'm fast, I'm smart, I love to sing, I'm a very nice and lovable person, I can be agressive at times, I have very high self-esteem and I can be a great leader (reclines back) my only weakness is my mom as you can tell I'm a momma's boy because she's the reason I'm making an audition tape for this show I also woundn't mind having a girlfriend who understands me and knows that my mom might come first (looking at the camera) so pick me for your show!

(end of audition tape)

Geoff: so let's bring him out

Bridgette: this season's version of DJ

Blaineley: please welcome-

Geoff: Erick!

(Erick walks out and sits down on the inteveiw couch)

Bridgette: hey Erick

Erick: hey

Geoff: so how bummed are you for getting voted off?

Erick: well I made it to the final 10 and I found myself a girlfriend

Bridgette: are you cheering for Rebecca?

Erick: yes everyday

Katie and Sadie: awwwwwww!

(camera switch to Geoff, Bridgette and Blaineley)

Geoff: now lets welcome our next guest

Bridgette: she got backstabbed by her "BFF"

Blaineley: and she did something only Lindsay would do

(the monitor shows Brittanaey's rant to Marijayne before getting thrown out by Chef)

(the camera than shows Geoff, Bridgette and Blaineley)

Geoff: so here's her audition tape

Bridgette: enjoy!

[Brittanaey's audition tape]

Brittanaey (brushing her hair in front of a mirror): I love my long beautiful hair! (squeals, than to camera) hey Total Drama producers I'm Brittanaey and I wanna be on your show (continues brushing) my best qualities are I'm smart and great to be around (still brushing) I can promise you high ratings for high drama if you pick me and I'm stable if anything (her brush gets caught in hair knot) oh-no! hair knot! (falls over and hits the ground) (from the floor) pick me for your show!

(end of audition tape)

(back to Geoff, Bridgette and Blaineley)

Blaineley: so lets bring her out

Bridgette: Brittanaey!

(Brittanaey walks out as the audience cheers)

Geoff (after the cheering dies down): so Brittanaey what was it like being on the show?

Brittanaey (to Geoff): well, it was a loud of fun and I love the singing part

Bridgette (to Brittanaey): are you bummed after what went down with you and Marijayne?

Brittanaey (to Bridgette): yeah but I got over it I mean I would've done the samething if I got the chance to

Blaineley (to Brittanaey): but you didn't and now your here with us

Brittanaey (to Blaineley): shut-up Blaineley!

(Erick chuckles)

Geoff: our final guest had to endure everything

Blaineley: everyone made fun of her height and her sweet attitude

Bridgette: she even had to deal with a giant robotic Duncan

Geoff: she even saw an ex-team mate nearly die right in front of her face

Blaineley: labeled "The Amazon" which she's anything but

Bridgette: here's her audition tape

Geoff: Ashley!

[Ashley's audition tape]

Ashley (playing basketball with friends, to camera): hey Total Drama producers! (passes the ball to a friend, to camera) my name's Ashley and one day I'll be a famous Woman's Basketball player (sitting on a bench,to camera) people often call me "Amazon Ashley" which I'm perfectly with since I am pretty tall my best hope for this show is to win of course but also to find a guy who is at least my feild of vision (takes a sip of an engery drink,to camera) also I'm fast and smart I'm not really strong which is ironic considering my size (puts her energy drink down,to camera) I'm also a really sweet and loving person and I get along with everyone (just than a dodgeball accidentally hits her in the head, to the person who threw the ball) OKAY WHO THREW THAT AT MY HEAD!?! (back to camera, annoyed) excuse me while I go pummel that nerd (to the nerd) GET BACK HERE BRYCE!?! (to camera) pick me! (than runs off to go beat up Bryce)

(end of audition)

(back to Geoff, Bridgette and Blaineley)

Geoff (after seeing her audition tape): there is no mystery why she was picked

Noah (to Eva): she makes you look normal

Izzy (chiming in): seriously

(back to the hosts)

Bridgette: so lets bring her out here!

Blaineley: ladies and gentlemen please welcome Ashley!

(Ashley walks out and sits next to Erick and Brittanaey)

Ashley (notices Anthony in a straight jacket): why is Anthony in a straight jacket

Geoff (as Ashley is sitting down): oh well he kinda went nuts and instead of him going to juvy hall he's staying here

Erick: so that's why he was being so quite

Jessica: its scary

Travis: I know it is

Ashley: so is anyone gonna ask me if I'm sad for being eliminated

Blaineley: well-

(Blaineley was cut off by the music chime)

Geoff: song time

Ashley, Erick and Brittanaey: seriously!

Geoff: come lets hear it!

