A remake of Total Drama World Tour with 24 original characters made by me competing on worldwide season for the million dollar prize. There will be eliminations in each episode and the musical numbers are still required.


Alyssa (The Athlete)

Amber (The Shy Girl) 

Barry (The Boy Scout) 

Chad (The Womanizer) 

Damien (The Prankster) 

Emma (The Tomboy) 

Ethan (The Survivalist) 

Frank (The Quarterback) 

Georgia (The Classy Girl) -

Greg (The Pessimist) 

Jerome (The Mechanic)

Kylie (The Flirt) 

Logan (The Country Guy) 

Olivia (The Skater)

Nate (The Class President)

Phil (The Big Guy) 

Piper (The Pacifist) 

Quinn (The Genius)

Raven (The Big Sister) 

Sasha (The Military Girl) 

Tabitha (The Pyromaniac) 

Wanda (The Mischievous One) 

William (The Rich Snob) 

Zayn (The DJ) 

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