This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Hello, Chris here. 16 newbies will travel around the world with me and Chef! Excited?! We all have the same animals on the plane, and Ezekiel! This is a new collabaration. Ready? Time to get funky...

By: Toad and Nduke


Dynamic Duo

  • Abby
  • Cat


  • Dan
  • Reuben
  • Kai
  • James
  • Tasia
  • Meg
  • Quinn
  • Helga
  • Mia
  • Melanei
  • Lauren
  • Drew
  • Phillip
  • Ferb


  • Abby
  • Cat


  • Helga
  • Mia
  • Melanei
  • Lauren
  • Drew
  • Philip
  • Ferb


  • Chris
  • Chef

Elimination Table

Placed Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Jury Vote
10th Quinn IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
12th Tasia WIN IN IN IN OUT
13th James IN WIN IN OUT
14th Kai IN IN OUT
15th Reuben IN WIN LEFT
16th Dan IN OUT


Chapter 1- "Welcome To Total Drama World Tour II!"

Chris McLean stood in the abandoned parking lot where Total Drama Action took place, standing by a gigantic plane next to Chef, Chris had a huge smile on his face due to him getting to come back for a 5th season. He was excited to have another new group of teens instead of those sloppy originals.

"So when do the new contestants get here?" Chris asked in curiosity.

"Soon, the producers said they were showing them around." Chef assured.

"I don't even get why they're even showing them around, we're going around the world again!" Chris shouted.

"Oh look, here they come!" Chef pointed to the left showing the group of new teens.

"Yes!" Chris exclaimed.

"And with that, here we are!" The producer concluded.

"That golf cart was so uncomfortable." said Helga.

"I'm a former federal agent!" Phillip assured.

"Where am I?" Abby asked with a confused look on her face.

"It's Drew time!" Drew assured.

"Um Phillip, don't you have to be a adult to be a secret agent?" Meg asked.

"It's a federal agent." Phillip corrected her with a rude tone.

"Hello, I'm Kai." Kai introduced himself.

"I'm Quinn, Kai's twin, but I'm a lot more evil." Quinn assured.

"How old are you guys?" asks Abby.

"Four." say Kai and Quinn at the same time.

"I'm Tasia!" said Tasia in a annoying woozy voice.

"I'm Reuben, want to see me do a handstand?" Reuben asked as he tried to a handstand, but fell.

"Yes, very sophisticated and talented." Meg whispered to Quinn.

"Who's the guy with the green hair?" Tasia asked in the same annoying peppy voice.

"I'm Ferb." Ferb answered with a british accent.

"Aren't you from that TV show?" Cat asked in curiosity.

"Yes, yes I am." Ferb answered.

"Hi, I'm Dan." Dan introduced himself with a hesitant smile.

"Who wants to hear my federal agent voice?" Phillip offered.

"Save it for the game Phillip, it's boarding time!" Chris explained.

"Can we go on later? I gotta go to the bathroom, too much beans!" Dan asked in curiosity.

"Ugh. Fine, but hurry up!" Chris ordered.

"Thank you!" Dan answered.

"The way you make me feel, oh yeah bay-ba!" Drew sang to Abby.

"No outside items!" Chris ordered.

"We can't have luggage then?" Helga asked in curiosity.

"Of course you can." Chris assured.

"Is he your boyfriend Abby?" Cat asked with a giggle.

"No." Abby answered.

"What is taking him so long!" Chris shouted in anger.

"Maybe he's the new Owen." Lauren answered.

"Are you the new Izzy?" Chris asked in fear.

"Well, I did blow up a school once, but that was in New Zealand, which I got booted from and my mom got so mad and then I moved to Canada!" Lauren explained and kept on talking.

(45 minutes later)

"And then I got a dog for Christmas!" Lauren concluded.

"I'm back!" Dan assured.

"Finally! What were you doing in there?" Chris asked in curiosity.

"Alright, your first challenge is to find a key with your name on it, and bring it to me, the first three people to bring me back their key wins, and become team captains for the season." Chris explained.

"I'm so winning this!" Mia assured.

"Ready, set, go!" Chris shouted as he began the hunt.

"How do you think you're gonna win?" Helga asked in curiosity.

"Well, with simple physics, I can basically pin-point the location of my key, thus winning the challenge, it's simple Algebra 4." Mia assured.

"Whatever." Helga replied.

"Come on guys, our keys should be in the cargo hold!" Lauren assured them.

"Well she's got a point." Meg added.

"No, no, no, hey a raccoon! Cool!" Lauren shouted as she threw things out of a crate.

"Hey my key!" Helga shouted as she caught her key.

"Thanks a lot Lauren!" Helga shouted sarcastically.

"Let's go look somewhere else." Kai insisted.

"Hey, is there another raccoon in that crate?" Dan asked.

"Yeah why?" Lauren replied as she held up two scary looking raccoons.

"Cool, can I have one?" Dan asked.

"Sure!" Lauren replied as she threw a raccoon at Dan.

"Hey little fella, I will call you Buddy!" Dan insisted.

"Hey look, my key!" Tasia shouted in the same annoying peppy voice.

"Hey a key! Oh nevermind, it says Kai." Phillip shouted as he was about to throw Kai's key out the plane.

"No you idiot!" Kai shouted as he stopped Phillip.

"What? It's a dude named Kai's key." Phillip answered.

"That's my name you moron." said Kai with a rude tone.

"Some federal agent." said Abby sarcastically.

"Looks like we have our 3 team captains!" Chris exclaimed.

"So, Abby, Cat, Dan, and Lauren, you're on Helga's team." Chris explained.

"It sounds like a Viking name." Cat added.

"Anyways, Drew, Ferb, James, and Reuben, join Kai's side." Chris explained.

"The rest of you are on Tasia's team." Chris added.

"Can we make up team names?" Tasia asked in curiosity.

"Yeah, whatever." Chris answered.

"How about Team Toad!" Cat shouted joyfully.

(random bell rings)

"Team Shake it Up!" Kai shouted gleefully.

(the same bell rings)

"Team Victorious!" Tasia shouted to were almost people from China could hear her.

(the bell rings again)

"Alright there's your three teams this season on Total.. Drama.. World Tour... II!" Chris exclaimed as he signed off the episode.

Chapter 2- "Saving New Zealand"

"Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"We introduced to you 16 teens: Abby, Caterina, Dan, Drew, Ferb, Helga, James, Kai, Melanei, Mia, Phillip, Quinn, Tasia, Meg, Reuben, and Lauren. We had three winners: Mia, Helga, and Tasia! Find out who will be eliminated first on Total Drama World Tour II!" said Chris as he gave a recap of the previous episode.

"So all three teams in first class? Sweet!" Dan exclaimed in excitement.

"Thanks to Helga, Tasia, and I." Mia interrupted.

"Hey Cat, what's that on your chair?" Quinn asked with a evil smile on her face.

"Oh my God, a spider!" Caterina screamed in fear.

"Cool! Can I keep him?" Lauren asked in curiosity.

"Where's Phillip?" James asked in concern.

"Probably off somewhere on a secret mission." Helga answered with a sarcastic tone.

"Alright Mr Tibbles, I will not let you down!" Phillip promised to his pet mouse.

(the intercom goes on) "All contestants to the dining hall, all contestants!" Chris ordered.

"Cool, breakfast!" said Lauren gleefully.

"Alright, here's your delicious breakfast!" Chris exclaimed as he pointed to a buffet with a cockroach on top.

"Cockroaches? Seriously!" Helga shouted in frustration.

"Want to see me do a handstand now? I've been practicing!" Reuben assured.

"No thanks." Caterina responded.

"So like, is Drew your boyfriend Abby?" Tasia asked in that same annoying peppy voice.

"What's our next destination?" Helga asked while reading Harry Potter 7 for the ninth time that day.

"We're traveling to.. New Zealand!" Chris announced.

"For what?" Abby asked with a confused look on her face.

"To have a challenge duh!" Mia answered with a snobby tone in her voice.

"The way you make me feel.. something.. something.." Drew sang to Abby.

"You aren't going to stop until I date you right?" Abby asked.

"Yes ma'am." Drew answered in a country accent.

"Okay I'll date you." Abby assured with a smile on her face.

"Aw! How romantic!" Cat exclaimed joyfully.

"He is kinda cute." Abby admitted in the confessional.

"She's amazing." Drew insisted in the confessional.

"A relationship that won't last long." Helga assured.

"Okay, time for your challenge, that only your team captains will be competing in." Chris explained.

"Only the team captains?" Drew asked.

"Yes." Chris responded.

"What's the challenge? Oh let me guess, we are traveling to the second biggest city Christchurch, which had that big earthquake, and we have to rescue a person who is trapped in the city, while the rest of the people on our team watch." Helga asked.

"You know so much about me already." Chris assured.

"Is that a good thing?" Helga asked.

"Okay, ready.. set.. go!" Chris exclaimed.

"Don't fall behind Helga!" Cat shouted.

"Cool bleachers!" Lauren shouted.

"Those look uncomfortable, my lazer watch should fix that!" Phillip insisted as he shot lazers from his watch, which mader the bleachers burst into flames.

"Hold on!" Lauren shouted as she ran into the plane.

"Oh no, don't turn into a Sierra, don't turn into a Sierra!" Chris shouted in fear.

"She seems like more of a Izzy to me." said Chef.

"What is that!" Meg screamed as she pointed to left, which revealed a giant ice cube that was being pushed by Lauren.

"To stop the fire silly!" Lauren assured as she threw the ice cube on, which put out the flames.

"Thank you Lauren!" Chris shouted gleefully.

"These are so much better!" Phillip assured.

"Help, help!" A women shouted in a church near Helga.

"Hey!" Helga greeted the lady.

"Can you stand?" Helga asked the lady.

"No!" The lady responded.

"Sir, can you move?" Tasia asked with a concerned look on her face.

"Yes." The man replied with a smile on his face.

"Hop on this gold cart!" Tasia insisted.

"Okay." The man replied.

"Sweetie, can you move?" Mia asked a 7 year-old boy.

"Yes." The young boy answered.

"Hop on!" Mia insisted.

"Let me pick you up miss!" Helga insisted.

"No! Keep your hands off me!" The lady yelled at Helga while beating her with a cane.

"We're almost at the finish line sweetie, your parents will be there." Mia assured the little boy.

"My name's Colby." Colby explained.