(song starts)

Brittanaey: in order to beat the rest

Ashley: in order to survive

Erick: there is one thing your gonna need

(tempo changes)

All 3: Energy! that's what you'll need

Energy! is what want you should have in order to survive


Brittanaey: if you slow down you lucked out

on the million

Erick: 4 seasons of challenges you need to be fast

Ashley: if your not up for it than you should just go home

Brittanaey: if you can get inside Chris' mind

Ashley: than maybe just maybe you'll last longer

Erick: try to not be out than you'll win this show

(normal tempo as before)

All 3: Energy! that's what you'll need

Energy! is what want you should have in order to survive

Ashley: as the weeks go by

Brittanaey: things get harder

Erick: life gets longer

Brittanaey: that's it now, baby

Ashley: making it oh yeah

Erick: that's all you need

All 3: now your gonna see what we mean

(that the monitor show various scenes from TDI, TDA, TDWT and TDWTR)

All 3: Energy! that's what you'll need

Energy! is what want you should have in order to survive

Ashley (rapping): now looking at the final 7

only one will be in the millionaires' heaven

Erick (rapping): all the sins that are left

mostly its reality grand theft

Brittanaey: there you go you guys got it now that's it you guys are doing great!

All 3: Energy! that's what you'll need

Energy! is what want you should have in order to survive

(than a picture of the final 7: Derrick, Blaine, Anastacia, Marijayne, Rosealynne, Rebecca and Rhys)

(song ends)

(Erick, Brittanaey and Ashley sit down glaring at Geoff)

Erick, Brittanaey and Ashley (annoyed): there you happy!

Geoff (smiling): yeah I am

Bridgette: so Ashley are you sad that you got voted off?

Ashley: finally! well yeah I was but now I'm over it

Bridgette: that's good to know

Ashley: thank-you

(an intern runs out and whispers in Geoff's ear)

Geoff (to the intern): really? (to everyone else) well it looks like we're out of time

Erick, Brittanaey and Ashley: what!?!

Geoff (to camera): well for all of us at the Sideline Chat show I'm Geoff

Bridgette: and I'm Bridgette!

Blaineley: and I'm-

Ashley, Erick and Brittaneay (pushing Blaineley out of the way): bye everyone!

Mexi-Can't Buy Me Love

(RECAP: Last time on Total Drama World Tour Redux, our dashing host wanted to relive Total Drama Action so the cast had to out run and out last a giant robotic Duncan all went according to plan until Rebecca accidentally fell out of the robot's fist but it was Anastacia who saved the day and won the challenge oh and Chef quit but when he saved Rebecca's life I was so happy that I let him come back find out what will happen tonight on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(in first class)

Rebecca: this is awesome

Anastacia: yeah it is

Derrick: hey do you guys this week is a reward challenge?

Blaine: it has to be

Rebecca: you know its quite without Ashley

Blaine: yeah it is

Derrick: I wonder how Marijyane, Rosealynne and Rhys are doing being in economy

(Rebecca and Blaine shrug)

Anastacia: probably mad that they weren't picked to be here

Derrick: probably

(in economy class)

Rosealynne (angry): is ther gonna be an elimination tonight?

Rhys (to Rosealynne): why?

Rosealynne: so I can get rid of that stupid Anastacia!

Marijayne: look I know your mad but-

Rosealynne: I'm not mad at her as I'm mad at Derrick

Marijayne: since when did you 2 start going out?

Rhys (to Marijayne): since last week remember?

(the only thing Marijayne remembers is screaming mostly her's)

Marijayne (to Rhys): oh yeah I must've forgot

(Rhys rolls his eyes at her)

(back to first class)

Blaine (to Derrick): so Derrick are you and Rosealynne together?

Derrick (to Blaine): yeah we are

Rebecca: since when?

Derrick: since last week

Anastacia: more like back in Belgium

Derrick (turning away from Anastacia): anyways I'm still not gonna let Rosealynne distract me

Blaine: that's good

Anastacia: yeah its good that you think money is more important

Rebecca: that's not what he meant

Derrick: well that's kinda my point

(back to economy)

Rosealynne: but I'm not gonna let Derrick get to me

Marijayne: so your gonna start ignoring him?

Rosealynne: during the challenges

Rhys: well as long as he's distracted I'm all for your twisted relationship

(Marijayne rolls her eyes)

Rosealynne: thank you Rhys

Rhys: anytime

(Chris on the P.A system)

Chris: cast welcome to your next exciting destination Tijaunna, Mexico!

Rosealynne and Marijayne (thrilled): are you serious?

Chris (still on the P.A. system): we'll be landing soon

(Chris signs off of the P.A. system)

Rosealynne (to Marijayne): Tijuanna! do you know what this means?

Marijayne (to Rosealynne): you and Derrick are gonna finally have your first kiss?

Rosealynne: oh we already did that a long time ago (happily) no it means that I can focus on a challenge for once!

