Total Drama Wild,also know as TDW and Total Drama Wild Survival.


The Crazy Creatures

Pack leader:Trixie.

  1. Mandy.
  2. Candi.
  3. Andy.
  4. Zena.
  5. Sasha.

The Tropical Oranges

Pack Leader:Angelo.

  1. Rissie.
  2. Leonard.
  3. Yumi.
  4. JoJo

The Listening Lions

Pack Leader:Rina.

  1. Janice.
  2. Death.
  3. Angie.
  4. Pigwigin.

The Fierce Fire Foxes

Pack Leader:Jim.

  1. Missy.
  2. Olliver.
  3. Grim.
  4. Lisa.

=The Super Sausages

Pack Leader:Sandi.

  1. Happy.
  2. Diabla.
  3. Diablo.
  4. Devil.
  5. Ally.
  6. Doug.


  1. Pilot.
  2. No more Mr.Nice guys.
  3. WW3.
  4. Don't you mess with me.
  5. I want some sleep!
  6. Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones.
  7. You better Die Hard.
  8. People Hate Me.
  9. Your a Mean one,Mr.You.
  10. Life and Death.
  11. I'm gonna kill you!
  12. SOS.
  13. I am NOT Happy.
  14. Did I win yet? Did I win yet?
  15. I am Sasha.
  16. JoJo's coffee shop.
  17. Little Devils.
  18. La Luna.
  19. Finale.

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