"My name is Mia." Mia explained.

"My full name is Colby Michael Randall." Colby explained.

"Mine's Mia Shelley Roberts." Mia explained.

"Stop beating me with your cane!" Helga demanded.

"Stop trying to pick me you whippersnapper!" The old lady shouted.

"I'm trying to win a challenge!" Helga shouted.

"Colby we are so winning this!" Mia assured.

"Yay!" Colby squealed.

"Hey look it's Tasia!" Quinn shouted joyfully.

"That's it come on!" Helga ordered the lady on the golf cart.

"It's Mia!" Drew shouted joyfully.

"Hey Tasia!" Mia shouted.

"What oh hi Mia!" Tasia replied.

"Tasia, it's a trap!" The man shouted.

"What! No!" Tasia screamed as she drove into a wall.

"Yes! Victory!" Mia shouted.

"Come on sir." Tasia said as she pulled the main to the finish line.

"Yes! 2nd!" Tasia shouted.

"Last? No!" Helga shouted in anger.

"Team Toad, I'll see you at elimination." Chris explained.

"I'm voting off Helga, what about you guys?" Dan asked.

"All losers to elimination, all losers!" Chris ordered.

"I vote for Dan." Helga explained.

"Thanks for losing." Dan thanked Helga sarcastically.

"I vote for Dan." Cat explained.

"I vote for Dan." Abby explained.

"I vote for E-Scope." Lauren explained.

"3 votes for Dan, bye-bye." Chris explained.

"Bye guys!" Dan bid a farewell.

"There is 15 left on Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" Chris exclaimed.

Chapter 3-"Trouble in Tokyo"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"We had the team captains rescue people in New Zealand. Helga got beat up by an old lady, Tasia ran into a wall, and Mia befriended a little boy named Colby. In the end Team Toad lost, and Dan was sent home. 15 remain, who will be eliminated next on Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" said Chris as he gave a recap of the previous episode.

"Man, being in first class without my Abby sucks." Drew complained to his teammates.

"Why don't you ask her up here?" Mia asked.

"Because, then the others will target me." Drew insisted.

"My lucky comb!" said Reuben as he pointed to a moldy comb that looked like it had been used one trillion times.

"Why is it moldy?" Mia asked.

"Alright girls, listen to my strategy!" Helga ordered.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Cat asked in a defensive way.

"Just listen to her speech." Abby insisted.

"Okay, so let's win this game!" Helga demanded.

Cat sat there with a blank look and said, "Bingo!"

"You have a plan?" Helga asked.

"No, I don't like this game, I wanna play bingo!" Cat insisted.

After Helga's speech gets over Abby notices Lauren's missing and says, "Hey, where's Lauren?

"I don't know, but I still have cane marks from that stupid old lady." Helga complained.

"Oh I love old people and how they shake when they pour their juice!" Cat shouted.

"Yeah, what do you have against old people?" Melanei asked.

"Some stupid old lady beat me with a cane!" Helga screamed.

"I think Lauren went into the cockpit with Chef." Tasia said with a scared look on her face.

"Everyone strap in!" Abby shouted as she strapped herself in quickly.

The scene shows Lauren pushing a bunch of buttons.

"Hey what's this button do, and this one, oh this one too!" Lauren asked.

"Girl, stop that!" Chef shouted with a worried look on his wrinkly face.

The intercom comes on full blast and Chris shouts, "All contestants to the dining area, all contestants!"

"Where are we going now?" Mia asked.

"Hopefully anywhere without a old lady with a cane, and Chef's yucky burnt eggs." Helga prayed.

"Did we really have to leave first class?" Reuben complained.

Drew and Abby begin making out and Mia shouts, "Kiss each other on your own time."

"Aren't you both 15? Just get engaged." Lauren insisted.

Drew gets on one knee, holds out a beautiful ring, and asks Abby, "Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

"Yes!" Abby screamed as she kissed him.

"Aw, how romantic!" Cat squealed in joy.

"We're traveling to Tokyo!" Chris exclaimed in joy.

"Cool, Tokyo, I love their game shows!" Reuben exclaimed.

"How are we landing?" Ferb asked.

Chris had a crooked smile on his face and says, "Go to the cargo hold."

"Now what?" Melanei asked.

"Oh, and today you have to sing!" Chris exclaimed.

"I don't sing." Helga insisted.

Chris' face got red and he said, "Too bad, Chef hit the button!"

Chef got a huge smile on his face and pulled a rope releasing the contestants in the sky and said, "That's for calling my food gross!"

  • music chime sounds*

Helga's face became red and screamed, "No way, I'm not singing!"

"No singing, no Total Drama World Tour II." Chris ordered.

"The singing thing kinda got old last season." Chef admitted.

"Fine, no singing, but have fun dying!" Chris shouted.

The whole cast screamed as they came closer to the ground.

Reuben looked down and said, "Is that a giant bowl of rice?"

"Hehe, like a sheep!" Cat laughed.

Lauren extends her arms out and says, "Hey guys look, I'm flying!"

Helga is reading The Sketchbook by Nicolas Sparkz and says, "Idiots, I only have 8 more pages left!"

"Didn't you just start that like, 15 minutes ago?" Meg asked.

Abby tries to fly over to Drew, but runs into Reuben and says, "Ew, shave your beard."

Drew notices Reuben trying to grab Abby, and he shouts, "Get your hands off my fiancee!"

"Haha, she's mine now!" Reuben exclaimed.

Chris looks at Chef and says, "I thought you said you gathered 14 teens and two four year old twins?"

"I did, Reuben's a 19 year-old serial killer." Chef answered.

Chris had a horrible look on his face and shouts, "What!"

The contestants finally reach the ground.

A Japanese police officer points at Reuben and shouts, "There he is, cuff him!"

Abby looks exhausted and passes out in Drew's arm.

Drew sheds a few bitter tears and screams, "Abby!"

The Japanese police officer shoves Reuben in the car and says, "He's out of the game."

"Yes!" Helga exclaimed in glee.

"Alright, your challenge is to survive being captured by a giant monster, the last person standing wins the challenge for their team, go!" Chris exclaimed.

Phillip walked over to Drew, Abby, Lauren, Helga, and Cat, and said, "Come with me, I was a former federal agent, I know what I'm doing!"

Drew's eyes became wide for a moment.

Before Helga had the chance to speak, Abby said, "No thanks, we don't need help."

Quinn signaled her team to hide in the warehouse and whispers, "The monster won't find us here!"

The monster walks by the warehouse, rips the roof off and says, "Rawr!"

Quinn runs away and screams, "Good luck!"

The monster grabs Kai, Tasia, Meg, and Melanei, and screams, "Rawr!"

Tasia shakes in fear for her life.

Melanei whispers to Meg and says, "Where is he taking us?"

Meg points to a worn-out bouncy house and says, "To that bouncy house."

James runs into the bounce house for his safety.

"Where am I?" James asked.

Tasia, Melanei, Mia, and Kai were dying of laughter.

Melanei answers, "You just eliminated yourself."

The monsters runs to Abby, but Drew kisses her, and pushes her out of the way.

Abby shouts to Drew, "I love you!"

Drew replies, "I love you too!"

The monster drops Drew into the bouncy house and runs to Phillip.

Phillip takes out a can of pepper spray and says, "You're no match for pepper spray!"

The monster crushes the pepper spray and grabs Phillip.

Phillip shouts, "Let me go you evil fiend!"

The monster throws Phillip in the bouncy house, and chases Quinn & Meg.

Quinn shouts to Meg, "Hide in the bushes!"

The monster grabs Quinn & Meg out of the bushes and screams, "Rawr!"

Ferb runs into the monster and shouts, "Crap!"

The monster grabs Ferb too.

Ferb sits in the bouncy house and shouts, "Where's Perry!"

Chris shouts, "Team Toad wins!"

Team Toad cheers.

Chris says, "Team Victorious, I'll see you at elimination!"

Team Toad and Team Shake It Up go to the dining hall, while Tasia, Quinn, Kai, Meg, and Melanei all plan to vote off Phillip.

Melanei says, "So Phillip."

Chris says, "All losers, please report to elimination, all losers!"

Melanei says, "I vote for Phillip."

Phillip says, "I vote for Kai."

Quinn says, "I vote for Kai."

Kai says, "I vote for Phillip."

Meg says, "I vote for Kai."

Tasia says, "I vote for Kai."

Chris says, "The first three barf-bags go to: Melanei, Quinn, and Meg!"

Meg says, "Nice!"

Chris says, "The next one goes to: Tasia!"

Tasia screams, "Yes!"

Chris says, "Kai and Phillip, the final one goes to...... Phillip!"

Phillip says, "Yes!"

Kai shouts, "What! Why?"

Tasia says, "Smell ya later."

Kai says, "You will pay!"

Kai jumps out of the plane and the remaining Team Victorious members go back to Economy Class.

Chris says, "13 remain, who will go next on, Total.. Drama.. World Tour... II!"

Chapter 4- "Let's Travel On Kiddy Rides In Dizzy World!"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"There were big time winners, and big time losers, and some wicked kidnappings. Reuben turned out to be a serial killer from Japan, and in the end, Kai was sent home. There are 13 left on Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" Chris exclaimed.

The camera shows Team Toad in first class, with Lauren tied up in a rope chewing on a blender and says, "Yum, tastes like show polish!"

Helga says, "A blender tasting like show polish is physically impossible."

Abby interrupts and says, "Not really."

The camera turns to economy class, with Drew screaming, "Abby, I love you!"

Mia smacks him and says, "Chill out, she's on an all-girls team."

Phillip does a backflip and kicks Quinn in the face.

Quinn screams something censored.

The camera turns back to first class.

Helga says, "Did you guys hear that?"

Cat answers, "The loud thud from the plane, or Drew screaming Abby's name again?"

Abby says, "Both."

Chris says, "Attention all passengers, we're emergency landing in Dizzy World, please strap yourselves in if you want to continue living, thanks!"

Helga says, 'Oh, great."

The plane crashes in Dizzy World.

"Hey look, it's Milford Mouse." says Abby.

"Ooh, I love Milford Mouse!" screams Cat. "Let me hug you!" She charges towards the mouse, and hugs it.

Someone inside the costume grumbles.

"Cat, that's a guy in a costume." says Helga snidely.

"Just go with it." whispers Lauren.

Chris struts out of the plane.