Rhys: your forgetting about your evil boyfriend

(to first class)

Rebecca (happy): Mexico! I can't wait to see what the challenge will be

Anastacia: yeah I wonder that too

Blaine: hopefully it'll be an elimination challenge like back in Belgium

Derrick: yeah I hope that too

Anastacia: why?

Derrick: well I can get Rosealynne distracted enough she'll lose and be sent home

Rebecca: your really evil you know that

Derrick (to Rebecca): why thank you

(CONFESSIONALS) Anastacia: as much as I would love to see Rosealynne finally be sent home I think Derrick's gone a bit too far don't you think?


Rebecca: I so don't want to see Rosealynne leave yet


Rhys: wow Rosealynne needs to watch her back now so I hope her plan works


Marijayne: Rosealynne's going down since no one can deny Derrick's flirting


Blaine: this challenge is gonna be epic!


Rosealynne: Marijayne may be against me but I'll show her what's what


Derrick (holding up a list): first take down Rosealynne, than Rhys, than Marijyane, than Rebecca, than Blaine and finally take out Anastacia before I win! (to camera) oh and believe me I will win!


(after the plane lands Chris meets up with the contestants)

Chris: congradulations to our final 7!

(the final 7 cheer)

Chris (to the contestants): for today's challenge you guys will get pair off in to teams of 2 but one team will have3 people in it

(the cast see 3 motorized boats pull up to the nearby dock)

Chris (to the contestants): you lucky 7 will race to those poles grab the box on top and bring it here to me and the first team to cross gets automatic first class privlages

Rosealynne: does that mean this week's a reward challenge?

Chris: that's right Rosealynne so get started on the challenge

(the final 7 scramble to the boats)

Rhys: so how are we gonna do this?

Derrick: ex teams?

Marijayne: works for me

Blaien: or maybe couples what do you think Rosealynne?

Rosealynne (to Blaine): I like Derrick's plan better (to Marijayne) come on Marijayne lets win!

(Rosealynne and Marijayne head off in boat one)

Blaine: well come one Anastacia and Rebecca we got a challenge to win!

(Blaine, Anastacia and Rebecca take boat two)

Rhys: come on Derrick lets win this stupid challenge

(Rhys and Derrick go with boat three)

(meanwhile in the water)

(music chime: ding! ding!)

Chris (in a helicopter with Chef driving): man, do I love that chime (to the contestants) song time! and make a good one!

The Final 7 (angry): you've got to be kidding me!

(song starts)

(Rosealynne's and Marijayne's boat speeds ahead)

Rosealynne: the is no way I'm losing again

Marijayne: cause first class here we come!

(Derrick's and Rhys' boat speeds up)

Derrick: coming in second to us guys won't be a victory

Rhys: yeah and since you'll be distracted by our manly abilities

(Anastacia's, Blaine's and Rebecca's boat speeds by)

Anastacia: guess again losers cause we gonna win!

Blaine: that's right

Rebecca: we're gonna win this game!

The Final 7: we got so lucky! (so lucky!)

to last this long!

think about those who fell before us!

and those we left behind!

we got so lucky! (so lucky!)

that we're still in the running for the milllion!

(Anastaica's, Blaine's and Rebecca's boat makes it to the pole)

Rebecca: oh and look at this we're gonna win!

Anastacia: and those other guys will be sad

Blaine: but since our team is gone but we're gonna win this challenge!

(their boat races back to the finish line)

(Derrick's and Rhys' boat speeds up to Anastacia, Blaine and Rebecca)

Derrick: hold on there

Rhys: cause suddenly we're gonna win

Derrick: and not you losers!

Rhys: cause we have power and you don't

(than they speed off just as Anastacia' boat loses steam)

Anastacia: come guys lets paddle

Blaine: we still have a shot!

(the 3 of them start paddling their boat)

(Rosealynne's and Marijayne's boat finally reaches the pole)

Rosealynne: come on lets go!

Marijayne: okay I have the box now move!

(they begin the speed up to Anastacia, Blaine and Rebecca)

The Final 7: we got so lucky! (so lucky!)

to last this long!

think about those who fell before us!

and those we left behind!

we got so lucky! (so lucky!)

that we're still in the running for the milllion!

(just than Derrick and Rhys cross first with Anastacia, Blaine and Rebecca following second)

Rosealynne: no we lost

Marijayne: and no first class for us!

Derrick: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(song ends)

(Derrick hands his box to Chris)

Chris: congrats Derrick you win first class

Rosealynne: no you said the first team t bring you the box wins!