"Good evening. Today's challenge is actually to catch Milford Mouse." says Chris. "And Cat, you guys do not win. We have to give him a head start."

The guy in the Milford Mouse costume screams and runs away.

Team Shake it Up and Team Victorious walk out of the plane.

"Wow, that is an excellent way to handle things." says Ferb.

"Aw, shut up, Ferb." says Helga.

"Who wants to be in my play?" asks Phillip. He takes a sheet of paper out of his pants.

"All right, let's see..." he says. "Meg and Melanei can be Guards #1 and #2. Tasia can be the Woozy Mushroom. Quinn can be Evil Person."

"WAAAAAAAAAA!" screeches Quinn.

"I'll be Hero Guy." says Phillip.

"You aren't much of a hero." says Melanei.

Team Toad is stalking about.

"Where is Milford Mouse?" asks Lauren.

Helga is reading.

"Stop reading." says Lauren.

Helga shakes her head.

"Come on, Helga, we have to win this challenge." says Cat.

"I have tracking senses." says Abby. "Let's go."

Team Shake it Up is trying to find Milford Mouse.

"Drew, you're sorta a turd." says James.

"Is it just because I have a hot fiancee?" asks Drew.

"Why, I sort of have a girlfriend at home. Sort of." says Ferb.

"Who, Vanessa? She ain't your girlfriend, bub." says James.

Ferb blinks.

"All right, I take it back!" says James.

Ferb blinks again.

"No need to be so harsh." says Mia.

Ferb opens his mouth to say something, but sees Milford Mouse.

"GET HIM!" screams Mia.

James tackles Milford Mouse, but the mouse slips away.

"Aw, noodles!" says James.

"We almost had him." says Mia. "I know who's going home tonight... That is, after I finish my Algebra homework."

Team Toad has no luck.

"Where is he?" asks Cat.

"I don't know. You're smart. You should be able to figure it out." says Helga.

"You're so mean to me!" screams Cat.

"She complimented you." says Abby.

"Nah..." says Helga.

"So, where do you think the mouse is?" asks Abby.

Milford Mouse is looming over Abby's shoulder.

"AAAAIEEE!" screams Abby.

"Rawr." says Milford Mouse.

Cat takes out a large sack and puts it over Milford Mouse's head.

"Mmph! Smmmph!" says the mouse.

"Now, let's take it back to Chris." says Helga.

"How are we supposed to carry this thing?" asks Cat.

"We aren't. Let's drag it." says Lauren.

Team Victorious is asleep.

"Duuuude, I don't even wanna do a plaaaay." says Tasia, half asleep.

"We are not gonna find Milford Mouse unless we do my play." says Phillip.

"That's it, I'm leaving." says Melanei.

"Me too." says Meg.

"Me three." says Quinn.

"Drag me, so I can say me four." says Tasia.

Phillip throws a hissy fit.

"Pweeeeese?" he asks.

"Fine." says Tasia.

"YES! Places, everyone!" says Phillip.

Meg and Melanei get into position, but are trampled by Milford Mouse tiptoeing through the amusement park.

"Aww." says Meg.

Team Toad quickly follows Milford, and Meg and Melanei get trampled again.

"Do you guys still want to do the play?" asks Phillip.

"Nope, Philly." says Tasia.

"Please?" asks Phillip.

"Goodbye." says Meg, and the team walks away.

"Wait up!" says Phillip, and stalks away.

Team Toad gets to Chris, with Milford Mouse.

"Congratulations, Team Toad, you guys won again." says Chris.

Team Toad cheers.

"We're back." says Meg.

"Team Victorious gets 2nd place." says Chris.

"Yes!" says Phillip. "Now I don't have to be voted out!"

Chris waits twenty minutes.

An exhausted Team Shake it Up comes to Chris. "We're... back..." says Mia.

"You guys lost." says Chris. "Vote out someone."

"And I was just starting to get into this game." says Ferb.

"Report to elimination." says Chris.

Team Shake it Up is planning to vote out James.

"I vote for James." says Mia.

"I vote for Drew." says James.

"I vote for James, dude." says Drew.

Ferb holds up a passport of James, and blinks.

"All right, Mia and Ferb are safe." says Chris.

Chris tosses Mia and Ferb barf bags.

"And finally... Drew." says Chris.

"Why me?" asks James.

"Bye." says Chris. "You were boring." He pushes James out of the jumbo jet.

Team Toad is in the first class room, with Milford Mouse tied up.

"Let's take off his mask." says Helga.

Cat takes off the mask hesitantly.

"REUBEN?" everyone screams.

"Har har har! I was Milford Mouse! And my plan worked, now I'me back in the game! Haw-haw-haw! Smell you dorks later!" says Reuben.

He valiantly jumps away, towards the cargo hold.

"Um, what?" asks Lauren.

"Who will go next time, right here on Total Drama World Tour II? Find out next time!" says Chris.

Chapter 5- "There's a Place in France Where the Ladies Wear No Pants"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"We had the contestants do some wicked rides in Disney World, Team Toad became victorious again, and Team Shake It Up lost again, in the end James went home due to being useless. Find out who goes home this time on Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" Chris exclaimed.

The camera zooms in on Team Toad in first class, with Lauren picking her nose, and Cat screaming, "Ahh! Reuben, get away from me!"

Abby says, "Cat, calm down, Reuben's out of the plane."

Cat takes a deep breath and goes back to sleep.

Lauren asks Helga, "What book are you reading?"

Helga says, "Journal of a Timid Child: The Disgusting Truth."

Abby says, "I would think you would read more educational books."

The camera zooms into economy class with Tasia talking about her boyfriend, after Tasia finishes her story, Drew says, "Yay a happy ending!"

Melanei says, "I would dump him after the prom incident."

Ferb nods.

Phillip mumbles, "Quinn is so going home next."

Meg says, "I miss Gary!"

Tasia asks Meg, "Who's Gary?"

Meg says, "This funny kid who loves me from Total Drama: Tiki Jungle."

Tasia says, "Oh, how come you never mention him?"

Meg says and sheds a tear, "Because it makes me sad."

Melanei says, "Boo-hoo, I'll laugh if he hooks up with Julia."

Meg begins to freak out.

The camera turns back to first class, with Cat stretching and Helga finishing the book.

Lauren says, "Let's get a 3rd win in a row!"

Abby says, "Hopefully Team Victorious loses, and Tasia goes home."

The intercom comes on, and Chris says, "All contestants to the dining hall, all contestants!"

The camera zooms in on the cast in the dining hall and Abby says, "What do you want, it's 8:30 in the morning!"

Chris says, "Time for your challenge!"

Cat asks, "Are we going to Paris?"

Chris answers, "How right you are!"

"Eeeeee!" Cat squealed.

Tasia asks, "Are we going shopping?"

Chris says, "Yes."

Tasia and Cat start screaming in joy.

All the contestants, but Tasia and Cat, and Chris yell, "Shut up!"

Cat says, "Who are we shopping for?"

Chris responds, "Me!"

The contestants all say, "Awwww."

Chris said, "Ready, set, go!"

The contestants run into a huge mall with Phillip asking a lady, "Miss, have you seen my stylish package when I was on Survivor?"

The lady answers, "Oh yes, you were that nude guy that shook his junk in his campmates' faces!"

Phillip asks the lady, "Will you marry me?"

The lady answers, "Oh yes!"

Phillip says, "Look, a chapel!"

The lady answers, "Let's get married now!"

Phillip agrees, the couple get married, even though they hardly know each other.

The priest says, "Tess Buchanan, do you take Phillip Cobb as your husband?"

Tess says, "I do."

The priest says, "Phillip Cobb, do you take Tess Buchanan as your wife?"

Phillip says, "I do."

The priest says, "I now pronounce you husband and wife!"

Tess says, "Let's go shopping!"

Helga says, "This would look perfect on Chris!"

Abby says, "Totally!"

Cat asks, "Why is Lauren eating nail polish?"

The camera zooms in on Team Shake It Up in a store called Le Francia De Coina.

Drew says, "This would look awesome on Chris!"

Mia says, "Defiently!"

Ferb nods in agreement.

Drew asks, "Why aren't those old ladies wearing pants?"

Mia says, "Ew, they're all wrinkly!"

Ferb blinks and sees Vanessa.

Vanessa says, "Hey Ferb."

Ferb says, "Hi Vanessa, what are you doing in Paris?"

Vanessa responds, "Oh, I'm just looking for a ingredient for my dad's next project, what about you?"

Ferb says, "I'm kinda on Total Drama World Tour II, final 12, with my teammates."

Vanessa says, "Very cool. Well, see ya around!"

Ferb nods and waves goodbye.

Drew says, "Nice job Ferb, scoring a babe."

Ferb smiles and he looks at Reuben and says, "Reuben, can't you just stop following us?"

Reuben gets angry and says, "No!"

The camera zooms in on Team Victorious in a store called Shakith It Upe, and Melanei saying, "Why do we even have to shop for Chris anyways?"

Tasia responds, "Because, he holds the million we are fighting for."

Phillip says, "Hey guys, meet my wife Tess!"

Everyone glares at Phillip.

Meg says, "You mean to tell us you've been getting married and buying Tess clothes all this time while we were working on the challenge!"

Meg attacks Phillip and shoves Tess.

Tess says, "Did you just shove me?"

Meg responds, "Yes I did, got a problem with that?"

Tess shoves Meg off a platform leading to Meg falling into a plant.

Chris screams, "Medic!"

Meg is now in the plane, resting.

Tasia says, "Phillip, you married a sociopath!"

Tess throws Tasia into the plant.

Chris screams, "More medics!"

Tasia is shown resting with Meg.

The three teams go back to the plane, were Chris judges the outfits.

Chris judges Team Toad's outfit and says, "I give it a 9.5/10!"

Team Toad cheers.

Chris judges Team Shake It Up's outfit and says, "I give it a 6/10!"

Drew says, "It's okay guys."

Melanei reveals Team Victorious' outfit and says, "A great creation."

Chris says, "This is awful! I give it a 2/10!"

Team Victorious says, "Aww."

Chris says, "I'll see you at elimination, Team Toad, you win!"

Team Toad cheers more.

Drew asks, "What about Team Shake It Up?"

Chris answers, "You guys get 2nd, so you just go to economy class again."

Team Victorious already knows who they're voting for.

Tasia is dizzy and accidentally stamps her own passport.

Meg trips and stamps Tasia's passport.

Phillip says, "Goodbye Tasia."

Melanei says, "Sorry Tasia, but you led us to losing."

Quinn says, "I vote for Meg."

Chris says, "The first two barf-bags go to: Melanei and Phillip!"

Melanei says, "Awesome!"

Phillip says, "Bye Tasia!"

Chris says, "The next one goes to: Quinn!"

Quinn screams, "Heck yes!"

Chris says, "Meg and Tasia, the final barf-bag goes to: Meg!"

Tasia shouts, "What! Why me?"

Meg shakes Tess and says, "I'm sorry Tasia, it was an accident, I swear!"

Tasia jumps out of the plane and the rest of the team goes to economy class, along with Tess.

Chris says, "Well, 11 remain, who will go next time on, Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Chapter 6- "Brouhaha in Belarus"

"Previously, on Total Drama World Tour II, the campers went to France to compete in a modeling challenge! Team Toad won again, and Team Victorious lost, again, sending home Tasia! Who will be eliminated this time, on Total Drama World Tour II!!!"

Team Toad is in first class.

"Do you guys like babies?" asks Cat.

"Not really." says Helga.

"They crap in your lap." says Lauren.

Abby laughs.

"Did you guys ever get a feeling that someone was watching you?" asks Cat.

"Nah." says Helga.

Reuben is looming over Helga.

"AAAAARGH!" screams Helga, and swats Reuben with a book.

"You turd." says Reuben, and hops away.

Team Shake it Up is in economy class.

"Aargh, we lost again." says Drew.

"No chiz." says Mia.

Ferb nods.

"Why don't you ever talk?" says Drew. "Can you talk?"

"You have heard me talk before." says Ferb.

"Anyways, do you think we can pull off a win this time?" asks Mia.

"No. No I don't." says Ferb.

Team Victorious is angry.

"Why do we keep losing?" asks Meg.

"It doesn't really even matter." says Melanei.

"WAAAAAAA." screeches Quinn.

"Would you shut up?" asks Meg.

Quinn farts.

"Hee hee hee." says Quinn.

"Hey, do you like beans?" asks Phillip to his wife, Tess.

"Yeah." says Tess dreamily.

"Me too." says Phillip.

"I'm gonna take a whizz." says Tess. She stalks away.

"Wait, that's not the bathroom door! That's the--" begins Meg.

"Don't tell her." whispers Melanei.

"It's creepy." says Quinn.

Tess accidentally opens the door to exit the plane, and gets sucked out.

"AAAAAAH!" she says as she plummets to her death.

Chef is piloting the plane.

"What was that?" asks Chris.

Chef shrugs.

"I think someone fell out of the plane." says Chris.

"Better go rescue them." says Chef.

"I know, we can make a challenge of it." says Chris.

"Where are we now?" asks Chef.

"Right above Belarus." says Chris.

The plane lands in the countryside of Belarus.

"Where the noodles are we?" asks Phillip. "And where is my wife?"

"In Belarus. We want to avoid any nasty lawsuits, so the challenge is to find Tess. The first team to find her wins invincibility." says Chris.

"In What?" asks Melanei.

"Belarus." says Mia. "A country in eastern Europe."

Team Toad walks off.

"So, we're gonna win again, right?" asks Cat.

"Yep." says Abby.

"Helga, quit reading." says Lauren.

Helga shakes her head.

Lauren feeds Helga's book to a goat that is just randomly walking around.

"There, now you can focus." says Abby.

"Oooh, I love goats!" says Cat.

The goat headbutts Cat.

"Ouchies..." says Cat.

"Anyways, where do you think she is?" asks Abby.

"Ooh, there she is." says Cat.

The team sees someone facing away. The person appears to be Tess.

"Hey, Tess, come over here!" says Cat.

The person does not move.

"I don't think that's Tess." says Lauren.

Abby comes up to the person.

The person turns around, and it is Reuben with a wig on.

"HAW HAW HAW!" says Reuben.

"Why do you keep stalking us?" asks Abby.

Reuben laughs maniacally.

"So, you guys thought you could escape me, eh? Smell ya later! Dorks..." says Reuben, then gallops away.

"Weird..." says Cat.

Chris says, "All contestants to Belarus, all contestants!"

Tess says, "Alright hubby, carry me!"

Phillip says, "Alright wife!"

Tess says, "Where am I going?"

Abby asks, "Is that Tess in that Hook Up With Hot Guys store?"

Helga says, "Well that was easy."

Cat shouts, "Hi Tess!"

Tess says, "Crap, you guys already found me!"

Lauren says, "It shouldn't be to hard to find you, especially in a store like this."

Cat says, "Why are you cheating on Phillip?"

Tess responds, "Because, Phillip is butt ugly."

Helga says, "True."

Tess says, "This is my fiancee Cutter!"

Helga says, "You're cheating on Phillip, ugh, Lauren get out the sack, put Tess in it."

Lauren puts Tess in the bag, and they travel back to the plane on goats, and Cat saying, "We are getting 1st again!"

Chris says, "Team Toad captured Tess, ride back on your goats!"

Mia says, "Let's go you two!"

Chris says, "Wow, you guys travel really quick!"

Lauren says, "We win again, sweet!"

Team Toad cheers.

Team Shake it Up arrives second with Drew saying, "Abby!"

Abby says, "Drew!"

The two embrace and kiss.

Team Victorious arrives last yet again, and Quinn saying, "We're here."

Chris says, "Team not-so Victorious, you're sending someone home.. again!"

Helga walks over to Phillip and says, "Tess is cheating on you."

Phillip screams, "What! With who?"

Abby answers with a sigh, "Some guy named Cutter."

The intercom comes on and Chris says, "All losers to elimination, all losers!"

Phillip says, "I vote for Meg!"

Quinn blinks at Meg's passport.

Melanei says, "I vote for Meg."

Meg says, "I vote for Phillip."

Chris says, "Alright the first barf-bag goes to: Melanei!"

Melanei shouts in excitement.

Chris says, "Quinn.."

Quinn screams, "Yes!"

Chris says, "Meg and Phillip, lets look at why you are here, Phillip, you married a girl in a mall, directly when you met her, obeying her every order. And Meg, who got thrown into a plant, and still hasn't fully recovered. The person that is safe is: Phillip!"

Phillip says, "Thank God!"

Meg walks up to her jetpack and says, "You'll all pay!"

Chris says, "Well, 10 left on Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Chapter 7- "Fun in The Pacific"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"We had a manhunt for Tess, Team Toad found Tess in a Hook Up With Hot Guys store. In the end, Team Victorious lost again, and Meg was sent home. 10 remain, find out who goes home this time on, Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" Chris exclaimed.

The camera zooms in on Team Toad in first class, yet again, with Lauren eating a cookie, and Cat saying, "I love first class!"

Abby says, "We are so winning for a fifth time in a row!"

Helga is reading How To Eat Fried Worms.

Lauren asks, "Did you only pack books with you?"

Helga responds, "No I packed, books, bras, my toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, clothes, heels, dresses, clothes, shoes, flip flops, earrings, headbands, nail polish, pizza rolls, diet pepsi, Pokemon: Black and White, my wii, my 360, my phone, my iPod, my flatscreen, my blanket, my pillow, my pens, my stuffed dog named Zoey, and my bulldog Cherry."

Abby asks, "How many suitcases did you bring?"

Helga responds, "17."

Lauren's jaw drops and Cat says, "Close your mouth Lauren, you'll catch a fly."

The camera zooms in on Team Shake it Up and Team Victorious in economy class, with Phillip snoring, and Quinn crying.

Melanei says, "Shut up, Meg needed to go anyways, she was weak."

Tess nods in agreement.

Drew asks Ferb, "If we lose, your voting Mia too right?"

Ferb responds, "Yes."

Mia says, "You guys do realize I can hear you right."

Ferb nods.

Chris says, "All contestants to the dining hall, all contestants!"

Abby says, "Maybe we'll get lucky and get to go to the beach!"

Chris says, "Today we're going to the Pacific Ocean!"

Everyone but Helga cheers.

Abby says, "Yay! I can work on my tan!"

Cat says, "Maybe there will be hot seniors there!"

Lauren says, "I hope!"

The contestants, along with Chef and Chris get off the plane and head to the beach for their first challenge.

Chris says, "Today, Helga, Mia, and Phillip will surf!"

Helga shouts, "I don't think so."

Chef says, "It's in your contract."

Helga says, "It never said anything about me surfing!"

Chris says, "Helga, you're up first."

Helga gets on the surfboard and does well.

Chris says, "I give you a 9/10!"

Helga says, "Sweet!"

Team Toad cheers.

Chef shoves Mia onto the surfboard, and she does awful.

Chris says, "I give you a 4/10."

Team Shake It Up throws a fit.

Phillip jumps onto the surfboard, falling off immediately, but gets back on and does ok.

Chris says, "I give you a 6/10."

Team Victorious cheers.

Chris says, "The second part of your challenge is to find a seashell with your team logo on it, go!"

Abby says, "Let's go team!"

After hours of searching, Lauren steps on a shell, going through her foot, and Cat screams, "A crab!"

Helga says, "Hey look, a Team Toad shell!"

Abby says, "Let's take it back to Chris!"

The camera switches over to Team Shake It Up failing horribly while digging in the same spot they have been for the past 4 hours.

Mia screams, "Ow! I'm cooked!"

Drew and Ferb can't control their laughter any longer and roll in the sand.

Ferb stumbles onto a shell with his team's logo and says, "Hey guys, I found the shell!"

Drew says, "Awesome, let's take it back to Chris!"

Mia says, "We may beat Team Toad back to the plane!"

The camera switches over to Team Victorious searching in the exact same spot they had been for the past 4 hours, and Quinn pooping in his diaper for the thirteenth time that day.

Melanei screams, "Ew, did you poop your pants again?"

Quinn nods and begins balling.

Melanei says, "Phillip, change him now!"

The camera shows Phillip and Tess making out in the sand.

Melanei smacks Phillip, drags him back to Quinn, and says, "Change him now, while I search for the seashell."

Phillip makes a lady change Quinn, while he goes back to make out with Tess.

Tess says, "I love you."

Phillip says, "I love you too."

Tess takes Phillip's wallet out of his back pocket and puts it in her purse.

Tess asks Phillip, "Would you go get me a smoothie?"