Chris: yeah but since Derrick brought me the box alone he is the winner

Rosealynne: yeah but-

Marijayne: Rose stop while your behind its not worth it

Chris (to Derrick): but your still aloud to bring one person to first class with you

Derrick: well I pick Rhys since we're a team

Rhys: thanks Derrick

Rosealynne (to Derrick): wait if we're going out than I should got to first class instead! and another thing I found it ru-

(Rosealynne was cut off by Derrick's kiss)

Anastacia (watching the kiss along with everyone else): well that shut her up

Blaine (also watching the kiss): seriously

(back on the plane)

(CONFESSIONALS) Derrick: well my plan worked I'm in first class and Rosealynne is not


Rosealynne: he is going down!


(in the cockpit)

Chris (after watching Derrick's and Rosealynne's final confessionals): oooh tention between our perfectly evil couple (to camera) find out who'll get the boot next time on Total Drama World Tour (singing) REDUX!

The Chris McLean Files

London Calling

Mona Lisa Smiled For Once

Operation: Tropical Resort

The Episode With The Volcano, The Karma & Alejandro?

Best Vacation Eva!: The Season Recap

The Luck Of The Irish

Reunited & It Feels So Awkward...

(the camera zooms in on the 20 contestants from Total Drama World Tour Redux)

(the 20 contesants sit with their luggage by the gate of the film lot)

Marijayne: I can't believe its finally over

Rosealynne: yeah no more lame challenges

Derrick: no more stupid singing

Rebecca: now we can go home

Erick: yeah and return to school

Blaine: man, this was really fun

Rhys: yeah it was

Guilianna: I hope Chris doesn't ruin this for us

Westley: where is the bus?

Anthony: or the plane?

(the camera switches over to the other contestants)

Anastacia: I mean seriously Chris was supposed to be here

Marijayne: I'm glad he's not

Enrique: me too

Lyejhiah: finally no more singing

Jessica: or song chime

Travis: now we can relax

Michael: yeah

Emma: I hope there won't be another challenge

Michael: now that would suck

(camera switches to some of the other contestants)

Derrick: how come we have to sit here?

Brittanaey: I wish we were singing

Nathaneal: yeah just to pass the time

Travis: I wouldn't mind singing

Emma: we should stop mentioning singing before Chris hears us Blaine: Emma's right

Marijayne: she is and I don't wanna sing anymore

Rhys: yeah but-

(silence fills as the gate of the film lot opens)

(Chris walks in with a briefcase)

Chris: cast I have in this briefcase another million dollars

Derrick: another million?

Rebecca: seriously?

Chris: so are all 20 of you in?

Rhys: another season

Rosealynne: another million

Bliane: on teams again

Chris: I also I have a surprise that I'll show you guys later

Rosealynne: what's the surprise?

Erick: knowing Chris its probably goona be some of the old contestants

Nathaneal: or a surprise elimination

Rebecca: maybe the million isn't in that case

Westley: yeah or we could be going to a surprise country

Anastacia: who cares really

Anthony: yeah who cares

(a monitor shows all of the songs the teens sang in order)

(several contestants look away in embarrassment)

(the monitor turns off and Chris lets the 20 contestants board the plane)

(5 new contestants walk out and Chris introduces them)

Chris: here's your surprise 5 new contestants

Resettia: hey everyone

Sasha: sup ya'll

Tannis: its nice to meet you all

Trey: sup?

Henry: hey guys what's up

(Chef walks in)

Chef (shocked): what are you doing here?

Henry (anwersing): compeating (sternly) what are you doing here?

Chef (happily): working (hugging Henry) it's good to see you again son

Henry (hugging Chef back): its good to see you too dad

Chef (grabbing Henry again): who said you were done hugging me?

(Chef and Henry hug)

Derrick: you 2 are related

Chef: yeah we are

Chris (to Henry): I feel very sorry for you

Henry: well a dad's a dad

Derrick: that's nice to hear

Rosealynne: yeah it is

Resettia (to Chris): so where are we going?

Chris: I'm not telling

Resettia (giving Chris a puppy dog face): please tell us Chris

Chris (pushing Resettia away): sorry I can't tell you

Chef: yeah so hush

Blaine (to Chef): if your here than who's flying the plane?

(the plane than crashes)

(after the plane crashes, in a field)

Chris (angry): why?

Chef (even angrier): well you got rid of the auto-pilot

Chris (to the cast): cast welcome to Aberdaron, Wales!

The 25 contestants (shocked): WHAT!?!

Chris: well since we're here who wants to be on season 2?

Chef: this is all your fault

Henry: my dad's right

Chris (pushing Henry away): I don't need a second opinion

Chef: don't push him away

Resettia (with a smile): this season is gonna be good

Rosealynne (also smiling): yeah it is

Derrick (chuckling): seriously

Resettia (to Chris): so what's the season called?

(Chris than turns to the camera)

Chris: tune in October 1st for the premeir of Total Drama Royalty!

(CONFESSIONALS) Rosealynne: I can't wait for season 2


Derrick: this time I am gonna win!


Resettia: new girl's going all the way to the top!


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