Phillip says, "Sure honey, what flavor?"

Tess says, "Well, I like a exclusive flavor called Money Strawberry, it's only found here."

Phillip says, "Okay."

Melanei says, "Philip, stop handing your greedy wife everything she wants, and help Quinn and I!"

The camera zooms in on Team Toad crossing the finish line, and Chris saying, "You guys win again!"

Team Toad cheers in excitement.

Mia says, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, We are here!"

Chris says, "2nd place once again."

Melanei says, "I found it!"

Quinn says, "Let's go!"

Team Victorious crosses the finish line, and Chris says, "See you guys at elimination again!"

Melanei screams in anger, "Stupid Phillip!"

Phillip says, "What?"

Tess asks Phillip, "Phillip, will you go get me one more of those smoothies?"

Phillip responds, "Of course dear!"

Tess pulls out two one-hundred dollar bills, and says, "Melanei, if you vote out Quinn, consider this wad yours."

Melanei says, "Okay, I was voting him out anyways."

Tess says, "Okay."

Melanei asks Tess, "Why do you want Phillip to stick around anyways?"

Tess answers, "Hello, if Phillip wins this game, I'll be a millionaire."

Melanei says, "Okay."

Chris says, "Time for elimination."

Melanei says, "I vote for Quinn."

Phillip says, "I vote for Quinn."

Quinn says, "I vote for Phillip."

Chris says, "And the first barf-bag goes to: Melanei!"

Melanei screams in excitement.

Chris says, "Phillip and Quinn, the final barf-bag goes to: .................... Phillip!"

Phillip says, "Yes!"

Quinn said goodbye, and jumped out of the plane.

Chris says, "Well, that wraps up this Pacific episode of Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Chapter 8- "Shame in Spain"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II, "We had the contestants surf, and then we had them find seashells. In the end, Team Toad came out on top, and Team Victorious lost again, and Quinn was sent home. Merge this week, find out on Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" Chris exclaimed.

The camera zooms in on Team Toad in first class, for the final time as a team, and Cat saying, "Man, I hope we merge teams this week!"

Abby says, "We better."

Helga is shown reading The Vile Village, by Lemony Snicket.

Lauren says, "Helga, put the book down!"

Helga and Lauren get into a cat fight, with the producers watching, and Cat asking Abby, "Did you hear something."

Abby says, "Nope."

Those two continue reading their magazines, and getting their manicures.

Abby shouts, "Hey! Stupid manicure dude, stop chipping the paint!"

The guy says, "Sorry miss."

Abby says, "Don't let it happen again!"

The guy kisses Abby's hand, and Abby screams, "Idiot, I'm engaged! And plus, we're not in France!"

Cat says, "Yeah, wasn't that like 4 episodes ago?"

Helga says, "Would one of you kindly get Lauren off of me?"

Lauren bites Helga's arm, and it begins bleeding.

Helga screams, "Ouch! Help!"

Chef removes Lauren from Helga, and Lauren is kicked out of first class.

Helga says, "Thanks a lot guys."

Cat says, "You're welcome!"

Helga says, "Were you being sarcastic?"

Cat screams, "What's that supposed to mean!"

Helga says, "You guys are so dead!"

Abby asks Helga, "What about Lauren?"

Helga says, "Okay, you're next!"

Abby says, "Whatever."

The camera switches over to what is left of Team Victorious and Team Shake it Up.

Melanei is shown crying and Tess asking, "What's wrong? Don't like your 200 bucks?"

Melanei says, "Shut up, Quinn was like a little brother."

Phillip walks up and says, "Is there a problem ladies?"

Tess asks him, "Oh no honey, would you go get me some treats from first class?"

Phillip says, "Of course my dear!"

Phillip walks off and Melanei says to Tess, "You're going to pay."

Tess says, "Aww.. How about 500?"

Melanei smacks Tess and says, "No more bribing me."

Tess says, "What's the matter? Can't take money?"

Chris says, "All contestants, please report to the dining hall, all contestants!"

Tess pushes Melanei and says, "Looks like that's for you."

Chris says, "You are all the merge, your challenge is a bike race."

Everyone but Melanei cheers.

Everyone runs off the plane and gets on their bikes.

Chris says, "Ready, set... set.."

Drew accidentally already took off and said, "Oh come on!"

Chris says, "Now go!"

The contestants begin pedaling, with Abby and Cat tied for 1st, leaving all the other contestants in the dust.

Helga says, "Sweet, 4th place isn't bad out of 9th!"

One of Helga's bolts came out, so she stops her bike, leaving the other contestants a chance to pass her, which they all do.

Helga finally gets the bolt back in, she speeds up her bike, but a stampede of cows come along, and the 3 biggest one lay down in the street, and Helga screams, "Oh come on!"

Abby and Cat were still side by side, Phillip and Drew were side by side too, and Melanei was in 8th place.

Helga screamed, "Move you stupid cows, move!"

Abby and Cat approach the finish line.

Melanei yells to Helga, "Need a hand?"

Helga says, "Yes!"

Melanei goes back to help Helga.

Helga says, "Thank you Melodei."

Melanei corrects her and says, "It's Melanei."

Helga says, "Whatever."

Melanei pedals back on her bike, leaving Helga in the dust.

Helga shouts, Wait, Mellon-head, I mean Melanei!"

Melanei smacks everyone in her path out of the way, including Drew and Phillip, racing next to Cat and Abby, Melanei says, "That would be cool if us 3 got invincibility!"

Abby smacks Melanei and knocks her off of her bike and says, "Not this time, sorry!"

Abby and Cat cross the finish line at the same time, and Chris says, "Abby and Cat win invincibility!"

Abby and Cat scream in joy.

Chris says, "Abby and Cat win invincibility, as for the rest of you, vote someone out!"

Abby says, "I vote for Helga."

Cat says, "I vote for Helga."

Drew says, "I vote for Helga."

Ferb is shown blinking at Phillip's passport.

Helga says, "Goodbye Phillip!"

Melanei said, "Adios, Phillipe and Tess!"

Mia said, "I vote for Ferb."

Phillip said, "I vote for Helga."

Lauren said, "I vote for Ferb.

Chris said, "And the barf-bags go to: Abby, Cat, Drew, Lauren, Melanei, Mia, Ferb, and Phillip!"

Helga screams, "What, why me!"

Melanei responds, "Because I tried to help you, and you were rude."

Helga jumps out of the plane and left a strange silence.

Chris says, "Well, 8 left on, Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Chapter 9- "Let's Get Married in Vegas!"

"Last time on Total Drama World Tour II, the contestants participated in a bike race! In the end, Helga was eliminated because she was rude to Melanei. Who will go next? Find out today!"

Abby and Cat are in first class.

"So, Cat, any boys you like?" asks Abby.

"No, not really." says Cat.

"I like Drew. Actually, I looooove him." says Abby.

"I know." says Cat. She giggles.

"Are you two gonna get married?" asks Cat.

"No. Maybe. Probably." says Abby.

Abby blushes.

Meanwhile, in economy class...

Ferb is studying the wall and watching paint dry.

"Whatcha doin'?" asks Mia.

"You are not Isabella." says Ferb.

"All right, Ferb, listen. We need an alliance." says Mia.

"Oh, please." says Ferb.

"Come on, we could be the final two!" says Mia.

Ferb rolls his eyes.

Lauren is doing yoga.

"Hey, how's the yoda?" asks Phillip.

"It's called Yoga." groans Tess.

"Thanks!" says Lauren.

"Anyways, do you think Abby and I should get married?" asks Drew.

"Nnnnno." says Phillip.

"Why not?" asks Drew.

Phillip says in confessional, "Well, I've sorta had a crush on Abby since the beginning of the season. Yeah, I know I have a wife, but I sorta hate her."

"Who wants to do a plaaaaaay?" asks Phillip.

"Not me." says Drew.

"All right. Drew, you're Country Creep." says Phillip.

Drew mumbles.

"Lauren, you're Cra-Z, Ferb, you're Silent F, and Mia, you're Nerdy McGee." says Phillip.

Chris comes in.

"Sorry, but we're landing." says Chris.

Abby groans, "Oh come on!"

Chris says, "Pick someone to be married to!"

Abby immediately grabs Drew's arm, and says, "Mine!"

Cat grabs Ferb's arm and says, "Hubby!"

Tess punches Cat in the face and says, "He's mine!"

Mia says, "Ferb!"

Melanei asks Chris, "What about Lauren and I?"

Chris responds, "You guys aren't in, the challenge, you just stay in economy class, but we are putting, nice foods, a flatscreen, and a laptop in case you get bored, and you have immunity from the vote!"

Lauren and Melanei cheer.

Abby says, "Just get the challenge going."

Chris says, "Okay, the couple that win the first challenge, get to be married!"

Abby screams, "For real!"

Chris answers, "Yep, got everyone's licenses right here."

Everyone but Drew and Abby groan.

Chris says, "LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sierra, and Tyler will be asking you a series of questions, the first couple to 5 wins invincibility, and gets to be married!"

LeShawna asks, "What is the capital of Canada?"

Abby buzzes in and says, "Ontario!"

Chris says, "A point for Abby & Drew!"

Lindsay asks, "What does the RCNP stand for?"

Ferb corrects her and says, "It's the RCMP, which stands for the Royal Canadian Mountain Police!"

Chris says, "A point for Ferb & Mia!"

Chris says, "The score is, 1-1-0-0!"

Noah asks, "What episode did Izzy go home in, in TDA?"

Drew buzzes in, and says, "Full Mental Drama!"

Chris says, "Correct!"

Drew walks into the confessional and says, "I'm going to do anything to make sure Abby and I get married!"

Owen asks, "How many episode of Total Drama have aired?"

Abby asks, "Like before this show?"

Owen answers, "Yep."

Abby answers, "Then 81."

Chris says, "Correct!"

Phillip screams, "Cat! What are you doing?"

Cat answers, "Painting my nails purple see? Hehe!"

Phillip smacks Cat's nail polish out of her hands and on the ground, Cat begins wailing.

Chris screams, "Dude! You got purple nail polish all over the floor!"

Phillip stormed out of the building, and walked back to the plane.

Cat says, "Now who am I gonna be paired with?"

Chris answers, "Nobody, you're out of the challenge!"

Cat says, "Aww."

The camera switches over to, Lauren, Melanei, and Tess watching Jersey Shore, and Lauren saying, "Snooki is so ghetto!"

Tess says, "Ronnie is so hot!"

Melanei nods in agreement with Tess.

55 minutes later...

Abby and Drew are leading by 2, the score is 4-2.

LeShawna asks, "Abby do you love Drew?"

Abby says, "Yes!"

Chris says, "Abby and Drew win!"

Abby and Drew cheer and kiss.

Chris says, "Time to get married!"

The wedding got over and Abby saying, "Yay, my life is now complete!"

The camera switches over to the girls in their version of economy class.

The girls complain about Jersey Shore being canceled, and Tess begins cursing.

Chris says, "All contestants, please report to elimination, all contestants!"

Chris says, "Vote someone off!"

Abby said, "I vote for Phillip, and there's 5 bucks if you kick out Tess as well."

Cat said, "I vote for Mia."

Drew said, "I vote for Phillip."

Ferb said, "I vote for Mia."

Lauren said, "I vote for Phillip."

Melanei said, "I vote for Mia."

Mia said, "I vote for Cat."

Phillip said, "I vote for Mia."

Chris said, "The first five barf-bags go to, Abby, Drew, Melanei, Lauren, and Ferb!"

Everyone that got barf-bags cheered.

Chris said, "Cat."

Cat screamed, "EEEEEEEE!"

Chris said, "Mia and Phillip, the final barf-bag goes to: ................................ Phillip!"

Phillip said, "Awesome!"

Mia screamed, "What! You all voted for me!"

Ferb said, "Smell ya later!"

Mia tried to jump out, but hit her head on the exit sign.

Chris said, Well, 7 left on, Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Chapter 10- "Aruba or Cuba?"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"We had couples compete in a trivia contest. In the end, Abby and Drew got married, and won the game. Mia was eliminated due to being too bossy. Find out who goes home this time on, Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" Chris exclaimed.

The camera shows Abby and Drew in first class, making out on a chair.

Abby said, "I love you."

Drew assures her he loves her too.

Abby makes a entry in her journal, Drew took it and Abby said, "Hey, you can't read it.. yet!"

Drew read aloud, it said

Dear Diary,

Drew is the love of my life, if we were seperated on this show anymore, I would die. I hope he doesn't find out I'm pregnant, yet. And as long as Phillip and Tess are married, it puts a big target around Phillip, not us!

Love, Abby Rose.

Drew stutters and finally says, "You're.. pregnant!"

Abby nods.

Drew stutters some more and says, "But..but..but.. you're only 19!"

Abby said, "You're only 20."

Drew said, "Well, I don't care, we can finally begin a family!"

The newlyweds hug and kiss each other some more, with the cameraman laughing his head off, as if those two were the stars of one of those horrible soap operas.

Abby begins reading a magazine, and Drew begins watching the big Duke vs. Arizona game, that isn't supposed to air till tonight.

Drew screamed, "Go Duke, it's all you!"

Abby asked him, "Didn't Duke win last year dear?"

Drew answered, "Yeah!"

Abby asks him, "Don't you think it would be nice, ya know, if another team won this year?"

Drew responded, "No! Duke will always be my pick for the NCAAB Championships!"

Abby backs away, and drinks a large cup of Diet Pepsi.

Drew screams, "Oh come on Kyle Singler! You've only scored 22 points, you're normally at 30!"

Abby runs and gets a manicure.

The nail dude asked, "What is up with your husband/baby daddy?"

Abby answered, "I have no clue, he loves Duke though."

The nail dude walks over and asks Drew, "Dude, what's up?"

Drew growls and the nail dude runs away.

Abby asked him, "Well how'd it go?"

The nail guy responded, "You're right, he's totally AWOL."

Abby files her nails and says, "Yeah, I know, but it's just basketball, guys get really angry about that."

Drew screams because Duke won 77-58.

Abby screamed, "Yay, Duke won, congratulations baby!"

Drew said, "Honey, our baby is going to love Duke!"

Abby rolled her eyes, and sarcastically said, "Defiently!"

The nail guy responded, "Did Duke win?"

Abby smacked the guy and said, "Shut up, you'll just get him started again!"

The nail guy stepped back and asked again, Drew finally responded, "Yeah, but Kyle Singler totally could of done better, he only scored 33 points, pssh, I score 35 points a game. And Nolan Smith was a little cry baby in the first half, because he "broke" his foot, but they still won."

The nail guy high fives Drew and says, "That's perfect!"

Drew and the nail guy, whose name is later revealed to be Chad engage in a conversation about NCAAB for the next 4 hours, meanwhile Abby gets a chinese lady to do her nails and the chinese lady says, "There you go sweetheart."

Abby responded, "Whatever, move out of my way lady."

The chinese lady pulled Abby's hair and said, "What? Don't get your underpants in a twist."

Abby said, "I'll twist your underpants."

The camera guy stepped in and said, "I think we can solve this, and keep our underpants untwisted."

Abby and the chinese lady get in a fight, Abby pulls out the chinese lady's weave, and Abby said, "Wait.. why do you have a weave if your chinese?"

The chinese lady said, "None of your business."

Abby responded, "Whatever, leave the plane."

The chinese lady said, "No way, Chris is paying me!"

Abby shoves the lady out of the plane and said, "Adios!"

The camera switches over to economy class, with Ferb staring at the wall again.

Melanei and Lauren are still watching Jersey Shore, but this time, everyone else in economy class is as well.

Chris, being Chris, broke up the fun and said, "Time for your challenge!"

Cat asked, "What is it?"

Chris said, "You will be eating Cuban foods!"

Lauren complained, "But I'm allergic to Cuban food!"

Chris said, "Aww.. don't care!"

Lauren flipped Chris off and stormed out.

Chris said, "Time to eat, in this restaraunt!"

Cat said, "Looks dirty."

Lauren said, "It may not be that bad, I guess."

The camera switched over to the cast at a Cuban restaraunt called !Si Amigos Cuba!

Chris said, "You're first dish is a piece of Cuban Pie."

Everyone pokes at it.

Chris says, "It includes goat parts!"

Everyone eats it except for Melanei, whom is vegetarin.

Chris said, "Melanei is out!"

Melanei said, "Yeah, whatever."

Chris said, "Your next dish is Cuban ice cream, made of cow milk and dog poop!"

Everyone but Cat, Lauren, and Phillip eat it.

Phillip finally finishes it, and Cat sits next to Melanei, refusing to eat it, along with Lauren.

Chris said, "Fine, Cat and Lauren are out too!"

Lauren got dizzy and Chris asked, "Lauren are you okay?"

Lauren threw up all over him.

Chris screamed, "Ewww!"

Phillip screamed, "I forfeit!"

Chris said, "Okay, 3 left!"

Abby and Drew make out, so they don't finish the dish, but Ferb does.

Chris said, "Ferb wins!"

Abby said, "What, why?"

Chris said, "Because, you two were too busy making out, you didn't eat the dish!"

Everyone walks back into the plane dissapointed, and a little sick still.

Chris said, "Vote someone off!"

Abby said, "I vote for Melanei."

Cat said, "I vote for Melanei."

Drew said, "I vote for Melanei."

Ferb blinks at Phillip's passport.

Lauren said, "I vote for Phillip."

Melanei said, "I vote for Phillip."

Phillip said, "I vote for Melanei."

Chris said, "And the barf-bag goes to: Ferb, Abby, Cat, Drew, and Lauren!"

Everyone that recieved barf-bags cheered.

Chris said, "And the final one goes to: .................. Phillip!"

Phillip said, "Yes!"

Melanei screamed, "You fools will pay!"

Melanei jumped out of the plane, and the room sat silent.

Chris said, "Well, there's 6 left on, Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Chapter 11- "Tragedy in Paradise"

"Last time on Total Drama World Tour II, the remaining contestants ate Cuban food! In the end, Melanei was eliminated for no reason. Who will go next?"

Ferb is in first class reading a magazine.

"Whatcha doin'?" asks Phillip, who comes into the room.

"You are not allowed in my room." says Ferb.

Phillip giggles.

Ferb stares at Phillip for an extended period of time.

"AAAAAGH!" screams Phillip, then leaves.

Cat and Lauren are chatting.

"Hey, who do you like here?" asks Cat.

"Nobody, really. They're all creepy." says Lauren.

"I like trains." giggles Cat.

"There is seriously something wrong with you." says Lauren.

"What makes you think that?" Cat asked.

Lauren rolled her eyes, and said, "No reason."

The camera switched over to the other side of economy class, which showed Abby making an entry in her diaryl. Drew asked, "What ya writing in it now babe?"

Abby smiled and said, "Nothing."

Drew said, "Oh come on, let me see!"

Abby said, "Okay, here you go."

Drew took the diary and read to himself, "Dear Diary, It has been a amazing 5 months of pregnancy. I can't wait to have the baby! I hope it's a girl, the names I've been thinking are: Abigail, Bethenny, Cecelia, Daniela, Eva, Farah, Gigi, Helena, Isabel, Jackie, Laurie, Michel, Nikole, Olivia, Patricia, Quinn, Randie, Suzanne, Tia, Ulonga, Veronica, Willow, Xalia, YaYa, or Zebody, which one do you think Drew will like best?"

Drew took a pen, and wrote, "Well, Abs, I'd love any of those names, how about boys? I was thinking: Aaron, Brock, Cody, Devin, Eli, Frank, Gregory, Henry, Ike, Justin, Kyle, Lucas, McFloodeedoo, Nikolas, Oliver, Peter, Quentin, Rulon, Steven, Timothy, Uriah, Vinny, Wilson, Xavier, Yilly, or Zane?"

Abby kissed Drew, and said, "I'd like any of them, especially Justin and Kyle!"

Drew kissed Abby back, and said, "I'd like any girls, especially Cecelia, Gigi, and Randie!"

Abby said, "I'm so excited the baby's due today!"

Drew said, "Me too!"

Tess said, "Phillip, I have a confession to make, I'm 6 months pregnant, with your baby, it's due today."

Everyone gasped.

Abby said, "You'll do anything to get attention, won't you?"

Tess lifted up her shirt, to reveal a bump, Phillip said, "Cool! What are we having?"

Tess smiled and said, "A boy!"

Chris said, "All contestants, please report to the dining hall, all contestants!"

The contestants gathered in the dining hall, and Reuben screamed, "Smell ya later dorks!"

Chris rolled his blue eyes, and said, "Anyways, since Abby and Test, are due today, your challenge is so safely get them to the hopsital in Miami, to deliver the baby! Cat and Drew will help Abby, and Ferb, Lauren, and Phillip will help Test."

Tess screamed, "It's Tess, Tess Renee Claire Brennan-Ford-Wentworth-St-Onge-Corinthos-Castillo-Sheppard!"

Phillip stuttered, "You were married 5 times before me?"

Tess nodded.

Phillip shuddered and said, "Who were they?"

Tess rolled her blue eyes, and said, "Losers from 15 years ago."

Chris said, "Ready, set, go!"

The contestants ran off, and Abby and Tess both screamed, "My water just broke!"

Cat pointed to a yellow taxi, and said, "Look, a taxi!"

Abby, Cat, and Drew ran into the taxi, and Ferb whispered to Lauren, "Why are we even helping these two? They're both a pain in the butt!"

Lauren sighed, "Well, we could use Phillip's vote."

Ferb whispered back to her, "True."

Phillip said to Tess, "Don't worry, It'll be fine!"

The camera showed a soft smile on Tess' face, and she said, "I know."

Lauren was in shock and said, "Are those sleigh-dogs, in Miami?"

The four of them gasped, and Tess said, "Hurry up, this baby can't wait much longer!"

The camera showed the dogs beginning to chase seagulls, but they left the harnesses behind.

Phillip said, "Ferb and Lauren, you run, I'll stay back here with Tess!"

Ferb muttered to himself, "Stupid moron."

Tess screamed, "Hurry up, this baby ain't gonna stay in much longer!"

Phillip got furious, and said, "Mush!"

Ferb became furious, and screamed, "That's it, I quit this challenge!"

The camera switched over to Abby, Cat, and Drew pulling into the hospital parking lot.

Drew said, "Thanks dude!"

The taxi driver said, "Thank you, hehe!"

Cat gasped, "Reuben?"

Reuben said, "That's right!"

Drew picked up Abby, and said, "Cat, help me carry Abby!"

Cat said, "Okay!"

Ferb randomly appeared, and said, "Can I help you guys?"

Drew said, "Of course Ferb, can you get the door for us?"

Ferb ran to the door, opened it, and said, "There ya go!"

Drew said, "Thanks Ferb!"

Lauren, Phillip, and Tess finally arrived to the hospital, and Phillip said, "Hurry up!"

Lauren was panting, but managed to say, "A little appreciation would be nice!"

Tess said, "Do you mind? I'm going into labor here!"

Lauren rolled her green eyes.

The camera switched over to Abby, holding her new baby girl, named, Cecelia Marie Jacobs.

Cat said, "Aw, she's beautiful!"

Drew said, "Thanks Cat!"

Abby said, "Cat and Ferb, will you be the godparents of Cecelia?"

The two immediately said, "Of course!"

The camera switched over to Tess holding her new baby boy named, Thomas Michael Sheppard.

The doctor said, "Let me hold her, for some tests."

Tess said, "Okay, bye-bye Thomas!"

The doctor was revealed to be Reuben, and Reuben said, "Haha, we'll see if you ever see your baby again!"

Reuben had run out of the room, but tripped down a flight of stairs, along with baby Thomas.

Phillip and Tess both screamed, "Thomas, no!"

Reuben was moaning at the bottom of the stairwell, but the baby was dead, with it's head cracked open.

Tess screamed, "No!"

Phillip pulled out a knife, and said, "You jerk!"

Phillip then began stabbing Reuben to death, and Tess shoved Phillip off of him, and screamed, "Don't touch Thomas' daddy!"

Phillip gasped, "What!"

Reuben moaned, "Tess, I will always love you!"

Reuben softly kissed Tess, and then died, due to excessive blood loss.

Tess screamed, "Reuben, Reuben, no!"

Tess smacked Phillip, and said, "First you marry me, and now you murder my boyfriend!"

Phillip gasped, "Boyfriend, I'm your husband!"

Tess screamed, "Yeah, well not anymore, we're done!"

Tess then threw her ring at Phillip, and left the hospital with Thomas' corpse.

Phillip then walked off, and went into Abby's room.

Drew said, "What happened to you?"

Phillip said, "Well, the baby isn't mine, it's Reuben's, and I murdered Reuben, and Tess left me, and Reuben tripped down a flight of stairs, with Thomas in his hands, and baby Thomas' head split open, and he bled to death."

Abby and Cat gasped.

Drew said, "Sorry bro."

Phillip said, "It's fine, who's this cute girl?"

Abby said, "Cecelia Marie Jacobs."

Phillip said, "Aw, sweet!"

Cat said, "Can all of us nickname her CeCe?"

Abby said, "Oh, CeCe, I love it!"

Chris walked in, and said, "Abby, Cat, Drew, and Ferb win invincibility!"

The four cheered.

Chris said, "Vote someone off."

Abby said, "I vote for Lauren."

Cat screamed, "I vote for Phillip!"

Drew said, "I vote for Lauren."

Ferb said, "I vote for Lauren!"

Lauren said, "I vote for Phillip."

Phillip said, "I vote for Lauren."

Chris said, "And the barf-bags go to: Abby, Cat, Drew, Ferb, and Phillip!"

Abby said, "Wait, before Lauren goes, Cat, Lauren, and I have to do something, the Who Says video!"

Chris said, "Fine, but Lauren when you're done, jump out!"

Abby, Cat, and Lauren all dyed their hair dark brown, and wore black dresses, and pink heels, and curled their hair.

2 hours later.

Cat says, "There, done!"

Abby and Cat cried, "Bye Lauren!"

Lauren said, "You two kick butt for me!"

Chris said, "Wow, final 5, find out who goes next time on: Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

The camera showed Reuben open his eyes and start breathing, and said, "Phillip will pay."

Tess walked up and said, "He will."

And that's when the camera cut off.

Chapter 12- "Total Drama: Revenge of The Losers"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"Abby's and Tess' water broke, so we had the other 5 contestants help them out, we had new parents, a new estranged married couple, and a jealous ex-possibly dead contestant, and 1 alive baby, and apparently one dead baby, in the end, Lauren was vote out by a vote of 4-2. The losers will sink their teeth into some revenge this episode of: Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

The camera zoomed in on, Abby, Cat, Drew, and Ferb in first class, eating cake. Abby said, "Poor Phillip, first Tess was cheating on him, then Thomas died, even though it wasn't his baby, and then he was almost voted out again, and now he's all alone in economy class. Should I go invite him to come in here, do you guys care?"

Cat said, "Yeah, we should."

Ferb nods.

Phillip was shown in economy class, crying, and Abby said, "Phillip, want to come up to first class with us?"

Phillip dried up, showed a soft smile, and said, "Sure, thank you."

Abby walked back into first class, with Phillip, and Drew said, "Abby, can you take CeCe for a sec, I'm gonna go talk with Phillip."

Abby smiled and said, "Of course hun."

Drew motioned for Phillip to come over to the couch, Phillip said, "Okay."

Drew said, "Okay, how are you feeling right now?"

Phillip said, "I want to go home."

The intercom came on, and Chris said, "Okay, you guys get a day of relaxation, in first class!"

Everyone but Phillip cheered.

Cat asked, "Why?"

Chris said, "I'll tell you later."

Abby said, "Of course."

The camera switched over to the aftermath, which is now hosted by Blaineley, the only one who still likes Total Drama.

Blaineley said, "Welcome to Total Drama: The Aftermath 3!"

The audience cheered.

Blaineley said, "I have the 11 losers from Total Drama World Tour II!"

The audience cheered even louder.

Blaineley screamed, "Please welcome: Dan, Reuben, Kai, James, Tasia, Meg, Quinn, Helga, Mia, Melanei, and Lauren!"

The audience gasped at hearing Reuben's name.

Lauren asked, "I thought Reuben was stabbed to death by Phillip?"

Reuben said, "I faked my death."

Helga screamed, "How!"

Reuben responded, "Because I'm good."

Tasia said, "Wow, he really is nuts."

Dan said, "I can't believe I was voted out first!"

Meg said, "We can!"

James said, "Doesn't anyone remember me from American Idol?"

"Nope." Helga answered.

Quinn began crying, and screamed, "I poopie!"

Kai said, "Stop being such a cry baby!"

Lauren said, "Why are we here in the first place?"

Blaineley screamed, "Because the producers are paying me to!"

Helga said, "Chill out, Mildred."

Blaineley became furious, and screamed, "What did you say! What did you just say!"

Mia said, "We all know your name is Mildred, Geoff said it in one of the aftermath episodes."

Blaineley glared, and attacked Mia.

Mia screamed, "Somebody get this crazy lady off of me!"

Lauren and Tasia pulled out Blaineley's extensions, and Blaineley screamed, "Ow you two little *hears random edited cursing* witches!"

The audience cheered the loudest they had that summer evening.

Blaineley said, "Anyways Chris wants me to have the 12 of you vote out one of the final 5. Man Tasia, you ripped out part of my real hair! And Lauren ripped out every last inch of my extensions!"

Tasia said, "Cry me a river, and build a bridge."

Blaineley glared at Tasia, and Helga said, "Can we just get this stupid show over with!"

Blaineley screamed, "Whatever! Go vote in the confessionals!"

Dan said, "Ehm, I vote for Drew."

Reuben screamed, "I freaking hate you Phillip!"

Kai said, "Ehm, I vote for Quinn!"

James said, "Do, de, de, de, de, do, do, de, do, Ferb."

Tasia said, "Smell ya later Phillip!"

Meg said, "Drew hasn't do anything, so see-ya!"

Quinn said, "I vote for Blaineley!"

Helga screamed, "I vote for Cat, backstabber!"

Mia said, "I vote for Drew."

Melanei said, "To avenge Lauren, I vote for Drew!"

Lauren said, "Sorry Drew, you leave me no choice!"

Chris said, "All contestants, to the aftermath show!"

Abby said, "What, why?"

Chris said, "The losers voted off one of you!"

The five remaining contestants gasped.

Cat said, "Why would they do that?"

Phillip said, "Because Cat, they want a puppy to win the million."

Cat said, "But they haven't been here as long as us!"

Abby said, "Cat, he was joking."

Cat screamed, "Oh, hehe!"

Ferb just sat their and blinked.

Blaineley said, "Alright, welcome out Chris McLean!"

The audience was dead silent.

All of the losers laughed.

Chris said, "Wow, I bring you 5 seasons of this and no appreciation. Who am I Chef?"

Chef said, "Hey, I've hardly had any lines at all for the past 3 seasons!"

Blaineley said, "Just shut up and tally the votes!"

Chris said, "Fine!"

The audience cheered.

Chris said, "I vote for..... Quinn?"

Quinn screamed, "What, I'm not even in anymore!"

Kai laughed.

Chris glared at Kai, and said, "Way to waste your vote."

Kai still laughed.

Chris said, "One vote.. Ferb!"

Ferb's eyes widened.

Chris said, "One vote.. Phillip."

Reuben screamed, "Yes!"

Chris said, "One vote.. Blaineley!"

Blaineley screamed, "What!"

Everyone laughed, even Chris.

Chris said, "One vote... Drew!"

Drew said, "What!"

Chris said, "Another vote Drew."

Drew screamed, "What!"

Chris said, "One vote.. Cat?"

Cat gasped.

Chris said, "Another vote.. Phillip!"

Reuben screamed, "Yes!"

Chris said, "And the eliminated person is: Drew!"

Everyone gasped.

Drew said, "Oh well, I love you Abby, and you too CeCe!"

Drew kissed Abby, and kissed CeCe on the cheek.

Chris said, "Well, that was totally unexpected, find out what will happen to the final 4 of: Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Drew jumped out and screamed, "I love you Abby!"

Abby shouted, "I love you too!"

Chris said, "Abby, you can bring a contestant of your choice up to first class with you."

Abby immediately said, "Cat."

Cat said, "Yay!"

Phillip said to Ferb, "So final 4 huh?"

Ferb nods.

Phillip said, "I thought I was a goner."

Ferb rolled his eyes.

Phillip said, "I've been in the bottom two 7 times in a row!"

Ferb said, "If I respond, will you finally shut up?"

Phillip said, "Nope!"

Ferb screamed, "No!"

The camera cut off then.

Chapter 13- "The Amazing Four"

Previously on Total Drama World Tour II,

"We had the 12 losers vote someone off. Phillip was depressed about Tess, and shockingly, Drew was eliminated! Didn't see that coming! Find out what we have in store for the final four on the episode of: Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!" Chris stated.

The camera zoomed in on Abby and Cat in first class, and Cecelia was crying.

Cat asked, "What's wrong with CeCe?"

Abby said, "She wants Drew."

Cat said, "Oh, I'm sorry."

Abby said, "It's okay, I just miss him so much already."

Cat asked, "So who goes next?"

Abby immediately said, "Phillip."

Cat said, "Yeah, he's been in the bottom two eight times."

Abby said, "I just feel bad because of the whole Tess thing."

Cat said, "Yeah."

Abby said, "Ferb's smart enough to win though."

Cat nodded.

Abby pondered, "But what if it was a jury vote?"

Cat gasped.

Abby insisted, "He would totally lose!"

Cat said, "Yeah, he's too quiet."

Cecelia began bawling, and Abby said, "I know CeCe, I miss daddy too."

Cat said, "I just feel weird cause of the whole somebody voted for me thing."

"It's just a bitter loser Cat." Abby insisted.

Cat said, "I know, I just really like James."

Abby asked, "Aww, really?"

Cat smiled and nodded.

Abby asked, "Why don't you talk to him?"

Cat responded, "He was 4th eliminated, I kinda didn't have the time to tell him."

Abby said, "Aw, I'm sorry."

The intercom came on, and Chris screamed, "All contestants, please exit the plane, all contestants!"

Abby screamed, "Ugh, now what!"

Chris said, "Well, after this challenge, we'll have the final 2!"

Everyone began cheering.

Ferb asked, "What's the challenge?"

Chris answered, "A trivia contest, about facts from this season!"

"Oh great." Phillip mumbled.

Chris said, "Thanks for the enthusiasm."

Phillip rolled his eyes, and said, "Whatever."

Chris said, "Anyways, we will have 15 questions, the contestant with the most points at the end of 15, wins."

"Can we just play bingo?" Cat asked.

Chris glared.

Abby said, "This is serious!"

Chris said, "Question 1: How many episodes was Tess featured in?"

Abby immediately buzzed in, and said, "Six."

Chris said, "Correct!"

Abby screamed, "Yes!"

Chris said, "Question 2: How many votes did Dan recieve total?"

Abby immediately buzzed in again, and said, "Four."

Chris screamed, "Correct again!"

Cat said, "Yay! Hehe!"

Chris said, "Question 3: How many votes has Phillip recieved total?"

Phillip screamed, "Fourteen!"

Cat buzzed in, and said, "Four!"

"For the love of God!" Chris shouted.

Ferb finally buzzed in, and said, "Fourteen."

Chris said, "Correct, the score is 2-1-0-0!"

Phillip sighed, "I really need to get my game on!"

Abby mumbled to herself, "What, is he gonna put a feather on his head again?"

Chris said, "Question 4: Name one contestant that has only been on one episode of a season."

Cat stood a while in thought, but finally answered, "Katie!"

Chris's jaw dropped, and said, "Correct!"

Cat squealed, "Yay!"

Chris tallied the scores, and said, "The score is 2-1-1-0!"

Abby said, "Yes!"

Cat cheered for Abby, but Ferb mumbled, "She's not gonna win if I get eliminated." Chris said, "Okay, time for Question 5: Why was Reuben removed/eliminated?"

Abby's buzzer wouldn't work, but Ferb responded, "Because he was arrested by a Japenese police officer."

Chris showed a evil grin, and said, "Correct!"

Abby looked down at her buzzer, and saw that one of her cords were cut. She screamed, "Somebody cut my cord!"

Ferb and Phillip giggled.

Chris said, "Ferb, that's minus one point to you, and a extra for Abby, making the score: 3-1-1-0!"

Ferb glared at Abby, and said, "You will regret that!"

"I'm so sure." said Abby, in a snotty tone.

Cat said, "Yay Abby, you're in the lead!"

"Not for long." Phillip assured.

Ferb then said, "Said the guy who wore a feather on his head, on national television!"

Chris said, "Nice, more drama!"

Cat randomly said, "Lalalala, he's loving it!"

Abby, Chef, Chris, Ferb, and Phillip all looked at Cat strangely.

Cat asked, "What?"

Chris said, "Anyways, Question 6: When was Helga eliminated?"

Cat said, "Episode 8, hehe!"

Chris gasped, "You're correct!"

Abby and Cat squealed in joy.

Ferb asked, "Are you kidding me?"

Phillip rolled his creepy eyes, and said, "She earned it."

Chef mumbled to Chris, "That's man's voice is irrritating."

Chris said, "Question 7: Why was Drew eliminated?"

"Because the losers are bitter!" Abby cried.

Ferb said, "Because the losers wanted revenge on Drew."

Chris smiled and said, "Correct!"

Ferb screamed, "Yes!"

Chris said, "The score is: 3-2-2-0!"

Abby, Cat, and Ferb cheered.

Chris said, "Question 8: Where did we go in episode 5?"

Abby screamed, "Paris!"

Chris screamed, "Correct!"

Abby and Cat tried to high-five each other, but missed.

Cat said, "Yay, tied for second!"

Phillip assured them, "I'm perfectly fine being in last place!"

Chris said, "The score is 4-2-2-0!"

Ferb muttered to himself, "Abby needs a distraction."

Chris asked, "Question 9: Who were the three team captains?"

Ferb screamed, "Look Abby, it's Drew!"

Abby buzzed in, and shouted, "Helga, Mia, and Tasia!"

Chris shouted, "Correct!"

Abby sarcastically said, "Nice try to distract me Ferb."

Ferb mumbled quietly, "Crap!"

Chris said, "The score is: 5-2-2-0!"

Abby was shown in the confessional, saying, "Nobody is getting in the way of my million!"

Chris said, "Okay, Question 10: How many suitcases did Helga have?"

Cat answered, "Seven, no, no, wait, two!"

Chris said, "Wrong."

Cat replied, "Well foohy."

Abby asked, "Seventeen?"

Chris said, "Correct!"

Abby said, "Yes!"

Chris said, "The score is: 6-2-2-0!"

Cat said, "Eeee!"

Chris's phone rang, and he said, "Hello? Yeah I'll shorten it to ten."

Abby glared at Chris.

Chris said, "Okay, so we can only have ten questions, so Abby wins immunity!"

Abby squealed.

Chris said, "Vote two people off!"

Cat said, "I vote for Ferb & Phil!"

Abby said, "Bye Ferb, bye Phil!"

Ferb said, "I don't care, I vote for Phillip and myself."

Phillip said, "I must honor God, I vote for Ferb and I."

Chris said, "Okay, Abby you're safe!"

Abby screamed, "Yay!"

Chris said, "Cat, Ferb, and Phillip, the first one going home tonight is................................. Phillip!"

Phillip shouted, "Yes!"

Chris said, "Cat and Ferb, the final barf-bag goes to: ............................ Cat!"

Abby and Cat squealed.

Ferb screamed, "What? No!"

Chris said, "Ferb and Phillip, adios!"

Ferb stared at Abby, and said, "You will regret this!"

Chris said, "Well, congrats to Abby and Cat, you get a special final two party!"

Abby and Cat screamed in joy.

Abby and Cat both cheered some too.

Chris said, "Well, it's the finale on the next episode of: Total.. Drama.. World Tour.. II!"

Chapter 14- "The End?"

Chris is in economy class, smoking a cigar.

"Cat won." he says, then blows a party popper thing.

Cat comes in, and cheers.

Abby comes in and curses, but Drew makes out with her.

"See you next season, I guess." says Chris.


Chapter 1

  • Helga and Meg are also featured in: Total Drama School and Total Drama: Tiki Jungle.
  • We introduced the 16 contestants.
  • James is based off of James Durbin from American Idol.
  • Ferb is based on one of the title characters of Phineas and Ferb.
  • Cat is based on Cat from Victorious.
  • Kai, Quinn, Reuben, Phillip and Mia are all people from the author's summer camp.

Chapter 2

  • Saving New Zealand is a parody of the movie Saving Private Ryan.
  • The contestants help 3 earthquake victims in the January 2011 New Zealand earthquake.
  • Team Toad loses for their only time in the competition.
  • Dan is the first contestant voted off Total Drama World Tour II.


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